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Hidden In Plain Sight

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT is a podcast exploring alternative takes on current events, history, high strangeness and all things polite society is afraid to talk about. Hosted by the not so humble slinger of renegade rants, Moral Bob, topics covered are always presented through the lens of individual rights, peaceful resistance and liberty for anyone with the balls to take it. Give a big middle finger to the soul-sucking controlled narratives. Leave no stone unturned. Question Everything. Disregard Nothing.


Ep.83 - Corrupted Flesh, Inversions of Nature w/ Bryant McCullough 94:15 06/24/2022
Ep.82 A Grab Bag of Distraction with Legit Bat 102:43 06/16/2022
Ep.81 *SHOCKING* Revelations w/Big Country and CHUD X 102:01 06/03/2022
Ep.80 Roasting the General Pop 45:46 05/26/2022
Ep.79 Meeting of the Minds X 110:50 05/20/2022
Ep.78 - Goin' Hard and Connecting EVERYTHING w/Ron Weed 119:19 05/13/2022
Ep.77 - Let's Get (meta)PHYSICAL w/Chance Garton 104:55 05/07/2022
Ep.76 - RETURN of FLAT EARTH DAVE 70:11 04/27/2022
Ep.75 - Meeting of the Minds IX 136:22 04/21/2022
Ep.74 TRM - PORNOGRAPHY 53:52 04/16/2022
Ep.73 Signals of Agenda w/ @That_Crazy_Canuk 113:44 04/08/2022
Ep.72 What's Up with the Moon? w/Chud X 171:04 03/31/2022
Ep.71 Anarchy Vs Statism Round II w/ Brandon Peacock 110:29 03/24/2022
Ep.70 Flat Earth School 3 w/ Kyle of the Big Dumb Podcast 111:28 03/18/2022
Ep.69 - Meeting of the Minds VIII - INSANE IN THE UKRAINE 103:44 03/11/2022
Ep.68 - Build Your Own World w/ Chud X and Lanni 139:10 03/04/2022
Ep.67 Anarchy In A Dangerous World 121:08 02/24/2022
Ep.66 Meeting of the Minds VII - Fractured Realities 80:01 02/10/2022
Ep.65 Questioning Everything with Buffalo and Legs 135:50 02/07/2022
Ep.64 Into The Apocalypse w/ Adam and Chud X 144:54 01/28/2022
Ep.63 Meeting of the Minds VI w/ Deplorable Janet, NY Patriot, OddMan and Deception Matt 114:01 01/21/2022
Ep.62 Flat Earth School 2 w/ Debra & Adam 105:24 01/14/2022
Ep.61 Flat Earth School w/ William Ramsey 102:54 01/07/2022
Ep.60 Meeting of the Minds V w/ NY Patriot, Oddman and Real Fake Talk Show 118:41 12/31/2021
Ep.59 Embracing the Split w/ Matt Landman 130:52 12/17/2021
Ep.58 Monday Night MasterDebaters 105:54 12/10/2021
Ep.57 Family Values 34:01 12/03/2021
Ep.56 - Meeting of the Minds IV w/NY Patriot, OddMan and Matt 99:51 11/12/2021
Ep.55 MR CROWLEY w/ William Ramsey and OddMan 90:10 11/05/2021
Ep.54 To Kill a Mockingbird w/ Matt from THE GREAT DECEPTION 111:51 10/28/2021