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Chefs Without Restaurants

Here's a podcast about food and beverage entrepreneurs and people in the culinary world who took a different route. Chris Spear has been working in the hospitality industry for more than 25 years, mostly outside of traditional restaurant settings. In 2010 he started a personal chef business called Perfect Little Bites. Wanting to help other culinary entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses, he created the Chefs Without Restaurants community. On the podcast of the same name, he has conversations with people in the food and beverage industry who also took the road less traveled. They’re caterers, research chefs, personal chefs, cookbook authors, food truck operators, farmers, and all sorts of culinary renegades.


Do One Thing Really Well - Talking Breakfast Tacos with Liz Solomon Dwyer of King David Tacos 43:19 06/28/2022
Mentorship, Growing Your Employees, and Letting Them Leave 06:45 06/21/2022
Getting Fired, Dealing with Anxiety, and Silver Linings 10:53 06/14/2022
On Not Identifying as a Chef - What is a Chef with Sara Hauman 13:36 06/07/2022
Talking Top Chef and Tiny Fish with Sara Hauman 67:34 05/31/2022
Build and Grow Your Personal Chef Business Now - Advice from Chef Jonathan Bardzik 52:53 05/24/2022
Chefs as Stewards of the Environment - What is a Chef with Brady Lowe 06:50 05/17/2022
The Seafood Episode with Sena Wheeler of Sena Sea- Fresh vs Frozen, Wild vs Farmed and How to Buy and Prepare Fish 54:30 05/10/2022
The Cajun Vegan Krimsey Lilleth on Closing Her Restaurant, Writing a Cookbook, and Quitting Social Media 51:25 05/03/2022
Taste Network's Brady Lowe - The Future of Food Events, and the Rise and Fall of Cochon 555 52:47 04/26/2022
What is a Chef with Andris Lagsdin of Baking Steel 05:11 04/19/2022
Free Food and Failure 07:47 04/12/2022
Talking All Things Chocolate (and Vanilla) with Cody Marwine of The Perfect Truffle 55:09 04/05/2022
From Food Truck To Restaurant and Condiment Line with Poi Dog's Kiki Aranita 46:04 03/29/2022
Health, Wellness and Vegetarianism with Andris Lagsdin of Baking Steel 13:42 03/22/2022
What is a Chef with Jensen Cummings of Best Served 21:38 03/15/2022
What is a Chef with Matt Collins of Chef Collins Events 09:05 03/08/2022
Bagels, Schmears, and a Nice Piece of Fish - Cookbook Author Cathy Barrow 33:18 03/01/2022
On Pizza and Entrepreneurship - How Andris Lagsdin Created the Baking Steel 41:29 02/25/2022
What is a Chef with David Pollack of Cooking Without Kidneys 07:56 02/22/2022
What is a Chef with Virginia Willis 04:09 02/18/2022
Chef Virginia Willis on Writing Cookbooks and Her Wellness Journey 56:47 02/15/2022
Show Your Work and Don't Fear Criticism 06:32 02/11/2022
Learn How to Start an Online Cooking Class Business with Chef Matt Finarelli 50:06 02/08/2022
From Fine Dining to the Personal Chef Business with Chef Lana Lagomarsini of Lana Cooks 53:53 02/01/2022
What is a Chef with Justin Khanna 04:57 01/21/2022
What is a Chef with Cody Marwine of The Perfect Truffle 04:31 01/12/2022
2021 Wrap-Up and Things to Come in 2022 06:21 12/28/2021
Intuitive Eating and the Anti-Diet Approach with Registered Dietitian David Orozco 51:34 12/21/2021
Sobriety and Starting a Baking Business - Louis Remolde The Single Baker 58:07 12/13/2021