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Welcome to the Money in Politics Podcast, hosted by Andrew Blumenfeld! Join us for interesting conversations and takes on one of the most significant and misunderstood elements of our political system: money. You will hear from a variety of perspectives-- such as professional fundraisers, major donors, compliance experts, candidates and their campaigns, and the leaders of some of the most influential organizations in Democratic politics. If you work in or around politics- or just care about the health of our democracy!- this podcast is for you. Do you have a question about the podcast or want to recommend a topic for future episodes? Shoot us an email at


The Money in Politics Podcast 01:28 03/31/2020
Political Fundraising During a Pandemic? 29:07 04/01/2020
The Fundraising Gender Gap 29:22 04/01/2020
Still No FEC Quorum. So What? 21:21 04/01/2020
How Donors Think 28:32 04/08/2020
Money out of Politics 35:52 04/15/2020
Reporting on Money in Politics 41:31 04/17/2020
First-Time Candidate Fundraising 30:22 04/22/2020
How-To: How Campaigns are Adapting to COVID-19 06:05 04/24/2020
Digital Fundraising 29:53 04/29/2020
How-To: Fundraising on Day 1 - Your Campaign Launch 06:19 05/01/2020
Candidate Viability and Fundraising 23:31 05/07/2020
A Mystery PAC 24:43 05/13/2020
Relational Fundraising 37:15 05/20/2020
How-To: Building Your Donor Database 14:10 05/22/2020
How Data is Changing Fundraising 35:08 05/27/2020
Preserving a Strong Democracy 31:08 06/09/2020
How-To: Strong End-of-Quarter Fundraising 07:08 06/11/2020
Training Women who Run for Office 30:28 06/17/2020
Congressional Insider Trading 32:03 06/22/2020
More Money in Politics 26:02 07/01/2020
State Legislative Caucuses 31:57 07/09/2020
Season One Finale 03:05 07/16/2020
Draining the Swamp, with the Directors of HBO's 'The Swamp' 43:56 08/12/2020
Perspectives from a Professional Fundraiser 31:25 08/19/2020
Black Political Power & Fundraising 26:46 08/26/2020
Misusing Campaign Funds and Taxpayer Dollars 22:36 08/28/2020
A Loophole: Foreign Money in Politics 32:03 09/02/2020
Fundraising for Latino Candidates 28:36 09/09/2020
Breaking Fundraising Records in a Red District 34:44 09/16/2020