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As Your Digital Marketing Coach, I am on a mission to provide you marketing professionals, agencies, entrepreneurs, and business owners expert advice, both from myself as well as my expert guests, on how to leverage Digital First Marketing to grow your business, one episode at a time, This podcast will include advice on a broad range of topics all with the commonality of being related to digital marketing and having actionable takeaways for your business. Topics discussed will include digital marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), blogging, podcasting, YouTube, video marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, as well as how to maximize digital marketing ROI from social media on sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok.


11 Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2022
I was honored to be able to speak - and thus attend - Content Marketing World for the first time this year. There were a TON of golden nuggets dropped at this event that I wanted to share with you, so these are the 11 takeaways I got from all of the amazing sessions I saw that I think you should know about.Key Highlights[13:17] Developing Your Own Unique Brand Voice[15:32] The Upside Down Pyramid of Personality[22:18] Why Your Content Workflow Should Start With Live Video[25:13] 3 Recommended Tools for Live Streaming[27:20] Using Survey to Generate Multiple Content[30:51] Piloting AI for Content Marketers[38:20] Recommended Tools for AI Content[41:34] How to Drive Revenue With Podcast and Networking[43:00] Creating A Sales Strategy for YouTube That Doesn't Kill Your Channel[45:01] 3 Buckets of Content for YouTube Strategy[48:04] Designing Your Sales Funnel for the Visual Generation[51:03]  How to Reverse Engineer Your Competitors' Social Media Strategy[52:12] Effectively Work With Journalists to Gain Increased Visibility for Your Content[56:12] Tools for Your Press Release[56:56]  Google Analytics for Future Data[1:00:28] Content Repurposing[1:03:45] Create Content With Repurposing in MindNotable QuotesDon't compare yourself to your leading competitors. Compare yourself with yourself.I really put value in going deep with a number of people, the more people the better get to know them better. And that's, you know, equal to the sessions that I attend. That's what gives me a lot of value in going to these events, the in-person networking, that can happen.Branding -- some of it we try to control with intent, but at the end of the day, it's how people consider us that is going to define our brand.Each of us is capable of a memorable, relatable voice. So don't sound like everybody else on social media, do your own thing. But it's okay to be inspired. And it's okay to mimic.Look for questions from your other competitors.AI technology is not there to replace you, but to assist you. So the message is, to learn it early, be ahead of the curve, and reap the benefits. Content repurposing is finding creative ways to communicate your message in different formats, and in different locations so that you can reach and connect with more people. Different people have different appetites when it comes to content. Different people consume different content differently. And therefore we need to have everything in our buffet in order to satisfy as many people as possible.Links MentionedEpisode 271Episode 218Episode 281Learn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: My Free Ebooks Here: to my YouTube Channel: My Podcast Show Notes:
70:09 10/06/2022
Why Every Business Should Offer an Online Course Freebie [Alyssa Marshall Interview]
What just might be the ultimate lead magnet? An online course.  And it doesn't have to be complex to create either.Join me for this interview with Alyssa Marshall, co-founder of Owwlish. After 10 years of studying to become and becoming a dentist, Alyssa created her own online course for dentists and then used that custom technology in co-founding Owwlish as a way to help other course creators win at courses.But her technology is not only for course creators. It's for any business.As Alyssa explains in this interview, you're missing out if you don't have an online course freebie for your business. We discuss the why of this, but also:Why online courses will increase your opt-in rate - as a freebie on your website or you can run ads directly to themHow to make your online course quicklyHow to use the course to fuel the rest of your businessAfter listening to this interview you'll never think of online courses as being just for content creators again!Key Highlights[03:16] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Alyssa Marshall[05:53] How Alyssa Got Into Online Course Platform Industry[11:42] How Did Alyssa Go About Launching Her First Courses[13:53] Online Courses In A Lead Magnet Perspective[22:59] The Easiest and Fastest Way to Get An Opt-in Gift for Free[25:21] How to Use Course to Fuel Your Business[28:19] How Alyssa Structured Her Platform[35:49] Learning More About Owwlish[38:37] How to Get Started in Owwlish[39:59] Final Advice[41:21] Connect with AlyssaNotable QuotesThe advantage of a video course is that you get all of that, in one, it doesn't even have to be that complicated.But the value you get as a business owner by having an online course opt in, like over like, after a week versus after three months, because you're complicated it your business is going to be at a at a much, much better place. Show up and do your thing.It's super helpful to just gain that likability factor and trust and you have a captive audience that is not distracted with all these other videos on the site or pops up at the end of the video thing. This audience is with you and gaining a quick win while they're with you. And you can lead them to the next logical step, which is to join your coaching program or to purchase your course or whatever it is.Make sure that you lead into selling, your course is not just going to be about teaching, but the last part should at least introduce selling.The idea of owlish is that you should be able to have a beautiful looking course, even if you can't code on any page of your website that you say it should live on. So really good easy rule of thumb to think about in terms of that is the what is free, the how is paid. So tell them what to do.So don't complicate this, just give them the watts, it's okay. That way they know you know what you're talking about. And they start to really trust you and think you're a credible source of information.Guest Links:Owwlish: More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: My Free Ebooks Here: to my YouTube Channel: My Podcast Show Notes:
44:40 10/03/2022
What is Employer Branding and Why Is It Important to Marketers?
As we market our brands on social media, we might get asked by some of our colleagues if somehow we can promote their job openings on our channels.With the continued tight labor market, social media actually gives marketers a golden opportunity to implement inbound marketing not just for your own brand, but for your employer brand as well.Learn all about this concept of employer branding and why it is critical for marketers to understand.Key Highlights[02:47] Looking At Employer Branding[04:46] Four Types of Media[05:47] The Idea of Employee Advocacy[07:33] Case Studies[11:19] My Thoughts On Branding[13:02] How Much Can Brands Control Their Branding?[13:28] The Heart of Employer Branding[16:20] Employer Branding Statistics[18:36] The Value of Employer Branding[20:42] How Social Media Can Help in Strengthening Employer Branding[22:15] Ways to Leverage Employees As Influences for Your Employer Brand Notable QuotesEvery time we engage with a customer, every employee is in essence advocating for us, right? They're a brand ambassador. A brand is a name, term designed symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's goods or service, as distinct from those of other sellers.The goal with branding is to make sure that perception is the one, you want people to have a view.It's up to you to shape how you want people to feel you always have to be proactive about your branding, to always be sculpting in a way that you want people to consider your brand.At the end of the day, when people share experiences about your product on social media, that is often going to define our perception of your brand.Your company also has a second brand related to its primary brand about how you're viewed as an employer. This is your employer brand and it lives and breathes in the minds and hearts of your former current and future employees.Without an employer brand, and many of you may not even have one, if you've never invested in it, it becomes difficult and costly, to hire and retain the best employees and you need, you need the best employees to advance your company.So the employer brand, which is it really should talk about your reputation as well, is a living and breathing entity that you need to continually invest into both hire and retain.But the same with marketing your product, it's all about how you want to be perceived in the marketplace, and using targeted messages to attract the customers you want.Links Mentioned:Episode 215: The Unique Relationship between Employer Branding, Employee Advocacy, Personal BrandingEpisode 169: How to Leverage Your Employees as InfluencersLearn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: My Free Ebooks Here: to my YouTube Channel: My Podcast Show Notes:
27:05 09/15/2022
How to Grow Your Business through Networking [Dave Delaney Interview]
Now that we are slowly coming out of the pandemic, it's time to get back to doing more things in person. Networking is one of them, and while there are still a plethora of opportunities to engage online, the same can be said for in-person events. Learn all about how to grow your business through networking from master networker and communicator Dave Delaney.Key Highlights[01:22] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Dave Delaney[05:35] How Dave Got Into Networking[08:15] What Prompted Dave to Write A Book[10:46] Three Ups of Networking Nicely[12:08] How to Find Networking Events[14:48] How Events Can Help Grow Businesses[18:00] Start By Setting A Goal[20:44] How to Connect Your Business to the Event Without Being Salesly[25:27] Get Out of Your Comfort Zone[31:36] The Nice Method [38:53] Celebrating Life Outside Walls[44:13] Connect With Dave and How to Get A Copy of His BookNotable QuotesNetworking is a critical thing, not always easy to do. But there's this, there's this idea that if we do it and we do it, well, it's going to lead the business. Find an association or a group. So do a Google search or whatever for the association related to your industry specifically, and then attend their event.When you're there, you need to speak to people, so you need to meet people. And a good way to do that is just simply to ask people, you know, what brings them to that event. As you're speaking to someone, the goal is to be as quiet as possible, so that you can get to know them, and ask them follow up questions.Just showing genuine interest in other people is always going to be a positive thing.It all comes down to people don't do business with businesses, typically, they do business with humans, right? It's about building relationships first.With networking, I do believe that it really is a matter of planting seeds. So hearing your team is a big part of providing feedback, but also recognition and recognizing your team members, a lot of people quit their jobs because they don't get any recognition.It's about the reputation of your organization. And if your team members, especially leadership, are doing a poor job leading and upsetting their your team members, they quit.Guest Links:Dave Delaney (Website): Delaney (LinkedIn): More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: My Free Ebooks Here: to my YouTube Channel: My Podcast Show Notes:
49:48 09/12/2022
Your Digital Marketing Coach Podcast Introduction Trailer
Hi! My name is Neal Schaffer and I am Your Digital Marketing Coach! If you haven't subscribed yet, please listen to my trailer to find out more about what this podcast is about! You can also learn more about me here by clicking any of these links:WebsitePodcast WebsiteAmazonLinkedInTwitterFacebookInstagramYouTubePinterest
01:34 09/10/2022
11 Takeaways from Podcast Movement 2022
I had an awesome time at the world's largest event dedicated to podcasters and podcasting for business: Podcast Movement 2022 in Dallas, Texas.Since you are listening to this podcast, you already know how compelling a medium podcasting can be. But what are the newest trends and technology you should be aware of if you are a content creator or looking into tapping into podcasting for your business?Look no further - just listen to my report and you'll feel as if you attended the event yourself!Key Highlights[02:23] Upcoming Marketing Conferences[04:07] What I Learned At Podcast Movement 2022[06:07] Success Is About Consistency[06:51] Podcast Statistics[08:38] 2 Best Ways to Promote Podcast[14:11] It's All About Video[16:14] Tiktok Takeaway[18:15] What Do Successful Podcasters Do?[19:21] Use Email With Your Podcast[21:35] An Interesting Shift in Podcasting[23:32] What Is Patreon?[25:32] Another Trend in Podcasting[28:29] Podcasting Is Special[30:18] How to Contact Me For Podcasting AdviceNotable QuotesIn podcasting, success is really about consistency.There's always this aspect that we need to be consistent for a period of time until we see the results. And podcasting is no different. But what I think it means for all of you if you've been thinking about a podcast, there's always never a better time. But you're never too late because most people just quit. So if you have ideas, and I urge you to map out your ideas for 10, 20, 30 episodes, and if you're going to interview people, who are those people are going to be map it out and implement. And I think going forward, you're going to hear a lot more of these ads on podcasts as more micro and nano influencer podcasters like myself, get into the action for whatever reason, but it was a reminder that advertising is really alive and well in podcasting.It might be a great way if you're thinking of doing podcasting, but also want to increase the benefits of doing so is to think video from the start not as an afterthought. And I think that'll help you actually create better videos.Leveraging your community as well, which might be the third different way to help get reviews shared on social media, whatever that specific call to action is. And whatever way you can creatively bring it up. So that it will really encourage, if not incentivize people to do that. Do you need to be everywhere? No. If you're able to be in multiple places, you can leverage that especially if you are a content creator.I started podcasting as a content marketing initiative. But it has led me to develop a really, really personal relationship with you. Even though we've never met in person. Podcasting is a unique, human-centric, medium, unparalleled with any other medium out there in terms of marketing, to allow you to connect with people over the broadest category of things. Learn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: My Free Ebooks Here: to my YouTube Channel: My Podcast Show Notes:
32:22 09/08/2022
The YouTube Formula: The Definitive Guide to YouTube Marketing [Derral Eves Interview]
YouTube can be a powerful force in digital marketing when leveraged correctly. Many businesses just use YouTube as a place to upload their videos, but when used strategically, YouTube can generate video views in the thousands (if not millions) that can lead to massive business for those that get it.Joining me today is the person that I can honestly call the world's expert on YouTube marketing, author of The YouTube Formula, Derral Eves. Listening to this very special episode will give you all you need to start leveraging YouTube as a strategic marketing channel.Key Highlights[02:17] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Derral Eves[05:41] How Derral Got Into YouTube[08:09] Derral's Love and Passion for Marketing[14:06] An Example of Brand That Leveraged User Generated Content[18:10] Doing Preparatory Things[24:03] Paying Attention to YouTube Analytics Data[32:46] Getting to the Tipping Point of YouTube?[38:01] Darrel's Advice on Making Sure People Stay in Your VideosNotable QuotesThat's how I've been able to generate over 86 billion video views on YouTube and have some of the biggest successes because we focus on the viewer and that viewers journey through the video.I think that's what brands need to do I think we get so fixated on our product or service, that we miss how the product or service could be demonstrated to a wide general more of audience and really refined, and I've worked with so many businesses, that, that they have a great product, but they don't know how to explain it, they don't know how to get it out for the world, instead of saying, Look, you know, we have a great product, but how are we going to explain it in a way that brings value to people.And so a lot of this stuff comes back through creativity, but I think it goes back down to that advice is just lock yourself in a room for a couple of days and really focus on how you bring value to the general audience and how do you narrow it down to your target audience? And then how do you get the target audience to engage enough that they become your army promoting your products. We need to do more preparatory things at the beginning instead of reactionary.The more that you can resonate with your vision, mission purpose, around anything, that's where some magic can happen down the road.But I found that it takes a good solid year of consistently posting to start seeing some momentum. If you're looking at the right type of data, if you're not looking at the right type of data, or you're not bringing value to a specific viewer, and you're all over the place, it could take a millennia before you even see any progress.You can get very tactical with YouTube ads, and you can do it for very cheap to get into all the people that just watch the videos that you don't even have to serve as anyone else. Guest Links:Derral Eves: YouTube Formula on Amazon: Learn More:Check Out All of My Podcast Episodes: https://podcast.nealschaffer.comJoin My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: All of My Free EBooks: to my YouTube Channel:
55:22 08/25/2022
My 15 Facebook Ads Strategy Tips to Implement TODAY!
Regardless of whether we personally like Facebook or not, it is still one of the biggest players in social media and its presence cannot be ignored.While this episode gives you some organic Facebook marketing advice as well, most businesses use Facebook as a pay-to-play platform and reap the benefits of doing so.You're probably already running campaigns on Facebook, but I am hoping that you can find a few things to focus on from this episode.Key Highlights[02:30] Facebook Statistics[04:12] Don't Give Up On Facebook[04:55] Ways Savvy Businesses Are Using Facebook[07:30] Why Facebook Is Still the Preferred Place for Marketers to Run Paid Ads[10:44] 3 Main Campaigns Most My Clients Use for Different Purposes[12:22] Different Ways of Leveraging Audiences[16:22] Narrowing Target Audience[17:31] Leveraging Custom Audiences[18:49] Facebook Ad Library[20:59] Think Mobile First[21:59]  Speak to Pain Points and Emotions[23:11] Consider Coupons[24:44] Leverage User-Generated & Influencer-Generated Content[26:04] Test Different Ad Formats[27:44] Create Ad Funnels[29:28] Always Perform AB TestingNotable QuotesYou don't know until you have the data. And the algorithm is always changing. So I would definitely not give up on Facebook and really, going into next year really do a reset on your content strategy there. But Facebook groups are a great way to develop deeper relationships with all these people that count to your business. And that's something I just wanted to make sure that you're considering as well, if you haven't done that already, for one or multiple types of these categories of people that are important to your business.Facebook ads are there's nothing social about Facebook ads, and they don't incite word of mouth. But when done right, they obviously can bring people back to your website, you can retarget them, you can generate leads, and ultimately you can generate business from them.So lean into big data, lean into Facebook data, lead into their algorithm and start targeting purchasers are including it as another filter in the audience targeting that you're doing.Be aware of that in your ad copy and make it look like the targeting is as natural as possible. Otherwise, that campaign may just backfire against you.You create attachment through emotion. You know, when you speak to pain points, you're also trying to get people to remember that they have a need for your product as well.But we need to think of customer lifetime value. We're not thinking about the single purchase. But when we have new customers, how many times they end up purchasing from us. Optimize ad campaigns for people wherever they are in your funnel with the intention of bringing them to the next step. And always remember to turn your existing customers into brand advocatesLinks Mentioned:Top 16 Facebook Ads ToolsNew Blog PostsLearn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: My Free Ebooks Here: to my YouTube Channel: My Podcast Show Notes:
32:58 08/18/2022
Web3, Marketing and the Ownership Economy [Ovi Negrean Interview]
We have been hearing more and more a out Web3 and the so-called Ownership Economy, but what does it mean and how can it concretely be applied to marketing our product?Enter Ovi Negrean, Co-Founder of the social media management tool SocialBee, who has recently launched a new product, ACE Meetings, which has integrated Web3 as a core component of its product. Learn all about this fascinating case study and see how you can put the power of Web3 to use for marketing your business!Key Highlights[02:19] Introduction to Podcast Guest, Ovi Negrean[05:40] How Ovi Got Into Software and Entrepreneurship[10:12] Launching New Product[13:02] What is Web3 Space?[17:54] The Process and Tools of Integrating A Product Into Web3[20:39] The Value of Getting Into NFT Space[24:38] Group Ownership With Ovi's Product[28:44] Co-founding Decision[30:05] Group Decision Influence[35:06] Managing The Community[37:58] What is Discord[41:06] Connect With oviNotable QuotesSocial media is just like one part of the whole marketing toolkit. And it's actually maybe depending on your profile, not even the most important part. We want to take the same approach that we did with with social be where we are offering our own flavor of something which maybe is existing, but nevertheless, we try to make it a bit better, have good customer support and good price. And try to innovate around the edges.At the end of the day as any tools, some people will use it for good and some some for bad, but I think is a tool that will definitely change the world in the upcoming years.But offering some sort of ownership to a startup will really incentivize the early adopters.I think for the community, and for that ownership and getting people more active and passionate about your product. That's really the key thing.I think the community part is, even though it's now it's web three, it's still the same type of community building. Sure, maybe the tools have changed a bit, maybe it's not Facebook groups anymore, but it's discord or telegram channels and so on. But it's still interacting with other human beings and trying to, to see what are the shared values and the shared visions that you have, why you bought or all of you came together in this, this specific community, and how you can support each other. Guest Links:SocialBee: (affiliate link)Ace Meetings: Negrean on LinkedIn: More:Check Out All of My Podcast Episodes: https://podcast.nealschaffer.comJoin My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: All of My Free EBooks: to my YouTube Channel:
46:00 08/11/2022
How to Easily Find Influencers for Your Business (Without Using Expensive Tools)
With the growing importance of influencer marketing, I still often get asked: Neal, how exactly do we go about finding influencers for our brand?While there are tools that can definitely help you, hear me out as I explain how to search for influencers yourself using the social networks themselves.This episode is actually a snippet from a new class I am teaching at UCLA Extension on influencer marketing. Hope you enjoy it!Key Highlights[02:08] How I Teach Influencer Marketing[03:29] How to Find Influencers[05:55] Where to Begin Your Influencer Search[07:33] Performing A Search In Facebook[08:48] Finding Different Niches Within the Same Niche[11:35] Performing A Search in LinkedIn[12:29] Influencer Search in Pinterest[14:08] The Core of Influencer Marketing[14:58] 99-1 RuleNotable QuotesIn other words, if we're looking at a week's worth of Hawaii travel tips, or maybe the last 20 posts, maybe there's two or three accounts that are getting 70% of the engagement. Those are the people obviously that have a majority share a voice. And those are the people we might want to consider for influencer marketing campaign. So maybe as part of our campaign, we want to go deep with some of the Hawaii travel people. But also we want to leverage some of the general travel people. These are the things that as influencer marketers we begin to think about when we create campaigns and we begin to decide who are the influencers we want to work with.So we might want to consider partnering with them as well, if we think the podcast audience is relevant to our target demographic, so lots of different ways to find influencers, there's not one right or wrong way. But this gives you a collection of tools that you can use to begin to discover who are the people talking about a certain subject, and therefore who are the people that we might want to partner with or collaborate with, because they have the ear or the eyes of all these people or you know, watching videos, listening to podcast, watching reels, social media posts, they have their attention.And that is really the core of influencer marketing of leveraging these people that have other people's attention so that those other people can learn more about our brand and products.Well, there are when you get to a certain subjects, there aren't that many people that are creating content around those subjects. And therefore, you really want to treat them as influencer royalty, even if they don't have a million followers, because there just aren't that many people that are talking about that subject online.But the core fact is that people are influenced by people because they follow them for a reason. And often that follow begins with a search. So take advantage of that.Learn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: My Free Ebooks Here: to my YouTube Channel: My Podcast Show Notes:
20:26 08/08/2022
How To Use Social Media To Improve Customer Experiences [Stacy Sherman Interview]
I always talk about how social media can and should be used by businesses for more than just mere "promotion" or advertisement - there's nothing social about an ad, even if it is appearing on a feed in a social network.While I tend to talk about social media as being a place to collaborate with influencers, it is equally a critical arena that gives you the ability to deepen relationships with your own customers.Customer experience marketing expert Stacy Sherman joins me for this interview where she goes into the different ways brands can leverage social media to deepen customer relationships.Key Highlights[02:56] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Stacy Sherman[06:53] Stacy's Journey to Customer Experience[10:47] Stacy's Advise to Companies That Are Ready to Leverage Customer Experience[12:54] How to Start Customer Experience Audit[15:46] It's All About Response[18:11] The Power of Connection[24:15] Recommended Tools for Competitive Research[34:08] Connect with StacyNotable QuotesYou have to validate what you're doing, what you've designed, does it really meet their needs? And then you fix those gaps, or pain points, sometimes those arise. Response time is essential, because people are watching, and noticing how fast you solve their problem or offer help, even if it's to take it offline. People are watching and so they create a perception of you as a company based on that.That's what customer experience is. It's a feeling that you get that makes you keep coming back.Use social media very carefully for influencing decisions and influencing thought leadership, not selling.I see more companies actually leaning into their staff to have a voice and using it as a way to empower them to advocate for the brand in an authentic way but not selling. It's, it's coming across with sincerity those that are doing it right. And I think it is a powerful marketing tool, and a way to also increase engagement organically.I encourage people to play around, figure out your voice. And keep in mind what we're talking about here, don't come at it as bragging, come at it as take content, you see others talking about and repurpose it reshard with your own commentary. That's, that's influential, that's leadership. Make sure you're using social media to actually get the voice of I guess its customers, prospects, your audience.Guest Links:Doing CX Right: CX Right Podcast: Sherman on LinkedIn: Mentioned:Customer Experience Marketing: Why You Must Embrace It to Stand Out as a Business [Dan Gingiss Interview]: More:Check Out All of My Podcast Episodes: https://podcast.nealschaffer.comJoin My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: All of My Free EBooks: to my YouTube Channel:
37:40 08/05/2022
The Future of Facebook is Instagram. Here's How to Adjust Today. [Meta Boost Small Business Studios Report]
The title of this podcast episode should not have surprised you. The question is, are you still doing social media marketing the same way you have been doing it for years?It's time to change.I had the opportunity to attend the recent Meta Boost Small Business Studios event in Detroit, Michigan, and it was an excellent reminder both of the need to adjust and adapt our social media marketing strategy as well as an indication of how Meta promotes its social networks (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) to small business owners.Listen in for my recap, and hopefully, you will begin the walk on the road of adjustment today.Key Highlights[01:39] Different Things You Need to Do in Digital Marketing[3:00] The 2 Big Takeaways from Meta Boost Event[05:19] Start Publishing Reels![07:42] The Focus on Mobile[09:24] Boost Option[09:40] Meta Blueprint[10:18] Meta Boost US[14:09] Messaging Tools Provided by Meta[14:33] The Standard Functionalities of Meta Messaging Tools[16:33] Great Case Studies on Messaging[20:27] Instagram Stories vs Reels[21:54] How to Create Eye-Catching Images[22:52] Stage Your Page[29:09] The Three Rs in Creating Reels[32:20] Built-In Transition Effects on Reels[36:02] Different Content Buckets[37:58] 5 Things You Can Starts Doing Today According to MetaNotable QuotesBut regardless, if you're publishing an Instagram, and you're not publishing reels, you really got to ask yourself, when you're going to start to publish reels, I know it takes time to learn them. I do believe if you consume enough of the content on social media and your students, you can begin to discern the patterns. And you can learn how to replicate that for yourself.And if you want to go all in on reels, you need to be mobile first. And now they have developed an application that allows you to be mobile first and how you manage everything. And this is where we think about well, if we're able to message effectively with our customers, it helps us build relationships with them and when new customers.The world is changing, social media is changing, communication is changing. But is your communication strategy changing is really the question here.Instagram is like your gym for creativity. So bring your creativity to Instagram, in your reels, experiment with music drops, and creative tools, even tools like remix, to stand out. And you know what if you do not have the creativity, or the skills to do it, either learn or hire someone who does.So it's about keeping people on the platform. It's about encouraging you. And it's about rewarding those that create reels with greater discoverability, greater visibility, what you do with it comes down to your creativity, your content, and your audience. Learn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: My Free Ebooks Here: to my YouTube Channel: My Podcast Show Notes:
41:46 07/28/2022
Keyword Research: The Key to Understanding SEO for Your Business [Hilary Angrove Interview]
Search engine optimization is still a golden opportunity for most companies, but many are still making the same mistake of ignoring a critical piece of the puzzle: Keyword research.In this episode, we are going to go deep on SEO - and keyword research - with special guest Hilary Angrove, Director of Growth and Operations at Make Your Mark Today. She will help us all understand:The intent of the search determines how you should rank for the keyword. 'Money' keywords are terms your audience is actually using (not necessarily industry words) with high volume and high intentDo not start a blog if you find money keywords - > make evergreen pagesIf you don't have money keywords --> you may want to start a blog or you may to put your resources into other forms of marketing and not SEOI think you will enjoy this holistic view on SEO as much as I did!Key Highlights[01:23] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Hilary Angrove[03:42] Hilary's Journey to Digital Marketing[09:48] Keyword Research As An SEO Pillar[12:05] Search Intent[12:54] Warming Up the Buying Journey [17:58] How Hilary Determine Keyword Difficulty[20:30] Things to Consider in Keyword Research and Intent[28:47] Non-Seo Form of Marketing You Can Invest ToNotable Quotes What I loved about SEO was just the analytical part of it. And it is a puzzle, the whole thing is a puzzle. And if you can figure out that puzzle, then you can make your client a lot of money, which is great.Google is the judge. But you also got to stay true to yourself. And that is, don't do everything for the judge. They'll see through it, you got to be true to yourself.SEO just mimics real life, your website, your web pages, they're your storefront. And so you just need to operate your store in a way that's like clean, organized, informational, useful, and people are gonna love it.So first thing that I do whenever I'm working with a client, is I build a customer persona. So who is their ideal client, whether that be and you want to look at who's the current client, I mean, a lot of people have already done this for all types of marketing.Go deep on that keyword research, and really look at that intent.You really want to bring it as close to your it's a keyword that matters to you. It's a money keyword, you want it to be as close to your homepage as possible, because you're essentially flagging to Google, hey, this is super important. Guest Links:Learn More about Make Your Mark Today: Your Free Personalized Google Ranking Mini-Guide: with Hilary on LinkedIn: Mentioned:Influencer Marketing for SEOLearn More:Check Out All of My Podcast Episodes: https://podcast.nealschaffer.comJoin My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: All of My Free EBooks: to my YouTube Channel:
47:33 07/14/2022
My Child Wants to Become an Influencer: What Should I Do?
Have you ever heard your child, or a child that you know, say they want to become an influencer? A YouTuber? A TikToker?You'd be surprised as to how often I hear this.How should you respond?While a knee-jerk reaction might be to shield your child from anything and everything social media, I recommend you look at the whole picture. Here are my thoughts on the subject - and even if you don't have a kid I think you'll find this short and sweet episode interesting!Key Highlights [02:10] My Advice I Give to Parents Whose Children Want to Become Influencers[04:08] Strategize With Your Kids[04:46] Handling Privacy Issue[05:26] Core Skills Your Kid Can Learn By Being An Influencer[06:55] Instilling Sense of Confidence and Achievement[09:03] Empowering New Generation With Skill SetNotable QuotesBecause I think a lot of parents really freak out about their children wanted to become an influencer, I don't want you to freak out about it, I want you to celebrate it. And I want you to encourage it. And I don't want you to raise a child or foster something that is going to be disingenuous or what have you. But there are a lot of life skills that can be learned from the process of trying to become an influencer. Skills that not only will help children in life, but I also believe they're going to help them in their school.So the advice I always give is, look, there's a lot of things that kids can be involved in, wanting to become an influencer is not a bad thing. Right? I think it requires guidance, some management. But at the end of the day, if they really want to become an influence, well, what do you want to become an influencer in you can actually start this conversation about niches, really, really early on in life with your kids.I think that actually trying to become an influencer gives you the excuse to work with your children to try to find these unique attributes to their personalities, to their experiences.It begins this effective, it doesn't matter if they become an influence or not. They start to acquire literacy in digital marketing. And that is huge. Now later in life before they're in university, when they're still in high school, they can apply to internships, where they can actually help local nonprofits, local businesses.And I believe it instills children with a sense of confidence, a sense of achievement, obviously, for their own brand wanting to become an influence, it's one thing, but leveraging those core skills for others, is where they really learn about themselves. I believe they gain confidence.You should be able to give opportunity to these children, you can help them and they can help you.So the next time you hear your child or someone's child talking about wanting to become an influencer, Don't roll your eyes. Look at the potential positives. I mentioned. There's negatives, the privacy issue, I get it right. There are ways around it, but encourage, let them learn those skills that will really help them and you hopefully, if you play your cards right or if you have that need or a friend's business, I mean it will be helpful. It is an absolute Win, win win.Learn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: My Free Ebooks Here: to my YouTube Channel: My Podcast Show Notes: https://podcast.neal
12:25 07/11/2022
The New B2B Marketing Rules in the Revenue Zone [Tom Burton Interview]
Have you thought about how little control we have over the consumer or buyer these days?With so many sources of information, a distaste for ads, and the popularity of social media, how does a company try to control the buyer's journey and buying cycle?You can't. But if you embrace that fact, you'll find a whole world of possibility in marketing to a new generation of millennial buyers and influencers as well as transforming prospects and customers into your own sales team.This fascinating interview with the author of The Revenue Zone: The Ultimate Playbook for The Next Generation of B2B Sales, Marketing and Predictable Revenue Growth, Tom Burton, will have you building our own yellow brick road in no time - and finding success in the digital and social media marketing of today.Key Highlights[01:59] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Tom Burton[07:53] The Revenue Zone Defined[14:09] The Three Rules on Engagement With Younger Audience[16:21] Managing Expectations and Budget[18:07] The Yellow Brick Road[20:10] Building Library of Content[21:25] Filling In Your Potholes[30:29] Tom's Message for Small Business Owners[32:25] Lead Smart Tool[38:21] Connect With TomNotable QuotesAnd we can be in control, but we have to be in control in a much different way than we have done in the past and how we control things, right.You have to change your mindset to embrace the fact that the millennial or the buyer is in control of their own journey.Enable the buyer to facilitate their own journey, don't keep putting up gates, don't keep putting up things that then you know, that get you back into control.So we have to look at our KPIs differently. And again, but we're all going back to that same goal of having people in the revenue zone, right, we wanted people in the revenue zone before we start that. We don't want people in their prospects on the revenue zone.But whether you're an SDR and AE or whatever your role is, as a salesperson, you're, you're still very valuable. In fact, you're more valuable than ever, but you need to be valuable as a guide, and a trusted adviser versus a salesperson. We have to control the process differently. And we have to control that depth process by understanding where the buyer is in their journey. And then helping them and facilitating them based on where they are in that journey. Guest Links:Learn More about The Revenue Zone: Technologies CRM: with Tom Burton on LinkedIn: Revenue Zone on Amazon: More:Check Out All of My Podcast Episodes: https://podcast.nealschaffer.comJoin My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: All of My Free EBooks: to my YouTube Channel:
41:08 07/07/2022
A Product Marketing Perspective on Personal Branding, Content and Influence
I recently did a 1/2 day training for a client that uncovered a plethora of unique opportunities which I want to share with you in this episode.A product-centric approach to social media marketing can yield effective results at many levels.When taking a product marketing perspective on how an organization can best promote their products, you will uncover new opportunities to leverage personal branding, content, and yield more influence than you might have found possible.Listen in for the details and how all of these aspects of digital and social media marketing can work together in harmony.Key Highlights[03:22] How Do We Get the Word Out of Your Product?[03:57] Talk About your Product![04:36] The Different Elements You Need to be Successful in Social Media[05:33] The Concept of Influence[06:00] Valuing Employee Influencers[07:30] Help Your Employees Create Personal Brands Aligned with their Expertise[08:04] Resources that Will Help You Optimize Your Profile[09:22] Brainstorming Excercise I Created[10:30] The Concept of Publishing Content for Influence and Thought Leadership[10:59] What is Thought Leadership?[11:28] How Does Publishing Your Perspective Create Influence?[14:32] How Often Should You Publish Content?[15:02] Types of Content You Can Publish on a Daily BasisNotable QuotesAnd on a website, sure, you're going to have your dedicated resources and content for your product. When it comes to social media, you're fighting with all the other products for attention.Too often we think of ourselves as a company, when we should think of ourselves as a product, people are not buying the company, they're buying the product. So everything that we do, ideally, should be talking about.And once we understand the importance of social media, we understand the importance of content in social media. It is the currency of not just social media, but digital media in general.There is a very distinct relationship between influence content, and social media, you establish a presence in social media, you begin to publish content, and share your views or talk about a product around a certain niche, so to speak, and over time, that helps you build influence on that topic.So if you're thinking, Yeah, we have people in our business, that should be more in the spotlight, they should be more active and social, they should be just more naturally talking about what they're an expert in, because it's going to help our business.And the thought leadership content shows your subject matter expertise, it ideally promote your company, it speaks to potential customers, and industry partners. And indirectly, it should sell your product, the engagement type of content, shows your human side promotes your personal brand, it speaks to your broader network and connections, who might not necessarily be interested in your product. It sells you that your company, and it gets broader engagement.Links Mentioned: Episode 258Learn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: My Free Ebooks Here: to my YouTube Channel: My Podcast Show Notes: https://podcast.neal
20:41 06/23/2022
Marketing Artificial Intelligence: AI, Marketing and the Future of Business [Paul Roetzer Interview]
Artificial intelligence is forecasted to have trillions of dollars of impact on businesses and the economy.Yet many marketers struggle to understand what it is and how to apply it in their marketing efforts. The truth is,  AI possesses the power to change everything.If you're in marketing, you need to invest in better understanding AI. Begin with this interview with Paul Roetzer, author of Marketing Artificial Intelligence: AI, Marketing, and the Future of Business.Key Highlights[02:17] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Paul Roetzer[03:50] How Paul Start Getting Interested in AI and Marketing[06:10] What is Quantum Computing[08:05] Individual Use Case for AI[11:53] What You Can Do to Leverage AI[14:02] AI Tools in Marketing, Sales, and Influencer Marketing[16:57] Leveraging Anonymous Data Across Clients[19:57] 3 Areas That You Should Start Focusing[23:47] The Pitfalls of Marketers With AI Technology[28:36] Final Advice[29:40] Connect with PaulNotable QuotesI mean, yeah, AI is language. It is vision technology, like dolly to was a big thing in April open release dolly to which could generate images, it's deepfake videos, it's like all these things you hear about. But at its core, machine learning is the primary subset of AI. And what machine learning does is it takes data in inputs, and it makes predictions generates outputs.Everything we do is trying to predict behavior outcomes, and then you actually start to realize all the potential that AI has to transform what we do every day.Data is an essential element of making AI work for you as a marketer. But it is not necessarily an obstacle.You don't need AI, you need smarter tech that saves you time and money and makes you better at your job. It just so happens AI is what makes that possible.We always says all AI is not created equal, just because you look at three platforms that do content intelligence, which is basically helping you figure out the right by using AI tools. They're not all created equal. And you're gonna have to be able to drill in and ask some different questions.And I think if you go into AI thinking about it that way, that is an assistant, it is there to help you and recommend things to you and, and develop drafts of social shares and ads and copy like not write the thing for you, then you can have an amazing experience with AI.You just gotta be curious, like, find the thread within AI that is interesting to you. Guest Links:Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute: with Paul Roetzer on LinkedIn: Artificial Intelligence: AI, Marketing, and the Future of Business on Amazon: [Affiliate]Learn More:Check Out All of My Podcast Episodes: https://podcast.nealschaffer.comJoin My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: All of My Free EBooks: to my YouTube Channel:
33:13 06/16/2022
Content Isn't King. Marketing Data Is.
A lot of us in digital and social media marketing seem to get lost in the universe of content and engagement.What gets lost in the conversation is the fundamental role and importance that marketing data SHOULD play in your marketing strategy.It's simple: The more data you have, the more effective your marketing will be.If you don't have enough data, it is worth investing in acquiring it.This is a short and sweet episode but I wanted to inspire you to put emphasis on data in your marketing.Key Highlights [02:49] Why Everything You Do Should Be Data-Driven As Possible[03:43] My First Experience With Understanding How Powerful Data Can Be[05:04] You Need to Experiment More[07:48] Be Aggressive in Getting the Data[08:44] How Data Can Help You Make Informed Decisions[09:15] I Encourage You to Spend A Little Money in Terms You Can Get More DataNotable QuotesBut we talk about in marketing a data driven strategy, I believe that everything we do should be as data driven as possible. Obviously, it's hard to do almost everything data driven. But there's a lot of things that we can do.They could relatively predict as to how a given campaign will perform. That is extremely powerful, because we want to know where to invest our money as business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers, and what is going to be Return on assets. And then we can compare and contrast.It's not always clear cut, but the more data we have, then the more we can predict these things.The more you do this, across different social networks, different follower size counts, you begin to understand the market price for working with influencers.It all comes down to this data, this first party data, the more we know, the more informed our decisions can be, the more things become predictable, the bigger impact we can have with the same marketing budget, because now we can pick and choose what are going to be the avenues that have the best chance of success. So I wanted to throw it out there and encourage you, it's okay to spend a little money or, you know, to engage with influencers to publish a little more content, whatever it is, if you're looking to get that data to use going forward in a lot of different ways, especially if you're trying to compare and contrast different channels -- that's going to be really, really important to get as much data and to really leverage that data as part of a data driven approach to digital content, influencer, social media marketing, whatever brand of marketing that you choose to do today. Learn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: My Free Ebooks Here: to my YouTube Channel: My Podcast Show Notes:
11:30 06/09/2022
How Email Marketing Generates Sales - Once You Get It [Bobby Klinck Interview]
Email marketing has been shown time and time again to have the highest ROI of any digital marketing channel, yet many businesses and entrepreneurs do not prioritize it as much as they should.And there are those that do email marketing just to go through the motion without doing it in a strategic way and then wondering why there is no ROI or how to measure it.If you are in either of these boats, you will get A LOT out of this interview with Bobby Klinck, author of Email Marketing That Doesn't Suck, who will school you on everything you wanted to know about email marketing in this episode!Key Highlights[02:12] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Bobby Klinck[05:50] How Bobby Began Using Email Marketing[11:05] Shifting from Legal Industry to Marketing[17:13] How Bobby Finds Stories to Tell[17:58] Why Stories Are Powerful[22:00] How to Know If the Email is Impacting the Business In A Positive Way?[29:31] Why Email Is Stil the Best Platform[33:12] The CATCH Framework[39:15] Nurturer to Welcome[40:26] What Made Bobby Decide to Write A Book[47:37] Final Advice[51:17] Connect with BobbyNotable QuotesI think just a lot of stuff is recycled down once a thought becomes mainstream, everybody just sort of clings to it. I think it's always, you know, important that we have fresh ideas.But really, what I tell people is their stories everywhere.The key is to get in the practice of finding them. And you don't start with a story, your email start with what is the message or lesson that I want to get across?For most people, what I suggest is you're going to have a few different themes you're going to use over and over again, in your business and your message, whatever it is that you're talking about. Keep story journals about those things, and you don't write the whole story out.It's hard in this online marketing world where everyone wants quantifiable. Prove to me that this works right now. And this and I'm like, you can't necessarily do that. Because this is true marketing of building brand equity, building that type of thing. So that over time, you will ultimately have a brand where people just buy from you. And that's what you're shooting for.A really great framework to think about the email as an extension of a relationship as if it was in person. It's not an email address. It's an actual person on the other side of the email address. And how would you engage with them if you were in the same room with them?It is the only channel where you can really curate The messages like when it comes time to sell the messages you want people to receive in the particular order you want them to receive.That's what email and marketing are about, establishing that relationship.Understand that when you make the shift and start thinking about marketing the right way, like selling is just natural.Guest Links:Bobby Klinck's Website: Marketing That Doesn't Suck on Amazon: [Affiliate]Learn More:Check Out All of My Podcast Episodes: https://podcast.nealschaffer.comJoin My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: All of My Free EBooks: to my YouTube Channel:
56:26 06/02/2022
SEO Backlinks: What are They, and Why More of Them Isn't Necessarily Better
In digital marketing, the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cannot be understated. One of the most powerful methods of climbing up the search engine rankings is the acquisition of backlinks.But how does one get backlinks? And are the more links the merrier?I believe that the SEO industry - or at least many companies offering SEO services - assume that the more the better, and they base the value of a link on the "domain authority" of the website. This is similar to valuing influencers just by the number of followers.Are many companies flat out doing SEO wrong? Here's my take - would love to hear what you think.Key Highlights[02:11] My New Mission Statement[05:20] Why SEO Is Important?[06:05] How Does Library of Content Help Your Business?[07:33] Off-page SEO[08:49] Will Content Alone Get You Ranked?[10:05] Critical Things to SEO[11:36] How Does Google Know Authority On Sites?[13:11] SEO Backlinks[13:26] Ways to Build Backlinks[18:48] Importance of Relevance[20:07] Only Get Backlinks and Guest Blogs From Where You Have Authority [24:24] My First Good Search Engine Ranking[25:22] The Power of Relevant and Authoritative Links[26:52] External Links VS Internal Links [28:42] How to Know if A Site Is Relevant or Not to My Site?Notable QuotesBut once your content is indexed, Google always wants to serve the best content, the most relevant content, the most relevant and best content to everybody's unique search query.But the fact that you are able to guest blog on a platform, especially if that platform has a lot of authority is a good thing. And you can see how search engines will reward you and that will help you over time, build up more authority.I think relevance is really, really important. And I think if you're going to go out of your way to guest blog, or somehow generate backlinks, there are many ways to do it right.I think search engines are really smart, especially to people Google. They're using AI and machine learning. And I think that any unnatural link or any collect unnatural links over time are not going to serve you well.You only want to try to get backlinks and guest blog, or perhaps accept guest bloggers, it's got to be related to where you are in authority because if it is, and the other site also has authority in that subject, I believe that that link might be worth 10 200 times more valuable than just a backlink from some random website.The beautiful thing about all this is once you jump up the search engine rankings, assuming your content is good, then obviously, you can continue there. Links Mentioned:Guest Blogging Guide EbookFraseSEMRushDefinitive SEMRush TutorialLearn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: My Free Ebooks Here: to my YouTube Channel: My Podcast Show Notes: https://podcast.nealschaf
33:52 05/30/2022
Pinterest Marketing: It's Time to Diversify Your Social Media Marketing [Kate Ahl Interview]
If you've ever been curious about Pinterest, or are looking for ways to diversify your social media marketing, this episode is for you.Kate Ahl is the undisputed Queen of Pinterest marketing. In this episode she shares with us everything you need to know about the why and how of Pinterest marketing.Key Highlights[03:09] Introduction to Podcast Guest, Kate Ahl[05:33] How Kate Started on Pinterest[07:12] Special Characteristic of an Average Pinner[09:33] Companies That Would Best be Served by Pinterest[13:11] Understanding Pinterest Analytics[14:14] The First Steps You Should Do With Pinterest[15:33] Pinterest Guided Search[16:09] Pinterest Lens[18:28] What Makes Some Pinterest Accounts More Successful than Others?[22:51] Pinterest Image Trick[24:16] Pin Formats[29:33] My Pinterest Data[32:05] Why You Should Advertise on Pinterest[35:13] What to Look Out for on Pinterest in the Upcoming Months[42:12] Connect with KateNotable QuotesPinterest is a great informer of purchases.But oftentimes, what people fail to realize is that if you're already creating content, or you're writing articles, with Pinterest, it's just a simple switch of an image.What we tell people, if you're going to think about approaching the platform right away, is to get your profile set up, get a business account, get your profile set up, and think of it as how can I showcase who I am and what I do in this very top of the profile piece so people know right away.Images really need to be where your branding shines.But I think that people the power of sharing amongst the people is real. So people want to see it, they're gonna see of the things that you and I had talked about before is Pinterest still drives so much traffic, compared to all the other platforms that have really shut it off, for the sake of the pay-to-play. Pinterest still is an environment where you can just do organic marketing, you don't have to necessarily go into the pay to play.Our goal is to make Pinterest marketing accessible for everybody in a way that does not confuse them in a way that does not overwhelm them but gets them straight to the heart of what they need to know, as well as keeps them informed.Guest Links:Simple Pin Media: Connect with Kate on Instagram: More:Check Out All of My Podcast Episodes: https://podcast.nealschaffer.comJoin My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: All of My Free EBooks: to my YouTube Channel: 
46:57 05/19/2022
What is Web 3.0 and How are Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and NFTs Related?
Welcome to Web3!I had an amazing time at Joe Pulizzi's Creator Economy Expo, and I want to share with you what I learned specifically about Web 3.0 and how blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs are all related.In all honesty, I avoided these subjects for sometime as I found the NFT space to be full of people investing in them as if they were the .com startups in the tech bubble. However, wanting to learn about them knowing that Joe Pulizzi, the founder of Content Marketing World and Godfather of content marketing, is so invested in educating others around them, and after hearing Jeremiah Owyang's keynote speech, I now see things in a new light, and I think it is important enough that you do to.No, I am not investing in any NFTs, but I do see how brands (and content creators) can and will be leveraging Web3 technologies in the not-so-distant future.So, I am by no means an expert, and am very much a newbie, but I want to begin by sharing with you what I have learned and my perspective on this to help you all better understand the space.I am still very much in the R&D phase of learning about this latest trend, but if this is something you want me to talk more about on my podcast, please let me know!Key Highlights[03:50] Democratization of Content[05:56] What is Web 3.0?[06:09] The Sharing Economy[07:10] What is Blockchain[08:20] Where Blockchain Started to be Implemented[10:08] Sharing of Digital Ownership[14:14] Why Would I Want Creators to Invest in Their Communities?[18:12] Utilitarian Example of Monetizing Personal Brand[22:23] What to Do Now?[28:50] What is NFT?Notable QuotesBlockchain is the technology that will allow this to happen. And blockchain is a technology that allows us it's basically I guess, for lack of a better word, it is an accounting record, a ledger, which records every single transaction, and it can limit the number of iterations or the amount of ownership. I talked about the democratization of digital ownership. All of this is decentralized. There's not a person or an entity that owns it. It's decentralized by the framework of the technology itself, by the blockchain.So right now, I think a lot of people are focused on the craters when it comes to NFT, the artists what have you. But it's equally important for brands to really understand this, because it is a growing economy. The economy of NF T's and cryptocurrency is already greater than influencer marketing.With the democratization of digital ownership, the democratization of financial transactions. It's almost like the democratization of community.Learn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: My Free Ebooks Here: to my YouTube Channel: My Podcast Show Notes:
33:55 05/16/2022
Partnership Marketing It's Time to Diversify Your Digital Marketing and Invest in Relationships [Matt Wool Interview]
Of all of the marketing channels that exist, partnership marketing is one of the most under-utilized yet high potential opportunities that exist for businesses today.Best represented by affiliate marketing, when done right, affiliate marketing provides you with an army of incentivized influencers that are selling on your behalf and only paid when a sale is made on a 24/7 basis.Furthermore, there are a plethora of other "halo effect" benefits from this type of partnership marketing.Intrigued? Learn all about partnership from co-author, Matt Wool, who wrote the book on partnership marketing, Moving to Outcomes, and is also the CEO of the leading partnership marketing firm Acceleration Partners.Key Highlights[02:21] Introduction to the Podcast Guest, Matt Wool[03:42] How Matt Got Into Marketing and Writing Book[06:48] The Issues Matt Found With Affiliate Marketing[10:47] The Emergence of Influencer and Creator Economy[14:30] Affiliations on NFTs and Cryptocurrencies[16:57] What Prompted Matt to Write the Book[20:39] What is Partnership Marketing?[21:49] How to Scale This Type of Relationship?[23:25] How to Get Started[26:30] Recommended Platforms for Startups[27:03] Main Areas to be Aware OfNotable QuotesAnd you know, our, our philosophy has long been it's not necessarily should you work with someone, it's more how you worked with someone.What I think we really see is that this is going to have a significant impact on the overall partnership marketing landscape and One of the things that I think it is going to do is it is going to, in a lot of ways decentralize affiliate and influencer marketing.There's this potential for these kinds of limitless numbers have like many affiliate programs that are enabled by certain smart contracts over time, which will be available to individual creators and that way, so it's a little bit of a different place that we're playing in, because we're working more with enterprise clients, but I think it's fascinating, and there's a lot that's going to happen there.The main crux of this book is that we see too many marketers and too many companies with a hugely disproportionate amount of their eggs in one or two baskets, from a marketing budget perspective, right, they are shoveling money into Google, they are shoveling money into meta, whether it's Instagram, or you know, the regular platform, maybe they've got a few other things going in a couple of other channels.But one thing I think a lot of people forget is affiliate marketing is also good for us.  So having those tiers and really understanding how you are presenting yourself to those publishers, are the keys to scaling the program and effective way.Guest Links:Acceleration Partners: Moving to Outcomes on Amazon: [affiliate]Connect with Matt on LinkedIn: More:Check Out All of My Podcast Episodes: https://podcast.nealschaffer.comJoin My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: All of My Free EBooks: to my YouTube Channel: 
38:10 05/12/2022
What a High School Shark Tank Competition Can Teach You About Marketing
Can you summarize your current marketing program in a 30-second elevator pitch?And if you could what would it include?This episode is inspired by a shark tank competition for high schoolers that my children competed in and looking at your marketing in fresh eyes through the perspective of teenagers!You are guaranteed to look at your marketing in a different way after listening to this episode...Key Highlights[01:54] What is a High School Shark Tank Competition[04:38] The Gaps Between Digital Marketing Resources and Materials[05:32] The Approach to Determining a Product to Sell[06:30] Some Compelling Presentations and Projects in the Competition[07:35] The Stages of Funnel[08:16] Stages of Funnel That Were Common From All Pitches[10:01] How Should We Do Influencer Marketing?[10:36] Leveraging UGC To Gain Credibility[10:47] Where Influence Becomes Important[11:58] The Biggest No-Brainer For Marketing Today[12:54] An Example of Simple Lead Magnet Equation[15:01] Do Your Own Shark Tank[15:36] The Component that Helps Me Build People Relationship[16:52] How Can You Start to Better Leverage Influencers?Notable QuotesSometimes we really need to dumb down what we are doing. When I was in high school and thinking about business, it was really about what were my needs? What were the needs of high school friends, and what can I sell to them, right. And I think that these high schoolers had really the same approach just based on their own experiences as to what sort of product that they could sell.If you think about it in the funnel, in terms of brand awareness, search is a great way to get brand's such a no brainer in 2022 that it still shocks me that a lot of brands still ask, well, what's the ROI? Why do we need to do influencer marketing and it really brings me back to the early days of social media marketing, where people We're asking the same thing. The question isn't, do we need to do influencer marketing? The question is, well, how do we do it?But at the end of the day, it's going to become more pay to play until you actually have customers where you can republish their content.So until you get to that point, it's really, really hard to break through the noise, starting from zero followers and get that brand awareness that we all want to get on social media. And that's where the influence has become even more important, especially at the beginning, when you don't have brand awareness.And to me, it was sort of a pat on the back that riding the age of influence, and evangelizing influencer marketing is the wave of the future.It comes down to a combination of all these. Yu can't have one without the other. But really, it's the email component that allows me to build that deeper relationship and ultimately convert people, as my data has shown.Learn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: My Free Ebooks Here: to my YouTube Channel: My Podcast Show Notes:
19:31 04/28/2022
How to Use Content Marketing To Establish Your Own Category
Content is the currency of digital and social media, but it can actually even be more strategic than being a mere currency.Content marketing can not only help build your business, but it can play an instrumental role in building out a category that you own and deliver long-term digital benefits for your company.Think Hubspot - they "own" the term for inbound marketing.If you want to achieve similar results for your company, you'll want to listen in to this interview.Key Highlights[01:24] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Mark Raffan[03:00] How Mark Got Into Content Marketing[08:04] What Does Establishing Your Own Category Means?[13:30] Importance of Content Marketing in Establishing Own Category[14:36] Create Quality Content[17:00] Timeline and Strategies for Establishing Category[21:01] Don't Forget About the Traditional Pieces[22:38] Difference between Content Marketing Agency from an SEO Agency[24:32] How to Structure Overall Strategy and Choosing the Platform to Post Content OnNotable QuotesWhat's interesting about negotiation, that a lot of marketers don't understand is that negotiation and marketing are very, very similar, because they're both built on the same foundational elements. They're both built on persuasion, they're both built on influence. And when you think of those foundational elements, there's a lot of overlap between those two. It's one thing to rank and it's another thing entirely to maintain, as a low bounce rate so that people actually read your stuff and engage with it and consume it on a regular basis. And that's what you have to create sort of long term. And also the same thing applies when it goes to social when it goes to video. It's got to be stuff that people actually want to consume.Don't create a category unless you can afford to. And what I mean by that is, if you, if you don't have any decent funding, whether it's seed or series funding, this is a task best left to those who do.It all starts with the strategy, get the strategy down first, try and think about who you're going to reach out to, and whether or not this category that you're creating is going to stick within that target group. And then dedicate yourself to building enough content that sort of an upswell gets created.You don't have to do everything all at once you can start off in phases. But if you're just starting out in the Content Marketing World, just look at it through those lenses. Is it interesting? Is it educational? Is it informative? Everything will come from there.Guest Links:Content Callout: Callout Podcast: Connect with Mark on LinkedIn: Learn More:Check Out All of My Podcast Episodes: https://podcast.nealschaffer.comJoin My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: All of My Free EBooks: to my YouTube Channel: 
34:56 04/21/2022
Guest Blogging: Trick or Treat?
Guest blogging is something that has been around for awhile but misunderstood by many. What is the benefit of blogging on someone else's site or inviting someone to blog on yours? And does Google approve of this?Listen in as I give you my own perspective on the topic, and why you'll want to think a little more strategically about guest blogging going forward.The resource that I mention in the episode, my newest free book, The Definitive Guide to Guest Blogging: The Most Effective Link Building Strategy, can be downloaded here: Highlights[03:07] My First Guest Blogger[05:54] The Power of Guest Blogging[06:33] Why Relevance is Important[07:30] Guest Blogging Survey Statistics[08:27] My Newest Ebook: The Definitive Guide to Guest Blogging[09:20] Relationship Building With Those that Have Influence[10:35] Example of an Influence[12:51] Influence of Blogs or Blogging[14:36] How Guest Blogging Can Nurture Positive Relationship[15:37] Best Practice for Linking OutNotable QuotesGuest Blogging is the single most important way to build links, and getting links to your content or to your website is one of the most important things you can do to improve the SEO of your website.For me, relevance is the ultimate. And when I bring on a guest blog, or when I guess, blog myself, that is the number one thing I look for, they don't have to necessarily have the highest domain authority or authority in Google's eyes. But if they're extremely relevant to my audience, and the content is extremely relevant to my website, that's when there is a match made in heaven.So guest blogging is often misunderstood or gets a bad rap for a variety of reasons, as I talked about, I want you to understand the value of guest blogging, so that you can decide if and how to make it work for your business. Influence is not defined by how many followers you have on Instagram. Influence is equally defined by how many followers you have on YouTube, or what is the domain authority of your website, or how many podcast downloads you get per episode. It is everywhere across digital media. Social media does not work that way. Organic clicks are the hardest things to get.Blogs or bloggers have tremendous influence, especially when we talk about clickability. But it's for brand awareness as well.So if I'm going to link out, because it's the best practice, and with every link, I want to educate my audience more about that anchor text, whatever it is, I'd rather link out to someone that I like know, and trust, right. And that's where the relationship building the influence and marketing aspect really kicks in, and can be really, really powerful.But I do believe that for content creation. If you publish things too frequently, in general, there is a tendency for the quality to not be at its optimal. It doesn't happen all the time. But it can happen because we're human.Learn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: My Free Ebooks Here: to my YouTube Channel: My Podcast Show Notes:
21:15 04/14/2022
How Product-Led SEO Will Help You Reap Real ROI from Search Engine Optimization [Eli Schwartz Interview]
Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of an SEO expert and get the real scoop on what makes for good - and bad - search engine optimization and even understand for what situations SEO might not be the best investment of your marketing budget?If so you are going to love this interview with Eli Schwarz, author of Product-Led SEO. I guarantee you after listening to this episode you will see SEO in a brand new insightful light!Key Highlights[02:19] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Eli Schwartz[03:38] How Eli Got Into SEO[06:45] Going Beyond Keywords[10:10] How to Identify SEO Opportunities[14:23] Types of B2B Companies that Best Fit SEO[19:03] Eli's Definition of Investing[22:17] Productled SEO[24:19] Example of Succesful Businesses[28:27] Programmility and Scalability[29:56] Things People Overlook SEO[34:12] Smarter AI in SEO][35:26] Final Advice[37:43] Connect with EliNotable QuotesI think the idea is in the idea for all marketing, social media, SEO, paid media, brand media is users, you want to sell something, even if you're not selling an actual product, you're selling eyeballs, you're selling your media, you're selling retention, you're selling on brain authority.I want to bring SEO back to that which is search is just a medium for people to find us.So I think if you think about search as a medium and search as a concept, then you're focusing on the user, which is how do I create the best content, the best material for the users that are going to be using searches immediately, not how am I going to understand Google's algorithm of today and improve upon that so I show up as high as possible.Know where you are in the funnel and build the effort around that.So that's all I'm saying is do the basics, but don't make it an investment. If it's not a channel, don't spend money on advertising if you're not going to get users from it.When I say product lead SEO, I mean that your understanding that there is a user out there on search that is looking for something that you can sell, and you build an entire product around it.So educational content, again, if if it doesn't scale, then you're limited by how much content you can create.90% of websites don't do SEO. That's a fact. I think it's probably 99% of websites in the world don't do SEO. So all the rules that Google has, has to work for the 100%, not just the 90%If you can't justify your spend on SEO, if you don't see how the amount of money you're spending on SEO will ever repaid back, you can't put it in a spreadsheet. Guest Links:Eli's Website: SEO on Amazon: [affiliate]Connect with Eli on LinkedIn: More:Check Out All of My Podcast Episodes: https://podcast.nealschaffer.comJoin My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: All of My Free EBooks: to my YouTube Channel: 
42:53 04/11/2022
This is What AI - Generated Content Sounds Like
We've been hearing for some time that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change not only the way we do business but society as well.The truth is, marketers have already started to use AI, many time without knowing it. This is because many tools are already including AI algorithms in their analytics, such as the social media analytics tool Social Insider.Lately there has been a lot of buzz around using AI to actually create content. How far have these platforms come? Listen in as I literally tell you what AI-generated content sounds like so you can come to your own conclusion as to if and how you decide to leverage the technology for yourself. AI Tools Mentioned: (affiliate links)Jasper: Highlights [02:38] What AI Can Do for Us[02:54] Frase Tool[03:34] AI Tools for SEO and Content Marketing[05:06] The Potentials When Leveraging Tools[05:47] Explain It to a Child Template[07:26] Content Improver Tool[10:59] Blog Post Intro Paragraph[11:53] Copyscape Tool[12:58] Paragraph Template[14:40] Choosing Tone of the Voice[19:36] How to Get JasperNotable QuotesWhat I feel are the most compelling use case scenario for these tools, which are ads, Facebook ad headline, Facebook, ad primary text, you want to have some variations of different ad copy, will, this can actually shoot out a lot of different variations very, very quickly,I recommend and I enjoy the fact that there are multiple outputs for this. But you get a sense that with some correction, we can actually leverage this and it sort of spices up our language.I think the best content is content that triggers on people's emotions, that has your own unique perspective that has more of a human element to it.But anyway, I just wanted to plant a seed in your head that, whether it's email copy, whether it's blog post or ad copy, I don't think that these tools are going to replace human beings. But I do believe that as a helper, to help you do research, help you make sure you're covering your bases in terms of content, because if the AI can find content that they think you should include in your blog post that you're not including, then maybe you don't have all your bases covered, right?I think now is the time to start embracing these tools not to replace human beings. But as helpers, to help you make better content in less time. And writing is an art. And I would never publish anything without running it by human editors, or my own human eyes and making my own human corrections. But I do believe when you're just your creativity, well is running dry, when you have nothing to say, using one of these tools is going to give you a lot to say.I think if you are a marketer, you owe it to yourself to really try to start leveraging one of these tools.Learn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: My Free Ebooks Here: to my YouTube Channel: My Podcast Show Notes:
23:56 04/07/2022
A Fresh New Perspective on Instagram Marketing: How to Blog on Instagram [Terri Nakamura Interview]
Are you looking for creative angles to your Instagram marketing?Today's guest, Author of Blogging on Instagram, Terri Nakamura, will introduce you to a refreshingly unique way of looking at the platform that will spark some new creative ideas for your own Instagram marketing.You don't have to start a blog to be successful on Instagram, but following Terri's advice will undoubtedly help improve your Twitter marketing game!Key Highlights[02:44] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Terri Nakamura[06:36] Who is Terri?[11:21] Why and How Terri Started Blogging on Instagram[12:17] Courses Terri Took in Digital Marketing[14:48] Why Terri Wrote a Book[17:57] How Terri Found Her Publisher[25:04] The Value of Publisher[27:07] The Route Terri Took[33:06] Evolving Blogging for Instagram to Book[36:52] Terri's Advice to Those Who Take Advantage of Instagram as a Blogging Platform[39:17] "Make EveryEmail a Love Letter"[40:16] Impact of Instagram on Developing Relationships[42:27] How to get the most of Instagram[44:11] Connect with TerriNotable QuotesI think some people just feel like social media is there to be an advertising platform and they don't deliver any value.Understanding the value in education and the other things that you deliver to your audience are the things that draw them to you.I think blogging [on Instagram] is a really great place to experiment for people who want to write and have and engage with the audience.You don't make money off the book, you make money off people who read the book, who reach out and want to hire you. If you have a visual way of representing what you do, or you have a visual product or service, it's even better for that platform. You can't be everywhere. You don't need to be everywhere. You have to prioritize and know where your time is going to be the most valuable.You can collect other kinds of data that will indicate whether or not you're on the right track and what kinds of things resonate, and how many times you get on to the Explore page and stuff like that. And it's really important to build an audience and awareness, so you get other benefits.So you can imagine that if you treat social media and Instagram in that way, and you are putting your attention creating a blog post and every post you publish there, it can be really impactful because it really is a personal platform. And you can personally connect with people and engage with people in that way.Guest Links:Blogging on Instagram on Amazon: [affiliate]Connect with Terri on Twitter: with Terri on Instagram: More:Check Out All of My Podcast Episodes: https://podcast.nealschaffer.comJoin My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: All of My Free EBooks: to my YouTube Channel: 
48:50 04/04/2022
The 10 Areas of Your LinkedIn Profile Where a Majority of You Are Failing
Working with corporate clients I have developed my own 100-point LinkedIn profile audit score that looks at 20 different areas of a LinkedIn profile. And, year in and year out, most professionals underperform in these 10 areas.Listen in for some tangible and actionable LinkedIn profile advice!Key Highlights [02:23] LinkedIn Profile Completeness[03:30] Social Selling Index[04:09] What Social Selling Index Does?[05:21] My 100 Point System[07:26] Searching for People[08:00] Top 10 Areas Where Majority of Professionals Underperform[08:55] Personalized URL[11:15] Creator Mode[15:10] Featured Section[16:31] Past Company Experience[20:29] Concept of Waiting[21:44] Volunteering/Organizations[24:03] 5 First Priority Areas[24:16] Professional Summary[26:20] Write Your Professional Summary in First Person[28:31] Publish More Content on Linkedin![31:09] Current Company Experience[31:59] Gain Recommendations[33:27] SummaryNotable QuotesI'm finding that a majority of employees, and these are generally primarily sales-focused people, they are falling short, in pretty much the same 10 areas, year in and year out every time I do this.This proprietary methodology that I think really brings your LinkedIn profile into alignment with the high performers in your industry. And as you all know, all roads on LinkedIn lead to your profile. That's why it's so critical that you get it right.The LinkedIn profile is almost like your second website. In fact, if you do not have a website, your LinkedIn profile pretty much is your own website. And that's why you want to make sure that your profile is up to par.I always say claim your personal URL before someone with a similar name does.I would bet that LinkedIn by limiting you to high five hashtags, it's really saying that you specialize. You're an expert in these areas, and therefore, when you publish content around those areas, it would make sense that maybe it gets a little bit more priority than people that don't have those hashtags that are publishing content with those hashtags.LinkedIn is an inbound marketing tool, the more data you give it, the more places that you said you worked, the more keywords you can add in those places, the broader the connections you can make with other people.It was my wife who said, you know, all those past relationships that you have, add up to who you are today. They've made you who you are today, they are a part of you. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. I would say about all your past experiences, add up to who you are. And you never know when that past experience is going to come in handy. By putting volunteering/organizations in your profile, you're not only building that potential data point that helps connect with someone. But it's this point of relatability. Introduce yourself, like you would, as if you were speaking with someone. And that will make your LinkedIn profile, all the more impactful.Learn More:Join My Digital First Mastermind: Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: My Free Ebooks Here: to my YouTube Channel: My Podcast Show Notes:
37:27 03/31/2022