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RMM-061-WTF is the CBCS Anyway and Who Really Cares?? 52:32 09/15/2021
RMM-060: Shenanigans at the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America 33:11 09/07/2021
RMM-059: 68th Triennial Conclave of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America 51:08 08/21/2021
RMM-058: The Three Lesser Lights and TBOP XXXIII 42:59 05/12/2021
RMM-057: Update on the Grand Lodge SC; Is There Efficacy in Masonic Ritual?; TBOP XXXII 43:30 05/05/2021
RMM-056- Special on South Carolina, Anonymous Communication from the GLSC 39:02 04/18/2021
RMM-055: Interview with Billy Wall, Secretary of Union-Kilwinning No. 4 in South Carolina 99:02 04/18/2021
RMM-054: Antidepressants and Homicide in the USA 48:17 04/07/2021
RMM-053: Mackey Rolls in his Grave! More Shenanigans at the Grand Lodge of South Carolina! 52:42 04/01/2021
RMM-052: Interview with Rex Hutchens 39:56 03/31/2021
RMM-051: Interview with Dr. Gallagher, the Psychiatrist the Church Consults to Verify Legitimate Cases of Demonic Possession! 103:01 03/24/2021
RMM-050: Predicate Beliefs Necessary for Masonic Standing (& TBOP XXXI) 46:41 03/17/2021
RMM-049: "Hogan's Heroes," the Truth About Timothy Hogan's "Templar" Lineages (and Chapter XXX TBOP) 44:26 03/10/2021
RMM-048: The Constitution, a Masonic Document? (TBOP XXIX) 27:18 03/03/2021
RMM-047: On the Duke of Sussex, First Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England (& TBOP XXVIII) 34:02 02/24/2021
RMM-046: Masonic Jurisprudence, Wilmshurst University & TBOP Chapter XXVII 32:13 02/17/2021
RMM-045: The Light of Masonic Charity (and TBOP XXVI) 30:29 02/10/2021
RMM-044: Grand Lodge of S Carolina Must Have Forgotten Albert C. Mackey Was Grand Lecturer! 32:42 02/05/2021
RMM 043: The West Gate (& Chapter XXV TBOP) 50:25 02/03/2021
RMM-042: To The Immortal Memory of Robert Burns (and Chapter XXIV TBOP) 27:27 01/27/2021
RMM-041: Activities in Lodge Assembled for Inspiring Lodge Work! (and Chapter XXIII TBOP) 38:13 01/20/2021
RMM-040: On the Sacredness of Lodge Business (and Chapter XXII of TBOP) 48:11 01/13/2021
RMM-039: Why the Importance of Memory Work? (and Chapter XXI TBOP) 40:20 01/06/2021
RMM-038: On the History of St. John the Evangelist (and TBOP XIX and XX) 31:21 12/30/2020
RMM-037: On the Immortal Light and the Celebration of Christmas (and Chapter XVIII TBOP) 30:29 12/16/2020
RMM-036: On the sevenfold Symbolism of the Seven Branched Menorah (and Chapter XVII of the TBOP) 33:06 12/09/2020
RMM-035-StarofBethlehem-TBOP-XVI 32:59 12/02/2020
RMM-Episode 034: Grand Master's Speech to the San Juan Masonic Association, "On Masonry and its Relation to Religion" and Chapter XV TBOP 29:19 11/25/2020
RMM-Episode 033: On the Curious Etiology of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and Chapter XIV TBOP 35:04 11/18/2020
RMM-Episode 032: Marbury v. Madison, how a PGM of Virginia established the doctrine of Judicial Review 104:47 11/11/2020