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Join Brandon and Jordan as they relive forgotten and unforgettable movies from the video store era!


Episode 49 - The Fifth Element (1997)
Finally, the very-nearly-lost episode on Luc Besson’s action-packed space adventure THE FIFTH ELEMENT is here! Get French with us, and be sure to bring your Multi-pass ‘cuz we’re goin’ to Fhloston PARADISE!
110:01 12/15/23
Episode 48 - Fletch (1985)
We're back to wrap up our Impostors & Doppelgangers theme with a Chevy Chase comedy! Charge any and all expenses to the Underhills!
89:36 4/2/22
Episode 47 - The Prestige (2006)
In this episode, we investigate a rivalry between two magicians, one with a closely guarded secret that the other desperately wants. We discuss this tale of obsession and turn-of-the-century intrigue while unpacking Nolan’s narrative design and approach to storytelling. Prepare for loads of Michael Caine impressions.
98:49 11/14/21
Episode 46 - Gattaca (1997)
In this episode, we travel to the not-too-distant future of Andrew Niccol’s minimalist sci-fi drama to take a hard look at how it addresses bioethics, eugenics, and determinism. Also, Gore Frickin’ Vidal is in this movie.
89:13 9/14/21
Episode 45 - The Mask of Zorro (1998)
In this episode, we wrap up our theme on classic serials by heading west to California to explore a story that starts in 1821 during the Mexican War for Independence from Spain, featuring a masked hero dressed in black...
94:50 8/10/21
Episode 44 - The Shadow (1994)
The sun is shining…but the ice is slippery, just like Alec Baldwin’s performance. He’s running around with a big schnoz, ripping off his face, and cackling in the breeze, while a madman is running amok and Ian McKellen stands around with nothing to do. This might be the first movie we’ve covered that gets us some mail. Who can say? The Shadow nose.
102:37 7/27/21
Episode 43 - Flash Gordon (1980)
In this episode, we fight the evil Ming the Merciless and save the lovely Dale Arden with the help of Prince Vultan as the music of Queen plays triumphantly in the background! We tackle race representation, camp, and queerness in the film, and we do exhaustive Brian Blessed impressions to entertain ourselves. And you, of course.
115:17 7/20/21
Episode 42 - Closer (2004)
Today we head across the pond to follow the intersecting lives of four flawed, very conflicted, contradictory people... a love- and lust-seeking quartet trying to find themselves and what they want in a partner…or rather, a stranger.
104:32 5/17/21
Episode 41 - Heist (2001)
In this episode, we discuss a curious entry set in the Mamet-verse that's all about sleight of hand and what could be Gene Hackman's last great movie. We're here for the gold; it makes the world go round. Join us as we unpack David Mamet's affectations and his take on the heist genre!
81:55 5/7/21
Episode 40 - In Bruges (2008)
In this episode, we go to the most beautiful place in Europe -- it's like a fookin fairytale or somethin' -- to talk about Martin McDonagh's cleverly written directorial debut!
96:19 4/3/21
Episode 39 - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)
In this episode, we take on a detective case, or maybe it isn’t, about a body in a lake, a rich man and his daughter, two sisters running in different directions, a pink wig, and a finger in a dog’s digestive tract. If it sounds like it’s right out of a dime novel, there’s a reason for that.
103:57 3/6/21
Episode 38 - Gods and Monsters (1998)
In this episode, we examine and scrutinize the relationship between an aging Hollywood director and his yard man, and we also discuss queer representation in front of and behind the camera in Bill Condon's award winning film.
107:12 2/25/21
Episode 37 - Matinee (1993)
Today we’re traveling back to 1962 for the premiere of Lawrence Woolsey’s monster movie, Mant!. We had to sign a waiver in the lobby because it’s that scary! And now, we’re settling into these plush seats with our popcorn and snacks before the picture goes up , and the crowd is electric. Join us!
95:11 2/8/21
Episode 36 - Batman Returns (1992)
Seasons greetings! Today we’re taking you to Gotham City at Christmastime, to deliver a dark chapter in the story of the caped crusader. It’s the bat, the cat, and the penguin, together at last!
117:57 12/21/20
Episode 35 - Frequency (2000)
Today we’re talking about a time travel thriller that many people might have missed or probably haven’t given much thought since its release, so we’re traveling back 20 years to revisit Frequency! In this episode, we’re going to be testing out a totally new format for the show, so be sure to let us know what you think!
88:30 12/9/20
Episode 34 - Hudson Hawk (1991)
Today we’re singing show tunes while we globetrot from New York to Rome to Castle da Vinci, dodging the double-crossing CIA, a Catholic secret society, and an insane, megalomaniacal couple with an interest in alchemy hellbent on destroying the global economy!
100:50 11/18/20
Episode 33 - A Chat with Roger L. Jackson
Today we settle into our second episode of our chat series with special guest Roger L. Jackson, a man with over 230 voice acting credits whose voice you’re sure to recognize. Halloween ain’t over until Ghostface speaks!  
34:27 11/3/20
Episode 32 - The Addams Family (1991)
Today we’re raiding the Addams family fortune for da DUBLOONS! We find our way to some dark territory in this one and head straight to the vault! If it's not clear, we absolutely adore this movie.  
109:08 10/28/20
Episode 31 - The Fugitive (1993)
We have a fugitive on the loose! We’ll be joining Sam Gerard and his quirky team of U.S. Marshals to do a hard target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse, and doghouse in the Cook County area for the elusive, resourceful vascular surgeon on the run, Dr. Richard Kimble! So hurry up and get your Provasic prescription filled and join us for one helluva manhunt as we do a Peter Pan right into today’s episode!
97:20 10/12/20
Episode 30 - Stay Tuned (1992)
Today we’re testing out a new satellite system with 666 channels you can’t get on regular TV. We’ll be channel surfing programming intended as “light amusements” for “one very demanding viewer below”! Join us for the ultimate television adventure in today's episode on STAY TUNED with special guest Marc Halem from That's Not Quite All Folks!  
92:49 9/21/20
Episode 29 - A Chat with Ira Heiden
This is the first episode in our new chat series, where we sit down with someone who works in the film industry and has some connection to a culturally significant film from the video store era. To kick things off, guest-host Louis from Random Movie Roulette (and co-host of sideshow The Gory Picture Show) joins Brandon to talk with actor and producer Ira Heiden, the Wizard Master himself from A NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST 3: DREAM WARRIORS!
32:40 8/20/20
Episode 28 - O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)
We're back! Today we set off across Mississippi during the Great Depression with chaingangers Ulysses Everett McGill, Delmar O'Donnell, and Pete to find a buried treasure if we can make it past the gangsters, klansmen, and lawmen along the way!
69:57 6/23/20
Episode 27 - True Lies (1994)
Today we follow an unassuming family man computer salesmen who actually works for a secret government agency called the Omega Sector who shoots and blows up bad people and saves the world for a living, but his wife and daughter think he’s kind of dull. He is Harry Tasker, and some terrorist assholes stole some nukes and that’s his problem now, as is the suspicion of his wife having an affair -- oh my!
134:46 3/12/20
Episode 26 - Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)
Today we’re trying to get home in time for turkey dinner!  We’ll be trying to make it from New York to Chicago, battling motel clerks, rental car agencies, and airlines, all while GOING THE WRONG WAY!
95:40 1/25/20
Episode 25 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
Today we venture off to ToonTown with our friends from Random Movie Roulette: Louis, Mike, and Jack! We muse on how toons procreate, the severity of Eddie Valiant's rampant alcoholism, and who thought this would be appropriate for children, among many other things.
100:27 12/15/19
Episode 24 - The Devil's Advocate (1997)
We start off in Gainesville, Florida, but we soon head to New York City to help hotshot defense attorney Kevin Lomax pick a jury — he’s never lost a case! And we help his wife, Mary Ann, pick the right shade of green for their apartment. We also encounter dressing room demons, Coach, baby fever, baby holding bloody ovaries, Don King, subway Spanish, throat cutting, Trump’s golden New York apartment, ghost joggers, sexual fantasies, perversion, incest, really big sculptures that come to life and burst into flames, the worst FL panhandle accent in cinema history, and a disgustin’ pig mawnster.
125:25 11/20/19
Episode 23 - Hocus Pocus (1993)
Today we’re flying to Salem, Massachusetts, to dance All Hallows Eve away with the Sanderson Sisters — they will put a spell on you. We’ve got spells and magic, black cats and pointy hats, grab a broom n’ hide yo kids, it’s HOCUS POCUS from 1993!
62:55 10/21/19
Episode 22 - Jack the Bear (1993)
Today Mando and Patrick from THEMATIC ELEMENTS come on the show to talk about a curious little gem of the early 90s that we all appreciate called JACK THE BEAR! It’s an emotional coming of age story with just enough of the macabre for those Monster Kids out there!
91:11 9/29/19
SNEAK PEEK - Twister (1996) [A Patreon Exclusive]
Here's a little snippet of our Patreon exclusive episode on TWISTER (1996)! If you're not a patron of the show and want to learn more about how that works, head over to for more information!
06:14 8/30/19
Episode 21 - Scream (1996)
Today we take a trip to Woodsboro to see what the hell’s going on with this horror movie-luvin’ Ghostfaced killer who is slicing and dicing his way through town! Thanks to our patrons: Collin, James, Ryan S., Ryan M., Test Pattern, Pete, Mando, Jonathan, Mike, Jack, Louis, and Annette!
109:32 7/9/19

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