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The Tabytha Polaris Show

Listen to the Tabytha Polaris Show wellness podcast released every Tuesday. Provocative topics are discussed during guest interviews in the metaphysical, spiritual and alternative health fields to expand consciousness, raise frequency and assist in spiritual ascension. The show often concludes with a short guided mediation or sound meditation.


Reclaim You with Dana Parker 40:32 08/09/2021
Fit Fab and Well Tube with Gabi Johnson 24:08 08/03/2021
Quantum Manifesting with Pamela Chen 39:01 07/25/2021
Plant Medicine with Sari Starr 30:45 07/20/2021
Intuitive Healing with Dr. Serena Goldstein 33:41 07/10/2021
Mindfulness and Productivity with Dr. Brooke Smith 28:07 07/08/2021
Manifesting Using Feng Shui with Patricia Lohan 25:58 06/23/2021
MindTravel Immersive Music Experience with Murray Hidary 42:13 06/15/2021
Know, Like & Trust Yourself with Kim Woods 31:08 06/08/2021
Life Purpose and Mapping Your Sensitivities with Mike Iamele 43:46 05/25/2021
Understanding Your Body's Symptoms Through Intuition with Dr. Serena Goldstein 33:41 05/19/2021
Self Care with Allison Jackson Fitness 26:30 05/12/2021
Jen Sankey of Stardust Wanderer Tarot 35:41 05/04/2021
Connect to Your Intuition Using Meditation with Corina Pall 42:12 04/26/2021
Celebrating 50 Episodes and Meditation to Start Your Day with Tabytha Polaris 33:52 04/20/2021
The Power of Breathwork with Benedict Beaumont 36:49 04/14/2021
CovidNosis Hypnotherapy with Michael Mezmer 39:36 04/07/2021
Tapping for Emotional Wellness with Amanda Ferrat 30:07 03/30/2021
Align Your Life with Tudor Alexander 49:24 03/22/2021
Benefits of Living a Heart Centered Life with Dana Parker 36:18 03/18/2021
Create the Life You Desire with Hypnotist Dawn Ferguson 50:12 03/02/2021
Crystal Healing with Tabytha Polaris 56:12 02/24/2021
The Energetics of Awakening The Inner Goddess with Melonie Kolton 55:56 02/17/2021
Embrace Your Empathic Superpowers with Rachel Ceness 51:56 02/09/2021
Light Worker Round Table with Linda Viviano and Gina Califano 55:26 02/02/2021
The Schumann Resonance with Alexis Buck of Ascension Diaries 39:40 01/26/2021
Light Worker Round Table with Sarah Curley, Alicia Munian and Rhea Nichols 53:32 01/20/2021
Embracing The Energies of 2021 with Tabytha Polaris 52:59 01/05/2021
Conversations with Angel Card Reader Giovanna Kroboth 48:40 12/31/2020
Meditation For A Peaceful Sleep with Tabytha Polaris 18:19 12/09/2020