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When the Bough Breaks

When the Bough Breaks (WTBB) is a podcast that was formed with the idea of creating a resource for those who find themselves estranged from one or more family members. Guests call in the show to discuss the events that led up to their estrangement and share their experiences throughout their journey. Guests also include psychologists, family counselors, life coaches, writers and more! Alexis Arralynn, one of the few podcasters willing to tackle this difficult and often painful topic, realizes that one important step toward healing and recovery, is vulnerability. She has opened up about her own personal journey of estrangement in several episodes.


things will get DiFFeReNT 77:11 02/21/2021
IF I Could Turn Back Time 65:55 01/31/2021
Block. Block. Block. 67:41 01/08/2021
Special: LIVE Holiday Hot Cocoa Edition 42:39 12/11/2020
A Starr is Born 46:07 11/07/2020
Dying Out Loud 70:10 06/04/2020
CPS: Once, twice, thrice. 48:22 05/27/2020
It's a Dog's Life 39:23 05/16/2020
It's Complicated 50:13 04/03/2020
Out By Seven 52:57 03/24/2020
Between A Rock And A Hard Place 58:36 05/12/2019
3 Weddings And A Funeral 84:12 05/12/2019
Lexi's Can Of Worms Part 2 62:25 05/12/2019
Lexi's Can Of Worms Part 1 71:49 05/12/2019
"Bad Math" 61:10 03/30/2019
"That Kid From Wendy's" 85:06 03/30/2019
"Why Can't We All Just Get Along?" 55:25 03/30/2019