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Heroic adventures, legendary stories, parenting hacks, principles, and epic odes to dads.


Building a Legacy with Brian Dougherty, U.S. Navy Seal and Declan James Watch Co Founder 115:32 02/03/2021
My Daughter's Keeper - Author Mark Winkler 95:43 01/16/2021
Experience is Wisdom w/ Terry Dooley 70:20 09/15/2020
One dad's journey to impact 10 million fathers in 10 years with Justin Batt, Founder of Daddy Saturday and DadBoss 55:44 08/21/2020
The Scientific Method, COVID-19 School Opening Guidelines and Misinformation with Drs. Jack and Sara Gorman, Founders of Critica 64:44 08/13/2020
Respect and Immigrant Parents, COVID-19 Frontline Experience, and School Openings with Dr. Suraj Saggar, Chief Department of Infectious Disease 88:59 08/04/2020
It's Easy to Measure Grades, but Hard to Measure Success with Tim Demoures, MD and Cofounder of Eloquens 100:26 07/23/2020
Circumstances, Emotional Intelligence, and the Risks of Tough Love with SJ Sherwood, Author of The Denounced Trilogy 97:27 07/16/2020
The Journey is the Destination with Spencer Colbert, Entrepreneur / Marketing Executive / Bodybuilder 104:29 07/08/2020
Laugh, think and be brought to tears with Dave Thompson, Owner of Thompson Contracting 101:08 06/23/2020
Raise Your Vocabulary, Not Your Voice with Author, Entrepreneur, Tech Exec, and Dad of Rhymes Gareth Moody 77:03 06/17/2020
Raising Black Sons in America Today - The Talk... 152:20 06/07/2020
Helping Families Fight Childhood Cancer with Gold in Fight Founder, Mike Griffith 110:58 06/02/2020
Making "Thank You" and "I'm Sorry" meaningful with 'The Why' with Kison Patel, Founder / CEO / and Podcast Host of Deal Room and M&A Science 82:09 05/23/2020
From Daddy's Little Girl and Boy to Teenagers...and the Lessons in Between with Sean Hailey, International Tax Partner and Entrepreneur 113:57 05/13/2020
Find Humility in Learning and Never Stop with BJJ World Champion Abraham Marte 167:57 05/05/2020
There is no exit plan and failure is not an option with Touf Hassoun, CEO of Case Technologies 76:25 04/22/2020
Life is more than a Facebook Album with Brigadier General (S) Jason Bailey 117:44 03/26/2020
TheDadCorp Podcast Launch - Living an Epic DadLife! 05:57 03/25/2020