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God, games and geekery is a series of devotionals about the crossroads of our faith & gaming. @BadGamerElite, an average joe who loves God and video games, will share his insights about the two and how they relate to each other and the human experience.


Episode 68: Workin’ on The Abs
Like to laugh? Let's chat with CODGER!Xp2ik5cHS8h7lM64IXby
33:27 5/12/23
Episode 67: Churches and Coffee Orders
Oh's a long one but oh so much fun with Bryson & Grayson!
81:43 4/13/23
Episode 66: Press Y To Compliment
We welcome the master of genuine compliments, Ed Placencia of Twitch, Married to the Games, and Foot in the Door fame.
36:57 3/2/23
Episode 65: Ned? Ned Ryerson!?
Ever feel stuck in your faith?  Me too. Let's talk about it.
34:40 2/10/23
Episode 64: If I Put This Trap Here…
Happy New Year! It's time to make some plans...or is it?
31:04 1/5/23
Episode 63: Never Alone...Always Home
This ain't no end-of-year clip show baby! (It almost was though...) Find out more in Episode 63 of God, Games & Geekery!
82:25 12/9/22
Episode 62: Episode 62 Press X to Endorse
Later this month our US fam will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  But how is this applied to our geeky lives?
29:12 11/4/22
Episode 61: Fear Itself... and Gollum
I'm not the only one freaked out by Gollum, right? He's scary. This month we get to chat with david_Keychain about the response we should have to fear.
53:50 9/29/22
G3 Faith & Film 001: Godzilla 2014
Each week on our Twitch channel, , we take an hour on Wednesday afternoons to discuss our favorite geeky movies and how our faith impacts the lessons we learn from them.We thought you might like to enjoy them here from time to time.  This is an unedited replay of discussions we had on Godzilla (2014)Let us know what you think by emailing Lem at
65:22 9/15/22
Lifest Bucket O Questions: Episode 1: What Is Skillet Geeky About?
We have talked about Lifest for a few years now. So let's dive into our artists' geeky passions.  Let's start with one of our Wisconsin hometown heroes, Skillet!
02:20 9/9/22
Episode 60: Take 'Em to School
We get to chat with one of the coolest cats I met in Tennessee about ...well...just listen.
53:14 9/1/22
Episode 59: The New Hotness...With some Jank
Ok...good news. Double guests this month. Bad news... my local audio got all messed up. Sooooo...LET"S GOOOO!
34:16 7/28/22
Episode 58: QQ YAY!
I just got owned by a 12 year old as Widowmaker and his little brother out Marvel Trivia'd me last week.  But hey, we are supposed to rejoice, right? ...RIGHT?
27:21 7/2/22
Episode 57: 1 UP
Let's learn about new life and alive days!
35:44 6/2/22
Episode 56: Tactical Crouching
All of us have experienced the feeling of bullying, even if we don't want to admit it. Today we chat with some wise counsel on the subject and learn about how we can Biblically seek that wise council.
34:06 4/28/22
Episode 55: Oof...Lucky Shot Hanzo!
Is it luck, skill or a blessing? This episode we get to chat with Smallgenie about it. Also I miss scatter arrows.
33:37 3/31/22
Episode 54: Vibing With The Corn On The Dog
Ever have someone you just don't vibe with on your squad? too.
30:02 3/5/22
Episode 053: A Knite to Form Some Goals
THE Harlem Knite Joins us this month!
39:09 2/3/22
Episode 52: Gifts For The New Year ( Featuring RevNGeek)
It's a long one this month but let's chat with Cliify about...well a ton of stuff!
50:31 12/30/21
Episode 51: GGs Thnx
How do we say thanks when the payload was just one big Parade float all the way to the destination. Or when The Vicyoy Royale was snatched from us? Let's see what the Bible says as well as Lucas Ham Swisher from The Good Morning Guys.
31:04 12/3/21
Episode 50: Somebody Grab The Slurp For the Huddle
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
18:09 11/5/21
Episode 049: QQ Noob
Are you a noob? Of course you are! Us too...Let's talk about it.
24:06 9/30/21
Episode 048: What If...?
We all have asked the question.... Thank you Bethany for helping us look for answers.
21:54 9/1/21
Episode 047: Hakuna Matata From Music City
Coming (mostly) from Tennesee, let's chat about worry!
14:38 7/29/21
Episode 046 : For The One (With Tony T from The Nerd of Godcast)
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
26:51 7/2/21
Episode 045: Rest, Jedi
What has Lem been up to?  Well, let's check-in and chat with Scott Higa, The Christian Nerd, about how our Bad Gamer Elite could and should else:
28:00 5/28/21
Epidode 044 3 Day Respawn
Got questions or comments? Email
33:46 4/29/21
Episode 43: Dogwater
Dogwater. Ever heard that term? Ever think that it might be you? Let's check to see if it's true.
21:17 3/26/21
Episode 42: A Jacka....Donkey For Jesus
Welcome to the new format! Let us know what you think in a review or email your host at
21:22 2/25/21
Episode 041: Ready Prayer 1
The book, the movie and God's kingdom. Let's Go!
04:17 1/16/21