Show cover of Impolite Society: Tackling the Taboo, One Rude Question at a Time

Impolite Society: Tackling the Taboo, One Rude Question at a Time

Welcome to the podcast where we answer the questions that just won’t fly in polite society. Join us as we dig into taboo topics like how much you make, how you lost your v-card, and how you poop. We’re making our grandma’s blush with these rude questions and can’t wait for you to join us.


Society Selects: Can I Eat Myself to Death? 60:10 11/25/2021
Why Can't I Eat Dog for Dinner? 65:48 11/22/2021
Is Monogamy a Dead End? 67:28 11/08/2021
Halloween Special: Why Do We Still Believe in Ghosts? 95:01 10/25/2021
Does Being Rich Make You a Jerk? 53:52 10/11/2021
How Does My Butt Tell the Difference Between a Fart and Poo? 53:13 09/27/2021
Why is My Naked Body a Crime? 66:25 09/13/2021
Cannibalism, the Oldest Taboo... Or Is It? 61:12 08/23/2021
What's the Deal with Sex Dolls? (Part 2 - Too Dolls, Too Sexy) 58:33 08/16/2021
What's the Deal with Sex Dolls? (Part 1) 64:01 08/09/2021
Is Crying Manipulative? 58:31 07/26/2021
Does Having Road Rage Make You a Monster? 60:18 07/12/2021
Why Do Bidets Make Us So Squeamish? 58:33 06/28/2021
FAN FRIDAY: Why Are Periods So Taboo? 49:39 06/25/2021
Should You Ever Lend a Friend Money? 52:49 06/14/2021
Can I Eat Myself to Death? 60:38 05/31/2021
FAN FRIDAY: Are Furries Only About Sex? 41:12 05/28/2021
Does Enjoying BDSM Mean You're Broken Inside? 60:39 05/17/2021
Why is Swearing so Goddam Satisfying? 57:47 05/03/2021
FAN FRIDAY: What's an Incel? 45:17 04/30/2021
Why is Bush (and Most Other Body Hair) Banned? 58:21 04/19/2021
Is it Normal to Snoop on Your Spouse? 57:46 04/05/2021
FAN FRIDAY: Who Wears the Pants? - A Story of Taboos and How They Change 36:12 03/26/2021
Will I Sh*t in Front of Strangers if I Give Birth? 60:02 03/22/2021
Why Can't I Poo on Vacation? 60:02 03/08/2021
FAN FRIDAY: What's the Deal with OnlyFans? 35:44 02/26/2021
Is Self Care Making You Selfish? 54:24 02/22/2021
Are the Founding Fathers #Canceled? 60:24 02/08/2021
When Did You Lose Your V-Card? 66:41 01/25/2021
New Year's Resolutions Are For Losers 43:12 01/11/2021