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The True Canna Cast : Cannabis Culture

A cannabis culture podcast by True of True Canna Genetics featuring guests from all elements of cannabis culture and industry from medical and recreational users to professional and hobby growers, breeders, extractors, innovators, activists and anyone who's life has benefited from the plant.


Episode 20 - Magical adventures with a Weed Wizard part 2
Growing outdoors, organics, alternative living and a good all around chit chat.  I loved recording this double episode and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
81:23 8/28/22
Episode 19 - Magical adventures with a Weed Wizard part 1
For this special episode I sat down with Lawrence aka @WeedWizard80 an incredibly passionate and talented organic grower to talk about his journey as a cannabis user and grower.
121:27 7/14/22
Episode 18 - Mother plants
On this episode I discuss my experience keeping mother plants.
74:32 6/16/22
Episode 17 - Post Spannabis 2022
On this episode I look back at Spannabis and generally ramble on about a bunch of things fuelled by a big cup of coffee and fat joint of Comeback Kush. Sorry it took so long  for another episode, I´ll be quicker next time.
86:42 5/11/22
Episode 16 - Nasha Genetics & Cream Genetics
This episode I introduce  new sponsors @Nashagenetics & @Cream_Genetics  as well as talk about my  upcoming projects with Nasha Genetics who I will be at Spannabis with this year Hall 4 Booth 302.
54:20 3/6/22
Episode 15 - Naming strains part 2
In this episode I do many many dabs to fight sciatica as I discuss more names of the strains/cultivars I have created.
91:54 2/11/22
Episode 14 - Naming strains part 1
Strains, cultivars or whatever term you prefer it can be quite a challenge to name your own creations when it comes to cannabis genetics so in this episode I go over some of my name choices and the thought behind them as well as touching on the genetics that make up those strains. 
64:22 1/26/22
Episode 13 - Growing outdoors part 1
This episode focuses on growing outside and some of the lessons I've learnt along the way.  So much to learn when  growing under the sun, facing all that Mother Nature can throw at you while unable to control the environment like you would when growing inside.
80:23 1/14/22
Episode 12 - @the_460_ Swapcast
This recording was taken from an appearance I made on @the_460_ show which is a 5 day a week show that goes out on Instagram every week night at 7 pm GMT. Lots of love and respect to Jay for having me on the show, be sure to check him out and give him a follow.
67:06 1/6/22
Episode 11 - Hop Latent Viroid
As you will hear, among other things I have dealing with Hop Latent Viroid which is discussed further in this episode.
78:49 1/6/22
Episode 10 - Back again
Its been far too long but I'm back with an update on what's been going on in the garden and with life in general.
71:21 7/23/21
Episode 9 - Whats growing on?
A little catch up episode to fill you in on what been going on in and out of the garden recently and why it´s been so long since the last episode.
44:55 8/23/20
Episode 8 - Entering Cannabis Cups
On this episode I was joined by one of the organisers of the @deadfoxcup and @chemdank to talk about cannabis cups and what it takes to win one.
70:28 6/6/20
Episode 7 - Becoming a breeder
On this episode I talk about my start as a breeder as well as little about my journey to Spain via Amsterdam to win a High Times Cannabis Cup.
82:51 5/11/20
Episode 6 - Becoming a grower
This episode touches on my evolution from cannabis smoker to a grower as well a few of my inspirations and some details on the things I was growing in the early 2000´s.
69:42 4/7/20
Episode 5 - Spannabis week Corona Virus shutdown
A little talk about what went down in Barcelona during the week leading up to the canceled 2020 Spannabis and the Corona Virus madness we found ourselves in the midst of. 
45:31 3/22/20
Episode 4 - Pre Spannabis 2020 feat. Jah Hoover
Had a chat with Jah Hoover of Lady Sativa Genetics to see what he has planned need for Spannabis 2020 as well as give an update on the status of this years event with the current Corona Virus causing mayhem worldwide. Also a few tips to stay healthy and clean. 
49:18 3/10/20
Episode 2 - Spannabis 2020 Barcelona Preview Episode
A talk to some friends about the upcoming Spannabis 2020, Europes largest cannabis expo taking place in Barcelona this March.
93:46 3/1/20
Episode 3 - Growing up a cannabis consumer in 90´s London
The episode is one giving some background on myself and my history with cannabis from my teenage years till my 20´s prior to me becoming a grower.
96:23 2/29/20
Episode 1 - True Canna Cast Introduction Episode
Just a short episode to introduce myself and my plans for the True Canna Cast Cannabis Culture Podcast.
15:10 2/29/20