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Finding Finish Lines

Let's drop expectations, judgement, comparison, pretense, ego, and anything else that threatens to stand in our way as we chase our endurance goals. I'm Sally. I'm an unashamed middle-of-the-pack marathoner, triathlete, mom, wife, and friend trying to juggle all the good things. Hang around here long enough and I'll have you believing that you can do anything...and hitting that register button. Join us for full episodes on Mondays and a quick, powerful pep-talk on our Five-Minute-Friday episodes. See ya at the start line!


Running Intervals: The 2020 Running Method 21:00 07/28/2020
Five Minute Friday: Garmin is DOWN. 05:36 07/25/2020
Five Minute Friday: Whole is Better Than Perfect 05:51 07/17/2020
Will You Be A Yes To Racing? 28:14 07/14/2020
Five Minute Friday: Life in 2020 Is Running in the Heat 06:01 07/12/2020
Love over Fear 20:20 07/06/2020
Five Minute Friday: Love Is Not Cancelled 05:33 06/27/2020
When We Break the Chains 22:38 06/24/2020
Five Minute Friday: Who Said You Couldn't? 05:35 06/20/2020
Rebounding After Going Off-Plan 24:01 06/16/2020
Five Minute Friday: Pivot When Plans Change 05:50 06/12/2020
Great Running Gear for Beginners 32:40 06/09/2020
Five Minute Friday: You Are Good Enough 05:38 06/05/2020
Contraction, Expansion, and Quiet Hard Work 26:39 06/02/2020
Why Worry? Control The Controllables, Brave Athletes 05:56 05/29/2020
100 Mile Ultra Racing with Sarah 41:24 05/26/2020
Feeling Defeated? This Will Make You Show Up Right Now. 05:53 05/22/2020
Dream Thieves & The Proven Power of Being Brave 25:33 05/19/2020
Five Minute Friday: 3 Powerful Tests To Know If You Are Doing Great 05:04 05/15/2020
All You Need to Know to runDisney For The First Time 54:11 05/12/2020
Five Minute Friday - Built on Good: Starting Somewhere 05:43 05/08/2020
A Sport Fitness Community with Coach Maria Trees 35:54 05/04/2020
Inspiring Women in Recovery are Absolutely Welcome 05:07 05/01/2020
Awesome Peloton Alternatives You Need To Know 33:45 04/27/2020
Being Consistent With Grace 05:19 04/24/2020
What Comparison Tells Us 34:16 04/20/2020
5 Advantages of Endurance Athletes 32:00 04/10/2020
Yoga for Everyone! 26:51 04/03/2020
Your Race is Cancelled. Now What? 28:24 03/27/2020
From 5k to Her First Ultramarathon 57:50 03/21/2020