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COACH - The Professional Coaching Podcast

Conversations with some of the best coaches, mentors and therapists from around the world to talk about the power of coaching, growth and change. In these open and relaxed podcast shows, I explore how coaching offers real transformations for you, your life and business and talk to coaches and experts who are really making a difference in their field.COACH invites a wide variety of guests to share their knowledge, personal insights, their stories about their journeys. Find out how they got to where they are today and how you can set your own path and direction for change and success to achieve your goals and dreams. Host : Teresa Brooks, AC Credited Business Coach, NLP Practitioner & founder of COACH Magazine & Podcast. COACH is a dedicated online digital publication showcasing professional coaches and is a valuable resource for the (currently unregulated) coaching industry. A place to read articles, find professional and verified coaches to work with and training to become a coach with partner The Academy of Coaching and Training. Teresa is a Business & Mindset Coach, Sales Expert and NLP Practitioner who works with ambitious females coaches to helping them learn the art of connective selling to grow successful and profitable values-based business.


Integrity and Ethics in Coaching with Gemma Went 50:42 01/04/2022
Raghav Parkash - A New Culture of Leadership 51:27 12/10/2021
Men and Mental Health with George Zielinski 40:58 10/26/2021
The Path to Conscious Living with Jennifer McKenzie 57:03 10/10/2021
The Overwhelmed Leader - Kate Davies 42:03 09/13/2021
From a Masculine World to Feminine Success - with Sonya Morton Firth 48:39 08/20/2021
Online Success for Introverts - with Emma Louise Parkes 43:30 08/04/2021
Masculine Embodiment and Healing for Growth - with Chris Marhefka 54:43 07/30/2021
Compassionate Assertiveness for Female Leaders - with Jodie Salt 32:02 07/09/2021
Positive Psychology for Unstoppable Success - with Niyc Pidgeon 53:10 06/22/2021
Keeping your Business Success Simple - with Croz Crossley 53:11 06/04/2021
Rapid Transformations for Midlife & Menopause - with Sally Garozzo 44:32 05/17/2021
Elevate your Business using Numerology - with Jo Soley 48:27 04/20/2021
Heal your Trauma to achieve Freedom and Success - with Janine Wirth 48:08 04/08/2021
Career Re-Invention with Berta Maso 37:53 03/19/2021
Inside these Walls - The Impact of the third Pandemic Wave - Joydeep Ghoshdastidar 54:35 03/15/2021
Successful Loving Relationships start with You - John Kenny 40:06 03/10/2021
Building a Successful Wellness Business - Kirsty Kianifard 32:31 02/22/2021
Crafting your Authentic Brand Story for Success - Celinne Da Costa 39:36 02/12/2021
Sarah Negus - Why your Energy is so Powerful in Business 50:46 02/01/2021
The Power of Firewalking - Lottie Moore 44:24 01/05/2021
FEAR - How to master your fear and emotions for your wellbeing - with Chris Bailey 43:48 01/05/2021
Dan Warburton - The Art of Combining Passion & Profit 48:24 01/05/2021
Passive Income with Lisa Johnson 35:15 11/15/2020
Sam Evans - Change your money mindset & defeat Self-Sabotage 44:06 11/09/2020
Misty Sansom - Life Purpose & Spirituality - The Connection 38:10 11/09/2020
Shervin Boolorian - Coming Home to Natural Sound - Healing to reduce Stress & Anxiety 50:36 10/14/2020
Congruence - The key to Success & Fulfilment - with Will Polston 25:55 10/05/2020
Personal Brand Embodiment & Getting Visible Online - with Chanelle Segerius-Bruce 34:38 09/29/2020
How did I get here? Men, Marriage and Midlife - with Fidel Beauhill 43:03 09/18/2020