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Michael and Dustin discuss life, love and video production. New episodes every Sunday.


We're Back! Happy Thanksgiving! 11:27 11/27/2021
Live-Streaming Misery, B&H vs Adorama, The Problem with eBay and Michael's Company Review 62:44 09/18/2020
Wedding Porn, Infrared Pollution, Butt Plugs, and Dustin's Home Burial 71:09 08/13/2020
Ursa Mini Pro 12K, Outdoor Lighting, True Crime, and the End of the World 61:56 07/26/2020
Vintage Tripods, Daddy Issues, Philip Bloom, Disney Hotties and Ass-Clapping 73:24 07/23/2020
Cages, Matte Boxes, Lenses, The End of The World and Gay Sex 58:22 07/05/2020
Bonus: Wedding Videography with Josh Helton of A Little Long Distance 63:17 06/21/2020
Delivering Videos, White Balance, Film Festivals and Mending Fences 61:36 06/15/2020
The Long Con, The Crying Wedding Videographer, Vocal Microphones and Homeless Hotties 65:26 06/06/2020
Home Editing Studios, Reality TV, Frame Rates and Michael's Mailbox Idea 65:58 05/31/2020
Family Drama, Videography vs Cinematography, Probe Lens Fever and Live Streaming 84:36 05/24/2020
Wolf Blitzer, Storytelling in Video, Doomsday Predictions and Portable Power 56:30 05/17/2020
Tiger King Takeaways, BMPCC4K Trouble, Big Cat Rescues and Family Drama 63:47 05/17/2020
Stock Footage Vacation, Bad Live Streams, and Fiverr Logo Mayhem 56:50 05/17/2020
Economy on Hold, Zoom Calls, Other People's Footage and Visual Arts 51:19 05/10/2020
All Things SNL, Modern Documentaries, NAB Cancelled and Impressions 81:45 05/09/2020
CoronaTalk, Cable News, BMPCC 6K, and Outsourcing Editing 62:55 05/03/2020
Dustin's Struggle, Shot On iPhone, Music Videos and Sitcom Wives 56:57 04/26/2020
SNL, Nature Documentaries, and Confused Clients 59:34 04/19/2020
Biz Markie, Media Organization, Storage and "Cancel Culture" 51:54 04/11/2020
Blades, Filters, Cinema Cameras and NAB 2020 56:55 04/11/2020
Headphones, Mall Santas and Original Packaging 59:40 04/11/2020
Looks, Lenses, Interns, and Pocket 4K vs. DSLRs 67:32 04/10/2020
YouTubers and Vloggers to Watch 61:13 04/09/2020
Vintage Lenses, Obsessive Trends in Video & Piss Windows 64:34 04/09/2020
When The Angels Win The Pennant 68:11 04/09/2020
The 50 Pound Box of Hard Drives 57:25 04/08/2020
I Don't Love This at All 43:42 04/07/2020
Bros is Short for Brothers 52:38 04/07/2020