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In the Suite is a podcast that shares amazing stories of women in business in the financial services and wealth management industry. The podcast features interviews with inspiring, top women leaders in business and some of the biggest names in the wealth management industry. In the Suite is where you’ll discover their best secrets and top strategies to grow a great business, build a strong brand, and lead teams in the 21st century. In the Suite podcast is hosted by Tina Powell, TEDx Speaker, former NYU Professor, Marketing Consultant and CEO of C-Suite Social Media.


EP 66 Championing Women's Empowerment and the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Independent Investment Advisers with Brian Hamburger, President and Chief Executive Officer of MarketCounsel 48:01 06/19/2022
EP 65 Innovation, Adaptation and Global Video Empowerment with Katie Braden, CFP® , Founder & CEO of Innovating Advice 47:39 05/24/2022
Ep. 64 “Get Your Book Done in This Lifetime” with Amy Buttell, CEO, Lake Effect Creative 54:15 04/09/2022
63. Plan Empowered, Rebranding, and Redefining Your Standard with Kate Asack, Chief Operating Officer, TimeScale Financial 55:44 03/23/2022
62. MarketCounsel Summit Recap: My Conversations with Fintech and Wealthtech Leaders Shaping the Future 99:28 02/09/2022
61. Talking Crypto, Community, and Career Moves with Torie Happe, Head of Business Development for Onramp Invest 61:05 12/21/2021
60. Social Media Savviness for Financial Advisors and Women In Finance with Courtney McQuade, Consultant, Social Solutions for Financial Services 52:40 12/04/2021
59. Developing a Family Legacy and Multi-Generational Planning with Vanessa Martinez, Managing Director, Partner at The Lerner Group and Co-Author of Family Value at Risk 49:56 11/17/2021
58. Top 12 Takeaways from Carson Group’s #Excell2021: “Get Your Mind Right for Marketing” 30:06 10/31/2021
57. Innovative Marketing: Empowering Financial Advisors Through The Digital Referral Shift with Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist at FMG Suite & Twenty Over Ten 52:20 10/15/2021
56. Mastering the Art of Succession and Stewardship while Fine-Tuning a Family Business with Lee DeLorenzo, CFP®, CPWA®, AIF®, Co-Founder of United Asset Strategies 50:22 09/21/2021
55. Leading with Emotional Intelligence and Creating Net Worthwhile with Heather Fortner, MS, IACCP®, Chief Executive Officer at SignatureFD 57:35 09/03/2021
54. Women in WealthTech and Fluid Expectations with Liz Fritz, Chief Commercial Officer at F2 Strategy 53:26 08/27/2021
53. Achieving Balance & Living an Intentional Life with Travis Parry, Ph.D. Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker 65:35 08/20/2021
52. Authenticity and Strategic Frameworks for Success in Advisor Marketing, PR, and Podcasting with Megan Carpenter, CEO and Co-Founder of FiComm Partners 64:02 08/03/2021
51. Building a Successful Career in Enterprise Sales & Marketing and the Experience of Being a Doula with Diana Cabrices, VP of Enterprise Development at Snappy Kraken 62:55 07/16/2021
50. Being Totally ‘Transparent’ and Leaning Into Wealth Management Trends with Diana Britton, Managing Editor of 46:18 07/09/2021
49. The Launch of a Growth Academy App Under a Universe of Stars and Diamond Teams with Angie Herbers, Founder and CEO of Herbers & Company 80:46 06/22/2021
48. Understanding Risk Tolerance and The Powerful Impact of Giving Back with Helen Yang, Founder & CEO of Andes Wealth Technologies 61:30 06/18/2021
47. Redefining Leadership and Exploring Human Capital and Compassion with Cecile Munoz, Founder and President of U.S Executive Search & Consulting 67:12 06/15/2021
46. Building South East Asia’s Leading Network for Female Entrepreneurs While Going From Stuck To Unstoppable with Genecia Alluora, Founder of Soul Rich Woman 59:24 06/06/2021
45. Being a Spartan Warrior, Your Authentic Self, and Embracing Your Heritage While Achieving Your Goals With Penny Phillips, Co-Founder and President of Journey Strategic Wealth 56:30 05/20/2021
44. Uplifting Your Networking Synergy And Getting Real with Meg Hanington, EPC and Genevieve E. Thayer, EPC at Beacon Partners 66:32 05/11/2021
43. Grinding It Out While Exploring the Inspiring Truth About Mentoring, Masterminds and Female Breadwinners with Meredith Moore LUTCF, CLTC, Founder & CEO of Artisan Financial Strategies 67:18 04/27/2021
42. Making Bold Moves, Mentoring, and Co-Creating C-Suite Level Shifts with Martine Lellis, CPA, CFP®, Chief Talent and Business Solutions Officer at Mercer Advisors 53:53 04/15/2021
41. Well-Th Rebalanced & The Simple Things Money Can’t Buy with Abby Salameh, Passionate C-Suite Exec & Champion for Independent Advisors 52:02 04/01/2021
40. Financial Therapy and Creating Wealth from the Inside Out with Michelle Arpin Begina CFP®, CIMA®, Founder and Gateway of MichelleAB 63:08 03/26/2021
39. Branding, Social Media and Podcasting that Lights You Up and Feeds Your Soul with Cathy Curtis, CFP®, Founder of Curtis Financial Planning, LLC 60:26 03/20/2021
38. Taking Bold Leaps of Faith to Follow Your Heart and Give Globally with Devika Kamboh CFP® CLTC MBA, Founder & President at Sohum Global Foundation 81:45 03/04/2021
37. Becoming a Fintech Founder of a Global Risk and Compliance Management Software Company with Laxmi Ramanath, Founder and CEO, LaMeer Inc. 61:54 02/21/2021