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When the Bough Breaks (WTBB) is a podcast for those who find themselves estranged from one or more family members. Guests call in the show to discuss the events that led up to their estrangement and share their experiences throughout their journey. Guests also include psychologists, family counselors, life coaches, writers and more! Alexis Arralynn, creator, producer and host of the show is one of the few podcasters willing to tackle this difficult and often painful topic. She realizes that one important step toward healing and recovery, is vulnerability. Alexis has opened up about her own personal journey of estrangement in several episodes. Alexis Arralynn is, has always been and will proudly remain your dedicated creator, producer and host of When the Bough Breaks Podcast. “Thank you dedicated listeners for ALL your support and hard work behind the scenes. I do this not only for myself but for you all. Much love, Alexis Arralynn.”


things will get DiFFeReNT
Though our guest Alexander Desmerais suffered the most vile of childhood traumas, and continues to be estranged from any meaningful family bonds, he has developed a productive approach to life that should serve as an example to all of us. He reminds us that no matter how terrible an experience, it is temporary. He goes on to teach us that trauma is as impermanent as we’re willing to do the work to make it....Alexander Desmarais is an undergraduate student working to become a counselor. Be a guest on the show by clicking resources:...If you need help in Canada please call the suicide hotline. It's open 24/7, staffed with caring people who just want to help. 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)...To speak with a trained counselor any time, and you're under the age of 25, please call the kids help line at 1-800-668-6868. If you can’t call but have access to the internet, please visit youth and young adult help and information is an excellent resource....For sexual education resources, please go to This is an incredible resource for both youth and educators not only to learn how to talk about sex and sex education, but an incredible archive of useful knowledge for people of all ages!...USA resources:...If you need help in the US, please call the suicide lifeline 1-800-273-8255 or visit access to counselling online, visit, or speak to your doctor about options available to you.Support the show
77:11 2/21/21
IF I Could Turn Back Time
Sometimes the caterpillar blossoms into a butterfly, only for circumstances to remind her that her wings came too late. Kreed Revere shares the story of how estrangement from her daughters forced her to embark on a courageous journey of transformation. Sadly, she’s learning that some damage can’t be undone by doing everything differently. Still, she remains hopeful that the sincerity of her approach will open the door to healing of her strained family relationships.Books:When Parents HurtFault Lines#PTSD  #estrangement  #trauma     #ReconnectionClub #drkarlpillemerBe a guest on the show by clicking the show
65:55 1/31/21
Block. Block. Block.
When the Bough Breaks Podcast welcomes the one and only Seth Andrews When Seth isn't busy being just a normal good looking guy with great voice, beautiful family and cute dogs, Seth is a podcaster, author and host of The Thinking Atheist Podcast. Seth guests on WTBB to open up about his estrangement experience surrounding his family's faith and offers encouraging words to our hosts and listeners. To learn more about Seth, just click the following links! We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we had the pleasure of producing it. http://www.sethandrews.comhttp://www.thethinkingatheist.comTo be a guest on the show click the show
67:41 1/8/21
Special: LIVE Holiday Hot Cocoa Edition
Listen to Turn up the AC's "Christmas Gifts" episodewww.acfisherpod.comGrow Your Own Candy Canes Pin the original, unedited LIVE Hot Cocoa Video edition a guest! the show
42:39 12/11/20
A Starr is Born
People organizer and podcaster Starr Mallory guests this episode. Listen as she shares with host AC Bergen how a tragic accident shaped and molded the person she is today. Starr also shares her experience with family estrangement and personal growth. Echoes of Resilience Podcast be a guest on the show, click the link the show
46:07 11/7/20
Dying Out Loud
Special guest Dave Warnock of “Dying out Loud” shares his story of de-conversion, estrangement and his fatal  ALS diagnosis. Dave shares with us the importance of living our best life even while estranged and living with a debilitating and fatal disease. You can learn more about Dave by clicking the link below. www.daveoutloud.comOther resourceshttps://clergyproject.orghttps://www.recoveringfromreligion.orgTo be a guest on the show, here’s our calendar link the show
70:10 6/4/20
CPS: Once, twice, thrice.
 After her father unjustifiably called CPS on her... THREE TIMES,  Briar shares with us how to cope as well as thrive after estrangement. Briar also shares her view on forgiveness and how it had led to a thriving life helping others cope with similar trauma and loss. If you would like more information about this guest, please click the link below or send us and email at wtbbpodcast@gmail.comhttp://www.briarharvey.comClick here to guest on the show the show
48:22 5/27/20
It's Complicated
 AC joins Alexis to bring everyone up to date on his estrangement story. Remember to like, follow, and share on social media! To support the show, please leave a positive review wherever you listen to this podcast.Thank you for listening!Click here to be a guest the show
50:13 4/3/20
Between A Rock And A Hard Place
An inspirational story of faith and survival... Author Joe Potosi gives a graphic and raw account of his childhood abuse and abandonment experiences. Joe shares a peek into his book, "When the Dust Settled" which is a more detailed account of Joe's experiences. Click here to be a guest the show
58:36 5/12/19
3 Weddings And A Funeral
Are 3 weddings and a funeral too much for one family? Is it possible to have a healthy relationship with a narcissistic parent? Can the family be mended in time before Curtis makes Becca his wife? Guest Curtis Blackthorne makes an urgent and time-sensitive call to the show.Click here to be a guest the show
84:12 5/12/19
Lexi's Can Of Worms Part 2
Refill your box of tissues as Lexi continues the series of events preceding her initial estrangement. Part 2 continues.Click here to be a guest the show
62:25 5/12/19
Lexi's Can Of Worms Part 1
In this episode, Lexi, the show's regular host, opens up about her story of estrangement. Part 1 focuses on her childhood trauma, and the effects of having one or more family members diagnosed with mental illness.Click here to be a guest the show
71:49 5/12/19
"Bad Math"
Brian Cardoza's message is one of responsibility and hope. As a survivor, he works diligently raising awareness and money to fight against sexual assault and physical abuse. He believes in the potential to change your circumstances by changing your thinking. Brian's motto, "Don't let this moment dictate the next moment" is shared by the many he inspires.Click here to be a guest the show
61:10 3/30/19
"That Kid From Wendy's"
Kerouac Smith, Host of Kerouac to the Future, shares his unique story of multiple parental estrangement and how the famous chain Wendy's Hamburgers helped him through a tough time in an unlikely way.Click here to be a guest the show
85:06 3/30/19
"Why Can't We All Just Get Along?"
Ac shares the story of how a complicated family history led to estrangement from his mother and sister.Click here to be a guest the show
55:25 3/30/19