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Looking at all of the unexplained mysteries in our universe...from alien activity to Zak Bagans and every other phenomenon in between...The paranormal The extra-terrestrial. The cryptids. The Psychic. The Metaphysical. The Conspiratorial. It's all here! Stay curious! 'Cause If You Ain't Curious You May As Well Already Be Dead! This Is Where The Unknown Connects With The Empowered!


Consciousness Cafe #3: Jeremy from IRH talk owls, UFOs and some detours
https://www.infiniterabbithole.comConnect and listen through here!Jeremy Socha...very good friend of the show makes his long awaited return for the next edition of the Consciousness Cafe. He ended up being a source of inspiration for this segment to become a thing in the first place.This episode was going to focus on the work of Mike Clelland and the connection of UFO's, ET, and owls and how they present themselves s screen memories. We didn't quite end up there which is ok....some of it was discussed but Phantom Phil has a lengthy story to share in terms of the owl totems....and how it is all a part of a series of seemingly connected synchronistic events that began one year ago when Phil read Chris Bledsoe's UFO Of God.Jeremy filled us in with the 'craft' that was shot down over Lake Huron in early 2023 and the stages of NDEs. This edition of the cafe went a little bit longer than normal so no formal outro was recorded.Connect with me
82:07 5/18/24
The Mystical Healing Journey Of Sarah
This is Sarah Lauren.She has gone on an incredible healing and spiritual journey after suffering through unspeakable trauma. She is telling her story to help empower others and to get them out of the vicious cycle of victimhood. Psychedelics have been a major part of her journey as well as just keeping an open mind to certain texts / philosophies that are out there waiting to be discovered.This episode includes topics of...- Her trauma of being sold into sex trafficking- Flipping from the perspective of a victim to a perspective of empowerment- The Bible and many other spiritual texts she continues to explore- The healing connection of Magic Mushrooms and ethereal realms- The mycelium sanctum and it's healing properties-  Thoughts on the film 'Sound Of Freedom' and some of it's bizarre criticism- Dark entities behind trafficking and the power structures of our worldPlus so much more...Connect with Sarah here:Website: ExploitationConnect with Unexplained Inc. here:
97:54 5/11/24
The Astral Report: The UFO that came BEFORE Roswell....1941
April 12, 1941 had the first (scarcely) reported UFO crash on American soil a full six years before Roswell, NM. Phantom Phil astral projects to the crash site on that night...or so he believes. His findings may shock and surprise you.This is the first of astral travels into past unexplained events...stay curious!
41:25 5/4/24
The Great Escape: Chapter 1 - Just Win Baby!
On the heels of round one of the NFL Draft....Unexplained Inc. introduces a new solo series. This one is a little bit different from the show's normal canon. It deals with personal development and gives you the template to help live the life you want. Not the life you've been born into and programmed with.This first chapter shows you an example of the mindset of tenacity and ruthless determination in order to pursue your goals. Being on the spiritual path is not all about fluffy is also about picking up your sword and shield and eliminating obstacles in your path to truly get what you want and deserve.In a mode of completely geeking out I bring this point across with examples from my favourite sports team of all time...the 1976 Oakland Raiders...and the ruthless mindset of their late, great and often misunderstood owner...Mr. Al Davis...bear through the geeking out if this isn't your thing as there is an important message to be all future episodes of The Great Escape!Connect with Unexplained Inc. here:
51:12 4/27/24
The witch is in to get you tuned in...Ft. That Witch Karena
Karena Osborne is a professional witch, intuitive tarot reader, mystic and identity alchemist. She is also a reiki master and loves sharing tales from paranormal can connect with her website and socials below. Here are some of the discussion topics in this episode:- Childhood premonitions and forms of precognition- Growing up in a religious home with paranormal experiences- What witchcraft is really supposed to be all about- Adventures with Weeping Willow Paranormal- Summoning spirits / entities through divination- Identity alchemy- Spiritual entrepreneurshipPlus  much more...Phantom Phil will also explain Lauren Holder's absence and an unexpected  twist on one of the show's soon-to-be-arriving segments.Connect with Karena here:Website: https://thewitchsinn.comFacebook: to the Spiritually Unhinged podcast here: with Unexplained Inc. here:
60:41 4/20/24
Consciousness Cafe#2: Christine Cardoza owner of Oasis of Healing Spa
Christine Cardoza, Intuitive Business Coach and Sacral Energy Coach Trainer Christine Cardoza is a new paradigm trailblazer.  She combines your birthcharts with German New Medicine conflict resolution tools to uplevel outdated emotional patterns, new language to express your true feelings & your naked soul self. Christine trains wellness coaches & Community leaders on expressing their authentic business self with your birthchart, plus how to read your clients emotional body for a deeper and lasting transformation. When you 'Know thy Soul Self', you can alchemize childhood patterns, increase intuitive abilities, and create an inner frequency level that matches your outer reality in your business, home, and bedroom. For fun she likes reggae parties and traveling. Energy & Emotional Body Reset Sessions, Own Your Lane Coach training, or Birthchart True sky & Numerology ReadingsIn person (more fun) or online Contact: Topics Discussed On This Edition Of The Cafe:- How you are in fact your own best healer (not big pharma)- German new medicine- Sound Healing- The power of your own breath-work practice- How you can heal without the aid of cannibis or psychedelics- Healing from religious trauma- Connecting with practices of sacred intimacyPlus much more....
69:50 4/13/24
Consciousness Cafe #1: Ft. Gio D....discussing the upcoming solar eclipse
The long time friend of the show Gio D. makes his return. Gio is one of the minds behind the Intrinsic Minds podcast and even though its on a hiatus he wanted to come on and discuss the speculation behind recent upcoming this first edition of the cafe here are some of the vast topics discussed:- Astrological themes of this time- Situational Awareness- Road rage on the highway- The fears surrounding the eclipse...are they rational?- The Book Of Revelations Playbook- Predictive Programming- Are you 'good' to stare into the sun during or after the eclipse?Plus so much more...Like, subscribe, follow and connect 
75:15 4/6/24
Bending Spoons & Contacting E.T's...Celebrating the 4th year w/ Zenka Caro
Zenka Caro is the founder of LightNet - a collective intelligence think tank centered around consciousness. Caro is a pioneer in mind-over-matter consciousness research.  She is an expert in spoon bending and electromagnetic radio ham radio contact with ET's and past loved ones. She is passionate about blending science and spirituality and has been working in frontier technology for over 20 years running software development companies and working in augmented reality. Caro loves strategic planning for our best future and is an inspirational speaker on the TEDx stage and beyond. This is the guest for the four year anniversary of Unexplained Inc. Not only is this a logical continuation to last season's finale interview with Jacquelin Smith, but it is a representation of where the show is at and where it will likely evolve. Here are some talking points of this electric chat:- Bending spoons mentally with the Jack Hook method- How the numbers of group members can dramatically affect the results- The synchronous work of Lynne McTaggart- Contacting E.T's through ham radios- The bedrock foundation of light and sound- Our connection to E.T.'s through music- The amazing projects of Lightnet- Choosing to shape your own realityPlus so much more...Here is where you can connect with Zenka and her projects:YouTube @ourlightnet / @zenkacaroInstagram @ourlightnet / @zenkacaroTikTok / @zenkacaroTwitter @ourlightnet / @zenkacaro the show:www.unexplainedinc.comEmail:
83:13 3/30/24
Season Finale: Animal Communicator, Light Language Linguist, Human / ET Hybrid...Jacquelin Smith
Meet Jacquelin Smith. She is coming on Unexplained Inc. for the very first time. She has been an animal communicator since 1979 and is the author of the book Star Being In The Mirror: My Journey As A Hybrid. Jacquelin has made claim to being a human / extra-terrestrial hybrid that has been able to have crystal clear communication with star beings since childhood.Approach this one with a loving heart and an open mind as Jacquelin takes us through some amazing experiences of star being communication, visits to many star craft, bearing hybrid children and that wild experience from Thanksgiving 2013.Also find out how we are in fact all star seeds (it's not a term reserved for the 'chosen few') and can all choose the ability to communicate with our star families. Find out which family Phantom Phil belongs to after he had a Star Origin reading with Jacquelin earlier in the autumn season. You will also hear about the amazing synchronicity that brought the two of them together in a rather unexpected fashion. This is a thank you to the True Believers for another amazing season....things will never be the same again!To learn more about Jacquelin's story and book one of her services...visit her site:https://jacquelinsmith.comFor residents outside of the U.S. who want to buy her this link here:
73:33 12/8/23
Meeting Entities, The Shadow, Ethereal Guides...Ft. C.J. from Philosofa Talk / Mystery Stone Podcast
For the first time in over two years C.J...the beardless wonder....returns to Unexplained Inc! C.J. has been on many episodes promoting various shows over the years. Phantom Phil recently appeared as one of his first episodes of the new podcast Philosofa Talk (which you can listen to here.... this chat they go through the various motions of podcasting...touch on a little bit with the status of The Mystery Stone podcast (which you can listen to here... But the main aspect of this discussion is the shadow. How to integrate, how not to bypass it, how much of it should you actually integrate, what should be avoided. This chat gets raw and candid on both sides. The pinnacle being when C.J. admits making some difficult life decisions after coming face to face with an ethereal entity in meditation.Strap in as this one goes in several different directions and will have you intrigued in every way possible. It's all summed up with a classic N64 reference from Phantom Phil.P.S...the situation with Phantom X comes to a head at the end of the show!Magic Mind Link: Code:UNEXPLAINEDINCUse Promo Code for 20% off your order today!
91:32 12/2/23
Black Nobillity Friday, Contact, Pulse Of The Earth & More...Ft. Team Z.A.K.
So who are team Z.A.K?This name may not even stickBut if you've been listening for a'll knowRoll Call:Zoe Fields...a wise old soul from the land down under...spiritual teacher extraordinaireAndye, shaman, oracle, badass...friend of Unexplained Inc...has a bit of a crush on all things ancient Egypt tooConnect with her here:https://www.andyemurphy.comListen To Her Podcast Here: Van Every...reiki practitioner, psychic intuitive, galactic communicator, ball of of the few to appear on Unexplained Inc. more than 3xConnect and book with her here:https://karlyvanevery.comWatch her on Youtube here: three appeared on the Mother-Gaia episode last was such a smash hit I decided to bring them back for another round. We all go deeper this time on some of these specific discussion topics:- Black 'Nobility' Friday and it's spell- The Earth's current volcanic activity- Humility towards nature- Star Beings- UFO Of God- Phantom Phil's otherworldly nighttime highway encounterThis is another lengthy one that will fly by like nothing...just go with the flow:Magic Mind Link: Code:UNEXPLAINEDINCValid for 56% off until November 27, 2023
119:41 11/25/23
E.T. Connection W/ Michael Denney...AKA Thunder Wizard
For the first time the Thunder Wizard Michael Denney joins the show. Michael runs an incredible Youtube channel that attempts to give us deep understanding to the forces in this world and beyond.Michael....a former actor...surfer...shamanic practitioner and someone who is very connected to extra-terrestrials gives us an amazing outlook into his experiences and this is just barely the tip of the iceberg in this two hour are some topics discussed:- Solar flashes and solar flares...why is one so potentially different from the other- His former skepticism towards E.T. encounters- His journey from the U.S. to Australia- The friendly Mantis being- How wacky are these dark controller elites anyway?- Discernment and misconceptions over certain aspects of E.T. phenomena- Should direct channellers be trusted?All this and so much more....this was a real treat! Here is how you can find out more about Thunder Wizard...Youtube: Link: - X Mind Link: Code:UNEXPLAINEDINCValid for 56% off until November 27, 2023
134:22 11/18/23
Decoding The Nephilim Agenda Ft. Dr. Laura Sanger, Ph. D.
Are the powers of corridor within our world infiltrated by dark forces? After exhaustive research that led to the book The Roots Of The Federal Reserve (you can purchase your copy here: ( Laura Sanger, Ph. D. has put together some really compelling evidence that this could very well be the case. She has also taken the time and energy to decipher what we can do about it. Here are some key highlights from this discussion:- How a near nervous breakdown after the 2008 recession led to this research.- The history of the Nephilim and who they are.- Where eyewitness accounts of giants have happened in the modern world.- The resilience of Dr. Sanger's faith and devotion to Jesus Christ while compiling this troubling research.- How the Nephilim likely survived The Great Flood and birthed our modern royal and political power structures.- The potentially terrifying endgame of the Nephilim infused globalist power brokers.- A rousing speech of transcending fear with love.You can explore more of Dr. Sanger's research here:https://nolongerenslaved.com @laurasanger444hz
86:46 11/11/23
Entering The Heart Of Darkness w/ Jon Uhler, LPC
***Disclaimer***This episode delves into the darkest spaces in the show's history. It is not recommended for everyone...especially younger is an important discussion to have nonetheless and stay tuned to an extended outro for the show by Phantom Phil.Jon Uhler is a licensed therapist that has come face to face with the worst society has to offer. On this episode he stops by to break down the dark doings of Satanic Ritual Abuse (aka...SRA). This term has been deemed to be 'cooky conspiracy theory' by many but after this discussion one will see this is likely not the case. But in order to understand these happenings Jon goes deep into the mindset behind these heinous is what else gets discussed:- His background working in various correctional facilities- The difference between a sociopath and a psychopath- Why psychopathy is a downward spiral one may not be able to come back from- The differences between ritualistic abuse and satanic ritual abuse- How this type of abuse stretches into the highest corridors of power within society- MK Ultra and mind control- Who would perp on children and why- Could some of these acts be the bidding of spiritually low-level entities?- Why he can likely prove that Jeffrey Epstein did NOT kill himself- How distorted the term 'extremism' can getYou can explore Jon's work and his vast array of links and other projects here:https://www.survivorsupport.nethttps://www.churchprotect.orgConnect with Jon Uhler on X:@uhler_jon
141:16 11/4/23
More Hauntings, Readings & Greetings From Tombstone, AZ w/ Spirit Medium Daniel Jackson
For the go-home show leading us to Halloween this year we welcome back a favourite. Spirit Medium Daniel Jackson makes his third appearance on Unexplained Inc. Here are some of the discussion topics on the table:- Famous tourist spots and haunted locations in Tombstone, AZ- A well known theatre in Tombstone he will not enter- More personal hauntings that have taken place within the last year- Which friend of the show might have a negative attachment following them- Some of his new abilities Spirit gave him whether he wanted them or not- Is someone on his tail in his hometown of Sierra Vista?- 'False' psychics and healers he sees at local trade showsAll that and much more...Daniel and Phantom Phil take you by the campfire under the stars in the cool remote desert to entertain you at the conclusion of this spooky season.Connect with Daniel here:https://spiritmediumdaniel.comListen to his podcast here: Buy his book The New Beginning: My Awakening As A Spiritual Medium here:
122:45 10/28/23
Forbidden Knowledge, Cryptids & Psychedelics...Ft. Chris Mathieu
Chris Mathieu is the host of Forbidden Knowledge News. It is one of the top podcasts out there on all things fringe. Chris started this as a Facebook blog that grew into a podcast, a network and is now branching out into documentary films. In his Unexplained Inc. debut here are some of the topics discussed:- The evolution of FKN- The definition of truth / perception management- Magic mushroom trips: the good and the bad- Occult Louisiana and sightings from experiencer Scott Pace- Tie-ins to The X-Files- Manufactured extra-terrestrialsWe also go into his latest passion projects including the side-podcast to the main show...The Trip Report ( the first chapter in the Forbidden Documentary series...Occult LouisianaYou can download the first episode here...please support: and subscribe on Rokfin: on Rumble: with FKN on Instagram:
78:30 10/21/23
Hauntings, Spirit Guides & Elvis Living In Ontario...WTAF??
***Note***Sadly during this fabulous interview there was some compromised audio. The guest's connection was a little sketchy at times and is most noticeable in the first fifteen minutes or so. One story had to be heavily edited because the audio wasn't usable. But have no worry as this is only a small part of the chat....just wanted to give a heads up!True Believers! Welcome Spirit Guide Jonathon Shannon to the show for the very first time. Jonathan is a Canadian care-of Wales with a bit of feisty Scottish in him and is affiliated with the space Metaphysical Mojo.Metaphysical Mojo is located in Dundas, Ontario, CA. A suburb of the sprawling city of can connect with the space and see it's event list here https://www.metaphysicalmojo20.comJonathon is leading History Of Halloween Ghost Tours, a haunted pub crawl, paranormal investigations and having a great time doing it. He is also instructing classes on meeting your spirit guides, astral projection and the true practice of Wiccan philosophy...among other things.This interview covers all of that plus some incredible synchronicities between himself and Phantom Phil. You will find out just how insanely haunted parts of Ontario actually are and we broach the burning question...did Elvis Presley actually live in eastern Ontario after his supposed death? The urban legend surrounding this may surprise...stay curious!Connect with Phantom Phil
81:45 10/14/23
Wednesdays Are For The Weird Winged Cryptids...Ft. Asherz
Kicking off the first month of spooky season Unexplained Inc. welcomes for the very first time the host / creator of the podcast On Wednesdays, we talk weird...Ashley Hilt...AKA...Asherz...on this episode her and Phantom Phil get into these topics:- The application process for her show's new upcoming co-host- The show starting at almost the exact same time as Unexplained Inc.- The Mothman festival- Mothman theories and myths- 'True events' based horror movies- The legend of the Flatwoods Monster- The UK's seemingy terrifying cryptid that resembles an owl- Other cryptid / weird acts of high so much more!Connect with Asherz and her show here: @itsasherzConnect with Unexplained Inc. here:www.unexplainedinc.comLink up to all socials the Patreon with NEW upcoming bonus content later in OctoberPhantom Phil announced this during the show...a fan has started a clips page of Unexplained Inc. on Tic-Tok...give it a follow:@unexplained_inc_fan
65:18 10/7/23
Ghosts In The Desert And On The Home Front
This week on Unexplained Inc. we have another double dose. Both returning voices and familiar an extended outro from Phantom Phil dealing with a very unexpected spirit encounter on a night out at the beginning of autumn.Segment #1: Becky McKiddy-Gydesen returns to the show. This is her first appearance on the show in over a year and a half. These are some of the topics discussed:- Her in-person meet up with Phantom Phil in Tucson, AZ last Christmas- Running the first ever wildly successful Tucson Paracon- Haunts of the old desert movie sets- What seriously scared her in the town of Jerome, AZ?- Why she may write a book somebody about all of her paranormal experiences- How she has been anointed the 'unofficial saviour' of Unexplained Inc.Connect with Becky here:https://www.tucsonghostcompany.com #2:On September 23, 2023 Phantom Phil attended a local event hosted by Unexplained Inc. alumni Lauren Holder-Flynn. The evening was about connecting with Spirit at a local historical museum. It was a paranormal investigation that ended with a seance. Phantom Phil conducted a quick interview with Lauren after the event. Then at the end Phil tells the tale of his own Spirit encounter and what he had to do about it after he got home! This is a story you won't believe!Connect with Lauren here and book your spot for future events:https://laurenholderflynn.comConnect with Unexplained Inc. and it's socials here:
80:33 9/30/23
Season Premiere: Spooky Firsts
Welcome Back True Believers! In the first episode of the new season the first ever guest and the first ever documented listener in the show's history come aboard.Angel Card Amy makes a special return- She discusses her story of meeting Criss Angel in Las Vegas in August 2022- On that same trip she took a tour of Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum and had some very interesting experiences- She does a card pull for the remainder of the upcoming seasonFollow and connect with Amy for readings here: Guide Daniel returns to appearance number four!- Dan returns to discuss several topics including his upcoming events of Ghost Walks during spooky season- The work of Lauren Holder-Flynn- Freemasonry- The Ghost Guide Daniel Podcast- Hauntings At The Hockey Hall Of Fame- The extra-terrestrial bodies of MexicoFollow The Ghost Walks and book your tour here:https://ghostwalks.comConnect with the show here:https://www.unexplainedinc.comSign up for the Unexplained Inc. Patreon today:
110:25 9/23/23
A Podcaster, a Paranormal Team and a Healer...all walk into a bar...for a Season Finale
Ok ok...they didn't walk into a bar...but they all appeared on the Season Finale of Unexplained Inc. Original plans for the episode kind of went sideways so some audibles were called and this is what we be thankful!Guest #1:Longtime friend of Unexplained Inc....Jeremy Socha from the Infinite Rabbit Hole podcast...comes by to discuss the many changes of his show....Louisiana cryptids...midwest cryptids...and UFO/UAP disclosure...follow Jeremy and IRH here:https://www.infiniterabbithole.comGuest(s) #2:Kelly Claire-Berge brings in some of her team members of the Vancouver Paranormal Society. They will be quarterly contributors to the Patreon page starting in July ( This is a segment to get to know them and what to expect when we start recording togetherGuest #3:A new friend of the show...Laura-Lee Petty. Laura-Lee does a card pull for the Collective and for Unexplained Inc. during the fall season and the results sound fairly promising. Follow and connect with her here:https://luminouslivingwithlauralee.comAlso Before Laura-Lee appears Phantom Phil connects cards from the major arcana tarot with this past season's guests...let us know what you think...
133:49 6/10/23
Psychic Medium + Intuitive Expert....Lynn Nicholls
In this edition of Unexplained Inc. ( Phil is joined by Lynn Nicholls...a psychic medium and intuitive expert...Lynn came on Phil's radar when she was a guest on Daniel Jackson's Beyond The Veil podcast and found out she was somewhat local and was able to get her on as a are some of the main conversation topics for this week's show:- The hacking of Lynn's IG account / Psychic scammers of social media- The connections to Daniel Jackson & the great state of Arizona- An obscure book from 1982 that sharpened Lynn's intuitive abilities- Possible 'scammer' psychics in the tourist section of her hometown of Niagara Falls, ON, Canada.- How we can all sharpen our intuition and tap into our gifts.- How Lynn can shut her gifts 'off' from time and time and live a regular life.Plus much more...Connect with Lynn here:https://www.lynnnicholls.comThis is the proper IG account to follow her on: Facebook:
82:00 6/3/23
Having Fun w/ Sara & Dee Dee Of Paranormally Blonde
In this episode the two hosts of Paranormally Blonde stop by for a very fun chat that could have easily gone way longer than it did if certain people (ie: Phantom Phil) wasn't on a specific time constraint.Follow the blondes and connect with them here:https://paranormallyblonde.comhttps://gethaunted.com are some of the conversation pieces of this episode:- How Dee Dee and Sara connected and started the show- The massive undertaking of the Girls Vs. Boys ghost hunting event in April 2023- Reiki + paranormal investigation- Dream Interpretations- Haunted Dolls- The hijacking of the term 'paraunity'Plus a misunderstanding on the true origins of Paranormal Day which took place on May 3, 2023. Phantom Phil expands on this in the show's outro and quite possibly causes more confusion than clarity.Connect with Unexplained Inc. here:https://www.unexplainedinc.comBecome a valued patron today:
87:43 5/27/23
Luminous Living...A Journey From Darkness To Light...Featuring Laura-Lee Petty
https://luminouslivingwithlauralee.comConnect with Laura-Lee and view her offerings at her website above. Laura-Lee is a healer based out of southern Ontario that was introduced to Phantom Phil at an open house on the shores of Lake Ontario back in December 2022.Phil had a card reading / healing and was stunned by the immediate results. He asked her to come on the show in the spring and she was delighted. Not only did she experience paranormal activity growing up but suffered harrowing traumas in her childhood. Laura-Lee believes these traumas open dark portals in her immediate life and would suffer from sleep paralysis and night terrors.Later in life Laura-Lee would find the teachings of Jesus but would also be a victim of spells and dark magic. Find out how she turned her journey around and became a full fledged light worker.This episode also features some discussion on unique healing from another local face known as Tracy L. Clark. Tracy specializes in body regeneration and Laura-Lee passes on its message. Also some talk on spiritual authors like Wayne Dyer.Learn more about body regeneration here:https://www.tracylclark.comFollow Unexplained Inc. and connect with its socials here:https://www.unexplainedinc.comCheck out the NEW Unexplained Inc. Patreon page bonus content added monthly:
96:48 5/20/23
Mother-Gaia Gratitude Fiesta...Featuring...
True Believers this show has been intentionally left as a mystery until now. On the cusp of Mothers Day around the world Unexplained Inc. goes spiritual with a fiesta and celebration of Mother Earth...aka Gaia. This one touches on a lot of metaphysical, spiritual and even conspiratorial topics but is all shared for the greatest and highest are out feature guests:Zoe Fields...the mother of Carrie-Anne Fields...Carrie-Anne had to postpone her appearance but we get mama Zoe instead and I'm glad that we is a link to Carrie-Anne's business:https://myhealthyogaonline.comAndye Murphy...Aka The Rock'N Roll Shaman...Andye was a guest on last season...Chapter 10 to be exact and she returns to bring the fire...her website is here:https://andyemurphy.comKarly Van Every...helping Phantom Phil steer the ship as a guest co-host...Karly is a psychic intuitive and reiki practitioner making her third appearance on the can connect via her Youtube channel and book through her website:https://karlyvanevery.com is a special link to the video Phantom Phil mentions in the intro of the interview from July 2021: with Unexplained Inc:https://www.unexplainedinc.comBecome A Patron With Loads Of Bonus Content:
103:10 5/13/23
May the 4th Be With You...Esoteric Star Wars...Ft. Intrinsic Minds
Welcome to this special edition of Unexplained Inc.....on this special Thursday addition Phantom Phil is joined by Ray & Gio of the Intrinsic Minds podcast (very good friends of the show) and break down the esoteric themes that define Star Wars...on the prefect day of course! Here are some of the discussion topics on tap...alongside the Blue Milk!- The Jedi and The Sith...commonalities, differences and what did Disney add to their books about these factions that they didn't include in the movies?- A breakdown of each trilogy and the key esoteric themes and what they may represent to the attuned viewer- Is the light side or dark side of the force good or bad? Or does it just merely exist?- Star Wars connections to ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, and other ancient civilization with connections likely not too accidental- Stars Wars links to The Bible...especially in Episode I- Light laser swords? Or a roadmap of the chakras and a symbol of Kundalini Awakening?- Some not-so discussed esoteric themes displayed in the animated series' like Rebels and The Clone WarsPlus much more...MAJOR show news in the outro of this one and make sure to check out the Intrinsic Minds on Facebook and the podcast is on Apple and the other major networksWebsite:https://theintrinsicminds.comInstagram: Inc:On Facebook: Unexplained Inc.Website:www.unexplainedinc.comInstagram:***NOTE*** The Patreon link will be available for the next episode!
137:31 5/5/23
Kathryn Hand...Hypnotherapist / Cosmic Consciousness Conference Organizer
Kathryn Hand is the co-founder of the Cosmic Consciousness Conference (known as the CCC) off east coast of Australia. In this episode here are some of the vast topics that get discussed:- Her relationship with Carrie-Anne Fields- Her home of Norfolk Island and it's connection to ancient Lumeria- Portals, weather events and The New Earth- Past life regression hypnotherapy and the Life Between Lives- The anxious behaviour of the Dark Controllers- The evolution of the conference and how it navigated certain 'restrictions'- Ley lines and the grid points of the Earth- The adoption of the term 'conspiritualist''s surprising origins, where the name came from and why its being used to disempower people- A light workers quest and responsibilityPlus we get into so much more....during the show intro there is an explanation of certain connection issues and why they happened at key points in the interview....most of the audio was salvaged though!Here is more info on the conference: Unexplained Inc. and all of it's socials here:
103:07 4/29/23
Kelly Claire-Berge...president of the Vancouver Paranormal Society...returns!!!
After a long hiatus Kelly returns to Unexplained Inc. She was supposed to join Phantom Phil and Jason Hewlett last season to discuss Jason's book Dying Light and NDE's but fell ill. However she is back to discuss that book as well as other NDE matters...this conversation went to unexpected places and here is some of the topics that were touched upon:- Excitement for the upcoming Ghostbusters movie- Further perspectives on near death experiences- Do we exist as inter-dimensional beings?- Kelly's own paranormal experiences at her residence- A story from Kelly that gets Phantom Phil riled up and slightly angry- Happenings of the VPS since the end of COVID restrictions- Her chance meeting with William Shatner***Stick around for the extended outro as Phantom Phil breaks down his meeting with Sam Tripoli in Toronto and the synchronous spiritual experiences that also happened on that's a long one but a goodie***Follow Unexplained Inc. here:https://www.unexplainedinc.comFacebook: Unexplained Inc.Twitter: @phantomphil3Instagram: @unexplained_inc_officialEmail: phantomphilunexplained@gmail.comFollow Kelly and her team here:Website:https://www.vancouverparanormalsociety.netInstagram:@vancouverparanormalsociety
109:58 4/22/23
Lauren Holder Flynn...The Soul Whisperer
Lauren Holder Flynn is a psychic medium as well as a paranormal investigator. She also teaches psychic development and has a subscription service on her website ( called The Spiritual Playground. This service offers training and tips with all kinds of spiritual modalities. She is soon starting a podcast with the same name. In this episode here are some of the pointers she discusses with Phantom Phil:- Her mutual paranormal acquaintances and connections with Phil- Her upcoming ghost hunts and spirit circles (aka: seances) in various parts of southern Ontario Canada.- How deepening her psychic abilities helped her through crippling anxiety.- The paranormal investigator connection to Indiana Jones.- Psychic premonitions in dreams...the good...and the not-so good- The ancient societies of Atlantis and Lumeria and why some of their lost wisdom may in fact be returning.- Plus so much more...Connect with Lauren here:https://laurenholderflynn.comInstagram:@laurenholderflynnConnect with Phantom Phil Here:https://www.unexplainedinc.comInstagram:@unexplained_inc_officialFacebook:Unexplained Inc. (Just passed 500 followers...yay!)
92:12 4/15/23
Archbishop Ron Feyl-Enright (semi) Retired Exorcist...Returns!
For the first time since Halloween 2021 Ron Feyl Enright returns to Unexplained Inc. In his first appearance he discussed his story and the formation of the internationally renowned Order Of Exorcists ( On this edition we get into some slightly different topics that include:- The longtime schism that exists within the Catholic Church- His relationship with Unexplained Inc. alumni Ralph Sarchie- His published book Exorcist's Secret Confession: Concealed Cases Of Diabolical Activity and Demonic PossessionBuy it here on soft cover the Kindle version here: Movies involving demonic subject matter and whether they bother him or not. Plus opinions on the Exorcist reboot coming this Fall.- Examining some of the Catholic criticism for The Pope's Exorcist even BEFORE it has been released theatrically.- The Order's new directory to help those in need of spiritual protection.- Ron's very provocative view on extraterrestrials and Phantom Phil's synchronicity that happens in the outro.- The outro provides further updates on the remainder of the season.Connect with the show
98:34 4/8/23

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