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Episode 107: Amandha Vollmer - Healing & Spirituality
Amandha Dawn Vollmer holds a degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto and a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology. Most of her life, Amandha has taken a keen interest in botanical medicine, self-educating on the topic many years before attaining her formal medical training. Amandha also sought answers via the energetic healing arts and became a Registered Reiki Practitioner & Teacher, among other modalities.After much scholarly and independent study, Amandha’s passion for the elegant and effective sub-molecular medicine known as homeopathy brought her to study in India under Rajan Sankaran. Amandha volunteered for intensive medical program in Northern India, shadowing cardiologists, obstetricians, Ayurvedic practitioners and homeopathic doctors alike.Amandha is the author of Healing with DMSO book, a science-backed guide will help you understand how DMSO works, why it works, and the many ways you can harness its power to heal your aches, pains, and other ailments, all in an easy-to-read and friendly way.Website: www.yummy.doctorMusic: Ohio Express - Yummy, Yummy, YummyContact: info@alchemyradio.netWebsite: www.alchemyradio.netTwitter:
83:23 02/08/2022
Alchemy 106 - Dr. Tom Cowan - The Contagion Myth
Thomas S. Cowan, M.D., attended Duke University, graduating in 1977 Summa Cum Laud with a degree in biology. He then served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Swaziland, Africa, from 1977 to 1980, teaching gardening in a secondary school. It was in Swaziland where he encountered the work of Weston Price and Rudolf Steiner, two of the greatest influences on his career. After the Peace Corps he attended medical school in his home state of Michigan at the Michigan State College of Human Medicine. After graduating in 1984, he did an internship in family practice in Johnson City, New York.  From 1985 until 2019. Dr. Cowan had a general medical practice, first in upstate New York, then for 17 years in Peterborough, N.H., and for 17 years in San Francisco, until his recent retirement from active practice. He formerly served as vice president of the Physicians Association for Anthroposophical Medicine and was a founding board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. He continues to serve as its vice president.  Dr. Cowan has given countless lectures and workshops throughout the U.S. on a variety of subjects in health and medicine. He is the author of six books. Five of these books spent time on the Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble bestseller lists, and each was ranked No. 1 in their respective categories, often for many months.  In the past five years, he launched two businesses along with his wife and two sons. The first, Dr. Cowan’s Garden, sells high-quality vegetable powders and kitchen staples; the second,, distributes information, hosts his popular webinar series, and sells many of the products he has used personally and in his practice.  Dr. Cowan lives with his wife, Lynda, on rural farmland in Upstate New York. He has three children, one step-son and six thriving grandchildren. More info:Website: Contagion Myth: Robbie Long ft. Drew Dellinger - AwakeContact: info@alchemyradio.netWebsite: www.alchemyradio.netTwitter: @alchemyradio
59:57 03/17/2021
Alchemy 105 - David Weiss - Don't Take My Ball!
David Weiss has always questioned the reality of the world in which he lives. Having hosted 'Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole', a weekly podcast, which discussed many different deceptions that the mainstream media cast over the population, he began to look at the what he assumed was the most ridiculous topic of all, the flat earth. Following numerous attempts to debunk it he quickly became aware that our earth is stationary and flat and the rest, as they say, is history! More info: The Flat Earth Podcast Website: YouTube:  The Flat Earth Podcast:   Flat Earth App: Host: John Gibbons Music: Flat Earth Man - No Photographs of Earth Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
91:05 10/16/2020
Alchemy 104 - Pierre Sabak - Holographic Culture
Pierre Sabak was born in West Yorkshire in 1973. Sabak first became interested in the subject of UFOs, when at the age of tenhe saw a landed ‘rocket’ in a farmer’s field, whilst playing outside near his grandmother’s house. Leaving a deep impression, this sighting has led to his profound interest in ‘flying saucers’ and their cultural significance. Pierre first became interested in the ‘Language of Symbolism’ when he studied Art History at the University of Wales. This interest led him to write and illustrate‘The Murder of Reality, Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon’ 2010, and ‘Holographic Culture’ 2018. The books were received with great acclaim. The French author and historian Mourad Faher wrote ‘I think without flattery Pierre Sabak is elaborating a true science that is to history what quantum physics is to Newtonian physics’. An academic and researcher, Sabak is well known for his presentations within British Exopolitics, and has lectured extensively on the subject of ‘Angelic Sailors’. He has been featured innumerous publications, including David Icke’s ‘Human Race Get off your Knees,The Lion Sleeps No More’ and NEXUS magazine. A world leading expert in the field of New Ufology, Sabak hasalso served as an advisor to Ridley Scott Associates.Pierre's work is unique, in that his writing combines Visual Theory (Semiotics) with the Deconstruction of Ufology. A pioneering symbologist, Sabak is famous for his development of the field of New Ufology, which utilises occult symbolism to deconstruct ‘Skaphology’ (the study of angelic vessels throughout religion and mythology). A leading expert on linguistics and ancient ciphers, his major breakthrough within Ufology is the ‘Uncovering of the Artefact’ – a secret ‘Alien Code’ found within language. Worldwide, this code is based upon polyglottal symbolism and its exploitation of Universal Grammar. More info: Pierre Sabak Website | Pierre Sabak YouTube Host: John Gibbons Music: Echo & The Bunnymen - People Are Strange Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
92:06 08/12/2020
Alchemy 103 - Jacob Liberman - Enlightenment
Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman is a pioneer in the fields of light, vision and consciousness, and the author of Luminous Life: How The Science Of Life Unlocks The Art Of Living, Light: Medicine Of The Future, Take Off Your Glasses And See, and Wisdom From An Empty Mind. Originally trained as an optometrist and vision scientist, his life changed in 1976 after the miraculous healing of his own eyesight, leading him to a deeper understanding of light and the science of life. Having helped countless individuals recover their eyesight, he began to understand the words of Jonathan Swift, “Real vision is the ability to see the invisible.”His work has been featured in countless journals, television, radio and print media. Gently piercing the heart and mind with timeless principles and common sense wisdom, Liberman illuminates the seamless connection between light, vision and consciousness, offering a whole new way of seeing and being. More info: Jacob Israel Liberman Host: John Gibbons Music: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - The Dying Of The Light Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
89:26 06/23/2020
Alchemy 102 - Max Igan - Winds Of Change
From New South Wales, Australia, Max Igan runs the website, which covers a vast array of different topics spanning from government corruption to the mysteries of our ancient past.Max joins us again on Alchemy Radio to discuss the madness that seems to have gripped the majority of humanity, the current global crisis, the hidden history of Tartaria and the idea of a past reset that has been long forgotten or covered-up. More info: The Crowhouse Host: John Gibbons Music: Scorpions - Wind Of Change Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
86:01 06/09/2020
Alchemy 101 - David Icke - Observing Insanity
David Icke has spent over a quarter of a century unraveling the secrets of the universe, reality and the forces that manipulate our world. After writing more than 20 books, David Icke has driven on with his relentless investigation into subject areas that others don't dare touch. David joins us again on Alchemy Radio to discuss the current situation that is enveloping the world as the control system seeks to tighten it's nefarious grip on humanity. Is it real, is it a psy-op and where do we go from here?More info: David Icke website Host: John Gibbons Music: Oasis - Acquiesce Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
95:46 05/26/2020
Alchemy 100 - Crrow777 - Humanity At The Crossroads
Crrow777 is a researcher, broadcaster and independent thinker who is helping to deconstruct the control-based paradigm that has been enshrouding humanity for eons. Through his work on the Lunar Wave and incredible collection of HD video clips broadcast on his hugely popular YouTube channel, Crrow sprang to attention and now continues to promote higher thinking and critical thought through his Crrow777 podcast. Topics discussed include humanity at the crossroads, the divine spark and what happens next as we stand on the edge of a great fall for mankind.More info: Crrow777 Radio Music: Uppbeat ft. JohnGibbons - 2020Contact: info@alchemyradio.netWebsite: www.alchemyradio.netTwitter: Facebook:
79:59 05/12/2020
Alchemy 099 - Dawn Lester & David Parker - What Really Makes You Ill?
"Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing." Voltaire. The conventional approach adopted by most healthcare systems entails the use of ‘medicine’ to treat human disease. The idea encapsulated by the above quote attributed to Voltaire, will no doubt be regarded by most people as inapplicable to 21st century healthcare, especially the system known as modern medicine. The reason that people would consider this idea to no longer be relevant is likely to be based on the assumption that ‘medical science’ has made significant advances since the 18th century and that 21st century doctors therefore possess a thorough, if not quite complete, knowledge of medicines, diseases and the human body. Unfortunately, however, this would be a mistaken assumption; as this conversation with Dawn Lester and David Parker will discuss. More info: What Really Makes You Ill Host: John Gibbons Music: Def Leppard - Hysteria Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
99:13 04/07/2020
Alchemy 098 - Wayne McRoy - Cybernetics & The Virus
Wayne McRoy Jr. is the author of 'The Alchemical Tech Revolution: Fulfilling Ancient Esoteric Agendas Through The Use Of High Technology and 'The Autism Epidemic: Transhumanism’s Dirty Little Secret'.A researcher with a wonderful ability to articulate the marriage of his personal experiences with an holistic view on the world around us, this fascinating discussion touches on topics including the 'Corona Virus Pandemic', cybernetics and the science of control, transhuman evolution and much more. More info: Wayne McRoy Host: John Gibbons Music: D*O*G feat. Drew Dellinger - An Angel Told Me Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
95:31 04/07/2020
Alchemy 097 - Clive de Carle - Health Mastery
​Clive de Carle has always been interested in natural health but his journey into health mastery really began at the age of 32 when he was hit by an entirely unexpected health emergency.  Following a course of antibiotics prescribed for a minor health condition, he suddenly found himself hospitalised and in a critical state after a major reaction to the drug with his future looking bleak.However, he refused to accept the doctors' verdict and determined to prove them wrong, deciding to check himself out of the hospital and commencing a program of nutritional supplementation. After about a year Clive had completely reversed all the symptoms of arthritis. His recovery triggered a new thirst for knowledge and Clive developed a burning desire to find out what further hidden cures for disease might exist that could benefit humanity. Today, over 30 years since his recovery he has advised thousands of clients and is more convinced than ever that most disease can be primarily explained as nutrient deficiency and toxicity.More info: Clive de Carle Host: John Gibbons Music: James Brown - I Got You (I Feel Good) Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
112:14 08/07/2019
Alchemy 096 - That's Good Craic - The Sober Life
Three Irish fellas who decided to live life drug & alcohol free, discussing all areas and topics of this lifestyle and sharing experiences of their sober lives.More info: That's Good Craic Host: John Gibbons Music: The Eagles - One Day At A Time Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
82:06 06/08/2019
Alchemy 095 - Phoenix Aurelius - Spagyrics
Phoenix Aurelius is a Professional Spagyrist and an Instructor of the Alchemical Arts & Sciences. His personal mission is help integrate Alchemy into the Social Fabric of our Culture to Inspire Transformation and Conscious Evolution of both Ecology and Humanity. Born and raised just outside Ogden, UT, USA, Phoenix was not raised Mormon. Being on the fringe of his social scene from the earliest of ages has shaped how he approaches life. He has been practicing Spagyria since the age of 16, which started with wildharvesting herbs, making tinctures, and then calcining salts.Since 2018, Phoenix has been engaged in very in-depth Spagyric Wellness Research, filming Video Tutorials for Basic Spagyric Education, and offering private classes and instruction in Spagyric Artistry. Currently working from a new laboratory facility, he now offers Live Immersion Study Programs, whilst still focusing heavily on Spagyric Product Formulation and Spagyric Wellness Research.More info: Official Website Host: John Gibbons Music: Perry Como - Magic Moments Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
93:09 05/21/2019
Alchemy 094 - Dr. Ibrahim Karim - Biogeometry
Ibrahim Karim, Ph.D. /Dr.Sc. is a graduate of the prestigious Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland. Founder of the qualitative science of BioGeometry & the new Architecture and industrial design school that uses the subtle energy effect of geometrical shapes to induce harmony to our modern technological or natural environments.He currently teaches at several universities and supervises numerous postgraduate studies on the applications of the science of BioGeometry. Dr. Karim was recognized and honored by several institutes for his work in the environment and was chosen as man of the year by the Swiss magazine "Anzeiger" in 2005 for his success in reducing the effect of 'electrosmog' in several regions in Switzerland. These projects were done in collaboration with the Swiss Mediation Authority for Telecommunication & Environment, Swisscom the main cellular provider and the Local Governments. The results received wide media acclaim and were featured in several documentaries on the Swiss National Television. For many years Dr. Karim held several advisory positions in Egypt to the Ministers of: Health, Culture, Tourism, and Scientific Research; where he headed a research unit at the National Research Center to study the effect of geometric shapes on the life functions of micro-organisms after the acknowledgment of success and patenting of his research. As a practicing architect he heads his own architecture consulting and industrial design firm. Dr. Karim is a respected and renowned figure in the Middle East through the media exposure of his work. He hosted his own show and is a popular guest in many talk shows on several television channels.More info: Official Website Host: John Gibbons Music: Glen Campbell - Beack Boys Medley Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
124:03 04/19/2019
Alchemy 093 - Andrew Fletcher - Inclined Bed Therapy
For more than 23 years, Andrew, 60 years young, has worked tirelessly, selflessly, and self-funded. He has been helping people around the world regain control of their health by simply advising them to raise their beds at the head end to a five-degree angle. This is based on his new understanding of the role that gravity plays in driving our circulation.   As a free-thinking child, Andrew would take things apart, needing to understand how it all works.  He did the same with the science text books, which he states will never look the same again. He openly admits to being a difficult, stubborn student questioning lessons and tutors, rather than accepting subject content as facts.  Andrew left school early to enter a career as a vehicle mechanic, later moving into heavy engineering as a fabricator welder, and obtained many other skills from a wide range of disciplines. More info: Inclined Bed Therapy Host: John Gibbons Music: The Stone Roses - How Do You Sleep At Night? Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
74:09 12/26/2018
Alchemy 092 - David Icke - Awakening To The Real 'I'
David Icke has spent over a quarter of a century unraveling the secrets of the universe, reality and the forces that manipulate our world. After writing more than 20 books, David Icke has driven on with his relentless investigation into subject areas that others don't dare touch. David joins us again on Alchemy Radio to discuss his current world speaking tour, the largest he has embarked upon to date, the role of the media in advancing the nefarious agenda of the control system, the schism that is now apparent between those who want to break free from their enslabement and those who prefer to turn a blind eye, and many other interesting topics.More info: David Icke website Host: John Gibbons Music: John Gibbons ft. Mike City - My Reflection Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
88:00 09/26/2018
Alchemy 091 - Aaron O'Dea - A Youthful Perspective
Aaron O'Dea is a singer, songwriter, magician and multi-instrumentalist from Ireland with a wise and interesting take on the world around him. Aged just 15, Aaron practices critical thought and eschews the path most regularly trodden by his contemporaries and school-mates, favouring an authentic journey of individuality. On this episode of Alchemy, Aaron discusses his own perspective on growing up in Ireland, the world at large, his music career and the infamous 'Green Book', which was central to a previous episode of the show. More info: Twitter - Facebook - - - @aodmusicGet the album: Spotify | Soundcloud | iTunes | Deezer  Show Contact: info@alchemyradio.netWebsite: www.alchemyradio.netTwitter: Facebook:
107:40 07/03/2018
Alchemy 090 - Wayne Dorband - Having Enough To E.A.T.
Wayne Dorband has a 30-plus year career as an environmental entrepreneur. He was a pioneer in environmental consulting, founded ATC Environmental and took it public in the mid 1980’s. He is also a co-founder of Cherokee Investment and International Risk Group, two of the largest acquirers and redevelopers of environmentally impaired real estate in the world. Most recently he has founded Dorband & Associates, a Northern Colorado-based green consulting and technology group of companies. More info: EAT Music: Ludovico Einaudi - Tu SeiContact Wayne: Skype: drecolonimics  Phone: +13034953705  E-Mail: Show Contact: info@alchemyradio.netWebsite: www.alchemyradio.netTwitter: Facebook:
83:18 04/27/2017
Alchemy 089 - John Hankey - Hiding Behind The Bushes
John Hankey is a writer, researcher and filmmaker who explores in-depth topics such as deep State and current affairs. His specialist subject is the death of JFK. John is currently working on a 54-year retrospective on the murder, and how, 54 years down the line, the case gets more and more fascinating, with more and more shocking revelations, like that the Zap film was a hoax; as are virtually all the important official documents relating to the last months of Kennedy's presidency.John also discusses the death of JFK Jnr and invites comments and questions from any listeners relating to the interview. More info: The Dark Legacy / The Real History ChannelMusic: Peter, Paul & Mary - Blowing In The Wind Contact: info@alchemyradio.netWebsite: www.alchemyradio.netTwitter: Facebook:
171:36 04/13/2017
Alchemy 088 - Gemma Hughes - Naturopathic Use Of Herbs
Gemma Hughes is a naturopathic herbalist based in Waterford, Ireland. Her passion is to teach people about wellness, using herbs and healthy lifestyle choices and on this episode of Alchemy, Gemma discusses the merits of her profession and shares practical tips and advice on how to incorporate the naturopathic use of herbs into everyday life.More info: Luna Chroi HerbalHost: John Gibbons  Music: Ludovico Einaudi - Petricor  Contact: info@alchemyradio.netWebsite: www.alchemyradio.netTwitter: Facebook:
63:54 02/21/2017
Alchemy 087 - Crrow777 - Our Plane Of Existence
Crrow777 is a researcher, broadcaster and independent thinker who is helping to deconstruct the control-based paradigm that has been enshrouding humanity for eons. Through his work on the Lunar Wave and incredible collection of HD video clips broadcast on his hugely popular YouTube channel, Crrow sprang to attention and now continues to promote higher thinking and critical thought through his Crrow777 podcast. Topics discussed include space as a liquid, the ISS, moon landings, nuclear weapons, star wars, dinosaurs and many more.More info: Crrow777 YouTube // Crrow777 RadioHost: John Gibbons  Music: Ross John Martin - Chasing Thoughts Contact: info@alchemyradio.netWebsite: www.alchemyradio.netTwitter: Facebook:
91:56 02/08/2017
Alchemy 086 - Hilary Connor - Freedom Through Clairsentience
Hilary Connor is based in Gorey, North Wexford, Ireland and from a very young age has been blessed with the ability to see, feel & hear Spirit. Throughout the years she learned from Spiritual teachers (or her Spirit Guides) how to develop the connection with our Spiritual helpers. She has been a working Spiritual Medium since 1999. Saoirse Hypnosis & Spiritual Well-Being was founded in 2011. Hypnotherapy became part of the healing practice as a result of a progressive journey working with clients in the area of healing, spiritual & personal development and growth.  More info: Hilary Connor websiteOpen Minds Conference 2017 Host: John Gibbons Music: Norman Greenbaum - Spirit In The Sky Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
69:50 01/25/2017
Alchemy 085 - David Icke - Staying On The Highway
David Icke has spent over a quarter of a century unraveling the secrets of the universe, reality and the forces that manipulate our world. After writing more than 20 books, David Icke has driven on with his relentless investigation into subject areas that others don't dare touch. David joins us again on Alchemy Radio to discuss the apparent wave of anti-establishment feeling that resulted in some unexpected events in 2016, how the establishment seeks to constantly divert us from our true path to suit their own nefarious end and also talks about his current world speaking tour, the largest he has embarked upon to date. We also have a competition with the super prize of a ticket to David's upcoming speaking event in Dublin, Ireland. Tune in and good luck!  More info: David Icke website Host: John Gibbons Music: Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love (Rob Searle Remix) Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
82:24 01/03/2017
Alchemy 084 - Des Carty - The Homework Journal
Des Carty of 'The Common Law Society' in Ireland is the invited studio guest on this relaxed yet hard-hitting episode of Alchemy as he and John examine a school journal from an Irish school and dicusses how it is reflective of State-sponsored conditioning in the education system. There are parallels with the systems in operation globally and whilst the format and tone of this episode is somewhat different to other episodes of Alchemy the information is as important as that contained elsewhere in the series. Enjoy! More info: The CLS TalksHost: John GibbonsMusic: John Gibbons - 1984 and Pink Floyd - Another Brink In The WallContact: info@alchemyradio.netWebsite: www.alchemyradio.netTwitter: Facebook:
150:55 12/22/2016
Alchemy 083 - David Mathisen - More Mythical Musings
David Mathisen returns to Alchemy to talk about his books two and three in his Star Myths series, , 'Star Myths of the World And How To Interpret Them: Volume 2' and 'Star Myths of the World And How To Interpret Them: Volume 3: Star Myths of The Bible', which present evidence, using representative myths, scriptures and sacred traditions from many different cultures on every part of the globe, which demonstrates the existence of an ancient system of celestial metaphor that forms the bedrock foundation of humanity's shared mythological inheritance.Topics discussed include the myths of Artemis, Cyclops, Adam & Eve, Noah & The Great Flood and Revelations along witrh Natural Law, Commerce and many others. More info: David MathisenHost: John GibbonsMusic: John Lennon - Mind GamesContact: info@alchemyradio.netWebsite: www.alchemyradio.netTwitter: Facebook:
129:44 11/29/2016
Alchemy 082 - Clint Richardson - Say What?!
Clint Richardson is a man who decided to stand up and take responsibility for any and all content and actions by himself. No Pseudo, corporate, or stage names necessary for he is living without straw and hopes to promote unbiased and unhindered information that is both based on the ancient liberal arts (trivium) and without fallacy, mixed with his own brand of sarcastic but sharply painful commentary of what is reality.As a virtual matrix is of artificiality is being built up around us, and as we unwittingly accept and wallow in this destructive social media, Clint through his work cries out in the digital wilderness before we all fall in too deep. The real world is crumbling while this virtual reality is built up and sparkling new each and every year and as our actions against tyranny continuously get redirected to this false reality of artificiality in an inter-connected trap we call the inter-net, crimes against humanity go unchecked within the real world as un-empathetic corporations are protected from harm by unethical politicians.And so, with a small and totally independent voice he researches, writes and creates media. More info: Reality Blog   The Corporation Nation Host: John Gibbons Music: Don Henley - The End Of The Innocence Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
124:12 10/18/2016
Alchemy 081 - Ole Dammegard - Falling For False Flags
Ole Dammegård, awarded the Prague Peace Prize 2016, is an author, International speaker, former journalist and investigator, who has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to researching many of the global conspiracies. His main focus has been to find out the truth about the assassinations of JFK, the Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and Lady Di, plus the terror attacks of 911, Norway, Oklahoma City and many, many more. He is now considered a leading expert on false flag operations and is believed to have managed to expose and stop several planned massacres.Over the past 30 years, Ole has discovered links between all of these assassinations, which has led him to believe that the same people were involved in both the JFK and Olof Palme murders, as well as many other major ‘events’. The same Global Elite seem to have used the same skilled mechanics for decades for doing their ‘dirty work’.He has written the following books: ‘Coup d’etat in Slow Motion’ Part I and II / Statskupp i Slowmotion Del I och II, Shadow of Tears / Likt Tårar i ett Regn, The power book ‘Re-Mind Me’, the children’s book ‘Yolanda Yogapanda – Truth is One, Paths are Many’ and is currently working of the following title; ‘A Global Tour of Terror Part I and II, ‘The Elusive Enigma’ and the book ‘Guilty Victim’. He is also very busy with a series of documentaries aiming at exposing many of the false flag operations that are currently hitting modern society.  Watch: 'The Tiny Dot'More info: Light On Conspiracies Host: John Gibbons Music: Heartglow - Unite The Nation Theme Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
95:01 10/04/2016
Alchemy 080 - Thomas Sheridan - The Druid Code
Thomas Sheridan is an author, artist and film maker from Dublin, Ireland who came to international recognition in 2011 with his best selling book Puzzling People: the Labyrinth of the Psychopath. A former rock musician, corporate communication consultant and stand-up comic, Sheridan has used his arsenal of past experiences to help both himself and others to navigate the often surreal pathological landscape of mayhem and mysteries - from history to advertising, dogma to deceptions - that we as a human species often find ourselves caught within.In recent times, his work has been featured in some of the world's largest media outlets as the interest in his work into serial killers, occult history and mind control cults continues to grow, and has resulted in Thomas Sheridan becoming a much sought after public speaker due to his entertaining, if at times, hilariously funny and informative style of presentation. Sheridan offers a holistic approach to all the topics he covers believing that by re-examining everything from art, mythology to social engineering that this can equip us with what he terms a 'consciousness firewall' in the face of pathological forces. His mantra of 'Feck Em If they Can't Take a Joke' has become a clarion call for others to never allow the dark forces of this world to wash over us, as well as to never take ourselves, or what we believe in too seriously.Following his research into the psychopath, serial killers and the Psychopathic Control Grid, Sheridan turned his attention to exploring the topic on a deeper metaphysical and spiritual level after a life changing encounter with an African Shaman. What started out as a study of mythological archetypes and spirituality, soon became a fascination with the idea of human consciousness actually being under attack from a form of consciousness parasite.Along with consulting literary and archival sources, field and lab work was also undertaken in an attempt to determine if any evidence to validate the vast and remarkably similar canon of folklore; proclaiming that humans are affected by non-material forms of consciousness that interact with us, often with horrific consequences for mankind.Sheridan states that "All human mythological and spiritual prophecy is completely metaphorical and not a direct portrayal of literal events. The monsters, demons and scenes of cataclysmic folklore are not portrayals of earthly real world disasters, they are reflections of how the psycho-social battles actually take place; within the domain of human consciousness."His current areas of work are the megalithic sites and mythology of Western Europe as both a narrative of past catastrophes upon the landscape, as well as these monuments serving as a petrified form of psycho analysis of the pre-Roman/Babylonian human mind and soul. To remind us all, that this present version of humanity is but a canvas that has been repainted over many, many times in the past, and that this process is still on going.  More info: Thomas Sheridan Arts Host: John Gibbons Music: John Gibbons - Would I Lie To You Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
80:29 09/21/2016
Alchemy 079 - Max Igan - Global Community
From New South Wales, Australia, Max Igan runs the website, which covers a vast array of different topics spanning from government corruption to the mysteries of our ancient past. On this episode of Alchemy Max discusses the most important issues facing humanity today and solutions to the problems we face.  More info: Max Igan Host: John Gibbons Music: James Funk - It's A Bit (Over) Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
78:55 06/21/2016
Alchemy 078 - David Icke - Phantom Self
David Icke has spent over a quarter of a century unraveling the secrets of the universe, reality and the forces that manipulate our world. After writing more than 20 books, David Icke has driven on with his relentless investigation into subject areas that others don't dare touch. David joins us again on Alchemy Radio to discuss his new book 'Phantom Self' which goes deep into the shadows to reveal the scale and magnitude of what is unfolding as people go about their daily lives. He also talks anout his upcoming world speaking tour, the largest he has embarked upon to date.  More info: David Icke websiteThe Invisible Gorilla Host: John Gibbons Music: Damien Dempsey - Born Without Hate Contact: Website: Twitter: Facebook:
85:24 06/07/2016