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Through interviews with entrepreneurs and professionals from different working environments, this is a show where we seek to do two things. One: learn about the wide variety of jobs and industries out there. And two: discover career lessons that we can apply to our own work lives.


The Emerging Sport of Teqball - Ajay Nwosu, CEO of Teqball USA 29:50 09/13/2021
Honoring Christ in the Investment World - Robert Netzly of Inspire Investing 48:52 08/10/2021
Top Clips of 2020: Part 1 35:11 12/21/2020
Honoring God Through Your Work - Ken Goodwillie, Owner of Divine Design Handyman and Home Improvements 56:14 11/30/2020
BIZ THOUGHTS: You Never Know Who Will Answer 05:46 11/23/2020
From the Registrar's Office to an Information Security Analyst and How to Change Careers - Erin Plese of Northern Arizona University 65:21 11/16/2020
BIZ THOUGHTS: Discovering Your Flaws 06:48 11/10/2020
Growing a Business in the Trucking Industry - Danny Wolfe, VP at Diversified Body and Paint 53:24 11/02/2020
BIZ THOUGHTS: Be A Farmer 05:53 10/26/2020
From Startup to IPO, and Helping Those with Disabilities Access the Web - Tyler Damore of AudioEye 40:14 10/19/2020
BIZ THOUGHTS: Is It Easy To Do Business With You? 08:25 10/05/2020
Collegiate Golf, Earning Promotions, and Being a Mentor - High Point U Head Golf Coach Brady Gregor 45:16 09/28/2020
BIZ THOUGHTS: Be Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ 03:37 09/22/2020
Being Creative and Taking Entrepreneurial Risks - Alyssa Van Guilder of Apotheca 36:15 09/14/2020
BIZ THOUGHTS: The Need For Synergy Between Sales and Operations 11:28 09/08/2020
Non Profits and Mission Driven Work - Michael Draper of the Tennessee Kidney Foundation 54:16 09/03/2020
BOOK REVIEW: Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin 09:26 08/24/2020
Speaker, Writer, Homeschool Resource Creator and More - Katie Hornor of Handprint Legacy 43:10 08/17/2020
BIZ THOUGHTS: Do We Have Enough Time? 07:17 08/10/2020
INTRODUCING: Biz Thoughts Episodes 03:17 08/06/2020
Solo Entrepreneurship and Working with Horses - Luke Tanner of L&M Horseworks 78:27 08/03/2020
BOOK REVIEW: The Wright Brothers by David McCullough 07:45 07/20/2020
Self Taught Coder and Tech Entrepreneur - Laurence Bradford of Learn to Code with Me 58:06 07/06/2020
Setting Goals and Pursuing Your Dream Job - Mac Prichard of Mac's List 47:58 06/08/2020
BOOK REVIEW: Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson 04:58 05/25/2020
INTRODUCING Book Reviews 01:24 05/21/2020
Goodpods, Podcasting, and Starting Businesses: JJ Ramberg, Co-Founder of Goodpods 27:50 05/18/2020
Having an Entrepreneurial Mindset and Working in Construction: Rusty and Mitchell Gonzales, St. Andrews Construction 64:06 05/04/2020
Working in Higher Education and Adapting to COVID19 - Erik Jaeke of the University of Wisconsin 68:29 04/06/2020
Running a Business with Your Spouse - Scott Polston of Garment Graphics and Promotional Products 52:08 03/02/2020