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This podcast represents conversations among faculty, staff, and alumni of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School from 2020–2022. No new episodes will be released.


Season 3 Finale: A Foreword Farewell 03:26 04/26/2022
Dr. Ahmi Lee: On Preaching God’s Grand Drama 34:32 04/12/2022
Dr. David C. Kirkpatrick: On Latin American Evangelicals and the Holistic Healing of the Gospel 39:37 03/29/2022
Leslie Rogers: On Developing Leaders and Caring for Students 34:57 03/15/2022
Dr. Christina Bieber Lake: On Literature, Incarnation, and the Imagination 33:26 03/01/2022
Pastor Aaron Reyes: On Multicultural Pastoral Ministry and Resourcing Neglected Communities 37:06 02/15/2022
Dr. Luke M. Tillett: On Mental Health in the Seminary and the Church 33:27 02/01/2022
Provost H. Wayne Johnson: On Worship, Peacemaking, and Cross-cultural Education 39:57 01/18/2022
Dr. Dennis Edwards: On Speaking from the Margins 25:24 12/14/2021
Cliff Nellis: On Restorative Justice, Holistic Healing, and Practicing Law as a Christian 40:00 11/30/2021
Dr. Eric J. Tully: On Science Fiction, Prophets, and PhDs 43:25 11/16/2021
Dr. Manuel Rauchholz: On Anthropology, Trauma, and Understanding Our World 40:04 11/02/2021
Dr. Justin Barrett: On Thriving with Stone Age Minds 39:50 10/19/2021
Dr. Craig Ott: On the So-Cal Life, Intercultural Mission, and the Ministry of Catan 35:25 10/05/2021
President Felix Theonugraha: On Presidents, Pastors, and the Purpose of Seminaries 38:23 09/21/2021
Dean David Pao: On Theological Education, Reading Scripture Well, and Life as a Pastor's Kid 29:56 09/07/2021
Meet Fellipe do Vale: On Theology, Anthropology, and Ted Lasso 35:56 08/24/2021
Season 2 Finale 31:25 04/27/2021
Dr. Steven C. Roy 36:54 04/13/2021
Rev. Sandra María Van Opstal 55:10 03/30/2021
Dr. Andrew T. Abernethy 41:11 03/16/2021
Dr. Max J. Lee 37:19 03/02/2021
Dr. David J. Luy 40:17 02/16/2021
President Nicholas Perrin 37:59 02/02/2021
Spotlight: Interpreting Scripture 37:52 01/19/2021
Revd. Dr. Charlie E. Dates 51:32 12/08/2020
Dr. K Lawson Younger, Jr. 32:14 11/24/2020
Spotlight: Integrative Theological Education 43:01 11/10/2020
Dr. Harold A. Netland 38:42 10/27/2020
Dr. Dana M. Harris 42:34 10/13/2020