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The mission of Empowered with Lauren podcast is to break the vicious cycle of perception, and bring back the power of being PRESENT and owning our lives in reality. Empowered with Lauren podcast will navigate the everyday issues that we as girls/women deal with and breakdown the misconceptions of what society and social media have conditioned us to believe what a confident, empowered female looks like, feels like and acts like. The show will explore tangible ways to live a more fulfilled enriched life by learning to being comfortable in your own skin and redirecting your mindset to be an active participant in your own life by finding your fire and creating your own story!


Empowered with Lauren Show 10
On this episode of Empowered with Lauren, our host Lauren has an intimate conversation with clinical psychologist Dr. Rhonda Yoss-Kaplan on tangible ways parents can navigate through this pandemic to instill confidence and security in their children. On day 49 of the stay at home order, Lauren and Dr. Rhonda discuss the importance of role modeling and how parents actions and reactions will make a lasting imprint on how children acclimate back into society.
47:15 5/6/20
Empowered with Lauren Show 9
On this episode of Empowered with Lauren our host Lauren has a real and raw conversation with mindset coach and guru Tracy Litt. Tracy gives tangible ways to reprogram your thoughts and behavior by tapping into positivity as means to cope. This episode will help you navigate your every day life especially during this societal crisis.
60:47 3/31/20
Empowered with Lauren Show 8
On this powerful episode of Empowered with Lauren our host Lauren is joined by the iconic Suzanne Somers. Suzanne is not only an actress but also a world renowned lecturer.  She has established herself as a leading voice on anti-aging and received an honorary doctorate from National University. Suzanne is also the author of three #1 New York Times bestsellers and she just completed her 27th book called A New Way to Age. Lauren and Suzanne have an intimate discussion on how at 73 years young Suzanne is the happiest she’s ever her best life.  It is a must listen to episode! Tune in to find out how to live with more energy, more happiness and a lot more sex!
40:38 2/21/20
Empowered with Lauren Show 7
On this episode of Empowered with Lauren our host Lauren speaks with Rebecca Fleetwood Hession, CEO of who talks about how to ban burnout and build community. Rebecca defines the difference between STRIVING and THRIVING....
45:27 2/5/20
Empowered with Lauren Show 6
On this episode of Empowered with Lauren our host Lauren has an in-depth discussion with Mrs. DC America 2015 Elaine Espinola.  Elaine is a speaker for the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative and she speaks about the horrible reality of human trafficking and how children’s use of social media has made this an epidemic reporting 45 million children missing and or exploited.
56:43 1/28/20
Empowered with Lauren Show 5
On this episode of Empowered with Lauren we ring in the New Year and new decade with some powerful fitness and lifestyle tips. Our host Lauren, a celebrity fitness expert with over 25 years of experience keeps it real by breaking both fitness and diet myths. Lauren gives 10 practical tips to set you up for success to sustain your fitness regimen and get you ready to kick ass making 2020 your HOTTEST YEAR EVER!This is a must listen for both beginner and elite athletes..
29:01 1/6/20
Empowered with Lauren Show 4
On this powerful episode of Empowered with Lauren, Dr. Tomer Singer, one of the leading experts in reproductive medicine, infertility and egg freezing and the medical director of SGF New York as well as an associate professor of OB/GYN at Hofstra Medical School educates our listeners on the groundbreaking topic of breaking the biological clock. Lauren and Dr. Singer explore how freezing eggs will be the cultural and social reform liberating  women throughout the world! An episode you do not want to miss!! 
42:50 12/17/19
Empowered with Lauren Show 3
On this episode of Empowered with Lauren, our host has an in depth conversation with guest Donna Korren. They discuss how it’s never too late to define, or re-define who and what you are. The importance of giving yourself permission to create your own roadmap is key. Donna Korren is the founder of Empty Quester and recently did a Tedx talk on creating your next bold chapter after 50. Tune in to this very genuine and real conversation...
40:00 11/19/19
Empowered with Lauren Show 2
On this episode of Empowered with Lauren our host Lauren walks us through tangible ways to feel happier, have self worth and how to find our own Fire!  Lauren speaks of the absolute necessity for every female to have hobbies and engage in them to live a more fulfilled life. Lauren explores the correlation between being an active participant in life rather than a spectator, and how it sets the foundation for how you see yourself and how others see you. Tune in to find out what five letter word should never be used in your vocabulary....
12:02 11/16/19
Empowered with Lauren Show 1 Intro
Lauren Brenner, keynote motivational speaker entrepreneur, fitness guru and host of Empowered with Lauren speaks about taking tangible steps to lead by example and be role models to our daughters. In this episode, Lauren explains that breaking the narcissistic culture that we have created is essential for our daughters to understand self-worth and respect of themselves and others.  An empowered confident woman does not need to get validation by posting selfie‘s. Lauren walks through the power of being present and how that is the foundation to build real relationships and connections.
11:19 11/4/19