Show cover of Kami & Coach B: The Millennial Empowerment Couple

Kami & Coach B: The Millennial Empowerment Couple

Kami and Coach B discuss personal trials, goals, and insights. We share interviews with entrepreneurs and difference makers; providing strategies to excel in life, career, business, health, marriage, finances, family, friendships, and personal goals. We'll make you laugh, cry, reflect, focus, and grow. It's all about Real Life-Real Partnerships-Real Conversations. “Let Us Be Great Baby!!!”


"Different Generations" 42:14 06/16/2021
Kami & Coach B "discuss empowerment with fitness expert Monique Collier" 33:53 05/19/2021
Kami and Coach B Talk with Dr. Viviana From "Married At First Sight" 46:10 05/05/2021
"WE IS TIRED"!!! 31:41 04/21/2021
Let's talk About Why are You Single & Why are you Married?? 51:00 02/03/2021
Networking is a fundamental of Our Community 58:22 12/09/2020
Coach B Talks Deep with "His Mother in Law" 35:17 11/27/2020
Kami & Coach discuss politics with special guest Ric Gordon 57:08 10/31/2020
We're Back! Kami & Coach B are back to empower for Season 2 28:23 10/22/2020
Becoming a Successful Speaker with Grant Baldwin 42:25 07/08/2020
The Fight Against Racial Oppression with Pastor/Community Leader Devin Turner 45:52 07/01/2020
How Fashion Blogger Vivi N. Monetized Her Hobby 47:52 06/24/2020
Maintaining a viable small business during unpredictable times with CEO, Latasha Green 43:04 06/17/2020
Career Transition to live out your dreams with Kat Taylor 42:25 06/10/2020
Love & Entrepreneurship: Married Business Partners Karey and Taveca Collins 45:58 06/03/2020
Let's Talk: Police Brutality and Protests (Bonus Episode) 26:10 05/31/2020
Total Wellness Series: Mental Health with Behavioral Therapist, Danielle Young 51:47 05/27/2020
Total Wellness Series: Physical Fitness with Personal Trainer, Brian Magee 43:42 05/20/2020
Total Wellness Series: Spiritual Wellness with Pastor Elwood Matthews 58:09 05/13/2020
Entrepreneurship Series: The Black Coffee Company 50:56 04/29/2020
Entrepreneurship Series: Ryan Lucas- Hip Hop Artist, Music Producer, & CEO 53:59 04/22/2020
Entrepreneurship Series: Business Branding with Smith Legal Solutions 44:52 04/15/2020
Entrepreneurship Series: Dr. Flava Spices 47:08 04/08/2020
Let’s Talk: Stir Crazy w/ kids• Intimacy• Social Circles 29:41 04/01/2020
Let’s Talk: About Our Story & Breaking Generational Curses 47:25 03/25/2020
Let's talk: Investing in Yourself-12 Tips for Financial Freedom 25:42 03/18/2020
Let's Talk: Kami got sick!-not Corona; Counseling; and "Love Is Blind" 23:42 03/14/2020
Introducing Us: Kami & Coach B, The Millennial Empowerment Couple 03:44 03/09/2020