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A podcast seeking to Restore the Vision, Restore the Mission, Restore the Church. Presented by Javier Diaz, North Region Pastoral Ministries Field Associate for Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.


Restore-Episode 81-Michael Campbell: 1922 - The Rise of Adventist Fundamentalism
In episode 81, welcome back Michael Campbell and discuss his new book released at the beginning of 2022, 1922: The Rise of Adventist Fundamentalism. This book will unpack the rise of Adventist fundamentalism and the 1922 General Conference Session.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesBook—1922: The Rise of Adventist Fundamentalism by Michael CampbellAdventist Book CenterAmazonBook—1919: The Untold Story of Adventism's Struggle with Fundamentalism by Michael CampbellAdventist Book CenterAmazonTwitter: @m_w_campbellFacebook: AdventistHistorianRestore Episode 38 (updated with improved audio)
61:23 09/26/2022
Restore-Episode 80-Karl Haffner: Loma Linda University VP for Student Experience
In episode 80, we talk with Karl Haffner, Ph.D., vice president of student experience at Loma Linda University. We discuss his faith journey, leadership, and more! You will be blessed and challenged by this conversation.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesBook—The Speed of Trust by Stephen CoveyAmazonBook—No Greater Love by Karl HaffnerAdventist Book CenterAmazonBook—Are You More Spiritual Than a 5th Grader? by Karl & Claire HaffnerAdventist Book CenterAmazonLinkedIn
70:51 08/22/2022
Restore-Episode 79-Kendall Turcios: Arise
In episode 79, we talk with Kendall Turcios who is pastor of Arise Miami Church. He details his faith journey leading to his current assignement at Arise Church. This conversation will both challenge and bless you!Show Notes/Links/ResourcesArise Miami ChurchRestore Podcast Episode 3The Compound Effect by Darren HardyAtomic Habits by James ClearChurch Is a Team Sport by Jim Putman
82:53 07/14/2022
Restore-Episode 78-Melissa and Michael Gibson: Return to Palau
In episode 78, we have a powerful conversation with Melissa and Michael Gibson discussing the documentary, Return to Palau, which chronicles the story of Melissa and her family. It tells the "incredible true story of survival, faith, and forgiveness" as mentioned on the web site, below, where you can view the film.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesWeb site: returntopalau.comSpecial view link for Adventist pastors/leaders: from Adventist News Network (ANN)
59:33 06/02/2022
Restore-Episode 77-Larry Witzel: SermonView
Episode 77 features a discussion with Larry Witzel who is an entrepreneur, respected innovator, and an inspiring speaker at the intersection of technology and ministry. He is founder and president of SermonView Evangelism Marketing.In our conversation, we talk about his faith journey, event marketing, entrepreneurship, creating a healthy organizational culture, and more.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesWeb site/bio: larrywitzel.comSermonView: sermonview.comInterest Tracker: interesttracker.orgEvangelism Web Sites: evangelismwebsites.comManaged Event Marketing:
77:48 05/16/2022
Restore-Episode 76-Andreas Beccai - Albert Handal: Walla Walla University Church Pastors
In episode 76, our guests are Andreas Beccai, senior pastor of Walla Walla University Church, and Albert Handal, campus chaplain at Walla Walla University.In this conversation, they discuss their faith journey, what the last 2+ years have been like for their ministry, and so much more.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesContact info: Walla Walla Church StaffArticle: "Why Churches Should Drop Their Online Services" (subscription to New York Times required)Book: Deep Work by Cal NewportDwell mobile app:
84:22 04/19/2022
Restore-Episode 75-Susan Mettes: The Loneliness Epidemic
Episode 75's guest is Susan Mettes who released a book in the fall of 2021 titled, The Loneliness Epidemic. In this book, she unpacks research about why people are lonely, the myths of loneliness, how we can help lonely people, and much more. It's a great book and an amazing conversation of an important topic.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesWeb site: susanmettes.comBook: The Loneliness Epidemic via AmazonAdventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)
69:53 03/17/2022
Restore-Episode 74-Benjamin Baker: Adventist Black History
Episode 74 is special edition for Black History Month where I have a great conversation with Benjamin Baker, Ph.D. He talks with us about what perhaps may be lesser-known facts and history of the journey of some Black Adventists.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesBlack Seventh-day Adventist HistoryWeb SiteYouTube ChannelBook: The Underground Railroad Records by William StillBook: Breaking Barriers: The First Ladies of Education by DeWitt S. WilliamsArticle: Recognition Event Honors the Life and Legacy of Lucy ByardEncyclopedia of Seventh-day AdventistsContact Dr. BakerRestore Podcast Episode 60-Hyveth Williams-Gervon Marsh: The Art and Beauty of Black Preaching
80:07 02/17/2022
Restore-Episode 73-Casio Jones - Felix Bangkuai: Health and Fitness
On this first episode of 2022, episode 73, we have a fun-filled conversation with Casio Jones and Felix Bangkuai who have been actively involved with health and fitness for many years.Last fall, Florida Conference had its inaugural "Fit Together" health and fitness retreat at Camp Kulaqua where I was able to sit with them and have this conversation discussing their journey, what they believe is the health message, how churches can empower others in their journey of health and fitness, and so much more.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesCASIO JONESWeb Site and ContactAction65Discover New VictoriesAction4LifeFacebook: @casiojoneshealthTwitter: @casiojonesYouTube: BANGKUAIFacebook: @felix.bangkuaiInstagram: @felix_bangkuaiLinkedIn: Felix Bangkuai
82:05 01/20/2022
Restore-Episode 72-Ben Lundquist: Oregon Conference Young Adult Leader & Rise and Lead Podcast Host
For episode 72, we have Pastor Ben Lundquist. He is the young adult director of Oregon Conference, a sought-after speaker, and host of the Rise and Lead Podcast.This is a power-packed, inspirational, and practical conversation I know you will find helpful and hopeful, especially as 2021 comes to an end and we are gearing up for 2022.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesRise and Lead podcastTwitter: @benjaminlundInstagram: @benjaminlundquistFacebook:
60:57 12/01/2021
Restore-Episode 71-Kaleb Eisele - Heather Moor - Nina Vallado: How the Church Works
For episode 71, we have a great and inspirational conversational with Heather Moor, Nina Vallado, and Kaleb Eisele who are the creators, producers, and hosts of the How the Church Works podcast. I know you will be blessed by this conversation, and I invite you to check out their podcast.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesHow the Church Works podcastKaleb EiseleHumans of Adventismhumans@adventism.comHeather MoorTwitter: @heatherlmoorSet In Sands FilmsNina
61:10 11/04/2021
Restore-Episode 70-Reggie Joiner: A New Kind of Leader
For episode 70, our guest is Reggie Joiner, founder and CEO of Orange. He also co-founded North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, with Andy Stanley.During his 11 years as executive director of family ministry there, he developed a new concept of relevant ministry for children, teenagers, and married adults. In this must-listen episode, he talks to us about his personal call to ministry, empowering families and their children, and so much more!Show Notes/Links/ResourcesReggie Joiner bioOrange ConferencePedro Perez e-mailBook: A New Kind of LeaderPaperbackeBookAudiobookFree copy of A New Kind of Leader to the first 20 people (United States only) to e-mail
59:15 10/07/2021
Restore-Episode 69-Matthew Lucio: Foundations Series
I'm really excited to tell you about today's episode as it is part of a Bible series we have created called Foundations: Exploring the Basis of Our Hope.Foundations is a free six-part video series that explores the landmark beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Faith and fosters small group discussion. Grounded upon the key foundational truth that Jesus is our Salvation, it also explores the other five S's of Adventism—the Second Coming, Sanctuary, Sabbath, the State of the Dead, and the Spirit of Prophecy.The series of videos will be released weekly for six weeks, beginning Wednesday, September 29. But, if you register now, you can receive each video ahead of time.In episode 69 of the Restore Podcast, I speak with Pastor Matthew Lucio who hosts the Adventist History podcast and pastors Peoria Adventist Church in Illinois. We take an Adventist historical journey into how we came to believe the six different topics we cover in the Foundations series.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesFoundations: Exploring the Basis of Our HopeFoundations series on FacebookAdventist History PodcastThe Way of Life painting (Adventist Review article)BooksA Search for Identity by George R. KnightAdventist Book CenterAmazonTell It To the World by C. Mervyn MaxwellAdventist Book CenterAmazonA User-friendly Guide to the 1888 Message by George R. KnightAdventist Book CenterAmazon
93:12 09/13/2021
Restore-Episode 68-Roger Hernandez: Practical Ministry In Today's World
In episode 68, Pastor Roger Hernandez returns to the podcast talking all things ministry. We are also excited to announce our first music spotlight! Be sure to listen for all the info.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesRamp by Roger HernandezRoger Hernandez Social MediaWeb SiteFacebookInstagramTwitterYouTubeSing a New SongMore music by Lifelong Worship
85:31 08/23/2021
Restore-Episode 67-Heather Thompson Day: It's Not Your Turn
In episode 67, we welcome back Heather Thompson Day, Ph.D., to talk about her recently released book, It's Not Your Turn: What to Do While You're Waiting for Your Breakthrough. Besides unpacking sections of her book, we also talk about her writing process and so much more. I know you'll be blessed by this conversation.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesIt's Not Your Turn (option for Amazon purchase or autographed copy)Tasha Urich TED TalkHeatherThompsonDay.comFacebookInstagramTwitterRestore Episode 31: Communicating the Gospel in the 21st Century
54:31 07/20/2021
Restore-Episode 66-John Peckham: Divine Attributes
In episode 66, we welcome back Dr. John Peckham, professor of theology and Christian philosophy at Andrews University. We have a compelling conversation about his recently released book, Divine Attributes: Knowing the Covenantal God of Scripture.Although this is a deep dive theologically, and a bit philosophically, about some of God's attributes, John unpacks them in ways for all to understand, bringing deep meaning for our spiritual journey.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesJohn Peckham's Web SiteJohn Peckham on TwitterBook—Divine Attributes: Knowing the Covenantal God of ScriptureWeb SiteAmazonRestore Episode 32: Theodicy of LoveBook—Theodicy of LoveWeb SiteAmazon
66:22 07/06/2021
Restore-Episode 65-Fredrick Russell: True North Leadership Group
In episode 65, we have Pastor Fredrick Russell who has been in ministry for more than 30 years as a pastor and a conference president. He currently serves as principal of True North Leadership Group committed to teaching responsible leadership. We have a great conversation in which he details his faith journey, ministry life, evangelism, and leadership.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesTrue North Leadership GroupFredrick RussellBioLinkedInBook—Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance
64:54 06/07/2021
Restore-Episode 64-Derek Morris - Julie MacLafferty - Gervon Marsh: Reconnect
For episode 64, we're dropping a special edition that was recorded during Florida Conference's Virtual Camp Meeting in April 2021. The theme, "Reconnect," was the panel discussion topic I led for the Sabbath School program.Over the course of the past year with the pandemic—and currently, to some extent—many people have felt, to various degrees, disconnected with their community. In some cases, that means disconnection from their church. So how do we reconnect?Dr. Derek Morris, President of Hope Channel International and keynote speaker for Virtual Camp Meeting 2021, takes part in the panel discussion along with Julie McLafferty, associate pastor at Forest Lake Church, and Gervon Marsh, Florida Conference Pastoral Ministries north area field associate, who has joined me on this podcast several times.I hope you will find this conversation helpful and hopeful as we seek to be more intentional in connecting and/or reconnecting with Jesus and the mission He's given to us as His followers.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesYouTube playlist of all main meetings and seminars from Florida Conference Virtual Camp Meeting 2021Direct link to the beginning of the Sabbath School panel discussion from which this episode was edited.
41:20 05/11/2021
Restore-Episode 63-Mark Finley: HopeLives365
In episode 63, I have an amazing conversation with well-known pastor and evangelist Mark Finley. Mark has been a pastor and is perhaps most known for his time at It Is Written.In our conversation, we talk about his faith journey, evangelism in today's world, the power of the local church, and more. I know you will be blessed and challenged by this conversation.Show Notes/Links/ main training siteHopeLives365 on YouTubeLiving Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church on Facebook
58:19 04/22/2021
Restore-Episode 62-Allan Machado: Florida Conference President
In episode 62, I have a great conversation with our Florida Conference president, Allan Machado, D.Min. We discuss his faith journey, the many lessons he's learned over the course of that journey, specific lessons learned over the course of the past year, the future church, and more.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesFlorida Conference Administration
74:53 04/08/2021
Restore-Episode 61-Roy Ice: Faith For Today - Indestructible
In episode 61, we have the new speaker/director of the media ministry Faith for Today. Pastor Roy accepted this new role after previously serving as an associate pastor at Loma Linda University Church. We had a great conversation about his life, future plans at Faith for Today, and his current project, Indestructible.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesIndestructible interactive series with Faith for Today partnering with local congregations.Faith for TodayWeb siteFacebookTwitterLifestyle MagazineWeb siteFacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeRoy IceFacebookTwitter"Faith for Today," Restore episode 17 with Mike Tucker
95:31 03/04/2021
Restore-Episode 60-Hyveth Williams - Gervon Marsh: The Art and Beauty of Black Preaching
Episode 60 of the Restore Podcast is in honor of Black History Month as we have a conversation about the art and beauty of the Black preaching tradition. I was blessed to speak with Dr. Hyveth Williams, professor of Homiletics at Andrews University Theological Seminary and senior pastor of The Grace Place Seventh-day Adventist Church, and Dr. Gervon Marsh who is part of our Pastoral Ministries team here at Florida Conference and holds a doctorate in preaching from Dallas Theological Seminary.There's so much that can be said about this incredible topic, and surely not everything is covered in this one conversation. I do hope and pray this episode, along with the links, will be a catalyst for you to continue exploring and listening to the art and beauty of Black preaching.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesBiographiesDr. Hyveth WilliamsThe Grace Place Seventh-day Adventist ChurchDr. Gervon MarshBooks and ArticlesBlack Preaching: The Recovery of Powerful Art by Henry H. MitchellThose Preaching Women: A Multicultural Collection by Ella Pearson Mitchell and Valerie Bridgeman DavisPreaching in Black and White by E.K. Bailey and Warren W. Wiersbe"Black SDA preaching: Balanced and binding or betwixt and between?" by Dr. Calvin B. Rock in Ministry Magazine.Preachers/Sermons Mentioned"Of Towers and Light" by Dr. Calvin Butts"Where Myrtles Grow" by Dr. William Houston Curtis"Let's Go (Take Some Risks)" by Dr. Marcus D. Cosby"The Unspoken Part of Ministry" by Dr. Claude Alexander"Protest and Progress," Restore episode 49 with Dr. Calvin B. Rock and Dr. Gervon Marsh
77:17 02/22/2021
Restore-Episode 59-Justin Khoe - Kaleb Eisele: Humans of Adventism Documentary
In this special episode of the Restore Podcast, episode 59, we speak with the creators of the Humans of Adventism documentary. This documentary explores the lives of Seventh-day Adventism in everyday life within specific topics covered in each episode. In this conversation, we dig a bit behind the scenes and much more!Show Notes/Links/ResourcesHumans of Adventism web siteFacebookInstagramYouTubePatreonHumans of Adventism documentaryDevotional Series by Justin KhoeI'm Listening Series by Justin KhoeRestore Podcast Episode 24 with Justin KhoeApple Podcast linkRestore Podcast Episode 30 with Kaleb EiseleApple Podcast link
95:41 02/04/2021
Restore-Episode 58-Nick Howard: Practicing Psychologist/Leadership Coach; President of Finish Well Group
In episode 58, our first for 2021, I had a great conversation with practicing psychologist and leadership coach Dr. Nick Howard who has helped pastors, leaders, and anyone who has come his way to flourish through God's grace.With about 20 years of experience in this field, Dr. Howard brings a wealth of first-hand knowledge—both practical and theoretical. I hope this conversation is helpful and hopeful to those who listen and that it will encourage you, unashamedly, if needed to seek professional help if you are struggling in any way with mental health issues and/or wanting a coach for your life.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesContact Dr. Nick HowardFinish Well Group Web SiteValues and Vision WorkA Psychological Pandemic ~USA TodayBook: Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership: Seeking God in the Crucible of Ministry by Ruth Haley BartonBook: The Emotionally Healthy Leader: How Transforming Your Inner Life Will Deeply Transform Your Church, Team, and the World by Peter Scazzero
85:47 01/25/2021
Restore-Episode 57-Derek Morris: Hope Channel President
In episode 57, I talk with Dr. Derek Morris, president of Hope Channel International, a television network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Dr. Morris has held several roles in the Adventist Church. He has pastored and also taught for many years at Southern College (now Southern Adventist University). He has served as president of Hope Channel since 2016.Dr. Morris and I talk in this episode about Hope Channel's growth, its current plans, and trajectory in the digital age. We also speak about his faith journey, preaching, miracles, and more.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesHope ChannelHope Channel on FacebookHope Channel on InstagramHope Channel on TwitterHope Channel Contact InfoHope Channel Bible Study SiteFree Powerful Biblical Preaching eBookUse coupon code POWERFUL (all capitals)Code is only valid for eBook
71:14 12/01/2020
Restore-Episode 56-A Thanksgiving Devotional
A short devotional thought on giving thanks in the midst of this crazy, unprecedented 2020 year.  I pray it will bless you!Show Notes/Links:Henry Smith (Wikipedia page)Don Moen (YouTube): Give Thanks
07:51 11/24/2020
Restore-Episode 55-Tara VinCross: Deep Calling - On Being and Growing Disciples
In episode 55, we have Pastor Tara VinCross from Azure Hills Church in California. Pastor Tara talks about her faith journey and her recently released book on discipleship: Deep Calling: On Being and Growing Disciples.On Being and Growing Disciples is a wholistic discipleship movement—discipleship and disciple-making that emphasizes a life-long process, not a destination. It's about making space for God in the every day, bearing witness to transformation in the ordinary. It's about knowing truth and experiencing truth. It's about learning to listen to the voice of God in your own, precious life. It's about satisfying your longing with the only One who can satisfy your soul. All are invited. All are welcome to answer the deep call of God.I hope this conversation will bless and encourage you to go and make disciples!Show Notes/Links/ResourcesBio for Tara VinCrossDeep Calling book and resources from AdventSourceDeep Calling book in Kindle or paperback from Amazon
73:11 10/22/2020
Restore-Episode 54-Randy Robinson: North American Division CFO - Tithing Series Part 3
In episode 54, we continue with part 3 of our tithing series featuring North American Division CFO/Treasurer Randy Robinson. We discuss how tithe is distributed at the Union, Division, and General Conference levels of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Along with valuable information regarding tithe distribution, you will find Randy's heart for mission at the center of his role.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesBio for Randy RobinsonAugust 2020 Tithe Report (PDF)Index of all available past reports
91:51 10/01/2020
Restore-Episode 53-Frank and Michael Hasel: How to Interpret Scripture
On episode 53, we talk with Frank Hasel, Ph.D., an associate director at the Adventist Biblical Research Institute, and Michael Hasel, Ph.D., professor of Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology at Southern Adventist University. They were the authors of the second quarter 2020 Sabbath School lesson, "How to Interpret Scripture." We pray this in-depth conversation will be helpful and hopeful as we encourage you to engage with the Word of God.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesBio for Dr. Michael HaselBio for Dr. Frank HaselLiving for God: Reclaiming the Joy of Christian Virtue book by Frank HaselAdventist Book CenterAmazonAdventist Biblical Research InstituteA Thousand Shall Fall: The Electrifying Story of a Soldier and His Family Who Dared to Practice Their Faith in Hitler's Germany book by Susi Hasel MundyAdventist Book CenterAmazonSecond quarter 2020 Sabbath School lesson, "How to Interpret Scripture."Adventist Book Center (hard copy purchase)Amazon (Kindle eBook purchase)Adult Bible Study Guide Archive access to web and PDF downloads (free)American Bible Society 10th Anniversary "State of the Bible" Survey Report
180:31 09/10/2020
Restore-Episode 52-Ty Gibson: The Heavenly Trio
On episode 52, we welcome back Ty Gibson, author, speaker, director of Light Bearers ministry, and pastor at Storyline Church in Eugene, Oregon. He recently released his newest book, The Heavenly Trio: Exploring the Views of Ellen White and the Early Adventist Pioneers Regarding the Trinity.For any leader or church member who has questions regarding our Church's past and current understanding of the doctrine of the trinity, or simply wants to dig deeper into this fascinating topic, this is not only a must-listen conversation, but also a must-read book.Show Notes/Links/ResourcesLightbearers Ministry: lightbearers.orgStoryline Church: storyline.churchOfficial Statement On the Trinity: Heavenly Trio Book: Adventst Book Center or AmazonThe Sonship of Christ Book: Adventist Book Center or AmazonCamp Meeting Sermon Series—The End: YouTube PlaylistTeaching Series—Early Adventists and Social Justice: YouTube PlaylistTy Gibson on Twitter: on Facebook: Kulaqua FundRace:
85:08 08/20/2020