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Episode 108 - Mike Radtke
Mike Radtke is the operations manager for the Madeline Island Ferry Line in Bayfield, Wisconsin. He started there as a captain and over the past 32 years, he has made the 20-minute, 2.5 mile journey between the mainland and the island thousands of times. We talked about his observations of how Lake Superior has changed through the years, his family's long-time habit of hosting international exchange students and the beauty and richness of life in a small town. 
62:10 09/16/2022
Episode 107 - Michael Skoler
Michael Skoler describes himself as a reformed NPR correspondent, a dad, a meditator, and a backpacker. Michael is the communications director for Weave the Social Fabric Project, an initiative of the Aspen Institute, designed to address the broken social trust in America. We spoke about  his work in Africa during the Rwandan genocide, his desire to care open-heartedly and his goals to foster community at a grassroots level with the Weave Project.
45:29 08/28/2022
Episode 106- Simran Jeet Singh
Dr. Simran Jeet Singh is the Executive Director of the Religion and Society Program at the Aspen Institute and the author of The Light We Give, How Sikh Wisdom Can Transform Your Life. We talked about his love for basketball, his advocacy for religious pluralism and a surprise lesson he learned one day recently when he forgot his earbuds while going for a run.
38:35 08/23/2022
Episode 105 - Shane Claiborne
Shane Claiborne is a speaker, activist and author. He founded the Simple Way, an intentional community in Philadelphia, building a neighborhood of belonging. And he leads Red Letter Christians, a group that tries to live “like Jesus meant the things he said.”I interviewed Shane at the Sojourners office in DC right after the Moral March on Washington, led by the Poor People’s Campaign.We talked abut living simply, living courageously and about surrounding yourself with good people.
23:00 08/14/2022
Episode 104 - Lauren W. Reliford
Lauren Reliford is the political director for Sojourners in Washington, DC. Her work is centered on applying social theory, spirituality, research, and practice to the political policy that guides our nation. We talked about her political theory, her efforts to influence policy makers to legislate for the common good, and her inclination to care deeply.
47:25 08/01/2022
Episode 103 - Bill Mefford
Bill Mefford is the Executive Director of the Festival Center in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington DC. The Festival Center is an outreach of the Church of the Saviour, designed as a hub for supporting community centered ministries and nonprofits, and to train faith leaders for mission and justice. We talked about his journey from Evangelical to liberation theology, his understanding of proximity and immersion with those who are marginalized that can lead us to liberation and his commitment to stay in relationship with people he disagrees with.
41:21 08/01/2022
Episode 102- Mitchell Atencio
Mitchell Atencio is the associate news editor at Sojourners. Born in Atlanta, he now works out of the Sojourners D.C. offices on Capitol Hill.  I interviewed Mitchell three days before the Supreme Court released its ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.We spoke about his work in media, his ongoing process of challenging his own assumptions, and his decision to be discalced out of religious conviction.
46:53 07/27/2022
Episode 101- Sister Jenna
Sister Jenna is a spiritual mentor, the founder and director of the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museum and the host of America Meditating Radio.We spoke about her meditation practice, her understanding of the obstacles that impede our progress toward peace, and our ability to see the divine in one another.
46:21 07/21/2022
Episode 100 - Andrew Cheung
Andrew Cheung is the senior pastor of Washington Community Fellowship, a Protestant community located less than a dozen blocks from our nation's capital that strives to practice love as a lifestyle.We talked about his interest in crossing boundaries, his personal walk through life with a sense of wonder, and  our ability to create healing for one another.
43:23 07/12/2022
Episode 99 - Rose Berger
Rose Berger is the senior editor at Sojourners magazine. She is a poet and a Catholic peace activist. She's traveled to conflict zones around the world to be in fellowship with faith communities who are working toward peace.We spoke about her trip to Ukraine, her belief in nonviolence and finding the courage to live an authentic life rooted in her faith.Read more about her trip and why she went at this link.
43:33 07/02/2022
Episode 98 - Adam Russell Taylor
Adam Russell Taylor is the president of Sojourners, a faith-based organization exploring the Christian call for social justice. I interviewed Adam at the Sojourner's office in Washington D.C. on the eve of the Poor People’s Campaign's Moral March on Washington, where I joined Adam and tens of thousands of others in a call for moral revival in America. We talked about America's troubled history with race, the role faith plays in racial healing, and the opportunity to build a Beloved Community that allows all people to thrive..
47:22 06/27/2022
Episode 97 - Katey Zeh
Katey Zeh is the CEO of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. She's an ordained Baptist minister and the author of A Complicated Choice, Making Space for Grief and Healing in the Pro-choice Movement. We talked about the history of religious leaders who have helped women get the healthcare they need, the political moment we are currently in, and her decision to no longer spend her energy debating the morality of abortion, but rather tend to the care of people in crisis.
41:16 06/24/2022
Episode 96 - Izzy Collett
Izzy Collett is the co-founder and owner of Desert Adventures, an outfitter in Boulder City, Nevada that takes clients on outdoor adventures. With more than 20 years of paddling experience, Izzy is a searcher, always looking for new answers. We talked about lake levels, wilderness ethics and the little things we can all do to make a difference.
52:35 06/22/2022
Episode 95 - Colby Pellegrino
Colby Pellegrino is the Deputy General Manager of Resources for the Southern Nevada Water Authority in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas is the driest metropolitan area in the United States with an annual rainfall of just four inches.We talked about the increasing population of Las Vegas, the unprecedented drought and the innovative water conservation programs the city has developed in the face of it all.
36:17 06/17/2022
Episode 94 - David Arend
David Arend was named the Deputy Regional Director for the Bureau of Reclamations Lower Colorado Basin in December of 2021. His responsibilities include oversight of Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States. I interviewed David at the Hoover Dam near Boulder City, Nevada.We talked about the multiple factors that are lowering lake levels in Lake Mead, the history of the Colorado River Compact and some of the ways states, water districts and tribes are cooperating to address the challenges.
34:58 06/12/2022
Episode 93 - Nora McDowell
Nora McDowell is a member of the Fort Mojave Tribe in Mojave Valley, Arizona and was the chairperson of the tribe for more than 25 years. She's a part of the leadership team for the Water and Tribes Initiative and is passionate about protecting all natural and cultural resources along the Colorado River.We talked about the history of her community, their advocacy for the preservation of the environment, and their deep connection to the land and the water that sustains it.
55:08 06/07/2022
Episode 92 - Bri Hernandez Rosales
Bri Hernandez Rosales is a graduate research assistant at the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada and did her graduate thesis on the feasibility of rainwater harvesting for a local tribe. I interviewed Bri two days before she walked the stage to receive her master's degree in hydrologic sciences. We talked about her interest in water resources, her research on rainwater harvesting and her desire to make a difference in underserved communities.
46:53 06/04/2022
Episode 91- Chad Taylor
Chad Taylor is the director of sales and marketing for Lake Mead, Mohave Adventures, and grew up on Lake Mead, when his dad was the general manager of Callville Bay Marina in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States, but is currently at historically low levels as the population in the southwest continues to grow and the region faces continued drought conditions.We talked about the changes in the lake levels, the ways his business is adapting, and his belief that humans will find a solution to this challenge, as we always do.
36:13 06/03/2022
Episode 90 - Seth Nickell
Seth Nickell describes himself as a husband, a father, a combat veteran, and a man of God. I interviewed Seth in Stanwood, Washington at a retreat for Project Sanctuary, a nonprofit that helps reconnect returning soldiers to civilian and family life. We talked about his decision to serve, the challenges of finding help for his PTSD and the things he's learned about himself along the way. 
43:07 05/29/2022
Episode 89 - Lisa Rutherford
Lisa Rutherford lives in Ivins, Utah, just outside of Saint George, one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in America. Lisa spent two decades working for the oil industry in Alaska and is one of the founding board members and current advisors for Conserve Southwest Utah. We talked about water resources, smart growth, and resisting the ever-present temptation to consume.
56:07 05/19/2022
Episode 88 - John Weisheit
John Weisheit grew up with a love for the Colorado River and has worked as a river guide for more than four decades. In the year 2000, John co-founded Living Rivers, an advocacy group that seeks a path to restoring the ecology of the Southwest, balanced with meeting human needs.I interviewed John in the cool shade of his backyard boathouse in Moab, Utah just after he returned from a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon.We talked about working in harmony with nature, the ability of time in the wilderness to eliminate some of life's distractions, and the power of the individual to create change.
36:55 05/10/2022
Episode 87 - Eric Balken
Eric Balken is the executive director for the Glen Canyon Institute, which is dedicated to the restoration of Glen Canyon and a free flowing Colorado River. Eric grew up and still lives in Salt Lake City, Utah where he developed an early love for mountains, rivers and deserts.We talked about the structure of the Colorado River basin, the challenges of a historic 20-year drought, and what a future without Lake Powell might look like.
46:23 05/05/2022
Episode 85 - Melanie Stanley
Melanie Stanley lost her home and business in Blue River, Oregon in the Holiday Farm Fire of 2020. The Meyers General Store and Liquor Shop had been in her family for 29 years. I interviewed her on the cement slab that remained.We talked about the fire that devastated the town of Blue River, her commitment to rebuild and both her dreams and fears about what the future might hold for her community.
50:13 04/01/2022
Episode 84 - Jackie Juniper Davis
Jackie Davis is 12 years old and lives in McKenzie Bridge, Oregon. She likes to catch snakes and salamanders in her yard. She'd like to work in claymation when she grows up. In late summer of 2020, the Holiday Farm wildfire swept through the valley where she lives and they had to evacuate. Her house wasn't damaged by the fire, but more than 500 other homes were destroyed.We talked about the fire, the things she brought with her when they evacuated, and what she loves about growing up in the woods of Oregon.Jackie was named for her grandfather, Jackie Herman, who I also interviewed for A Peace of My Mind.
22:47 03/27/2022
Episode 83 - Jackie Herman
Jackie Herman is a retired hair dresser from Brooklyn, New York. I met Jackie in Mackenzie bridge, Oregon, where he was spending time with his daughter, Kelly, after losing his wife of 59 years. We talked about his first date with Sheila, the business they ran together, and his journey of learning how to live without her.Fair warning, if the f-word bothers you, it might be better to move on to the next story, but if you can manage it, Jackie has some wisdom to share.
50:44 03/20/2022
Episode 82 - Kelly Britt Davis
Kelly Britt Davis works in a rural health care facility in Blue River, Oregon. After navigating the first six months months of Covid, the clinic burned to the ground in the Holiday Farm Fire, a wild fire that consumed 175,000 acres and more than 500 structures at the end of Labor Day weekend.Our interview started by talking about the wild fire and moved on to address issues mental health, addiction, loss and recovery.At 15:10, a hummingbird landed on Kelly's microphone and she said, "That's my mom."Fair warning, that Kelly talks openly about her past challenges with mental health and the times she tried to take her own life. If you struggle as well, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.
57:36 03/08/2022
Episode 81 - Darcelle
Darcelle is the oldest working drag queen in the world, at 92 years of age. Also the owner of Darcelle XV Showplace in Portland, Oregon, Darcelle's entertainment career has spanned more than five decades.We talked about how Darcelle started performing drag, how he has sewn more than 1,500 dresses, and the day he had to tell his wife that he was gay.
24:29 02/19/2022
Episode 80 - Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson is an activist in Portland, Oregon and the founder and Executive Director of Voices4Justice, an organization dedicated to bringing together concerned community members...clergy, law enforcement and elected engage in meaningful conversation that can change the relationship dynamic between opposing parties and factions.
62:07 02/12/2022
Episode 79 - Nathan Sheppard
Nathan Sheppard is a Lieutenant in the Portland police bureau. He is a father. Both he and his wife of 21 years are Army veterans who were psychological operation specialists. Nathan was happy to share his story, but he made a clear distinction that although he worked as a police officer in Portland, he was not talking to me as a representative of the police department, but rather as Nathan. He said, “I will definitely share my thoughts as a member of law enforcement. I think that that more members of law enforcement should talk, there should be more conversations. That being said, I'm not the public information officer for the Portland Police Bureau in any way, shape or form. My thoughts are my own. My ideas are my own. Although I don't think there’s going to be anything that the police bureau would reject or renounce, this is not an official visit. This is Nathan.”We talked about what motivated him to serve in law enforcement, the challenges of historic unrest in the city and the various lenses through which he views current events as a black man, a police officer and a father.
38:13 01/23/2022
Episode 78 - Natalie Brewster Nguyen
Natalie Brewster Nguyen is an artist, a mother, a social justice advocate, a business owner, a writer and a sex worker. I met her in Tucson, Arizona.Because of COVID, I interviewed Nat outside on a windy day, in a busy neighborhood, so the sound quality is challenging, but the conversation is powerful and interesting.
54:56 01/10/2022