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YOU ARE LOVED! - Helping people feel confident that God is present to them in a compassionate and loving way. Thousands of people all over the wold have been trained in Immanuel Journaling (IJ) and experienced the comfort, love, and freedom of God. In The Presence + Practice podcast, John + Sungshim will share stories of transformation, the background, and brain science of the IJ process. We will interview key figures in the field of spiritual and relational transformation. You will learn how to deepen your experiential connection with Christ in a way that leads you to connect with others in a heart to heart level. We integrate spiritual formation, neuroscience, brain-based relationship skills, and practices that a community of people can participate in towards transformation. We are Contemplative Marriage & Family Therapists if you are interested in that style of therapy. Learn to hear God's Big Yes to you! - YOU ARE LOVED!


Welcome to the Presence + Podcast - Intro Episode: Get to know John + Sungshim and their vision 18:49 02/06/2020
Intro To YES Practices, Dallas Willard and A Breath Prayer 30:01 02/12/2020
Breath Prayer Practice - Psalm 23:1 11:11 02/14/2020
God's Big YES! - Short history of breath prayer 24:41 02/29/2020
Grace || Makes You Alive [BREATH PRAYER] 08:35 03/09/2020
Abba, I Belong To You - Brennen Manning's prayer 06:01 03/16/2020
Rest during Covid-19 :: Ideas to quiet + A Practice 28:17 03/23/2020
Let It Be : Done Unto Me [Breath Prayer] 08:30 03/30/2020
Jim Wilder - Attaching to Jesus as a way to naturally love our enemies 56:37 04/24/2020
Joy Fueled - Catalyzing A Revolution of Joyful Communities [LK10] with Toni Daniels 43:36 05/29/2020
Personality Isn't Permanent - A conversation with Dr. Benjamin Hardy 65:57 06/16/2020
Healing Conversations with Dave Roberts 39:07 07/04/2020
Jim Wilder, Michel Hendricks - The Other Half of Church 55:45 07/31/2020
AJ Sherrill - The Enneagram For Spiritual Formation 51:49 08/27/2020
Enneagram Therapy and Spiritual Growth - Michael Shahan 53:38 10/04/2020
Andrew Yang - Spirituality, Asian American Mental Health, Bitcoin + EMDR 45:53 11/09/2020
The Joy Switch - Chris Coursey :: Finding hope 29:21 01/03/2021
Fr. Ubald - The Center for the Secret of Peace / Forgiveness 63:48 01/16/2021
Journey of the Soul with Bill + Kristi Gaultiere of Soul Shepherding 49:23 02/15/2021
Unhindered Abundance Part 1 - Ken Baugh 41:30 03/04/2021
Abundance Unhindered Pt 2 :: Trauma and Spirituality with Ken Baugh 26:59 03/05/2021
Ryan Reger - Is Profit Good? For a family business? 47:54 06/15/2021
Ed Khouri - Becoming A Face of Grace 46:45 07/10/2021
#024 - Designed To Heal (w/Jennie McLaurin) 43:26 08/26/2021