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Let's drop expectations, judgement, comparison, pretense, ego, and anything else that threatens to stand in our way as we chase our endurance goals. I'm Sally. I'm an unashamed middle-of-the-pack marathoner, triathlete, mom, wife, and friend trying to juggle all the good things. Hang around here long enough and I'll have you believing that you can do anything...and hitting that register button. Join us for full episodes on Mondays and a quick, powerful pep-talk on our Five-Minute-Friday episodes. See ya at the start line!


Running Intervals: The 2020 Running Method
Doesn't it feel a little bit like as soon as we get used to a new normal right now, something comes up and we need to take a break or pivot? Nothing about 2020 is "Steady State."Which got me thinking: maybe that's no so bad! In fact, a very common running method, running consistent intervals, teaches us how to start & stop to keep our strength up for a long period of time. Running intervals is the perfect training for 2020!Join me as I talk to Friend-of-the Show Hayley about her experience running intervals at major races. Do you run intervals? Have you ever tried it? Let me know! Join me on Facebook or Instagram, or even our Closed Facebook Community We Are Finding Finish Lines. I'd love to hear about your experience! Until next time, carry on, woman of valor. 
21:00 7/28/20
Five Minute Friday: Garmin is DOWN.
Garmin devices are down all over and athletes everywhere are having a bit of an existential crisis: If it's not recorded, did we even workout? Y'all this isn't a disaster! It's a gift from 2020. (See this is the only way we are making it through this year. For real.)We have been...ahem...given...the chance to reconnect to our bodies and our sport without the distractions of our always-on trackers and guides. We can settle into our our pace. We can try out new things. We can just go for it without even the chance to compare ourselves to everyone else. Doesn't that seem kinda great? Let's embrace it! 
05:36 7/25/20
Five Minute Friday: Whole is Better Than Perfect
Girl! You are holding way too much all the time!You are making incredibly hard decision after incredibly hard decision. You are still doing allllll of the things for alllll of the people.Maybe you are still holding a vision of perfection for your life that just hangs out in front of you, taunting you, and making you feel as though if you could just do a liiiiiitle bit more, you could reach. Well, that's a lie. Perfection is a moving target. So, what can you do that would sustain you, refresh you, and making you feel more like a whole human person again? Let's trade something that feels like a pile-on for something that feels rejuvenating because whole is so much better than perfect. Find more at: https://FindingFinishLines.comFollow me on Facebook or Instagram for more real life training talk.Until next time, carry on Woman of Valor. 
05:51 7/17/20
Will You Be A Yes To Racing?
Just about all of us have been handing the disappointment of cancelled, deferred, shifted-to-virtual race announcements. We have come to expect them here in 2020 in America, and it's likely the right and responsible thing to do. So when I received a letter from Friend-Of-The-Show, Pirete the Tower Running Champion from Episode 10 sharing all about her spur-of-the-moment racing opportunities last weekend, I had to share it! See, she had the chance to run a 9k followed by a marathon on the trails in Estonia, and she took it! Detrained, she registered without fear and went for it. What did she discover? She had it in her! She finished with incredible times and made beautiful memories. That made me thing: the time will come when races come back to us. Will we be ready to be a Yes when our friends invite us to smash the register button?  To make sure that we are ready to scale up, download a plan, hire a coach, and get back to racing, we can take a few simple but important steps each day to keep our bodies ready for the challenge:1. Get MOVING in whatever way feels good and brings you joy right now.2. Get HYDRATED3. Get PICKY with your food choices. Make sure you are noshing the appropriate servings of fruit and veggies to keep your store right and ready for work.PRODUCTS DISCUSSED ON THE SHOW:Heads Up: Links below might be affiliate links. That means that I will earn a commission when you make a purchase after clicking a link below to a product. 32 Ounce Hydro Flask - The perfect water bottle, in my humble opinionBerkey Water Filter SystemYoutube video review of a Berkey Water SystemHow To Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy by Jenny OdellShare your current binge-y shows with me in the comments at or in our closed Facebook Group, We Are Finding Finish Lines. Follow the show on Facebook or Instagram for more. Until next time, carry on Woman of Valor. Finding Finish lines is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
28:14 7/14/20
Five Minute Friday: Life in 2020 Is Running in the Heat
Are you still doing your workouts outside? Great! If not, did you now that you can actually train your body to adjust to the heat? Yup. It's going to be miserable at first. That's true. It's also true that the only way to the other side of that phase (well, short of waiting until the fall!) is through it.It's just like living this crazy life in 2020. Yes, it feels too hard. We remember that yesterday was tough and we don't want more yesterdays in our tomorrows. Yet, we are runners! We know that our bodies (and our minds) can adjust to the hard stuff, learn to manage it, and move on. That's why we do this super hard sport of ours: to learn to adjust.Thank God you're a runner! For more, follow Finding Finish Lines on Instagram or Facebook or join the closed Facebook Group We Are Finding Finish Lines. If you have some homeschool advice you'd like to share with this newb, I'd love it! Email me at next time, carry on Woman of Valor. 
06:01 7/12/20
Love over Fear
It might sound a little woo woo, but it's actually super practical to consider that the best way to stay in the game is to practice love over fear. We have to love ourselves enough to believe that we are capable of achieving our goals ever so slightly more than we fear the failure. We have to show love to others when they fall down so we don't have to fear their reactions to us when we face setbacks. We need to determine our values and make them abundantly clear if we are going to have any shot of living them out. This applies in our personal lives and in our training! What are your values? For more Finding Finish Lines, join our closed Facebook Group, We Are Finding Finish Lines, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook. If you would like to help guide the show, please take a second to respond to the survey at't forget to share the show with your friends and family! Until next time, carry on, woman of valor! 
20:20 7/6/20
Five Minute Friday: Love Is Not Cancelled
Just this week, several huge races had to cancel their upcoming events. It stinks. No doubt. But even though your big running or triathlon event might have been deferred, the only person deferring you big acts of love is you.Don't do that. For the next 3-days, I challenge the brave women athletes in this community to take the love and movement discipline challenge. Whenever you feel like siting, move. Whenever you feel like being angry, love. Just try it on for size and see how it feels. Then come join us in the growing Facebook community We Are Finding Finish Lines and share you wins with us. Let's celebrate together. Thanks for listening. Carry on, woman of valor. For more, check out Finding Finish Lines on:Instagram:
05:33 6/27/20
When We Break the Chains
Let's take a look at why we come to endurance sports like running and triathlon. I mean anything from a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, ultra racing, sprints, 70.3, Ironman...any of them.After listening to some of the stories that we have told ourselves for so long, a song came through my headphones that helped me process what this is all about:We do this crazy endurance training because we "Love how it feels when we break the chains." (Thanks, Imagine Dragons!)Are you ready to break down and build back up as a woman without the heavy chains of old lies about your value and abilities? Then let's get to it. Come join us in the closed Facebook community, We Are Finding Finish Lines.If you would like to help the show grow, please take a second to fill out this quick survey about what you like and don't like. This is for you! For more training stories, follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook. Until next time, carry on, Woman of Valor.
22:38 6/24/20
Five Minute Friday: Who Said You Couldn't?
Are there words that you are holding onto as part of your identity that really just don't describe you anymore?Clumsy. Weak. Lazy. Fat..."You couldn't possibly run a half marathon!" Whatever they heck the words are that keep you from believing that you can do whatever it is that is on your heart, IT'S TIME TO LET THEM GO. Those stories that you have been telling yourself are lies. Because you aren't defined by your past. If you were not athletic as a child but you run 3x/week now (at WHATEVER PLACE, SISTER!) then you are an athlete. You are not what you were. In fact, you aren't who you were 10 minutes ago! So who are you? What do you believe about yourself as you head into weekend training? Come tell us over in the closed Facebook group We Are Finding Finish Lines. Introduce yourself as the powerful athlete that you are, and we will all believe it. Until next time, carry on woman of valor. 
05:35 6/20/20
Rebounding After Going Off-Plan
Once we are a little lost in our athlete lives, how do we get back on track?I'm not sure why we are like this, but so often we can almost convince ourselves that our past achievements mean nothing about who we are or what we are capable of accomplishing after even just a very short period of being a off track.Have you ever picked a race, trained, focused, had a great race day and then found yourself completely lost after? Maybe your big race for the year was cancelled and you have found yourself a wandering a little since then.Well, Dear Athlete, it's time to put yourself back together. Pick a plan, or hire a coach, or figure out your next nutrition steps. Just decide & go. MENTIONED TODAY: Hal Higdon Training Plans: Galloway Training Plans: by Stacy Sims  (This is an affiliate link. If you purchase after clicking this link, I will make a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks!)The Game ChangersFed UpJoin is in our closed Facebook Group, We Are Finding Finish Lines. We would love to meet you!I'll be back with you on Friday and again on Monday. Please don't forget to subscribe, and carry on, woman of valor. 
24:01 6/16/20
Five Minute Friday: Pivot When Plans Change
I’m positive that 20 years from now, I’ll look back on 2020 as the year that I learned how to pivot when plans change. This week, I have been thinking about how all of us are becoming absolute experts on how to thrive in an environment where plans change. Like, it’s becoming what we expect rather than an outlier. And we are all just moving on with our lives. Friends, here is what we know from the places 2020 is bringing us: our plans change, and it’s ok. If you have to switch around the order of your workouts in the coming week? It’s ok. If your nutrition slips a little because your family is heading out for the weekend? It’s ok. Whatever is ahead, we know that we can hit a sick pivot, and keep it moving. Why? Because we are brave women athletes who can handle anything. If you’d like to surround yourself with women who believe this the way that you do, join us in the growing Facebook group We are Finding Finish Lines and introduce yourself. We’d love to meet you and cheer you on. Thank you for joining me today, I’ll be back with you on Monday. Have a blast doing all the hard things in training this weekend, and Carry on, women of valor. Come check out our website for more at https://findingfinishlines.comOr find us on Facebook: Instagram:
05:50 6/12/20
Great Running Gear for Beginners
Whether you are just starting a running or walking program, are coming back from a long break, or even if you are a regular runner now, join me as I share my hard-won tips for how to stay comfortable out on the run! Do you have any running gear must-haves that I missed? Share them with me! You can leave a comment on the show notes or email me at Sally@FindingFinishLines.comFor links to everything discussed on the show, check out the show notes at us in our new Facebook group at We Are Finding Finish Lines. I can't wait to meet you!For more Finding Finish Lines, follow on:Facebook: next time, carry on, woman of valor!
32:40 6/9/20
Five Minute Friday: You Are Good Enough
I wish you could hear how your actions speak so much louder than the words that you use to hide from your greatness. If you are brave. If you lace up those shoes, or squeeze into the suit, or practice those transitions, then I think it’s time to slip into the words, too. Maybe it’s not in sports that you hold back from accepting how great you really are. Maybe you are a fantastic freaking mother who values what is important and lets the little things slide and so you tell yourself you are a mess. Maybe you are a friend who always shows up, who wears her heart on her sleeve, and always always gives, and yet you think you aren’t present enough.Maybe you are an advocate for everyone around you, never backing down from a bully, always speaking up for what is right, and you’re convinced you arent doing enough because you can’t show up for every battle. It’s time to slip into the garments of your greatness. They have been custom made for you and hung in the closet for way too long.And for whatever is about to come next, whatever start line you are standing on, literal or figurative, let’s take this moment to remind yourself that:1. You are trained2. You are ready3. You can handle whatever comes your way. Why? Because You are good enough. If you are ready to find a new community of brave athletes, come join us on Facebook in the new group We Are Finding Finish Lines. I'd love to get to know you! You can also find more:On Facebook: Instagram: the website: https://FindingFinishLines.comUntil next time, carry on Woman of Valor. 
05:38 6/5/20
Contraction, Expansion, and Quiet Hard Work
In order to thrive, both as athletes and as people living in society with one another, is to recognize that:1. We are all living in a fluid state of contraction and expansion2. The power is in the quiet, hard work.Please know that this community is an affirming place for everyone, that Black Lives Matter, and that actions will always speak louder than words...even for a podcaster. Check out this post with 75 Things White People Can Do For Social JusticeJoin our growing community on facebook: We are Finding Finish LinesFind us on Instagram: Facebook our Website:
26:39 6/2/20
Why Worry? Control The Controllables, Brave Athletes
This is our time to shine, powerful women athletes. We spend our free time training to control the controllables. We pay for opportunities to practice the skill, we base our lives around it, we brag about it to unsuspecting non-endurance athlete friends who look at us like we are lunatics.We know that when we lace up for a long run, anything can happen. Blisters?Rain? The Bonk?We don't decide to stay in because it's a big unknown...THAT'S WHY WE DO IT! We just prepare the best we can, and we go. So why are we allowing the possibility of delayed or changed races to throw us off our game?Sure, racing might look different this year. We can handle it. So this weekend, get some sleep, power up your Garmin, lace up, control the controllables, and train like the powerful athlete that you are without fear for the future of your race. That's entirely too heavy a burden for your hydration pack. Join us in the new Facebook group, We Are Finding Finish Lines and introduce yourself! I can't wait to meet you! Catch up on Instagram FacebookThe Finding Finish Lines WebsiteCheck out the No Guilt Disney Podcast for some Disney fun! Want to help the show get better? Take a few minutes to answer the questions on this brief survey and know that your feedback will directly impact future episodes. This show is FOR YOU, after all. Thank you so much for joining me. I'll be with you again on Monday. Until then, carry on, Women of valor. 
05:56 5/29/20
100 Mile Ultra Racing with Sarah
Have you ever heard about another woman operating with superhuman strength or endurance? Maybe you haven't even allowed yourself to imagine doing something like that. Well, when Sarah, a working mom of two beautiful kids, found herself living life a life she didn't recognize, she didn't bemoan her situation. She took massive action. Sarah went from struggling to run one mile to completing a grueling 100 mile ultramarathon. Along the way, she faced injuries, disappointments and setbacks. She never quit. She crossed that finish line, earned herself a 100-mile belt buckle, and proved to her kids (and herself) that anything is possible. She wants you to know that whether your 100 miles is running one mile without stopping, starting a business, or even an ultra-marathon, you have it in you. I believe it, too. For more, visit you are interested in participating in a quick survey to help improve the show, I would appreciate it so much! Just visit: us on Facebook: our new Facebook Community called We are Finding Finish LinesFind us on Instagram: next time, carry on, Woman of Valor.
41:24 5/26/20
Feeling Defeated? This Will Make You Show Up Right Now.
Hey. Come closer. I have a secret for you.You are ENOUGH. I know it feels like everyone else is already faster or fitter, but that's just the way the social media beast of an algorithm tells fibs. If you go outside right now, you will see other people just showing up for themselves, being patient, and putting in the work. And they are looking to you for inspiration! In endurance sports, we race the same courses at the same times as the pros. What an honor! We get to plant out feet in the same place as the best in the sport. Who else gets to do that?But it can also mean that we compare ourselves to them without even realizing they were once where we are. (See how that works?)Since we never know who needs us to show up as an example, let's just freaking do the thing! Let's be brave. Show up. Be patient with ourselves.You got this! Hey, while you are out doing your genuine thing this weekend, snap a quick photo, skip the doctoring, and tag me in it on Instagram @FindingFinishLines.  I can't wait to see you! Until next time, carry on, women of valor! 
05:53 5/22/20
Dream Thieves & The Proven Power of Being Brave
"What would you do if you knew you could not fail?"A friend asked me that question some months back and it set me on a trajectory to chase a new goal. So now I ask you the same question. Now let's address 3 of the most common limiting beliefs (dream thieves) that threaten to take us off our journey before we even start:1. Fear2. Judgement3. Inadequacy Dear athlete, whatever puts the flutter in your belly is likely the thing you are meant to do. Stop trying to push it down. It's time to rise. It's time to chase you goals. Let me know how I can help! Find me on:FindingFinishLines.comFacebook: send me an email at Sally@FindingFinishLines.comI'll be back in your ears on Friday. Don't forget to subscribe so that episode will be ready and waiting for you when you are ready for a pre-weekend (What are weekends anymore in the Spring of 2020, but I digress) pep talk. Oh! And share this episode with a friend who needs a little boost of courage to get out there for herself. Until next time, carry on, women of valor. 
25:33 5/19/20
Five Minute Friday: 3 Powerful Tests To Know If You Are Doing Great
The normal ways that we evaluate ourselves against impossible societal standards are shifting. It can be hard for brave & wonderful women to know just how we are stacking up. (I hope you can read the sarcasm in my voice there. Much to my great disappointment, we have yet to determine the sarcasm font.)Don't worry, my dear athlete! I have created a powerful 3 step system by which to grade ourselves. 1. Are you breathing?2. Are you showing up?3. Have you retained the ability to hope?DID YOU ACTUALLY ANSWER WITH A "YES" TO ALL OF THOSE THINGS? Well there you have it. You're doing great. Don't let anyone (including yourself) tell you different. Now go forth at train this weekend as the ultimate act of thriving. It does, in fact, combine all three actions at once.You just might be incredible.Thanks for joining me on another Five Minute Fridays episode of Finding Finish Lines. I'll be back in your ears on Monday. You can find more Finding Finish Lines on:Our website: https://findingfinishlines.comFacebook: next time, carry on women of valor.
05:04 5/15/20
All You Need to Know to runDisney For The First Time
It's almost general registration day for the 2021 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend! To celebrate, a couple of my runDisney race partners have joined me to share some very important runDisney information with you!If you are just considering running you first runDisney race, this will be very informative. If you have been around a time or two, I think you will find yourself nodding and laughing along. Let us know what you think we might have forgotten so we can include it in a future runDisney recap episode! Send me an email at, leave a comment at, or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram. I can't wait to hear from you!DISCUSSED ON THE SHOW:runDisney Race Expo procedures and mega shopping findsRace morning tipsRace transportationArriving at the pre-race partyThe porta-potty tips everyone needsCourse etiquitteInterval runningWater stationsHeadphonesFinish line photosFinisher snack boxesChanging into flip flopsPictures in the theme parksThese are some of our favorite products that we discussed on the show. If you make a purchase on Amazon using one of these links, I will earn a small commission at no additional charge to you! Please know that I would never recommend a product that I don't use and love myself. Thanks for your support!Fitletic water beltBalega socksOofos SandalsBolder Athletic WearThanks so much for joining us today. I'll be back in your ears on Friday with a quick pep talk for the weekend on a Five Minute Friday Episode, and then back again on Monday. Please be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode, and share with a powerful friend who might want to change her life with a runDisney race!Until next time, carry on, women of valor. 
54:11 5/12/20
Five Minute Friday - Built on Good: Starting Somewhere
I was listening to media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk this morning when he said something that stopped my in my tracks. He said, "You can build a billion dollar empire on good."It got me thinking, why do we always think we are supposed to figure it all out and then start? That's silly!As we all have this time to sit with our dreams, I have seen brave women declare their next steps. You are speaking up for the first time, changing your diets, or exercising more. It's amazing.The best part? When we take a step and make a change, we can bring others along with us! We don't have to have it all figured out to be impactful. So what are you going to do? What is your billion dollar empire that you can start with just plan good? Let me know! Leave a comment at or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram  (and don't forget to hit the follow button while you're there!) or email me at I can't wait to hear!
05:43 5/8/20
A Sport Fitness Community with Coach Maria Trees
In our sport fitness life, we are all navigating between reasons and results. Beachbody Coach and friend, Maria Trees, joins us today to share how finding a community in running, and later through her home workout programs, makes showing up for yourself so much easier. Do you ever think that you are far too busy for your workout routine? Believe it's not worth starting because you will never have the results you want? Do you want out of the dark spaces of postpartum depression and anxiety? Maria has been there! She wants to share what worked for her. PLEASE NOTE: I am not a Beachbody coach, nor do I have any financial interest in the programs. I created this episode because I respect how Maria shows up for her community, and I believe these programs have value for all athletes in this strange time. These are NOT affiliate links. Find Maria Trees on Instagram: more on the programs Maria mentioned:21 Day Fix10 RoundsBarre BlendFor more Finding Finish Lines, find us on:Facebook:
35:54 5/4/20
Inspiring Women in Recovery are Absolutely Welcome
Though it might seem like every woman in the world (except you) is handling this pandemic life by pulling a cork before the afternoon, it's just not true! For the incredibly brave women handing all of the responsibilities of this pandemic while staying true to yourself and your sobriety, I SEE YOU! YOU ARE AMAZING!Let's be sure that we are making our group calls and socially distanced community meet-ups a welcoming space for our sisters who are walking the road to sobriety. If you are in need of resources to support your sober journey check out:The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Hotline at: 1-800-662-HELP (4357)The Online Intergroup of Alcoholics AnonymousCelebrate RecoveryCelebrate Recovery at Park Valley Church in Haymarket, Virginia.For more Finding Finish Lines, check out:The Website at https://FindingFinishLines.comFacebook:'ll be back on Monday to bring you a chat with a runner who has transitioned to home workouts and is crushing it! You won't want to miss her. Until then, carry on, Women of Valor.
05:07 5/1/20
Awesome Peloton Alternatives You Need To Know
It's Spring of 2020 and many of us are searching for ways to bring the joys of outdoor training indoors. Whether it's the weather, childcare constraints, circumstances in your area or out of an abundance of caution, it has become more desirable than ever to make training a 24-hour, safe possibility. Which is exactly why it is nearly impossible to buy a Peloton bike! Yes, many of your friends might have one of these deluxe training tools, but there are other ways to have a blast while getting sweaty that cost substantially less and you can start almost immediately. Thank you so much for hanging around with me for 20 episodes already! I'm so excited for the future and grateful that you are allowing me to be part of yours.
33:45 4/27/20
Being Consistent With Grace
Welcome to Spring 2020, where everything feels a little upside down. While everyone under the sun has a new "Unique" message for you about how you should be spending this time, maybe their methods aren't quite right for your situation. I have one suggestion that works for everyone, without fail: Make it rain grace. Grace for yourself.Grace for everyone around you. As athletes, the advice we hear most often is that we need to be consistent, and there is so much value in that message. For now, though, let's let our consistency be in our grace. Ask yourself, "What can I do to be most gentle with myself and those around me today?"If the answer involves training, EXCELLENT! Go to work, girl. If it involves resting, that's equally valid. Be consistent with your grace now. Consistency with your training will come. Visit Finding Finish Lines on:On Facebook: Instagram:
05:19 4/24/20
What Comparison Tells Us
Why should we allow comparison to get in our way? Though we might like to, we can't completely avoid comparing ourselves to others. It's just part of our human experience. Instead, let's recognize that sometimes it can be illuminating. When we compare ourselves to those around us and it stings, it shows us the areas where we are maybe a little raw, a little vulnerable. It can point us in the direction we need to go to make positive changes in the places that have the most impact. This is especially important right now, when we all have just social media to keep in touch with our people! It's so easy to fall into the scroll-trap and walk away completely convinced that we will never measure up. Check out the three ways that we can overcome the endless comparison paralysis and get started. 1. Accept imperfection2. Recognize the highlight reel3. Move your body. Thank you so much for joining me today!Starting this Friday, the podcast will come to your ears twice per week. You will find regular episodes on Mondays and Five Minute Fridays will be a short message to bring you into your weekend training. Make sure that you are subscribed so that you never miss an episode!This show exists for you! I can't stress enough how much it would help me to know what you like and what you don't, what you want to hear more of, and any other tidbits. Reach out! Find me on:Facebook at at even email me at next time, carry on women of valor. 
34:16 4/20/20
5 Advantages of Endurance Athletes
Life is strange right now, right? Luckily, there are 5 truths that endurance athletes know that we can lean into to get us through.I don’t want to add to the to-do list in this time, but because I love you, I’m bringing you the reasons why moving can make you feel much better. -There is space for incremental change-We don’t have to decide between doing nothing and doing everything-Why did you set your first fitness goal? Did you evolve after?-Shout out to the Peloton App, with it’s free trial for 90 days. -Evolve or stay the same?-Where are you right now? Want to stay there?Episode with Angie about becoming a runner. Episode with Ashley about trail runningWomen who compete in endurance sports have an advantage for 5 reasons:1. We do hard things for fun2. We jump right in3. We know we aren’t alone4. We know we can change our story5. It’s good for our family.I’d love for you to leave me a quick message. Tell me what you’re trying, share with me what you like about the show or what you’d like to grow. Is there a topic you’d like me to cover or a person you’d like me to talk to? Let me know! Go to and leave me a message through SpeakPipe.Or, send me an email at Sally@FindingFinishLines.comFind me on Facebook: on Instagram: don’t forget to subscribe to the show and share with your friends and family who could use the lessons from endurance sports. ...and lace up & go. Until next time, carry on women of valor. 
32:00 4/10/20
Yoga for Everyone!
While we are all at home with either nothing but time (Hello single friends) or seemingly less time that normal (Hi Momma! You got this!) maybe now is the perfect time to give a new practice a try. Today, I mean yoga. In today's culture, hearing the word yoga is equally likely to have you imagining ancient Indian symbols and really long words you can't pronounce as it is to make you recall that shirt you saw on the 'gram that says, "Namastay in bed."Well today, I'm just focused on encouraging you to try the practice of stretching, settling in to unsettling postures, and giving that body of yours a great stretch. Today, I talk to my favorite yoga teacher. I am very privileged because she is my sister! Join us as we debunk some yoga myths, try to persuade you to try it even from the comfort of your own home, and discover improvement in your endurance sport of choice by showing some love to the parts of your body you often neglect. MENTIONED ON THE SHOW:Hot Spot Power Yoga - this is where you can sign up to practice with HayleyYOD Yoga - a combination of traditional yoga and High Intensity Interval TrainingCosmic Kids Yoga on YoutubeWE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!Find Hayley on Instagram at me at: Sally@FindingFinishLines.comLeave comment on the blog at Https://FindingFinishLines.comOr find me on Facebook at Instagram at always, you can find a full transcript of this episode on our website at next time, carry on women of valor! 
26:51 4/3/20
Your Race is Cancelled. Now What?
It's just the reality of the moment. For many of us, our A-races, the ones we have been visualizing and training for, have been either cancelled or postponed. What do we do now?It's a bit of an endurance athlete existential crisis. But it doesn't have to be! Join me for a bit of tough love today. Since your race is cancelled, let's dive in and examine our "Why." We know that in life our reasons need to be stronger than our excuses. If the race itself is the reason, we owe ourselves better! Then, once we have established some common reasons why we endurance athletes challenge ourselves in this way, it's time for us to identify excuses that might present themselves and ways to overcome them. Today, I'm all about making sure that you are still moving your body even after this disappointment. Sure, your race is cancelled. That doesn't mean all of your future races will have the same fate. Do you want to show up to your next starting line the kind of woman who took months off nursing her sadness or a resilient, well-trained athlete that never lets anything get in her way? I thought so. Maybe you will decide that this is the perfect time to make the jump to multi-sport. If that's the case, then you will definitely need my list of what you do (and DON'T) need to try a triathlon this year. Find it at: a transcript of today's episode at: on the show:Rev 3 Quarantri - the virtual triathlon at the end of April. DO THIS! Let's support our local race directors. Peloton app - currently giving a 90-day free trialYoga with Adrienne If you have found a cool way to keep moving, share it with me so I can share it with others! We all need to be a little creative right now.Please let me know how you are doing! Connect with me by:Email: Sally@FindingFinishLines.comFacebook: website: https://findingfinishlines.comThat's all for now. Until next time, carry on Women of Valor.
28:24 3/27/20
From 5k to Her First Ultramarathon
After a few years struggling to find consistency with activity, Ashley decided to forget what she told herself about running and try a local 5k...and she loved it! Join us to hear how blossomed from training with an app that told her when to walk and when to run (VERY helpful at first!) to flying down hills on the trails as an ultramarathoner. What will you try next?FROM TODAY'S SHOW:Have you tried guided meditation yet? Check out last week's episode for a quick guided meditation with Hayley, or check out Women's Meditation Network for a whole host of podcast meditations to start, or continue, your practice. If you are looking for a way to fill in your Sunday morning service gap, or if you are just looking for some answers with a dash of hope, join me in the livestream of Park Valley Church, my local church's services on Facebook or through their website, If what we focus on magnifies, let's focus on what is beautiful. Come on over to Instagram and share moments that you are noticing in this crazy time using the hashtag #ForcedPause. I'd love to join you in recognizing the beauty all around us. For more Finding Finish Lines, check us out on Facebook, Instagram, or on our website at next time, carry on, women of valor. 
57:50 3/21/20