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We travel the world meeting fun and interesting people everywhere, whether it's in our 40ft RV towing our Jeep, a cruise, an all-inclusive resort or just getting away, we always have fun. A blended family, Lisa adopted George's boys after his wife passed away and George and Lisa married. Making for 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls lots of crazy children raising stories and ideas. This podcast you will find great travel tips and stories, a little bid of real estate info and lots of great parenting far so good on the advice...none of the kids are in prison or I supposed that's a good start! George is retired but Lisa owns View Properties Real Estate brokerage and has been a top producing agent for over 15 years. Learn about a work life balance, and navigating business from the road in their RV travels.


2022 Windrock TN Jeep 4x4 Adventure.
Join George and Lisa as they talk about their fun Jeep adventure in Windrock TN.  Listen to the fun, achievements and bumps along the way as they pushed their 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited to the limits.
53:34 09/13/2022
Adventures in Michigan
Listen to George and Lisa as they talk about their news adventure.  George and Lisa tell you about their recent trip to Michigan.  so sit back and enjoy.
64:21 08/31/2022
2022 Interview with Stuart Crawford from 3 dogs and an RV.
Come listen to George and Lisa as they talk with Stuart Crawford about his adventures as a fulltime RV'er.  The conversation covers subjects like Hilton Head Island Motorcoach resort, Living in an RV fulltime, Stuart also tells us about his youtube channel "3 dogs and an RV".  So sit back and enjoy.
51:32 08/01/2022
2022 Mountain Falls Luxury RV Resort Trip.
Come listen as George and Lisa talk about their recent trip to Mountain Falls Luxury RV Resort.  They talk about the resort and the surrounding area, restaurants and activities.Sit back and enjoy. Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort | Blue Ridge Mountains Motorcoach Resort | Blue RidgeMotorcoach Resort | Mountain Falls ( - Lake Toxaway Country Club ( – Historic Hotel, Restaurant, Spa ( Villa Amato | Facebook
51:31 07/09/2022
2022 Alaska Cruise Part 3
Welcome to our final instalment of our Alaska cruise on Carnival Splendor.  Join Lisa and George as they fill you in on the last leg of their cruise.  Sit back and enjoy this adventure.
55:48 06/29/2022
2022 Alaska Cruise Part 2
Come listen to part 2 of George and Lisa's cruise to Alaska.  
44:17 06/20/2022
2022 Alaska Cruise Part 1
Listen to George and Lisa as they give you the lowdown on their Alaska cruise on Carnival Splendor.  They will tell you about the ship and give you great advice on how to make your next cruise special.
45:26 05/25/2022
Nashville and Upcoming events. 2022
Listen in as George and Lisa talk about their resent trip to Nashville with two 21 year olds   Get some great tips on restaurants and bars.  Also listen in as they discuss their upcoming trips and adventures.RViewpodcast Nashville RV Resort and CabinsThe Twelve Thirty ClubThe Music City Bar & GrillEddy V's prime seafood.Tootsies Orchid LoungeThe Dinnerkid rock's big ass honkytonk & rock 'n' roll steakhouseLuke's 32 Bridge Food + DrinksA night in the Country.  Bourbon and Beyond.
47:11 05/03/2022
HootieFest 2022
Come listen to George and Lisa as they tell you all about HootieFest in Cancun Mexico.  Listen in as they talk about Moon Palace resort and all the adventures at HootieFest.
43:08 02/07/2022
2022 Tampa RV super show.
Listen to George and Lisa as they recap the Tampa RV super show.  
34:03 01/25/2022
Christmas in Nashville 2021
We decided to spend Christmas in Nashville and boy did we have a blast.  Come listen to our adventures and listen in as we highlight some of the fun places we visited, we have a bunch of tips and ideas for your next trip to Nashville TN. Scoreboard Nashville. ( Hotels in Nashville | Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center ( Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar – Nashville's Best My Kinda Party ( Page | Kid Rock's Big Honky Tonk & Steakhouse ( Riviera | Nashville, TN | Live Music : Cold Beer : Good Times ( | Hours + Location | The Palm | 21 Steakhouse LocationsNashville - The Hampton Social - American RestaurantBobby McClendonNashville, Tennessee Campground | Nashville KOA Resort
54:47 01/03/2022
Fantasy Fest Key West 2021
Join George and Lisa Hernandez as they talk about CB Smith park Pembroke Pines, FL and Fantasy Fest 2021 in Key West, FL .  Listen as they talk about all the great restaurants and parties that they attended while at Fantasy Fest.  Home - Roostica Wood-Fire PizzeriaKey West Hotels | Official Website | The Perry Hotel ( - DeLunas Cafe LLCComing Soon - Key West Absinthe Society ('s Key West RV Campground - Waterfront RV & Tent Camping ( Resort Hilton Head | Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort (
67:34 11/11/2021
Tailgating at The University of South Carolina
George and Lisa Richart-Hernandez talk about how they tailgate at the University of South Carolina. Tips and easy recipes for success. Lisa RichartHernandez  Hi friends welcome back to RView we have a great show for you today, talking about our tailgating and bringing our RV to the University of South Carolina. We've got some great tips and tricks and some quick, easy recipes to share. So stay tuned. intro  Welcome to RView with your hosts George and Lisa Hernandez each week listening as George and Lisa talk about their RV and travel adventures all around the world. Georgia and Lisa travel in their 40 foot Class A Tiff and motorcoach and tow their Jeep Wrangler, always looking for fun and adventure.
47:06 10/13/2021
Hard Rock Resort Los Cabos 2021 All-inclusive trip
Hard Rock Resort- Los CabosGeorge and Lisa talk about their travel to Mexico and their week long stay at the all-inclusive Hard Rock Resort in Los Cobos Mexico. Their excursions, sailing, snorkeling, and great restaurants to try. El Farallon Restaurant- Our Last night cliffside diningNobu Cabo San Lucas, MexicoLisa RichartHernandez  Hi, welcome back to RView. We've got a great show for you this week, we're going to tell you all about our all inclusive trip to the Hard Rock resort in Los Cabos, San Lucas, Mexico. So stay tuned.intro  Welcome to RView with your hosts George and Lisa Hernandez each week listening as George and Lisa talk about their RV and travel adventures all around the world. GEORGE And Lisa travel in their 40 foot Class A tiffin motorcoach, and tow their Jeep Wrangler, always looking for fun and adventure.Lisa RichartHernandez  Hi, welcome back to RView. I'm Lisa RichartHernandez.George  And I'm George Hernandez.Lisa RichartHernandez  We have a great show for you this week. We're so excited to talk to you about our international travel back on the airplane and out of the RV. For a week we spent down in beautiful Cabo. It wasn't our first time to Cabo. But it was our first time to this hard rock resort there. And we're gonna tell you all about it today.George  Yes, it was super exciting. What a great resort and we can't wait to tell you all about it. So let's get going.Lisa RichartHernandez  Yeah, so why don't we just get a start with our our flights, we went through United Airlines traveling with COVID was interesting. Just as we were I was I was nervous a little bit about what we were going to have to do or anything like that. But to travel to Mexico currently, you do not have to provide a negative COVID test. We did go ahead and get tested before we left anyways, just to be on the safe side. So we didn't get stuck in Mexico. But we booked United Airlines Of course you have to wear your masks. But we have first class service was amazing. Yes,George  I was very happy with the United We typically travel delta and other airlines united. This was a very pleasant experience. Kudos to United. The food on board was fantastic. It was just a little snack pack. But it was really actually awesome.Lisa RichartHernandez  Yeah, we had drinks a snack pack. And then on the way back, we actually had warm sandwiches.George  Yes. Which you haven't seen that in an airplane in a long time.Lisa RichartHernandez  Yeah, for a while they weren't serving. I don't think any food or drinks for COVID. Like because of COVIDGeorge  while they were definitely serving drinks.Lisa RichartHernandez  Yes. We never feel like we're quite yet on vacation until we get on an airplane. And have a Bloody Mary.George  That's my go to flying drink. Yes. Bloody Mary starts to vacation. Yes, that's right. So kudos to United for a wonderful trip. wonderful experience. Service was fantastic. Yeah. And I will definitely fly united again.Lisa RichartHernandez  Yeah, definitely. So we should probably start by saying that George and I are members of the Hard Rock resorts and we bought a package that's basically kind of like prepaying for your vacations about so we're what they call, what's our status?George  Right now our status is Hall of Fame members. We were VIP. And we bumped up to Hall of Fame. And then there's another one rock legend or something another status above us, which is just ridiculous, the service. We were so pleased with our service for Hall of Fame members. And it
56:31 09/16/2021
Aging Parents, New Homes, TiK ToK app and where we've been!
RV travel has been put on hold as George and Lisa navigate some tough roads with aging parents and growing kids! Sometimes life gets in the way.  Come listen to George and Lisa as they tell us about taking care of parents, college kids and buying a house got in the way of putting out a podcast.  Lisa RichartHernandez  Hi, welcome back to Rview podcast. I'm going to tell you all about why we haven't had a podcast since June 14. What's been going on in our crazy lives, the ups and downs and aging parents and kids in college and everything in between. So stay tuned.intro  Welcome to Rview with your hosts George and Lisa Hernandez. Each week listening as George and Lisa talk about their RV and travel adventures all around the world. GEORGE And Lisa travel in their 40 foot Class A tip and motorcoach and tow their Jeep Wrangler, always looking for fun and adventure.
45:54 08/18/2021
Locate The Locketts- Full-time RV newbies with 2 small kids
This week we will be talking with Maurice and Allison Lockett about their new adventures as they hit the road with their two young sons and go full-time in their RV.   Maurice and Allison have been on the road for six months now and they will share with us how they are making it work, what they've learned, and what advice they have for other parents thinking of hitting the road with kids.  Sit back and join us as we Locate the Locketts.Lisa RichartHernandez  Hi friends welcome to our view. We have a great show for you this week. we're interviewing locate the lockets Maurice and Alison locket. Originally from North Texas, they along with her two young sons decided to sell it all. Buy an RV and hit the road full time. So sit back and relax. Will they tell us all about their new life? How they decided to do it and their adventures so far.intro  Welcome to RView with your hosts George and Lisa Hernandez each week listen in as George and Lisa talk about their RV and travel adventures all around the world. GEORGE And Lisa travel in their 40 foot class, a tip and motor coach and tow their Jeep Wrangler, always looking for fun and adventure.
64:12 06/15/2021
1st Year FULL-TIME Rv'ers Ken and Julie Davis tell us about their first year on the road
Join us as we talk with Ken and Julie Davis as they wrap up their first year as full-time RV'ers.  Ken and Juli tell us about the pros and cons and what they have experienced this first year living in their RV full-time. Their favorite places they have visited so far, and what's on the schedule for next year!Don't forget to check out Ken's photography from their travels at their website:
51:44 05/28/2021
Bimini Bahamas 2021 trip for Lisa's 50th birthday celebration
George and Lisa Hernandez visit Bimini, Bahamas for Lisa's 50th birthday and talk about the places to visit, COVID rules, how to get there and more!Silver AirwaysNates Bahamian Breads and deep dish pizzaBimini Bay Resort and Casino
57:32 05/27/2021
Social Media Groups with Great Info, trip planning and decorating
This episode George and Lisa talk about their favorite spots for information and trip planning on the internet and social media, along with some tips on social media etiquette. Motor Homes Technical ForumCamping is our life group Upscale RV Resorts GroupRv Parks and campground reviews groupHilton Head RV Lots for sale group
29:54 03/08/2021
Is buying an RV lot right for you?
Lisa and I talk about our recent visit to Florida.  CB Smith campground and Pelican Lake RV resort.  We also discuss the pros and cons to owning an RV lot.  Is it right for you?  Hopefully we can answer some of your questions if you are considering purchasing a lot.  We will tell you about some of our favorite resorts that have lots for sale and also some that we have not been to.  So come join us, sit back and enjoy.Hilton Head Island Motorcoach ResortHilton Head Island RV Lots for salePelican Lakes Las Vegas motorcoach resortPacific Shores Motorcoach ResortMountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach ResortBluewater Key RV ResorDesert Shores ResortPortal RV Resort
49:13 02/04/2021
Our Interview with Angie Morell Director of Sales for National Indoor RV Centers and AIM group info
Join us as we talk with Angie Morell about National Indoor RV Centers and AIM.  Angie has been in the RV business for many years and is a wealth of knowledge.  Angie will tell us about NIR and all of their wonderful services and she will also give us insight into AIM (All Inclusive Motorhome) club.   Tampa RV Supershow information 2021You will not want to miss this episode.Here's how to reach Angie and please make sure to tell her that you heard it hear at MorellNational Indoor RV CentersDirector of SalesCell Phone: 214-392-1100Direct Line:469-277-1120amorell@mirvc.comNIRVC.COMCheck out Angie's Videos on Youtube:     RV 101 info
30:16 01/15/2021
Tampa RV Super Show 2021 Day 1- Tiffin, Newmar, Entegra, Prevost, and more
George and Lisa interview with their friends Chris and Tracy Hawkins about the likes and dislikes of the Coaches and campers that we toured the first day of the Tampa RV Supershow. Pros and cons of different models, and more. Chris and Tracy recently going FULL-TIME in their RV and just traded in their Tiffin Phaeton for a new Newmar Dutch for all our  details, photos, videos and contact info.
39:37 01/14/2021
MOAB Utah 2020 our next stop on our cross country adventure.
In this episode we talk about our stop in MOAB Utah.  This was our favorite stop for both of us, we loved the town, the trails and the people.  Come join us and listed to our adventures and get some tips on tours, trails and campgrounds.  George even has some great trail tips and etiquette.
77:52 12/23/2020
Las Vegas stop on our cross country RV Trip 6 nights
Las Vegas Motorcoach ResortMayfair Supper ClubMon Ami GabiDirt Dog Las Vegas
55:07 11/20/2020
RV Trip- Carson City, NV, Reno and Lake Tahoe, Hawthorne, NV and Jeep trails tips and travel information
Gold Dust West Casino and camping- Lake Tahoe- Valley: Gigafactory
56:15 10/09/2020
Oregon Coast, Harvest Host, and Jeeping in the Sand Dunes
George and Lisa talk about the next leg of their cross country RV trip to the Oregon coast. 
39:26 09/25/2020
Redwoods Forest National Park, Northern California cross country RV trip
George and Lisa talk about their 5 days in Crescent City, CA staying at the Ramblin' Redwoods RV park. Full-day kayak trip down the Smith River and more!
39:26 09/25/2020
Washington State, Seattle, and Whale Watching! Leg 3 of cross country RV trip!
George and Lisa talk about their last few days of the trip with Tyler and Bailey in the Seattle area and whale watching. Great tips for where to stay and what to eat and how COVID is effecting things right now. Lake Pleasant RV ParkSpace Needle SeattlePike Place MarketSeattle Great Wheel- Ferris WheelSeattle Olympic Statue ParkSalty's Restaurant on the WaterPuget Sound Express- Whale Watching TourMount Ranier National Park
60:13 09/01/2020
Updated Yellowstone National Park Tips and Travel advice August 2020 during COVID
George and Lisa talk about their recent trip to Yellowstone during COVID and the things they learned along the way. West Yellowstone Grizzly RV ParkJust Ahead App- best app for visiting the park with a guided tour and infoYellowstone Park App for iPhone- get this one too its free and shows road closures and geyser time predictionsYellowstone Park App for Android- same as above but for androidBozeman Hot Springs CampgroundWild West Pizza- West Yellowstone, amazing pizza, sandwiches and cocktails
55:59 08/31/2020
Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore, First stop on our cross country RV trip
Listen to George and Lisa and their tips and info about their trip to Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, Wall Drug, The Corn Palace, and much more!
58:52 08/23/2020