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In the Suite is a podcast that shares amazing stories of women in business in the financial services and wealth management industry. The podcast features interviews with inspiring, top women leaders in business and some of the biggest names in the wealth management industry. In the Suite is where you’ll discover their best secrets and top strategies to grow a great business, build a strong brand, and lead teams in the 21st century. In the Suite podcast is hosted by Tina Powell, TEDx Speaker, former NYU Professor, Marketing Consultant and Partner, Chief Growth Officer at


EP 86 #LiveFromIMPACT A Conversation with John O'Connell, CEO and Founder of The Oasis Group: Tech Transformation and Business Growth
Navigating the tech world easily, John O'Connell transformed himself from a Programmer to an Entrepreneur and masterfully led a company to its first IPO. Today, As the CEO and Founder of The Oasis Group, John spearheads growth, guiding firms in wealth management, fintech, and financial services to transcend limits and rejuvenate their growth trajectories.In this not-to-be-missed episode, recorded live from Schwab IMPACT, John and I delve deep into the mind of a visionary who's not just leading the charge but rewriting the playbook of technological evolution. John's odyssey is nothing short of legendary from his early days of coding wizardry to architecting the future of data management with industry behemoths like Sybase and Oracle. As a vanguard in the database revolution, he's sculpted the landscape of customer relations and data management, turning complex challenges into groundbreaking triumphs.But hold onto your seats because John's saga doesn't stop there. In 2019, John founded The Oasis Group, and as CEO today, steering asset managers, independent broker-dealers, and registered investment advisors through the digital transformation of the 21st century. John was named to the  InvestmentNews Hot List last year and his work was featured in the T3 Technology Tools for Today T3 2024 Conference stage along with Joel Bruckenstien and Survey. So, plug in, ignite your curiosity, and prepare to be captivated by a tech entrepreneur who's not just walking the tech talk but is blazing a trail for the digital titans of tomorrow. Our conversation with John will help redefine your perspective on technology and leadership in the suite. Links - John O'Connell - LinkedIn - The Oasis Group - Website - "Rise of The Activist Investor" - Amazon Page - T3 Technology Tools for Today 2023 Survey - Link to Survey🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
16:45 2/9/24
EP 85 #LiveFromIMPACT A Conversation with AssetLink's CEO Devon Drew: Revolutionizing Asset Management Through Technology
When it comes to solving the problems of asset management, there’s one disruptor that stands out and is in a class by himself. That name is Devon Drew.With a career spanning over 17 years at prominent asset management institutions like Vanguard and J.P. Morgan Chase, Devon's stroke of genius is shaping the future of asset management in unprecedented ways. Devon is the founder and CEO of AssetLink (formerly DFD Partners), a data-driven distribution platform to help smaller, demographically underrepresented asset managers scale up their distribution strategies. Devon is named among Wealth's coveted list of "10 to watch in 2024."In today's enlightening episode, recorded live from Schwab IMPACT, Devon discusses the inception of DFD - Diligence Fund Distributors - the company he founded in 2021. We also get an insider's view into DFD's platform, AssetLink, the first-of-its-kind AI-powered, bidirectional platform for investment discovery. AssetLink, approved on Schwab's platform, is transforming how asset managers and advisors connect, offering a dynamic, intelligent solution for investment matching.Devon's platform has already attracted the attention of major players like JP Morgan, American Century Investments, Ritholtz Wealth and others. Today, AssetLink boasts participation from 67 asset managers and over 7,400 advisors, marking a new era in asset management collaboration.In our compelling dialogue, Devon emphasizes the transformative power of technology, not only as a tool for efficiency but as a catalyst for equality and community-building within the financial advisory landscape.For transformative leaders bold enough to tackle the status quo like Devon, today's conversation with Devon illustrates the transformative power of what it means to be forward-thinking In The Suite.LinksAssetLink - Partners - Drew LinkedIn - Drew X - Drew Instagram -🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
17:25 1/17/24
Ep 84 #TinaTalks Battling Lung Cancer: My Story of Survival and Strength
Are you ready for a life-changing story? In this episode, In The Suite host, Tina Powell shares her incredible story of survival and strength that will leave you inspired. Tina's journey took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer. She underwent a life-saving robotic lobectomy procedure and shares her mental healing process, remarkable resilience, and faith.Tina Talks is more than just a cancer story. Tina dives deeper into wellness, good health, and leadership. She emphasizes the need for support and the importance of maintenance for a healthy life.Join Tina as she explores her treatment options, chemotherapy experiences, and targeted therapies' power. She's on a mission to raise awareness, provide advice, and offer hope to others facing challenging times.This is a story of triumph, determination, and resilience. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to take control of your well-being. 🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
57:34 10/24/23
EP 83 #LiveFromJOLT - Part 1: Opening Party Interviews & Part 2: Personal Branding Panel from Jolt Financial Advisor Marketing Conference
Today, we're taking you on an exciting journey to the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas for the highly anticipated second annual Jolt Financial Advisor Marketing Conference by Snappy Kraken, from May 3 - 5, 2023.This episode is extra special because it's divided into two parts. In the first half, we'll treat you to a series of live, on-the-spot interviews from the conference's opening party, co-sponsored by, a growth marketing consultancy for Fintech and Fiserv companies.  The second half features a replay from our personal branding panel.  Part 1: Live Interviews Aaron Klein, NitrogenSteph Bogan, Limitless AdvisorMatt Ackermann, Integrated PartnersGibson Bosworth, RFG AdvisoryDiana Cabrices, Diana Cabrices ConsultingFrancesca McLin, Snappy KrakenSheryl Hickerson, Females & FinanceJulie Johnson, XY CommunicationsMary Kay Glick, Carson GroupJohnny Swift, Impact CommunicationsDomenick DeAndrea, Dandara Wealth ManagementDavid Coyle, AdvisorEngineJohnny Sanquist, Three Crowns MarketingPart 2: Personal Branding Panel (Replay)The lively and engaging discussion focuses on how to make authentic, genuine, and profitable connections on social media. The panelists include: Sheryl Hickerson, CEO of Females & FinanceLindsay Gladstone, VP of Marketing at Snappy KrakenKian Salehizadeh, VP of Finance at LPL Financial Tina Powell, Chief Growth Officer,🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
64:12 6/22/23
EP 82 #LiveFromMSUM22 - Behind the Scenes of MarketCounsel Summit 2022
Today, we're taking you on an exclusive journey behind the scenes of one of the industry's most coveted events: the MarketCounsel Summit. We spent an entire day recording 18 back-to-back podcast interviews. It was a marathon, but we couldn't have done it without the help of some truly amazing people. A huge thank you goes out to Brian Hamburger and Ryan Marcus from MarketCounsel, who helped make this episode possible. Erica Ellis, Conference and Event Manager from, was an incredible event wingman, and Kevin Hirshorn, our talented podcast producer and editor at large worked miracles to bring it all together.Last, we want to thank the 18 guests you'll hear from in this episode. These experts generously shared their time and insights with us, and we couldn't be more grateful. Brian Hamburger - Founder of MarketCounsel and the Hamburger Law FirmJoe Anthony - President & Co-Owner, Gregory FCAMegan Carpenter - CEO & Co-Founder, FiComm PartnersScott MacKillop - CEO, First Ascent Asset ManagementSuleman Din - Advisor Intelligence Lead, AdvisorEngine Brian McLaughlin - President, Orion Advisor Technology Eric Clarke - CEO, Orion Advisor Services Aaron Klein - CEO & Co-Founder, Riskalyze Joel Bruckenstein - FinTech Expert, T3 Technology Tools for TodayZach Conway - Founder & CEO, Seeds InvestorAnthony Stich - CRO, EntrustodySpenser Segal - CEO, ActiFiDavid Wood - Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Gateway Financial Partners Stephanie Bogan - Founder, Chief Possibility Officer, Limitless Adviser Coaching Martine Lellis - Chief Talent & Administrative Officer, Mercer Advisors Shannon Spotswood - President, RFG Advisory David Canter - President, Bluespring Wealth Partners Eric Godes - SVP, Senior Consultant, FP TransistionsAnd thank you so much for listening and subscribing, and giving us 5-star reviews. We are so so grateful to you.  We’ve got listeners in 1,361 cities and 66 countries. That’s the most we’ve ever had, and we owe it all to you, so thank you. Feel free to email me at to pitch guests for Season 4 2023 and let us know who you want to see here In The Suite. 🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
37:24 3/20/23
EP 81 Trailblazing and Breaking Barriers with Tricia Rothschild, FinTech and Global Wealth Management Executive
Taking a seat in the suite for an inspiring episode is the unstoppable Tricia Rothschild, a powerhouse in the world of FinTech. With a career spanning over 30 years and an impressive portfolio of success, Tricia is the epitome of excellence in wealth tech. From serving as the President of Apex Fintech Solutions to her nearly 26 years at Morningstar, where she held positions as Chief Product Officer and Co-Head of Global Markets, managing a $700M portfolio of global software, data, and research businesses.With a Bachelor's degree from Northwestern University, a Master's in Russian and Central European economics from Indiana University, and a CFA designation, Tricia is an expert in her field. Recognized as "Women to Watch" by InvestmentNews and named "Most Likely to Change Wealth Management" by Financial Planning, Tricia is a true leader in the industry. She is currently Vice Chair of the CFA Institute Board of Governors and sits on the advisory board of Riskalyze and Financial Fitness Group.And that's not all! One of the many gifts you’ll discover about Tricia Rothschild in this episode is that she is a pioneer in many ways, including her philanthropy endeavors. Tricia and her husband co-founded the Chicago Giving Circle, a community of families supporting local non-profits. In this episode, Tricia opens up about the evolution of Fintech, the importance of checking in, and women's representation in the industry. She also sheds light on the rebranding of Riskalyze and the difference between a CFA and CFP designation while sharing key lessons she's learned from trailblazing a long and successful career as a WealthTech Investor and Independent-minded fan of the disrupter and the underdog In The Suite. Some key points include the influence and evolution of Fintech, the importance of checking in, retaining women clients, and embracing creative methods to reach out to younger investors. Below is the agenda:Welcome Tricia!Congrats On Being Appointed to the Board of Directors (04.45)Rebranding Riskalyze (07:00)Lessons learned from 26 years at Morningstar (13:38)The Role of Certification In Careers (20:20)Women’s Representation In The Industry (28:35)The Simple Concept Of a Check-In (32:44)New Year Resolution (37:10)About Financial Fitness Group (39:36)Family Life (45:00)How To Get In Touch with Tricia (47:15)Tricia’s choice of charity (47:35)Resources Tricia Rothschild LinkedIn RiskalyzeFinancial Fitness Group (FFG) CFA Institute The Giving Circle🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
48:04 2/8/23
EP 80 #LiveFromFuse - The Ultimate Viral Tweet and Tale of Behavioral Finance with Dr. Daniel Crosby, Chief Behavioral Officer, Orion Advisor Solutions
Today we take a seat in the suite, live from Orion Fuse Park City Utah, with the one and only Dr. Daniel Crosby. Daniel is a psychologist and behavioral finance expert who helps organizations understand the intersection of mind and markets. He is the Chief Behavioral Officer at Orion Advisor Solutions, Orion is a tech powerhouse, designed to bring together leading-edge technology and wealth management. Through a most-in-one advisor platform, Orion powers the success of growth-focused advisors, helping them compete more successfully. His role entails bringing behavioral tools, training, and technology to financial advisors and investors so that they can make better decisions with their money. Daniel holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Brigham Young University and started his career as a consultant before joining Brinker Capital as Chief Behavioral Officer in 2018, which Orion Advisor Solutions then acquired.Daniel hosts the award-winning podcast, "Standard Deviations," in which he discusses with his guests everything from finance to retirement to wellness you can find it on all the major podcast platforms.To date, he's written five books on behavioral finance. His first book, 'Personal Benchmark: Integrating Behavioral Finance and Investment Management,' was a New York Times bestseller, and his second book, 'The Laws of Wealth,' was named the best investment book of 2017 by the Axiom Business Book Awards and been translated into seven languages! One of the many gifts you’ll discover about Dr. Daniel Crosby in this episode is his gift for transforming research methodology data and financial terms into simple and easy-to-implement strategies in real-life. Within seven years, he's launched five books in which he has simplified behavioral finance concepts and looks at the psychology, physiology, and sociology of financial decision-making. Daniel's ideas have also appeared in the Huffington Post, Risk Management Magazine,, and Investment News. Daniel was named one of the "12 Thinkers to Watch" by and a "Financial Blogger You Should Be Reading" by AARP. Without a doubt, Daniel's insights on how emotions can cloud our judgment and impact logical decisions can give us all food for thought.While today's episode is jam-packed with great insights into the evolution and future of financial behavior, we also get a glimpse into Daniel's personal life, his life as a husband, a father, and a FinTwit sensation, and his viral tweet with Elon Musk In The Suite!!! Resources Dr. Daniel Crosby Standard Deviations PodcastTina Powell's Episode on Standard Deviations PodcastDr. Daniel Crosby on Amazon Orion Advisor Solutions Orion Advisor Fuse Dr. Daniel Crosby on Twitter Daniel Crosby on Instagram Daniel Crosby on LinkedIn 🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
64:33 1/28/23
EP 79 Leaning into Grit, Mastery and Growth with Shruti Joshi, Chief Operating Officer of Facet Wealth
In today’s episode of In The Suite, we’re honored to welcome Shruti Joshi. Shruti is the COO of Facet Wealth, one of the fastest-growing FinTech firms in America, empowering people to live more enriched lives through a no-minimum, flat-fee model.Shruti is different from your typical leader in wealth management. She is a former consumer tech founder and a proven Fortune 15 executive with a track record of driving efficient and rapid growth across multiple B2C and B2B businesses.  Before joining Facet Wealth, Shruti was an Equity Partner/Director at Altman Solon, the world’s largest global strategy consulting firm focused on telecommunications, media, and technology. She was also the Executive Director of Verizon Communications, in which she was responsible for customer acquisition and bringing FiOS and other network products to market.  Most recently, Shruti has been one of the keynote speakers at Nicole Casperson’s FinTech Femme event!Shruti initially joined Facet Wealth as an early investor and member of its advisory board. Over time she grew into the role of a consultant and eventually became the COO. Shruti admits that the role of a COO is one of the most misunderstood titles because its definition completely varies from company to company. However, for Shruti, being a COO is about bringing humanity to financial planning and changing the narrative around wealth-building models into something affordable and accessible to everyone. Our discussion with Shruti is incredibly powerful in gaining insights and a competitive edge. Shruti proves you do not need to be the founder of a company to make positive changes in the industry – there are other leadership roles in which you can utilize and leverage your skill sets to excel. Today’s episode is about making financial choices that align with your value system and, above all, dreaming big. Be sure to tune in! Welcome Shruti!Highlights of The FEM event (03:08)The Journey to FinTech & Facet Wealth (06:30)The Role of COO (13:30)How to Up Your Game To Become a Leader (16:15)Work Culture at Facet Wealth (21:03) The Benefit of a Subscription-Based Business Model (25:44)Health Wellness in Financial Wellness (28:09)Tips on Raising Capital (34:35)Aim High and Dream Big (38:24)Shruti Outside Work (41:15)Get In Touch With Shruti (44:15)Shruti’s Choice of Charity (45:10) Links to Resources Shruti Joshi LinkedInShruti Joshi InstagramShruti Joshi Twitter Facet Wealth Website Fintech Is FemmeGrit by Angela Duckworth Transcendental Meditation David Lynch Foundation 🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
45:58 1/19/23
EP 78 #LiveFromExcell – Making Financial Services More Inclusive: Interview with a Disruptor - Dana Wilson, Founder of CHIP (Changing How Individuals Prosper)
In this amazing conversation, live from Excell, my guest cohost Vanessa Martinez and I sit down with Dana Wilson, Founder & CEO of CHIP (Changing How Individuals Prosper), a B2B financial services marketplace that makes it easy to find Black and Latinx financial professionals. Dana is a diversity and inclusion award winner named "One To Watch" in Fintech from Money 20/20 and a 2021 Trailblazer from Black Women In Media. Dana is also the co-founder of The BRIEF, a quarterly digital magazine with a mission to elevate the voices and knowledge of Black and Latinx professionals in finance and law. This past December 2022, Dana won the BGV - Black Girl Ventures Foundation - NYC Pitch Competition. Congratulations Dana!  She’s also a Board Member and Partner for MAXBLACK WEALTH and MAXBLACK Media LLC. MAXBLACK Media LLC.  Dana graduated from North Carolina Central University, where she received her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in Marketing. She is currently an Executive MBA candidate at Penn State University, Smeal School of Business, studying Strategic Leadership and completing a concentration in Corporate Innovation. In today’s episode, broadcasting live from the Chelsea Theater inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel, we explore how Dana is working to close the racial wealth gap through her company CHIP. By building a business and a bridge to financial professionals, she's ensuring that Black and LatinX people find financial power by getting seen, heard, and empowered with their money.We also talk about the need to change, to get uncomfortable - a perfect segway for the New Year! In fact, one of the many gifts you’ll discover about Dana Wilson in today’s episode is the courage it takes to step into greatness. Her own. Dana’s website is and her social media handles are @danadisrupts By taking chances and leaning into disruption we can create positive change IN The Suite. 🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
45:14 1/3/23
EP 77 #LiveFromExcell - Using the Power of Storytelling and Conversations to Transform Your Life with Tucker Bryant, Poet & Keynote Speaker at
Today’s episode is the first of its kind. I’ve invited my first guest host and shero Stephanie Foster, In The Suite - to interview the multi-talented Tucker Bryant, Poet & Keynote Speaker at this year's Carson Excell conference in Las Vegas. Stephanie is a startup executive and advisor, an ETA (electronic transactions association 40 under 40 honoree), and a previous guest. Tucker is an award-winning poet and storyteller who left his full-time job as a Product Marketing Manager at Google to help large corporate companies explore the connection between poetic thinking and creative leadership to live a healthier and more fulfilled life. Tucker's passion for language, writing, and performance began during his schooling days in England. However, when he started his career in Silicon Valley, he discovered how many people in the corporate world are uncomfortable with accessing the creative part of their thought process to bring about innovation. And because poetry allows you to be vulnerable, take risks, and explore new things, Tucker believes that everyone can benefit from exploring this art form. As a result, in his hybrid presentations and performances, he uses poetry as a springboard to inspire people to develop new perspectives and tear down comfort zones to spark long-lasting impact. In fact, one of the many gifts you’ll discover about Tucker Bryant in this episode is his approach to poetic storytelling, which is so powerful and emotional. it's no surprise that he receives a standing ovation at every single stage.Tucker's stories have been seen by millions online, featured at TEDx, and shared on stages with some of our highest-level speakers. He has spoken on stage with Mark Cuban, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, NASA Director Michelle Thaller, and founders and executives from Fortune 500 companies like Twitter, Amazon, McDonald's, and Walgreens. Today's episode with Tucker is a masterclass that'll put a spring in your step. Not only does he share with us personal details on how poetry helped him overcome depression, but he also gives golden tips on becoming a better storyteller. He also reveals his childhood dream, his love for music, what he did to get out of his comfort zone, and the positive impact women have had in his successful life. If you're ready to make positive changes in your life, Tucker Bryant is the speaker you need to hear. He's a dynamic and engaging speaker who gets people fired up, motivated, and inspired In the Suite. Episode Resources TuckerBryantSpeaks.comTucker Bryant LinkedInTucker Bryant TwitterCarson Excell RecapCarson GroupCardiomyopathyUK 🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
39:27 12/19/22
EP 76 Turning Trauma into Transformation and Growth with Yemi Penn, PhD Researcher, Author, Documentary Producer & Speaker
I’m honored to welcome Yemi Penn In The Suite! Yemi is a transformational thought leader, author, documentary producer, TEDx speaker, and global advocate for equality and equity in STEM fields. Yemi is a British-born Nigerian living in Sydney who is an engineer by profession, an entrepreneur by passion, and a transformational mindset coach by mission. A mother of two with a rebellious curiosity for life and business, Yemi is working towards her lifelong goal of a Ph.D. Her first book, "Did You Get The Memo? Because I F**king Didn't", prompts the powerful message of owning our story, breaking free of living life by the 'rules,' stepping out of our shadow, and finding our voice to transmute pain into power. This led to her gaining an international reputation as a motivational speaker. She continues sharing her personal and business insights through creative mediums, including her 3-part documentary series, 'Did I Choose My Trauma?'. Yemi achieved all of this while developing four successful companies. Simply put, she is trying to change society by elevating the conversation around diversity and disruption. In fact, one of the many gifts about Yemi Penn you will discover in this episode is that her success did not happen overnight, and she has experienced a lot of adversity throughout her life. She talks about making decisions and thinking out of the box for yourself, finding strength in stillness, saying yes to taboo stories, and not being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Yemi's journey has proven that success doesn't come from a single formula. I can't wait for you to hear today's powerful conversation In The Suite.Resources Mentioned  Yemi’s Book - Did You Get The Memo?: Because I F**king Didn't on Amazon Yemi's Documentary - Did I Choose My Trauma (Full Documentary) Yemi’s TEDx Talk Yemi's   Yemi Penn on Instagram  Yemi’s Create Your Own Memo Course Strength and Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation by Bob Roth  on Amazon 🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
46:27 12/3/22
EP 75 Exploring the Intersection of Tax Planning, Estate Planning and Wealth with Megan Gorman, Founder and Managing Partner, at Chequers Financial Management
Today’s conversation in the suite is about extraordinary journeys with Megan Gorman. Megan is the Founder and Managing Partner at Chequers Financial Management, a female-owned high-net-worth tax and financial planning firm in San Francisco, California, that started nearly 8 years ago. Megan’s financial career began when she took her first tax class at Rutgers Law School after earning a B.S. in history from Bryn Mawr College and studying in London. Her insatiable curiosity and passion for exploring financial issues through the lens of psychology, culture, and history has spawned a specialization in tax planning, a firm with a single premise:  to establish long-term, lasting relationships best to serve the needs of high-net-worth individuals and families. Driven by this passion, she spent almost 20 years advising wealthy families on navigating their financial lives in her roles at Goldman Sachs and BNY Mellon Wealth Management before starting Chequers. The name Chequers Financial Management has special significance you’ll discover about 15 minutes into our conversation and derives its meaning from the U.K. It is the second home of the U.K. Prime Minister, and today is Rishi Sunak. Megan is a deep thinker, and her efforts have earned her the distinction of being named to the Forbes 2022 list of America’s top women wealth advisors. She’s also a senior contributor at Forbes, writing on the intersection of her passions: tax, finance, retirement, and estate planning. She’s frequently quoted in prominent financial media outlets, including the Washington Post, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal, and more! She can be heard weekly on the Money Tree Investing Podcast panel, discussing trending topics in the investment world. In addition to everything she already does, Megan has recently joined the advisory board of Swaay Media Inc. Her other engagements include Schwab Impact, Tory Burch Foundation, Chief, and Better Place Forests. Just WOW.In fact, one of the many gifts you’ll discover about Megan Gorman in this episode is her unmistakable passion for problem-solving and bold entrepreneurial journeys. As an adjunct law professor at Golden Gate School of Law and the author of, she shares sound advice on taking control of our taxes and finances in the present and planning for our future destiny In The Suite. ResourcesChequers Financial ManagementMegan Gorman LinkedIn Megan Gorman TwitterMegan Gorman ForbesThe Wealth IntersectionNational Endowment for Financial Education Mercy Brown Bag Program🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
51:41 11/7/22
EP 74 Empowering Others and the Wealth Freedom Formula with Eunicia Peret, CEO and Founder of the Empowered Financial Planner
Today In The Suite, we visit with Eunicia Peret, CEO and Founder of the Empowered Financial Planner. With over 17 years of financial strategy consulting experience, Eunicia focuses on delivering bottom-line value to corporate executives and successful business owners across multiple industries. Eunicia is passionate about helping people optimize their wealth, take control of their money, and minimize taxes. She specializes in helping motivated individuals get the answers to the complex financial questions many of her clients are willing to discuss. She believes everyone deserves to have a customized financial roadmap for long-term gains that fits their goals, needs, and desires.Tired of the lack of transparency in the industry, Eunicia has made it her mission to share her knowledge with those who want to escape financial dependency. Through her Wealth Freedom Formula, she has helped over 200 clients Eunicia shares that nothing makes her happier than the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and businesses. In fact, one of the amazing gifts you’ll discover about Eunicia Peret in this episode is her inspiring backstory and journey of becoming an entrepreneur. Not only will you learn about unlocking financial opportunities but also the importance of having the right mindset to achieve them. Take a listen, and you will find something that will take you to the next level In The Suite. Find the agenda for our conversation with Eunicia below:About Empowered Financial Planner (04:15)Finding Financial Independence (09:45)How to Avoid Financial Failure (17:40)Mindset Is Everything (34:00)About Eunicia’s Method Classes (37:43)The Social Media Approach (42:15)The Leap From Corporate to Entrepreneurship (45:00)Best Way To Get In Touch With Eunicia (50:20)Eunicia’s Choice of Charity (54:00)Resources- Empowered Financial Planner Website - Eunicia Peret LinkedIn - Euncia Peret Twitter- The 5 Biggest Financial Pitfalls Checklist- 🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
56:32 10/18/22
EP 73 Humanizing, Demystifying, and Myth Busting Compliance with Jessica Sexton, Chief Compliance Officer of Independent Advisor Alliance
Today I’m ecstatic to welcome the first Chief Compliance Officer In The Suite, Jessica Sexton, from Independent Advisor Alliance (IAA). Based in Charlotte, NC, Independent Advisor Alliance provides comprehensive solutions to allow financial advisors to move into private practice. When founder and CEO Robert Russo started the firm in 2013, he did it with only seven advisors. At this release, the firm has grown to over 215 partners across 23 states. And Jessica is part of the team that continues to pave the way for growth. But before becoming Chief Compliance Officer in February 2014, Jessica went through a spectrum of experiencesShe began her career at LPL Financial in 2006, where she attributes much of her growth to amazing managers and a supportive team. And when the recession hit in 2009, she made a significant transition to serve as a Project Manager for Impact Technologies Group, Inc., thanks partly to keeping in touch and forming meaningful relationships. Jessica also holds Series 7, Series 24, and Series 66 licenses. One of the many gifts you’ll discover about Jessica Sexton in this episode is her ability to understand and know her strengths, particularly in compliance, and her passion for back-office operations. In today's episode, Jessica humanizes, demystifies, and busts many negative connotations related to her role in compliance. She gives detailed answers on what exactly her work entails and shares with us a real overview of her day-to-day responsibilities. She also talks about the opportunities and challenges she and the compliance team face and the skills needed to execute In The Suite. (01:55): Who is Independent Advisor Alliance(04:30) What Does a CCO exactly do?(10:30) Jessica’s journey to CCO(21:20) Skills Required to Become a CCO (25:57) The Role of Technology in Compliance (27:32) Document. Document. Document(32:54) Dealing with Red Flags (37:17) Jessica’s YouTube series(39:22) Jessica’s love for horse riding(44:44) Jessica was part of the Coronavirus research study(47:40) Best Way to Contact Jessica(49:15) Jessica’s choice of charityResourcesJessica Sexton LinkedIn Jessica Sexton Bio Independent Advisor AllianceRobert Russo, CEO of Independent Advisor Alliance Independent Advisor Alliance on YouTubeThe Rotary Foundation Communities in Schools® 🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
47:17 9/19/22
EP 72 Live from 2022 T3 Advisor Conference & Enterprise Day - My Conversations with 11 Bold FinTech Visionaries Making News and Headlines
Joel Bruckenstein is widely recognized as one of the most influential financial technology journalists and consultants in fintech. Known as @FinTechie on Twitter, and regularly featured in Barron’s, Financial Planning, RIABiz, InvestmentNews, and, for his expertise, Joel is an industry powerhouse and a leading authority on breaking news on emerging technology.Joel is also the producer of the annual T3 Advisor Conference, the premier technology conference for independent financial advisors, and the T3 Enterprise Conference, an annual gathering of top executives from independent broker/dealers and large RIAs. In May of this year, In The Suite was given a front row seat and VIP access to the highly anticipated 2022 T3 Advisor Conference and Enterprise Day in Denton, Texas, May 3 – 5, where we joined Advisorpedia, InvestmentNews, ThreeCrowns Copywriting and Marketing, and Impact Communications covering all the action for the largest T3 ever in history – Thank you Joel Bruckenstein! In this amazing episode, recorded live at T3, you get to ride shotgun with me In The Suite, as we sit down with fintech leaders and mega giants like Eric Clarke and Daniel Crosby at Orion Advisor Services, making major news at T3 about Orion’s use of Amazon Redshift and Behavioral Finance innovation known as Protect, Live, Dream. We also talk with Evan Rapoport at SMArtX Advisory Solutions about their groundbreaking $30 MILLION DOLLAR strategic investment by Morningstar.  And we sit down Kate Healy, now Managing Director of the CFP Board’s Center for Financial Planning, to learn all about probono financial planning AND the Foundation for Financial Planning.  But wait, there’s more. Mac Bartine, CEO of Smartria joins us to talk about enterprise compliance management.   Rich Cancro, CEO of AdvisorEngine to talk about customization, personalization, and the growth of CRM.  And you’ll also get to hear from these forward-thinking leaders disrupting the status quo: John Mackowiak from AdvyzonPatrick Reed, YourStakeAkshay Singh, Indyfin Nitin Seth, Incedo And Henry Zelikovsky, Softlab360 We hope you enjoy this special T3 Compilation episode all about fintech In The Suite! 🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
110:22 9/6/22
EP 71 Building Strength and Breaking Through Barriers with Jess L. Bost, RICP®, VP of Partnerships at Alpha Architect and CrossFit Coach
Today we welcome Jess Bost In The Suite, Vice President of Brand Partnerships at Alpha Architect and part-time CrossFit coach. Today's podcast begins with Jess explaining how she got into CrossFit. While Jess graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree from Berry College, she found CrossFit during a traumatic time in her life. She was forty pounds overweight, and running in her asthmatic condition wasn't helping her get out of her depressive phase. When she joined CrossFit classes, it transformed her life. It kept her physically healthy and mentally strong. She felt empowered, and sports became her bridge to healing. Her competitive nature and love for sports have led her to manage various CrossFit gyms, achieve multiple CrossFit certificates, and a national title in Olympic weightlifting in 2017! She was also qualified for the Masters Pan-AM in 2018. Jess' life changed when she moved with her husband and two children to Augusta. Her husband lost his job, and she had to become the family's breadwinner. Her circumstances, combined with her passion for helping people "get from where they were to where they want to be," which CrossFit did for her, led her to the world of Finance. She was happy to learn that Finance was more than math and statistics. It can involve relationship building too! During the pandemic, she took the leap of faith when she changed companies and roles to become the new VP of Brand partnerships for Alpha Architect – an opportunity she found on social media! Jess has achieved series 65 and 63 licenses, qualifying her as a securities agent and investment advisor representative. Her belief that fitness and wealth management share the same principles has become an indivisible part of her focus and legacy. With more than 12 years of personal training experience and four years in the wealth management industry, Jess is passionate about being an advocate for other women, including her two daughters. To extend her goal, she's started her podcast, "The Breakthrough Factor," where she interviews professionals and athletes to learn how they overcome barriers to build their fitness and finances. The ability to act bold, especially in our careers is a recurring theme in today’s episode.  Join the conversation and learn about important life lessons we are often taught too late. Below is the agenda: Welcome, Jess!(03:00) Being a CrossFit Coach for 12 years(08:00) Is CrossFit for those over 50?(12:35) "Progress. Is. Not. Linear."(21:00) First Exercise with Jess(27:00) A Reboot in our Mindset(30:40) How did she get into the world of Finance(41:20) About Alpha Architect and her Role as the VP(57:40) Financial Advice that Influenced Jess(01:10:10) Second Exercise with Jess(01:14:00) How To Connect With Jess (01:18:42) About Jess' Podcast "The Breakthrough Factor."(01:28:15) Jess' Family CharityResourcesThe Breakthrough Factor Podcast with Jess Bost on Apple Podcasts Jess Bost on TwitterJess Bost on LinkedJess Bost on CrossFit - Fit Augusta Alpha Architect Carl Richa🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
86:35 9/3/22
EP 70 Live from ExchangeETFs - Inclusion and Equity in Fintech with Nicole Casperson, Founder of WTFintech? & Content Creator at Workweek
Recorded live from ExchangeETFs, today we are joined by the inspiring Nicole Casperson, Founder of WTFintech? & Content Creator at Workweek! Workweek is an innovative, new kind of media company and is a growing collective of industry experts who are changing the world of business. Over the past several years, Nicole has covered niche financial markets.With this, she realized that traditional media lacks female perspectives and storytellers— and Nicole has brought her A-game to change the narrative and make HERstory known.Being a true contemporary journalist branded for our time, WTFintech also offers a newsletter, YouTube Channel, and a podcast covering the evolution of FinTech with a focus on innovation and inclusion. Tired of hearing one-dimensional stories from the same “pale, male, and stale” voices that dominate the space, Nicole is bringing stories of diverse leaders.Through her podcast, Nicole has interviewed numerous industry leaders like Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary, Rishi Khanna from StockTwits, Flori Marquez from BlockFi, Henry Yoshida of Rocket Dollar, and more. Like Nicole, most of her guests were outsiders to the world of Fintech—but now they’re making their mark on it.In today’s episode, Nicole takes us through her journey from reporter to creator. Nicole intertwines her years of experience as a hard-hitting finance journalist with industry expertise to provide culturally relevant content to create a new financial system that gives equal access to everyone.Tune into this jaw-dropping conversation to hear all about:(1:38): What exactly defines a success story? (5:41): Coming to terms with perspective.(7:22): Beginnings into the fintech industry.(10:25): How the pandemic changed outlooks on life.(14:12): People follow people, not institutions.(22:59): Taking a spin at different leadership companies.(29:08): The power of responsibility(36:43): Attracting the next-gen talent & telling a meaningful story.(46:20): When two worlds collide.(50:48): Resonating to crypto & analyzing why it is the way it is.(56:20): Moving mountains in community and charitable giving.Resources WTFintech? on WorkweekWTFintech? on YouTubeHumans of Fintech Podcast Nicole Casperson on Twitter Nicole Casperson on LinkedIn ExchangeETFs ConferenceFuture Proof Festival Fintech is Femme - September 21, 2022 - The Village East Theater🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
54:56 8/22/22
EP 69 Guiding Women in Tech to Success with Danika Waddell, CFP®, RLP®, CSLP®, President & Founder of Xena Financial Planning
Joining us today In The Suite is Danika Waddell. Danika is the President and Founder of Xena Financial Planning, a fee-only financial planning firm working with women in the tech industry and receiving equity compensation, typically in the early to mid-career stages.In 2020, Danika Waddell felt called to make a bold move. She founded Xena Financial Planning, a fiduciary financial planning firm in Seattle, Washington, focused on helping them to take control of their financial lives. Specifically, Danika works with women and their partners in the early to middle stages of their careers to help them navigate whatever life delivers. And she does it through communication, conversations, and collaboration. Xena Financial Planning welcomes clients of all backgrounds and aims to make financial planning more accessible to groups of people who the financial planning profession has typically underserved.Xena FP is also a strong advocate of the LGBTQ community and works with clients of any gender identity or sexual orientation. Within the industry, they are constantly seeking ways to amplify the voices of women and people of color.One of the many gifts you’ll discover about Danika Wadell in this episode is that building relationships matters. Danika’s relationships stem from her work in the financial planning process, she strives to educate and empower clients as we develop a collaborative relationship. And in this episode, we discuss community, conversation, the art of connections, real-life tips on aligning your values & more. Tune in to the conversation to hear all about: (1:44) Taking your personal development to another level.(4:38) Realizing what your self-worth is truly about.(11:24) The beauty of community and leaning into one another.(12:56) Humble beginnings.(15:43) Reach personal goals, not just financial goals. (18:59) Differentiate your landscape.(21:38) The real questions to ask your clients.(23:33) Lay of the land: making good financial decisions.(34:53) Involvement in the industry.(37:04) Resonating with people & why it’s beneficial.(41:22) Get comfortable talking about money.(49:29) Align your values and you will go far.Links: Xena Financial Planning Danika Waddell - LinkedIn Danika Waddell - Twitter XYPNNAPFAMichael Kitces – The Past, Present & Future of Financial Advice with Patrick O'ShaughnessyAssociation for African American AdvisorsAmazon Smile 🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
51:54 8/12/22
EP 68 Blazing the Fee-Only Financial Planning Trail for Women with Dr. Karen C. Altfest, Ph.D., CFP®, Principal Advisor & Executive Vice President, Altfest Personal Wealth Management
We are so honored and excited to have the iconic Dr. Karen Altfest In the Suite! Karen is a Principal Adviser and executive vice president at Altfest Personal Wealth Management, a fee-only financial planning and investment management boutique firm in New York. Altfest Personal Wealth Management is a company she runs with her husband Lew and their son Andrew.  Her team manages over a billion dollars in client assets. Throughout her 30-year career, Karen has blazed a trail in fee-only financial planning for women. With a Ph.D. in history and CFP designation, Karen has written many scholarly articles and books on financial planning and investments and curated CFP programs at Manhattan's New School and Pace University. Karen has carefully curated educational programs through her Women's Financial Spa and Women's Financial Salon programs.  She’s also created a special place within her office called “The Parlor” a private space for women to share their issues.  Throughout the years, Karen has been the recipient of multiple awards. In 2019, Crain's New York Business acknowledged Karen as a notable woman on Wall Street for the fourth time, and most recently, she was recognized as the Top Woman Wealth Advisor by Forbes for the third consecutive year!Growing up in a family that believed in social work set a wonderful example for pursuing a better world. As the founding chairman of the New York Common Pantry, she provides hot meals, nutrition education, and case management services to hundreds of people annually!One of the many gifts you’ll discover about Karen Altfest in this episode is her unrelenting dedication and commitment to women's empowerment and making the world a better place. As a woman in finance, I am in awe of her achievements and inspired by her work. You will be too In The Suite. (03:20) Working with Family (06:41) Karen has a Ph.D. in History!(09:25) Karen's Journey to Finance (12:41) “We're Behind in Financial Literacy”(16:44) About the Financial Savvy Women Program(22:37) Money is about Human Feelings(24:53) Advice for Female Financial Advisors(30:36) Why Stay Connected to your Alma Mater?(34:00) Founder of The New York Common Pantry(40:40) “Don't Belittle Yourself!”(44:00) Best way to get in touch with Karen(44:50) Karen's Book RecommendationLinks: Altfest Personal Wealth Management - Website Dr. Karen C. Altfest, Ph.D., CFP® - LinkedIn Personal Financial Planning by Lewis J. AltfestThe New York Common Pantry Notable Women on Wall Street 2021: Karen Altfest in  Crain's New York NAPFA 🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
50:54 8/7/22
EP 67 Real Estate Investing for Women and a Multifamily Masterclass with Veena Jetti, Founding Partner, Vive Funds
Today’s exciting episode features Veena Jetti, Multifamily Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur & Humanitarian, and Founder of Vive Funds. Vive Funds was launched to fulfill the company's mission of carefully curating high-quality real estate investments. Vive has developed a rich network of global business partners to make early and transformational investments in assets that have the potential to do great things.  Veena lives by the motto, “Build wealth, build a legacy, and do more good in the world.”  Not only does she financially support women and minority-owned businesses, but she’s also actively involved in various charitable boards and philanthropic endeavors. In today’s episode, Veena discusses the benefits of different investment models and shares excellent advice on what to look for in investment deals. She also gives us insight into the behind-the-scenes of her deal-making and funding process. Veena also sheds light on gender discrimination within the real estate industry and provides inspiring advice for women entering the industry.Veena wants to help others make wise financial investments. As a result, she’s designed the Multifamily Masterclass for passive investors. The courses are designed to teach you to be a more sophisticated and knowledgeable investor.  Find the agenda for our conversation with Veena: Welcome Veena!·       04:02 Veena’s Origin and Heritage story·       10:06 About Vive Funds·       12:50 About Accredited Investors·       16:45 The effect the pandemic has had on the real estate industry ·       22:30 Should women think about real estate differently than men?·       26:50 About Networking ·       33:58 Veena’s Philanthropy Roots·       40:15 Advice for women entering the industry·       53:40 Best way to get in touch with Veena ·       54:20 Veena’s book recommendationLinksVeena Jetti - LinkedIn Veena Jetti - Twitter Veena's Multifamily Masterclass Vive Funds Website Vivid Vision on Amazon The Formula on Amazon Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell The Millionaire Nextdoor 🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
55:13 7/24/22
EP 66 Championing Women's Empowerment and the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Independent Investment Advisers with Brian Hamburger, President and Chief Executive Officer of MarketCounsel
To kick start this year's season, Tina Powell has a one-on-one conversation with Brian Hamburger. As the architect behind many of the best independent investment firms, Brian is the Founder, President, and CEO of MarketCounsel, a regulatory compliance consulting firm. He is also the Founder and Managing Member of the Hamburger Law Firm; a practice focused on the investment and securities industry.In addition to being an entrepreneur, Brian wears many hats. In addition to being a father to three children, he's an attorney, columnist, and an outspoken industry advocate for independent investment advisers. Most recently, Brian was featured on Barron’s Podcast The Way Forward speaking about Mergers and Acquisitions in the Wealth Management Industry. Brian explains that his entrepreneurial spirit was instilled in him ever since he was a child, watching his parents and grandparents grow from working in textile factories to owning ice cream shops, auto body shops, and advisory practices. His role model, his grandmother, pushed him into the field of law. She told him, 'If you understand the rules and laws, you can take that creativity to do great things.Besides speaking at regional and national conferences, he has his annual gathering of the industry's top advisors and thought leaders. He emphasizes the value that these kinds of conferences offer the industry and feels extremely grateful for the recognition it's receiving. As a result of his years of hard work and dedication, he has been named an Innovator in "Investment News' 2020 class of Icons & Innovators" and included in "The IA25: Investment Advisor Magazine's Annual List of the Top Influential People in the Industry" in 2020.Welcome to Season 3: Find the agenda of our conversation with Brian below(03:50) Why Did he Start His Two Entities Together (08:30) How Did Brian Get into the Finance Industry(16:15) Everyone Needs That Champion(22:23) Brian Hamburger's Ah-Ha Moment and Bone to Pick with Tina (28:00) About The Market Counsel Summits(33:30) Gratitude and Reflection(39:99) Safety and Security Are Key Leadership Obligations(47:10) Proactive vs. Reactive(50:10) Best Way to Contact Brian (53:07) A cause close to Brian’s Heart(55:56) Thank you, Brian!ResourcesBrian Hamburger LinkedIn Brian Hamburger Twitter MarketCounsel Summit WebsiteHamburger Law FirmRyan Marcus | Head of Engagement MarketCounsel & Hamburger Law Firm T3 Technology Tools of TodayGreyshirt Team Rubicon Invest in Others Charitable Foundation 🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
48:01 6/19/22
EP 65 Innovation, Adaptation and Global Video Empowerment with Katie Braden, CFP® , Founder & CEO of Innovating Advice
Today we invite Katie Braden In The Suite! At the time of this recording, Katie was going by Kate Holmes, but now, she’s taken on her husband’s last name and going to back to her full name. Katie Braden, CFP®You all know Katie as the energetic founder of Innovating Advice, which provides consulting, coaching, and community for forward-thinking financial planners and advisors who want to easily and authentically grow with video. She also co-hosts the Video Creation Masterclass, a three-month course for financial advisors that'll help them increase their comfort and confidence on camera. Katie describes herself as a passionate advocate for propelling the global financial planning profession forward and she’s had the pleasure of working with financial services professionals in over 35 countries and territories.She’s also the host of The Innovating Advice Show, available on all major podcast outlets. Katie is a firm believer in innovating and adapting continuously on a professional and personal level. She’s made many of her own life decisions by asking the question 'why not?'. Love that. There's no doubt that today's episode will highly inspire you to ask Why Not. Katie’s spontaneous approach to life and attitude toward a growth mindset will only push you to think and do things outside the box In The Suite. 04:00 Where do advisors need to innovate the most? 06:29 How did Kate get into the industry? 10:30 Congrats on 100 episodes of the podcast! 16:15 Congrats on your pilot certification!18:56 The best way to build our confidence 23:40 About her video masterclass  34:38 The challenges that women face 39:00 About Sega Network41:00 The Formation of a Global Society42:45 Upcoming conferences44:00 How to build trust in a brand? 47:50 The secret to Kate’s smiling face.50:00 How to contact Kate? 51:39 Kate’s Book recommendationResources Katie Braden, CFP® LinkedIn Katie Braden, CFP® TwitterInnovating Advice WebsiteKatie's Video Creation 3-Month MasterclassBob Veres Insider's Forum  🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
47:39 5/24/22
Ep. 64 “Get Your Book Done in This Lifetime” with Amy Buttell, CEO, Lake Effect Creative
It is an absolute joy to welcome Amy Butell In The Suite. Amy wears many hats. She's a ghostwriter, author, editor, consultant, and meditation teacher. Amy is CEO of Lake Effect Creative, in which she ghostwrites for a collection of financial advisors who are too busy to write their own books. While she completely understands the work pressure the industry comes with, she truly believes that as the pace of change quickens, the time is now to share your story and inspire others in the process. As a result of her 20 years of experience, she's launched her own books, ebooks, and workbooks, in which she simplifies the overwhelming processes of writing your own. Her book "Get Your Book Done in This Lifetime: The Financial Advisor's Guide to Writing a Book" and workbook "The Start Your Book In A Weekend" are one of her most recognized works.In her podcast, Amy explains how the concept of books has modernized. She describes how books now contain QR codes and links to videos to make them an interactive experience. Her podcast talks about the benefits and opportunities that ghostwriting brings, the importance of having a retirement plan, practical tips on taking the time to write, how her writing services can take a load off a client’s chest, and, of course, the benefits of meditation. Oh, for those who don't know, she teaches meditation at Kadampa Meditation Center Washington, DC, when she's not writing!Find the highlights from our conversation with Amy below:Welcome Amy!About ghostwriting in the financial services (00:56)About the complexity in the financial language (03:59)You can borrow for college, but not for retirement (08:25)Why ghostwrite? (10:30)Amy’s services (15:30)How to create time to write your book (26:31)Tips on how to curate your content for the beginning of a book (33.31)Amy’s backstory (39:53)The practice of meditation (41:42) Having a positive intention (48:52) Amy’s Contact details (54:45) Book recommendation (55:13)ResourcesAmy's Website: Lake Effect Creative Follow Amy on Twitter Connect with Amy on LinkedIn Follow Amy on InstagramLink to "Get Your Book Done In this Lifetime" EBook "Get Your Book Done in This Lifetime: The Financial Advisor's 5-Step Guide to Writing a Book that Boosts Your Business" by Amy Buttell on Amazon🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
54:15 4/9/22
63. Plan Empowered, Rebranding, and Redefining Your Standard with Kate Asack, Chief Operating Officer, TimeScale Financial
We are thrilled to have Kate Asack, the Chief Operating Officer of TimeScale Financial in today's episode. 'TimeScale Financial' is a financial planning and retirement plan advisory firm dedicated to helping people achieve and enjoy financial independence. Previously known as Coastal Capital Group, in May 2021, the firm announced that it is has rebranded itself under the name TimeScale Financial.Today's powerful episode has everything you need to know about rebranding, business expansion, and fostering a healthy work culture in a hybrid business model. Why is it important to be authentic, accountable, and confident? You'll receive answers that'll resonate with people at different stages of their careers. Find the agenda of our conversation with Kate below: 01:21 About Kate's Role03:05 How Did Kate get to TimeScale Financial? 05:00 The Genesis of the Rebrand07:50 Expansion during the pandemic 10:00 Transitioning into a Hybrid Model19:20 How to create a healthy work culture 22:00 How to come up with brand values 28:17 The importance of education 35:14" I was going to help people reach their financial goals."50:47 "Positioning is everything!".58:56 Kate's take on social media 01:01:35 Success tips for people coming into the industry01:03:00 Best way to get in touch🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
55:44 3/23/22
62. MarketCounsel Summit Recap: My Conversations with Fintech and Wealthtech Leaders Shaping the Future
When it came to kick off Season 3 of In The Suite Podcast, I knew it was time to act bold and take risks, like so many of our guests from Seasons 1 & 2. So I abruptly canceled my December trip to Cabo, and moved by beach chair and blanket literally to Podcast Row at The MarketCounsel Summit, in the Fountainbleau in Miami Beach. And let me tell you, it was well worth it. The MarketCounsel Summit is the brainchild of Brian Hamburger, President and Chief Executive Officer of MarketCounsel and Hamburger Law Firm, and I want to dedicate this special extraordinary, first of its kind episode to him and the amazing team at MarketCounsel, to Brian’s daughter Ella and to his General Manager Ryan Marcus who were instrumental to my visit and mission to support female leadership In The Suite. You’re about to hear live, on-the-spot, in-person spontaneous interviews with industry leaders who continue to break the mold and shape the future of the wealth management industry: Aaron Klein - Co-Founder and CEO, RiskalyzeShirl Penny - Chief Executive Officer, Dynasty Financial PartnersJoel Bruckenstein - Financial Services FinTech Expert, Leading Industry Consultant and Producer of the Annual T3 Technology Tools for TodayShannon Spotswood - President of RFG Advisory Craig Iskowitz - Founder and CEO, Ezra GroupAllen Darby - CEO, Alaris Acquisitions Robb Baldwin - President and CEO, TradePMR George Tamer - Head of Sales, AdvisorEngineMarwa Zakharia - CEO, AssetBook Rob Sandrew - Chief Growth Officer, Integrated Partners Ryan Shanks - Co-Founder and CEO, FA Match No questions were prepared in advance nor meeting invites or fancy equipment. Just me and a mic going rogue. So ladies and gentlemen, I want you to sit back and relax as I take you into the 13th Market Counsel Summit. To hear from some of the industry's most prominent leaders. The ones making big headlines and bold moves, and redefining how the future of business gets done In The Suite. 🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
99:28 2/9/22
61. Talking Crypto, Community, and Career Moves with Torie Happe, Head of Business Development for Onramp Invest
Today’s episode of In the Suite podcast is with Torie Happe. She is a female entrepreneur, blogger, mother, wife and loves to visit Disneyland. Torie Happe is the Head of Business Development at Onramp Invest, a crypto asset integration platform solution for financial advisors started in August 2021. Torie has plenty of experience in the financial services industry. In this episode, she takes us on a trip in a rocket ship; where she gives us her insight into the Onramp Invest galaxy. She holds a Bachelors in Political Science from California State University San Marcos. Torie’s knowledge in crypto assets has allowed for the team at Onramp to develop the motto, EAT, for Onramp Academy; Education, Application, Tools. Torie gives us insight into her photography style and the reason behind it. She says, “I think that’s really my goal is to make sure that people know that not everyone is perfect. You don't have to post a perfect picture.”Torie discusses her views on crypto strategy and how it will be integrated into Onramp Invest. Additionally, her advice to the future leaders and Gen Z about career moves, her book recommendations on technology companies to inspire the future generations for success, and so much more.  Join the conversation to hear about:Hello and welcome Torie (03:50)Torie being on a rocketship (05:10)Torie’s description of Invest Onramp (11:35)Torie’s Twitter (17:25)Torie’s experience and working virtually (19:30)The FinTech space (32:25)The community on social media (35:50)The realism that everyone is not perfect (39:45)Top three social media platforms (44:10)The perfect taco (45:45)Philanthropic work (49:00)Get in touch with Torie (54:50)Book recommendation (55:45)Referenced Materials:Torie Happe - LinkedInTorie Happe - FacebookTorie Happe - TwitterTorie Happe - InstagramTorie Happe - WebsiteTaco Tech Podcast Taco Tech - TwitterOnramp Invest Website“Bad Blood” by John Carreyrou on Amazon🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
61:05 12/21/21
60. Social Media Savviness for Financial Advisors and Women In Finance with Courtney McQuade, Consultant, Social Solutions for Financial Services
We’re so happy to have Courtney McQuade in our podcast tonight. Courtney is a dedicated and savvy social media consultant within the independent financial advisory community and Social Media strategist at CityWire USA. She helps financial advisors tap opportunities and reach their target audience by developing their social media strategies. The podcast begins with Courtney sharing with us how the financial landscape has evolved over the years. She reminisces that when she joined the industry, men were brokers, women were the sales assistants, and it was all about selling stocks. 20 years on, it’s about financial planning, looking at the whole picture, and understanding the behavioral aspects.Tune in to the podcast to learn more about Courtney’s origin story, how she got into marketing, the three tenants she lives by, her thoughts on Clubhouse and Instagram, upcoming events at Citywire, how financial advisors can prepare for the conference circuit, the growth of voice marketing, and tips for developing an authentic social media strategy for the newbies and experienced.  Sounds interesting, right? Find the agenda of our conversation below: 1. Courtney Journey to Citywire (04:20)2. How did she get into marketing? (07:20)3. Top 3 Marketing Tips (12:30)4. The three key tenants (20:15)5. The parallel between social media and real-life (23:04)6. The love for Buffalo hot wings! (31:00)7. The conferences that Courtney hosted (32:54)8. Stalking on social media? (37:00)9. Thoughts on Clubhouse and Instagram (38:30)10. Upcoming events at Citywire (45:00)11. Courtney volunteers at Walnut Creek (51:20)12. Tips for newbies (52:50)13. The best way to contact Courtney (54:24)  14. Book recommendation (55:20)List of Resources MentionedCourtney McQuade LinkedIn Courtney McQuade on Twitter Courtney McQuade Website  Link to Johnny Sandquist - Three Crowns Marketing Taco Tech Podcast with Tina Powell Riskalyze Website Carson Group Excell Conference CityWire USAAmelia Garland Twitter Emily Binder Wealthvoice Sonya Dreizler Twitter  Stephanie Foster XYPlanning TwitterJess Bost TwitterLiz Slater Twitter  Book: You’re Absolutely Worth It by Velera Wilson Book: My Descent Into Death by Howard Storm 🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
52:40 12/4/21
59. Developing a Family Legacy and Multi-Generational Planning with Vanessa Martinez, Managing Director, Partner at The Lerner Group and Co-Author of Family Value at Risk
Today, we welcome Vanessa Martinez In The Suite. Vanessa is on a mission to break the standard of male-dominated partners and advisors within the financial planning industry. Vanessa is the Managing Director and Partner for The Lerner Group at Hightower Advisors, co-author of the book 'Family Value at Risk,' financial planner at the Northwest Church of Christ, and an active member of a non-profit organization called Step Up. All of this while being a committed wife and a mother of two young children!In today's podcast, Vanessa explains that wealth is much more than money. It can be your friends, family, and/or values. It's your legacy! Vanessa is passionate about guiding families through all aspects of their wealth, including estate coordination, asset management, and legacy planning. She partners and builds meaningful relationships with family to help them preserve wealth from one generation to the next.  To spread the message of intentional communication between families regarding financial planning, Vanessa co-wrote 'Family Value at Risk.' In this episode, she announces how it will soon be turned into a podcast and translated into Spanish!It's to no surprise that her contribution has led her to be recognized as Forbes Best In State Wealth Advisor for 2021 and Barron's 2020 Top 100 Women Financial Advisors.Join the conversation to hear about:Her journey to Hightower (06:05)About her book: “Family Value at Risk” (09:55)The concept of multi-generational planning (12:35)How can you talk to your parents about wealth management? (14:00)Intentional conversation is key! (18:45)Money vs. value discussion (21:10)Tips on finding the right work culture (23:40)Vanessa’s experience in Guatemala (29:10)Her volunteerism (33:25)How parents should raise daughters with strong financial habits (37:30)How to get more women to join the financial industry (39:40)Best way to contact Vanessa (45:00)Tip of the day! (46:50)Referenced Materials:Vanessa Martinez TwitterVanessa Martinez FacebookVanessa Martinez LinkedInVanessa Martinez BioFamily Value at Risk- What’s Your Net Worth? LinkedIn ArticleLerner Group: A Mother/Daughter Interview 🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
49:56 11/17/21
58. Top 12 Takeaways from Carson Group’s #Excell2021: “Get Your Mind Right for Marketing”
Today’s episode of In The Suite with Founder and Host, Tina Powell, is about the 12 insights she found inspiring from the Carson Group’s #Excell2021 Conference, October 12 - 14, 2021, held at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.  Excell enables financial advisors to go beyond the status quo by providing you and your team with actionable advice, tried-and-true strategies, and a network of inspiring professionals who know how to get it done. From financial planners to investment managers and small independent practices to billion-dollar RIAs.Invest in your growth, personally and professionally, and join Tina #InTheSuite for an inspiring conversation around these top twelve takeaways:Institute a code of conduct. (6:39)Give back and support a cause. (7:42)Promote your event hashtag and use it. (8:49)Drop your mask, the non-COVID kind. (9:34) Don’t be afraid of work that has no end. (10:58)Explore your creative talents. (12:45)Empower others and build a plan to let other people help you. (14:50)Make diversity and inclusion a reality by making it an actual business goal. (16:18)Consider a new business model for your business. (18:23)Diet is all the food you’ve eaten in your entire life and all your habits. (19:54)Love what you do and make it obvious. (21:35)Get your mind right for marketing. (23:18)Resources MentionedCarson Group Excell Conference 2021 Ron Carson, Founder, Carson Group  Jamie Hopkins, Carson Wealth Teri Shepherd In The Suite Episode 11 Suzanne Siracuse, The Big Reveal Steph Bogan In The Suite Episode 36  Mary Kate Gulick, CMO LinkedIn Sonya Dreizler Charity Water  No Kid Hungry Dr. Darshan ShahSandra JosephMichael Kitces John R. DiJulius🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
30:06 10/31/21
57. Innovative Marketing: Empowering Financial Advisors Through The Digital Referral Shift with Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist at FMG Suite & Twenty Over Ten
Today’s episode of In The Suite with Samantha Russell is about creating your own momentum in the ever-changing world of technology, innovation, and social media. Samantha Russell is Chief Evangelist at FMG Suite & Twenty Over Ten, a leading SaaS company in financial services providing marketing automation and creative content for financial professionals. She’s a mother of two, a voracious reader, and an articulate communicator who has delivered over 600 presentations since 2015 about how to use digital marketing to grow your business. Samantha is a 2020 Honoree for the InvestmentNews 40 Under 40 award and was also named to the "10 to Watch" list by that same year. She has a B.S. Cum Laude in Organization Communication from Miami University and has a decade of experience, but appreciates being a student of life. “I'm a lifelong learner, I read incessantly, and I love to just learn,” Samantha says. As she puts it, There is nothing she finds more inspiring than being able to empower advisors to market themselves effectively and who are enjoying returns on their marketing investment…In The Suite. She boldly evolves with the social media platforms, breathing life and fresh air into everything she touches. Listen to Samantha’s episode to learn about examining who you’re targeting with your pricing, facing the hurdles of compliance, the art of storytelling, and so much more.Referenced MaterialsSamantha Russell - Website Samantha Russell - TwitterTwenty Over Ten - WebsiteTwenty Over Ten - YouTubeFMG Suite - Website8 Ways Financial Advisors Can Use Google Search Console To Improve SEO - Twenty Over Ten WebsiteSamantha Russell Named to 2020 Class of 40 Under 40 by InvestmentNews - Twenty Over Ten WebsiteExcell Conference 2021 - WebsiteJustin Castelli - Website🤩 Thanks for listening, we appreciate your support and 5-star reviews of our show!!!❤️ Please follow us on Instagram📧 Want to get in touch? Email me at
52:20 10/15/21