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HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT is a podcast exploring alternative takes on current events, history, high strangeness and all things polite society is afraid to talk about. Hosted by the not so humble slinger of renegade rants, Moral Bob, topics covered are always presented through the lens of individual rights, peaceful resistance and liberty for anyone with the balls to take it. Give a big middle finger to the soul-sucking controlled narratives. Leave no stone unturned. Question Everything. Disregard Nothing.


F%@K Easter and f%@k you too
WARNING WARNING WARNING!!!!! Explicit Content(I say "motherfucker" probably 50 times, lol) This one is not for everyone, I'm talking to you, christians. I go off on this ridiculous holiday and talk about its true origins, how much I hate religion and just stupid people across the board. All that said, y'all lighten up. It's a podcast and everyone knows I'm an angsty asshole. Haha. so just laugh.....or maybe skip this one.  
36:27 4/12/23
NKOTF Take 2
From the download numbers it seems this show is not liked very much, lol, but I don't care. I love it and that's what matters. this time we talk about hatching chickens, our upcoming farmers market and all things homesteading. this is the future so get with the times! and we need support from you all. in downloads and money. trying to do this on our own is a lot and money is tight. and I firmly believe in voluntary crowd funding. we will be starting a "sponsor a chick" chick program soon which i am excited about so you can get a return on your investment. thanks for everything y'all, we really do appreciate it!   insta : @thehiddenpod @thatrestrohomeschool @thatretrohomestead venmo : @MoralBob Buy Me A Coffee :
50:42 3/22/23
Rant Warning!! Humans are the WORST!!!
Well, it's an old school Moral Bob rant that you guys love so much. This time the subject, as the title suggests, is humans. They really are the worst. I am so ready for a cabin in the woods and never be seen again. Society is fucked. The value system of humanity needs to change but people are too comfortable in their cages. Convenience and consumerism are their gods. And i am over it. Can't wait to sit back and watch it all collapse. Enjoy the show!! Oh and give me your money, lol. Seriously.  Insta : @thehiddenpod & @spaceisfakeandgay Venmo : @MoralBob Buy Me A Coffee :
33:15 3/15/23
New Kids On The Flock!
Welcome to yet another new show!!! This time it's me and the Hen to my Rooster, my amazing wife Kaylee. As some of you know we do a show on the False Reality Check's feed called Feed The Beauty. All homesteading 101 stuff that we all love. and it made us want to start our own show focusing on our journey as recent homesteaders and first generation farmers. Highlighting mostly on what the title suggests, you guessed it, CHICKENS!!! It's finger lickin good!! Ha, that was gross. Even for me.
45:24 2/15/23
Break From The AbNorm with Lanni and CHUD X
Whats up my hidden friends! Sorry these episodes arent coming out regularly but I am working to fix that. Just bear with me. This week I am joined by my amazing with and two good friends Lanni and CHUD X from The World As It Is Today. I am lucky to call these wonderful people friends. And i think this is the first time we have sat down with just them and had a regular chat. I really had a good time on this one and I hope you do too.    INSTA : @thehiddenpod @spaceisfakeandgay @thatretrohomeschool @thatretrohomestead @the_world_as_it_is_today POD :    
104:06 2/7/23
CT3K They Live Talk Over
Back to the silver screen we go!!! This time the three amigos watch They Live together and comment as we watch this (oc)cult classic. Watch along and see what you have to add that we missed. follow us on insta at: @conspiracy_theatre_3000 @missen_the_point @thedeepshare @thehiddenpod
101:55 1/26/23
CT3K They Live Breakdown!!!!!
Welcome to the theatre! Conspiracy Theatre 3K debuts tonight with one of the most iconic cult classics of all time and definitely the biggest in our community, THEY LIVE!!!!!! so out on you Hoffman glasses and get your popcorn, because this one is stellar. If you want to watch along with us, we do a live play talk over on our next episode that I released at the same time. Hope you enjoy it, because we love doing these.  Follow us on Insta at: @conspiracy_theatre_3000 @missen_the_point @thedeepshare @thehiddenpod
120:20 1/26/23
Alright stop, collaborate and LISTEN! CHUD is back with a brand new invention. Thats right folks, its the return of my most downloaded guest, the one and only, CHUD X!!!! And this one delivers everything you want. We go on an intellectual journey all over the place, as expected. One of my favorite people to talk to and if you like listening half as much, this will be another record setter. Enjoy, live free everyone.
139:00 1/16/23
I'm back!!!!! Conspiracy Theatre 3K
I'm fucking back!!!! Sorry for the delay but it was worth it. Though I haven't been releasing shows I have been busy. I will be dropping a bunch of shows the next week and then getting back to your regularly scheduled programming! haha. And we start with the much anticipated Conspiracy Theatre 3K. This was a meet and greet between Andy from Deep Share, our boy Drew from Missen the Point and of course myself. Super excited about whats to come with these two. Enjoy this little chat and buckle up for the soon to come first episode of Conspiracy Theatre 3k!!!!!
98:54 1/14/23
What Is God? w/ Micah Dank
On this episode I bring on the loved/hated Micah Dank. We talk about God, energy and the nature of this realm. I will be having him back on soon to do a follow up and hopefully it will be longer and more conversational. This was more of a presentation but definitely gets the brain juices flowing. Enjoy this one with the looming question, what IS god?
53:36 11/29/22
On this planet sized three hour episode, I talk to the one, the only, Jeran from the highly censored and shadowbanned Jeranism YouTube channel. We talk about debating ridiculousness, proofs or the true earth, life and so much more. It was truly an honor having him on the show as I have been listening to him for years. Go support him on his YouTube channel and do all that YouTube stuff I am sure you know how to do. Also, follow his Instagram. And most of all, never stop observing reality and questioning the bullshit narrative fed to us by the oligarchs that rule this whirled. Oh, and give me your money!! I am moving and basically unemployed, and as most of you know I am in a crazy custody battle to get my son back home where he belongs. Send us money or just good vibes, both are valuable. Ok I'm gunna fuck off now, enjoy!!! JeranismYouTube: Instagram: @jeranism Gimme Yo Money: @MoralBob(venmo) My Insta: @thehiddenpod                 @spaceisfakeandgay                 @_everythingisfakeandgay_
183:39 11/10/22
100th Episode GIANT SIZED Packed Party
Looks like we made it... An ensemble of HPS regulars and content creators for a laid back laughed filled conversation to comemorate the 100th episode of Hidden In Plain Sight. Join Bob, Ryan Dean, Drew Missen, John, Tyson and Big Country as they recap the last few years in the truth world and continue there attempt to make sense of a grab bag of fringe and evolved topics like Simulation Theory, Geoengineering, Cinematic Symbolism, Spirituality and of course... getting the hell off the grid. Support the Show: Venmo - @MoralBob Thank you for subscribing on your favorite podcasting platform!
197:18 11/3/22
What If? with Drew and Kaylee (No, you don't have Covid)
This week Bob, Kaylee and Drew reunite for an XL episode to reflect on the current state of a world most people can't make heads or tails of. Evoking a grab bag of the madness, the trio discusses mass confusion, medical industrial complex, spirituality, hollywood propaganda, all while asking the questions "What If?". Support the Show: Venmo - @MoralBob  
121:20 10/27/22
HEAL YOURSELF!! with Clive de Carle
On this very special episode of Hidden in Plain Sight, Bob hosts legendary health revolutionary Clive de Carle to discuss his story in discovering the accessible and natural health remedies available outside of our symptom-grifting medical industrial bureaucracy.  Support the Show: Venmo - @MoralBob Find Clive Here: FACEBOOK TELEGRAM
90:31 10/22/22
Fake Sign Language with Drew
Bob, Kayleigh and Drew congregate for a conversation on  enviornmental engineering, the wacky weather, threats to food autonomy and much more. 
119:48 10/14/22
Bob joins Unconstitutional Awakening Podcast for an episode resulting in a heated flat earth debate. But thats not all - Tune in for a conversation on -  The Tibetan Thunderbolt, The Shamir worm, sound and vibration, grounding, The Rarámuri or Tarahumara runner's old photographs and more!
135:20 10/7/22
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
This week Bob and his wife Kaylee discuss some choice anomolies offered by our spinning sky. In the process they explore our relationship with the sun, the moon, the stars and everything in between.  Support Venmo - @MoralBob
70:53 9/30/22
A Master Debaters style convo on Hollow Earth & Flat Earth featuring Ryan from Dangerous World Podcast, Chaz of the Dead and host Matt of the Great Deception Podcast.  A rousing and heated debate on Hollow Earth VS Flat Earth while involving many adjcent topics such as - Ant People, UFOs, Richard Shaver, Admiral Byrd, psychedelics, abductions, money vs power, Bush Dynasty, and Realm of Enslavement.
117:00 9/23/22
Movie Minds Finale! - 23
Bob and Drew are back for the finale of their Jim Carey MOVIE MINDS series. This time they dive deep on Joel Schumacher's 2007 thriller "23". 
96:23 9/16/22
Continuing their Jim Carey series, Bob and Drew are back to break down the subtle and not so subtle subtexts of LIAR LIAR and THE MASK. 
204:24 9/13/22
Movie Minds! - THE TRUMAN SHOW
Bob is joined by Drew from You're Missen the Point podcast to break down 1998's THE TRUMAN SHOW, starring Jim Carey and Ed Harris. Join in on this fun breakdown of the symbolism and underlying subtexts of this red pilling classic.   
91:13 9/9/22
A Break From the Abnorm III with Adam (Debra Gets Red Pilled) and Matt (Great Deception)
Bob and Matt reunite to welcome Adam from DEBRA GETS RED PILLED as they discuss spinning the plates of freedom, sanity and autonomy in an attempt to establish some sort of normallcy in clown world.
160:38 9/2/22
Psyops within Psyops with The Reality Czars!
This week Bob is joined by the legendary Reality Czars to go deep into psyops within psyops; the nature of existence; annunaki and the igigi; and why we need focus on our families, grow our own food and question everything! Find the Reality Czars Here:
101:37 8/26/22
Ep. 89 - A Break from the Abnorm II! - Who's Hungry?
Bob, Matt and Ryan are back for another Break from the Abnorm in which they mostly discuss everyone's favorite pasttime - eating food. 
124:41 8/12/22
Ep. 88 - Don't Worry, Be Happy
On this highly personal episode Bob talks about his personal growth over the last few years and how he's aligned his priorities to focus on what matters most. 
24:49 8/5/22
Ep. 87 - A Break from the Abnorm!
Bob and Matt talk to Ron from THE WICKED PLANET podcast about getting back to tradition, normality and the way its supposed to be.  In effect, these three attempt to pump the brakes on the whoas of the truth movement and talk about taking action to fix your own shit, help local community and establish independence. Resist the global system of control with autonomy and tradition.
137:17 7/22/22
Ep.86 - TRM - Raise Yo' Kids!
Bob is joined by his wife Kayleigh for another edition of THAT RETRO MARRIAGE. This time they workshop some strategies to raise healthy, independent children. *Spoiler alert* - our current (and broken) system isn't doing them any favors. Listen to this highly personal episode as these two discuss their thoughts on combatting the hazardous enviornments that so many people claim to have no choice but to expose their children to. 
84:51 7/15/22
Ep.85 - The MAGA Cult with Ryan Dean
This week Ryan Dean from DANGEROUS WORLD PODCAST joins Bob to  discuss the pros but mostly cons of the Orange Man. Rest assured this isn't just another blue pilled bitch fest induced by Trump derrangement syndrome. Instead, these two take a critical look his policies,  his influence on right-wing populism and the hopeful delusions of his devoted MAGA crowd.  Check out Dangerous World Podcast here: EMAIL: IG: @DangerousWorldPod
116:03 7/7/22
Ep.84 - The Bock Saga with Andy from Deep Share Podcast
Bob welcomes back Anday from the DEEP SHARE PODCAST to recieve an introductory break down of The BOCK SAGA, an ancient Sandinavian orgin story of mankind that has been passed down for centuries via oral tradition.   
130:20 6/30/22
Ep.83 - Corrupted Flesh, Inversions of Nature w/ Bryant McCullough
Host of podcast BY THEIR FRUITS, Bryant McCullough, joins HPS this week to discuss the state of our corrupted natural world and how it connects with the larger agenda at play we are experiencing today (whether you realize it or not). A truly fascinating discussion calling back traditional themes claimed by the Biblical worldview.  Find Bryant:      
94:15 6/24/22

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