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Interviewing amazing people in the creative industry about their experiences, how they started, and advice they would give to others. If you want to be inspired by people who have successfully built relationships with brands, creatively gained a following on social media, and successfully pursued a freelance career, this is the podcast for you. Hosted by Chris Campbell. Instagram: @Notcampbellsoup


Jewellery Designer (Owner of Good Daze) - Rosie Greener
Rosie Greener is a jewellery designer and owner of her own Jewellery Business, Good Daze. In this episode we talk about the process for creating her designs, the journey through education and the build up from part-time to full-time running her own business + So much more!Links to my Socials and the Video Podcast to Rosie Greener - Good Daze:https://gooddazeahead.com
61:48 10/01/2022
Ballet Dancer (Soloist for American Ballet Theatre) - Gabe Stone Shayer
Gabe Stone Shayer is a Ballet dancer who is a soloist for American Ballet Theatre. Performing around the globe and training in multiple countries, Gabe has some really interesting perspectives to share.In this episode we talk about his mentality when deciding to pursue ballet, experiences he will never forget with ABT and collaborating with creatives like Alicia Keys.
60:03 04/19/2021
Former Marketing Manager for Nintendo - Kathy Dongo [Currently Area Sales Manager (US + Canada) for Capcom]
Kathy Dongo is an incredible person within the gaming industry, who has worked for some amazing companies. From Vendor & Category Manager of Video Game (US & Canada) at Amazon to Marketing Manager of Digital Games and Services at Nintendo and now Area Sales Manager (US & Canada) at Capcom, Kathy has some interesting stories to tell.In this episode we talk about how comic books and video games shaped her childhood, being a women within the gaming industry and how she reflects and maintains her identity while working for different companies.If you want to find Kathy on twitter:  @ladycuttlefishCreative Catalyst Instagram:
70:50 04/12/2021
Award Winning Musician - Blair Dunlop
My guest this week is Blair Dunlop! An incredible singer songwriter who I have followed for years. He has released multiple albums to great reviews and has also won the BBC Radio 2 Horizon Award.He has toured around the globe also playing gigs such as Glastonbury in the U.K. In this episode we talk about forging your own career, the battle of writing music, some of his favourite gigs and featuring in Tim Burton’s "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" as a child actor.Find Blair online:Website - https://blairdunlop.comSocials - @blairdunlopCreative Catalyst Instagram:
67:17 04/05/2021
Artist - Frankie Cihi
My guest this week is Frankie Cihi, a Tokyo based artist who has worked in collaboration with brands like Google, Starbucks, Microsoft, Adobe and Instagram.She has had an interesting art career spanning different countries and shares in this episode her role models as a child, loosing her artistic voice through higher education and discovering her love for murals.Find Frankie Online: https://www.frankie-cihi.comFind Frankie Instagram: @furpuffCreative Catalyst Instagram:
63:52 03/29/2021
Founder of Zara Ceramics - Zara McLaughlin
Zara McLaughlin is one of my favourite ceramicist ever! She has managed to build a strong community around her work and is now selling out the 200 mugs she hand makes in under 1 minute when she does her drops.In this episode we talk about the power of building a business while at university, how instagram stories is the key to her connection and where she wants to take her craft in the future.Zara Ceramic Websites: https://www.zaraceramics.comZara Ceramics instagram: @zaraceramicsCreative Catalyst Instagram:
60:15 03/22/2021
Award Winning Pianist & Composer + Creator of The Infinity Orchestra - OKIEM
My guest this week is Okiem, a musician and creator of the infinity orchestra. Along with playing for musicians like Leona Lewis and Tinie Tempah, he has performed at shows for over 100,000 people and taken his cinematic orchestra into night clubs to perform Dr Dre’s tracks.In this episode we talk about making an impact at every gig, finding his feet in the London music scene and experiences he will never forget.Find OKIEM on instagram @okiemofficialFind OKIEM online : http://www.okiemofficial.comFind OKIEM's Sunday Slowdowns with this link: Catalyst Instagram:
66:41 03/15/2021
SPECIAL EDITION: Royal Shakespeare Company - Dream 2021
In this special edition episode of Creative Catalyst I am speaking to members of the team behind Royal Shakespeare Company - Dream! An amazing and innovative immersive theatre production! The production was put together by RSC, MIF, Marshmallow Laser Feast and Philharmonia Orchestra.We talk about the experiences each individual had during the show, their role and how it developed and what Covid threw into the works when it comes to live and in person production.My guests are:Sarah Ellis - Executive Producer (RSC)Sarah Perry - Movement DirectorPhoebe Hyder - Cast MemberIf you want to get a ticket to Dream the link is: Dream.onlineSocials:@thersc@marshmallowlaserfeast@philharmonia_orchestra@mifestival@Phoebe_I_hyder@Sarah_perry_movementCreative Catalyst Instagram:
63:50 03/12/2021
Editor-in-Chief of Fault Magazine - Miles Holder
My guest this week is Miles Holder. Editor-in-Chief of Fault Magazine, miles has managed to create a really unique voice for the medium. In this episode we talk about how miles worked his way through multiple roles in Fault before becoming their Editor-in-chief, how he stays curious and what he wants to see from the future of the magazine.Find Miles and Fault online: https://fault-magazine.comInstagram: @Miles_Holder + @Fault_MagazineCreative Catalyst Instagram:
50:13 03/08/2021
Multi-Award winning Jewellery Designer and Freelance Creative - Lucie Davis
Lucie Davis is a multi-award winning jewellery designer and creator of the Oyster card nails that can be found in the London Design Museum’s permanent collection. She has worked for names like Tiffany & Co and is now pursuing a freelance career within the industry.In this episode we talk about: the value she took from university, questioning what jewellery should be perceived as and what she would like to see the future look like in the industry.Find Lucie at: and on instagram @luciedavisCreative Catalyst Instagram:
58:59 03/01/2021
Fashion Editor, Wardrobe Designer & Stylist - Krishan Parmar
Krishan Parmar is a fashion editor and wardrobe designer based in London, he has had an incredible career within the creative industry working with some amazing brands and celebrities.In this episode we talk about being interested in fashion from young, discovering it was a career that was possible and how he puts himself out there to gain opportunity.If you want to find Krishan online his instagram is @KrishanParmar_Creative Catalyst Instagram:
61:51 02/22/2021
Tattoo Artist & Owner of "THE HIDEOUT" - Bex Edwards
Bex Edwards is an amazing tattoo artist based in Bristol. She has her own creative studio call “The Hideout” where she tattoos but also gives space for other creators to express themselves.In this episode we talk about finding her voice as an artist, her first tattoo apprenticeship and the tattoo studio she setup to be an inclusive space for all.If you want to find her online: Catalyst Instagram:
63:02 02/15/2021
GlassBlower & Netflix "Blown Away" S2 Winner - Elliot Walker
Elliot Walker is a contestant on Netflix Original Series “Blown Away”. He is a glassblower based in the U.K. and has over 15 years experience in the industry.In this episode we talk about, discovering glass, the experience he gained through education, navigating such an expensive profession and his time on Blown Away.Find Elliot Walkers work @ewalkerglassart and Catalyst Instagram:
80:32 02/08/2021
Actor, Producer and Voice Over Artist - Jade Asha
Jade Asha is an actor, voiceover artist, producer, and writer.In this episode we are talking about how she discovered her voice, what value networking has for her and the benefits of working in all parts of the production.Her socials are @jadeashaa on instagramCreative Catalyst Instagram:
62:41 02/01/2021
Multi Award-Winning Indie-Folk Band - Elephant Sessions
My guests this week are Mark and Alasdair, members of the Multi Award-Winning Indie-Folk group Elephant Sessions. They have travelled all over the world performing at various festivals including Glastonbury and have really defined their sound to push the boundaries of their genre.In this episode we talk about how the band formed, what a year with no live music has made them think about and advice they would give to other bands who are starting the festival circuits.Links to their Lockdown Special at Celtic Connections on the 30th of January 2021: to Elephant Sessions Website and Socials: , Instagram @elephantsessionsCreative Catalyst Instagram:
52:56 01/25/2021
Travel FilmMaker & YouTuber - Sam Newton
My guest this week is the incredible Sam Newton, a travel filmmaker who has made a splash on YouTube in 2020, travelling to over 30 countries for brands, setting up his own company @movetocreate and successfully calling out Peter McKinnon, this dude is killing it right now!In this episode we talk about discovering the business of filmmaking, collaboration and what legacy he wants to leave behind.If you want to find him on social his insta is @samnewtonmedia and search Sam Newton on YouTube.Creative Catalyst Instagram:
67:16 01/18/2021
Artist - Laura Benetton
Laura Benetton is an artist based in London. Learning her craft at the Academy of Fine Art in Venice, she has had a career spanning 12 years in the industry. Having exhibited around the world and even in the Houses of Parliament, she has learned loads over her journey and shares her views today.In this episode we talk about finding your identity in your teens, truly mastering your craft and the way in which she finds inspiration.If you want to find her on social media she is @laurabenetton on Instagramand more info on all things Creative Catalyst, follow us on Instagram :DCreative Catalyst Instagram:
58:10 01/11/2021
Photographer & Founder of Shooters Community - Mike Will / @m.visuals
Mike Will is a professional photographer who has works on some incredible projects for brands like Xbox, Sony, and Samsung. He has traveled the world creating work for various tourism boards, all while setting up and running @uk.shooters and @worldshooters, community groups that love to take photos.In this episode we talk about: finding photography later in life, transitioning into a photography career, setting up @uk.shooters, and how he operates to keep opportunities alive for him.If you want to find him on socials he is @m.visuals on Instagram and his website is https://www.mvisuals.netFor more info on all things Creative Catalyst, follow us on Instagram :DCreative Catalyst Instagram:
60:38 01/04/2021
Creative Catalyst - Season 4 Trailer
Since moving to London I have met some amazingly creative people and just through conversation, they have inspired and taught me so much. I wanted to create a community space where people could come and listen to these conversations and either simply be entertain, or be inspired and motivated to be that catalyst for their own creativity.Through these episodes, you are going to hear from Artists, Musicians, Actors, Directors, Producers, and many many more people in the creative industry. They are going to share their experiences and how they shaped their career. This advice and conversation should give you insight into how others have pursued their dreams and maybe a way you could pursue yours. I am your host, Chris Campbell. I have been in the creative field my whole life and through music, photography, and presenting I have met people who have opened my eyes to other possibilities but also made me laugh at the amazing stories they have to tell.Welcome to Creative Catalyst - Season 4!Instagram:
00:46 01/03/2021
Co-Founder of Bompas & Parr - Sam Bompas
Sam Bompas is the Co-Founder of Bompas and Parr: The leading expert in multi-sensory experience design. Bompas and Parr started from humble beginnings in jelly creations and took off into a fully-fledged creative studio offering food and drink design, brand consultancy, and immersive experiences across industries.In today episode we talk about starting with a delight for jelly, flooding the roof of Selfridges to host a floating cocktail bar, and the journey of his company.If you want to find him on social media he is @bompassandparr on Instagram and http://bompasandparr.comCreative Catalyst Instagram:
63:43 11/23/2020
Creative Director + Co-Founder of Hustle & Heels - Jen Scott
Jen Scott is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Hustle & Heels. Building an audience from 10 female entrepreneurs having a meal to over 100 attending events and now bridging out into online courses and talks, hustle and heels have really empowered their community to push for success.Her name is Jen Scott, and in this conversation, we talk about finding the Yin to her Yang in a business partner, working towards goals, and really listening to the community you build.If you want to find her on socials she is @hhllukHustle & Heels website: Catalyst Instagram:
59:08 11/16/2020
Choreographer, Dancer & Owners of SS-Studios - Shantelia Selina
Shantelia Selina is a choreographer, dancer, and owner of SS-Studios. Over the past year and a half, she has managed to build a loyal group of dancers that work with her each week. Having taught over 700 different people at this time, she really knows her stuff and how to work studio space.In this episode we are talking about: growing up in a household full of inspiration, finding her voice as a choreographer, and building a creative business from the ground up.If you want to find her on social media she is @shanteliaselina on Instagram with a following of 15k and her website is Catalyst Instagram:
53:49 11/09/2020
Art Director & Production Designer - Mona Wishkahi
Mona Wishkahi is a production designer and art director based in London. She’s had years of experience working on countless productions for TV, film, and advertisements.In this episode we talk about: taking opportunities on set, assessing what you want from your career and how she navigates the industry.If you want to find her on social media she is @monmondesign & @monmon_tapeartCreative Catalyst Instagram:
69:07 11/02/2020
Voice Over Artist, Actor, Film Maker & Photographer - Tom Oldham
Tom Oldham has had a career spanning 15 years as one of the top voice-over artists in the U.K. He has worked with all of the tops brands to create attention-grabbing adverts, as well as documentary voiceovers. Along with this success he managed to write and produce the film “Morris: A life with bells on” and collaborate with some fabulous creators for the project including his wife Lucy Akhurst who directed the film. Tom is now pursuing photography and food, both of which he is super passionate about.In this episode we talk about: pivoting from a career in law to a career in the acting industry, finding his calling as a voice-over artist, and finally, the work that went into his folk cult film Morris: A life with bells on. He shares advice for those who want to pursue the industry and also his perspective on photography as his passion project.If you want to find him online he is @chaz_oldham on Instagram.Voice-over work:"Morris: A life with bells on" advert: Catalyst Instagram:
83:55 10/26/2020
Founder of Raindance Film Festival + BIFA - Elliot Grove
Elliot Grove is a film producer and founder of Raindance Film Festival (the largest independent film festival in the U.K.) and also the founder of the British independent film awards. In this episode we talk about: the childhood that developed his skillset, the grit it takes to set up a film festival, and what innovations the festival had to go through this year along with so much more.The Raindance Film Festival starts on the 28th of October. If you want to find out more go to Raindance.orgSocials: @raindancefilmfestivalCreative Catalyst Instagram:
58:40 10/19/2020
Public Speaker & Creator of the Pennies to Pounds Podcast - Kia Commodore
Kia Commodore is the creator of the pennies to pounds podcast. With over 100,000 listens in 10 months she has gone from strength to strength. Quoted as a financial guru she has written and worked with Huffington Post, Monzo, and BBC 5live.In this episode we talk about curiosity from a young age, building an audience around something she was passionate about, and becoming a co-host on the BBC 5 live podcast #yourworkyourmoneyIf you want to find her on socials she is @ikeeyah on all platforms.Pennies to Pounds Links: Catalyst Instagram:
53:52 10/12/2020
Owner of Micaela Sharp Design - Micaela Sharp
Micaela Sharp is the owner of Micaela Sharp Design, an upholstery company based in London.She set up the business over three years ago and it has gone from strength to strength.Along with multiple TV appearances and growing her team to keep up with all the demand, Micaela is an insightful individual when it comes to business.In this episode we talk about: gender roles and how they influenced her beginning, Drawing upon experiences to start her own business, and finally the work she is doing to help support other women in business.If you want to find her on social media her business is @sharpandsimpson Catalyst Instagram:
56:35 10/05/2020
Model & Owner of Salon Skateboards - Stefani Nurding
Stefani Nurding is a model and owner of Salon Skateboards. She’s got over 10 years of experience pursuing a creative career and some interesting perspectives on building a business with the right people involved.In this episode we talk about: not taking no for an answer, how to create a business from a genuine place, and her thoughts on growing an authentic following on social media.If you want to find her on social media she is @stefaninurdingxx and @salon_skateboardsBooks we talk about: Catalyst Instagram:
46:24 09/28/2020
Fashion & Beauty Photographer + Creative Rebels Podcast Co-Creator - Adam Brazier
Adam Brazier is a photographer and co-host of the Creative Rebels Podcast, the UK’s biggest podcast for creatives.He has had a long career within the creative industry co-founding Graffiti Life, a graffiti mural company that has now been running successfully for over 10 years. He is now specialising in Fashion & Beauty photography.In this episode, we talk about the value of university, his view on starting a creative business, and how he interacts with his photography clients on set along with so much more.If you want to find him on social media he is @adambrazierportraits and for his podcast just search for Creative Rebels on all podcast apps.All of Adams links: Catalyst Instagram:
89:23 09/21/2020
Creative Catalyst - Season 3 Trailer
Season 3 is an exciting one. I have some great interviews lined up with some amazing creatives in the industry.I feel excited about these and have learnt a lot myself. Can't wait to hear what you think.First episode out Monday 21st of September.Check out my Instagram for more info:
00:56 09/19/2020