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The Music Business Worldwide Podcast profiles some of the brightest sparks – and most successful executives – working in the global music industry today.


Spotify Vs. Songwriters (The Redux): David Israelite, CEO, NMPA 30:18 10/15/2021
Adele's back with new album 30... but what are we expecting? (Talking Trends) 14:25 10/13/2021
What will be music's next big buyout? (Talking Trends) 11:13 10/06/2021
Is Timbaland about to revolutionize music production (again) with Beatclub? 33:58 02/22/2021
Troy Carter, Founder, Q&A: 'The music industry has to change the business model; it's as simple as that.' 36:50 12/10/2020
Biff Stannard, Songwriter: Spice Girls, Kylie and a Near-Death Experience 34:03 11/17/2020
Larry Mestel, CEO, Primary Wave: Bob Marley, Whitney Houston, and Spending $800 million 32:21 11/11/2020
Poo Bear, Songwriter: Justin Bieber, Black Lives Matter, and Being Hit By A Tornado 45:21 07/17/2020
Mattias Tengblad, CEO, Corite: Raising $1 million direct from fans 35:45 05/18/2020
Dooney Battle, CEO, Tha Lights Global: Lil Pump, Dominic Fike and Turning Down $5 million 23:53 04/30/2020
Merck Mercuriadis, CEO, Hipgnosis: Spending $1 billion on Songs 42:48 04/26/2020
Steve Stoute, CEO, UnitedMasters: 'That's not the record business, man – that's the lottery business!' 31:13 04/16/2020
Milana Rabkin Lewis, CEO, Stem: 'Our ambitions are bigger than just being a distributor.' 32:33 04/06/2020
David Israelite, CEO, NMPA: Spotify vs. Songwriters 14:35 03/11/2019
Kerry Trainor, CEO, SoundCloud: 'We're in a much clearer place now.' 25:55 05/30/2018
Justin Tranter, Songwriter: 'I'm just going to be honest...' 28:52 01/23/2017
Mike Caren, CEO, APG: 'I hate the word rules.' 38:14 11/14/2016
Justin Kalifowitz, CEO, Downtown: 'The amount of uncleared music online is insane.' 24:23 12/01/2015
Alan McGee, Founder, Creation Records: 'I really hate music biz events.' 29:08 10/20/2015
Chris Wright, Founder, Chrysalis: 'Do I regret selling it? Yes.' 25:20 09/28/2015
Daniel Glass, CEO, Glassnote Records: 'I wouldn’t sign an artist we wouldn’t have over for dinner.' 31:23 08/11/2015
Nick Gatfield, CEO, Twin Music: 'A&R is a service that doesn’t necessarily sit inside a major label anymore.' 29:26 07/07/2015