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...In a Coon's Age (Long Time, No See)
Your very busy, and very sorry, "Stream Team" returns with a pletheora of topics and watches to cover! From Snowflake Island to The Boys and Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks to another Chernobyl documentary.  We've got news of upcoming sequels and seasons renewed as well some thoughts regarding Jamie Foxx's new vampire hunter flick coming to netflix and John Burnthal goes from prison to heart throb in the modern day remake of American Gigolo. Steve Carrell is coming to FX on Hulu where he plays a therapist dealing with some deep personal issues who takes on a client that has some serious killer urges. 
101:40 07/28/2022
Summer Streaming Special w/ a very Special Guest
The good neighbor and the Dr. couldn't make it this week so I recruited an old favorite to come talk about all of the upcoming streaming movies and shows coming out this summer. He was once a co host. He's now excited to be called a guest! The One. The Only... (press play to find out)
106:26 06/27/2022
Prey For These Geeky Predators
In this episode your favorite stream team discuss Hulu's Prey, Netflix's The Grey Man and Amazon Video's Terminal List. We've watched Hacks, Stranger Things, Our Father, and recomend them. Ricky Gervias has a new standup special on Netflix and two of us have seen it and think it's genius. One hasn't and likely never will after yet another fun debate.
110:45 06/13/2022
Squirting Culture Wars
Lot's to Geek Out about in this episode. So much to stream. So much was Streamed. So much more could be streamed. Are you actually reading this? If so, please send help!
74:22 05/26/2022
God's Favorite Idiot to The Time Travelers Wife
In this episode your stream team returns with News about Disney+ bragging about it's growth right after Netflix's admition that it's losing viewers left and right. Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone empire continues to grow every week and Jack Ryan's end is coming to Amazon Video. We're geeking out about Netflix's Doc '3 Mile Island', HBOmax's One Perfect Shot, and Batman! Wrapping up the show we discuss the upcoming Father of the Bride, The Time Traveler's Wife, God's Favorite Idiot and the new Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon.
74:09 05/20/2022
We Are Wonder Twins!!
In this episode we give you all the geek news of whats  to come, then we geek out about Ultimatum:Marry Me Or Move On, John Wayne Gacy, Better Call Saul, Yellowstone and more! 
81:42 04/30/2022
CUWTG PROMO: Drinks Pre B00bs Be Gone
Catching Up With The Geeks is the exclusive segment to the 7 Days a Geek Podcast. If you like this promo... and why wouldn't you? Then please head on over to Monkey Poo Studios Dot Com and click the exclusive button... support the show and hear more from us as we scrape the bottom of the barrel from our lives to entertian you. When you're not busy streaming superior content that you also pay for... 
28:57 04/16/2022
Oscar Slaps, Best Pic CODA Falls On Deaf Ears and Only Murders In The Building Returning
This week, your favorite stream watchers are back together. That's right, Producer Kyle returns from Yosemite just on time to go in for surgery!  When we're not under the knife we can be found discussing the end of 1883, Halo, After Life S3 and we give our thoughts on the crazy moms freaking out about Turning Red.  In the Geek News: Netflix is cracking down on shared passwords, Will Smith puts the smack down on the Oscars and we discuss the best picture.  We wrap up discussing the trailers for The Penteverte with Mike Meyers, Killing It with Craig Robbinson, and we have the release date for Neighbor Coles favorite Only Murders In The Building
75:35 04/07/2022
Bad Vegan/1883/Winning Time
The A-Team that is Neighbor Cole and The Angry Ginger are quick to jump on the microphone while third mic'er, Dr. Producer Kyle Phd. is away. Where is she? Tune in to find out!  We take an hour to just geek out about what we've been watching but we are gentlemen enough to include Kyle into the conversation...whether she'd want it or not.  We've watched Bad Vegan. What is Sarma's deal? Why did she fall for this con artist? Was it all for the "meat suit"? Did she want to be an immortal queen or was she just in it for the pizza and the doggie?  Cole finished 1883 and suggests another series from it's writer for Ginger and Ginger recommends Winning Time on HBO as well as Ryan Reynolds new Netflix flick, The Adam Project! 
50:05 03/24/2022
Pam and Tommy/Worst Roommate Ever!
In this weeks episode your Stream Team forgo's a healthy nights rest for some Weekly Watching Streaming Channel Shenanigans! Ginger catches everyone up on Hulu's guilty pleasure show, Pam and Tommy and also recommends you go in cold and blind, but not hungry for a film that can only be described as Hannible Lecture's Modern Day Love Story! It's called FRESH and you can find it on Hulu.  Cole and Kyle watched another true crime doc on Netflix called Worst Roommate Ever and it sounds like the doc lives up to the title!  Jake Johnson who played Nick in New Girl is back with a HBOmax series where he plays a magazine publisher in the 1970's porn world. Judd Aptow makes a bad movie during the pandemic about a bad movie being made during the pandemic and it has all the right ingredients! 
81:53 03/17/2022
Win The Wilderness with Joe VS Carol cuz Love Is Blind 2
In this, the third episode of 7DAG, your favorite streaming geeks get their binge watch on... Dr. Not Producer Kyle of course brings us not one but two reality TV shows. Love is Blind 2 and Win The Wilderness. Neighbor Cole gives her the benifit of the doubt, but Angry Ginger just doesn't get it... but they agree that Eternals is a much better movie than the interwebs have given it credit for.  In the news, Larry David returns with his enthusiasim curbed in a new two part documentary coming to HBO. Stranger Things is finally returning and news of it's upcoming end has been issued by the creators. Also, a lead for the lead in Amazon Video's 'Fallout' series coming from Jonathan Nolan has been cast.  In our trailer talk segment, Ben Afflack and Ana De Armes breath heavily why hinting that it's okay for her to take on new lovers... as long as he can maybe, possibly, kill them? HBOmax has a rather hilarious pirate show coming soon and Peacock hopes that we haven't had enough of Joe Exotic or Carol Baskins because they have a scripted series that is coming to their streaming service and it just might be as wacky as the Netflix series. 
84:00 02/25/2022
Going Viral with Pam and Tommy
The Stream Team geeks out about Hulu's new series, Pam and Tommy. We geek out about the show, the original video tape, the 90's and a specific boat driving 15 inch sex addicted talking pen*s.  Before that, The Angry Ginger shares his current heart health issues, Neighbor Cole might be a soccer mom and Not Producer Kyle is a month from going solo in Yosemite, not Yellowstone!  Back to the Binge Watch, Cole is loving all 6 seasons of The Americans. We are obsessed with 1883 and Kyle can't get enough of the guys angelic voices as she attempts to discuss the documentary, Fire in Paradise. Ginger's a preacher for Amazon Prime's Reacher and also recommends Nobody on HBOmax.  In news, Tyler Sheridan's Yellowstone universe gets renewed and extended. Blue's Clues goes the way of Spider-man No Way Home and Batman gets spoted on the set of HBOmax's next film.  Ryan Reynold's returns from another time to help a much younger version of himself save his father The Hulk, in Netflix's The Adam Project.  Meanwhile, Netflix has us all questioning how a Mean Vegan can be both swindled into doing anything to gain the power of immortality for herself and her dog, while also being the one who swindles!
100:15 02/20/2022
000 An In The Works Rebootsie
In this episode, Ginger, Neighbor Cole and Dr.-Not Producer Kyle join forces to geek out about streaming shows aplenty! We've got a bit of 1883, Reacher, LulaRich, The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window, The Americans...  There's a promise of a big breast reveal and we allude to Cole's struggles with his Appendectomy on the upcoming Catching Up With The Geeks. 
87:40 02/14/2022
Ep 78: These Prisoners Are In a Mood!
In this episode your favorite Binge Watching Streamers geek out over Netflix's vast arry of documentaries. Kyle goes back to the X-files for some comfort and discovers that the truth is still out there. Cole tells us of hockey inforcers employeed by the Mafia, and Ginger falls down the rabbit hole with a Russian Doll.  The Weekly Watch Party is all about the Love/Hate relationship with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhall in PRISONERS! In the news: Tim Allen's Clause gets renewed. Reel Steel is going to series at Disney+ and Sharon Stone signs on for a role in a hit HBOmax series!  Trailer Talk has a Tinder Swindler on the loose, a Fresh Prince getting rebooted and a marine with personality issues gets a visit from an Egyptian Moon God to become MARVEL's next big bad superhero! 
95:24 02/02/2022
Ep 77: Peacemaker is a Lover and a Fighter
In this episode, we return with a full binge list. Ginger took the 3 episode challange with The Peacemaker. Cole and Kyle both recommend The Alpinist. We recap season one of Ozark and finish up a little show about nothing.  Kyle brings The Mist for the Weekly Watch Party but is it good enough to go up against The Green Mile?  Listen, Laugh, Binge! Why not... ?It's free! 
82:17 01/23/2022
Ep 76: Gift Wrapped and Geeking Out
In this episode your favorite stream team sits down to spread some holiday cheer! That's right, the holidays are over, but not for us. Listen as we geek out over what we've been watching lately and what gifts Cole, Kyle and Jay give and receive. 
57:06 01/11/2022
Ep 75: True Story: The Haunting of Geppetto's House
In this episode, your favorite Binge Watchers geek out about True Story, To The Lake, 14 Peaks, and 8bit Christmas. We're also re-watching The Americans, Seinfeld, and The Haunting of Hill House.  We bring back the Weekly Watch Party segment with Cole's pick of The Green Mile. Is it a perfect film? Are it's flaws worth complaining about?  Will it stand up to the other films this month?  The episode wraps up with news of Sylvester Stallone taking a lead roll for the first time on a a streaming show from Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone. We also cover Hulu's upcoming series about Pam and Tommy and their infamous porn tape. Also, Disney Plus announces it's upcoming live action Pinocchio which causes Kyle to immediately shout out false accusations of the poor puppet's father. Just because he's got "Petto" in his name does not make him one.  Geek Out!  Find us on the socials!  Twitter:  Jason The Angry Gigner @S7evendaysageek Neighbor Cole @NeighborCole Not Producer Kyle @KyleMarieWrites  Official Show @7DagPodcast Official Facebook Page 7 Days a Geek  
107:12 12/21/2021
Ep 74: The Wheel of Time to Tiger King 2
WE'RE BAAAAACK!!!    .... Kind of. This week, we ease back into things by just geeking out about what we've been watching while we've had a month off. We do hope you enjoyed PODTOBERFEST 21' whether you were there for it live, watched the video's after or listened as the audio dropped over the last month. Thank you so much for listening! Now here's a few things we've been watching. Rain, Tiger King 2, The Wheel of Time, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, The Harder They Fall and more! It's good to be back... we can't wait to hear from you! Contact us at Ginger- @S7evendaysageek Cole- @NeighborCole Kyle- KyleMarieWrites The show - @7DagPodcast and email us at
69:36 12/08/2021
Day 2 Hour 1 of Podtoberfest: The MPS Morning Show
Back in the studio for more are Not Producer Kyle (Who's really producing the crap out of this), TK1 (who'd rather not be here) and Angry Ginger (who should have never ever been here).  Uber listener, Texan, and continental traveler, Bryan Auer sits in as well.  Crimes, Murder, True Crime shows and our current mental health and it's past might begin rearing it's ugly head as well. 
50:30 11/30/2021
Day 1 Hour 11 of Podtoberfest: The Power Hour
Matt from @Facpapod and @ChrisMaierBC from How Was Your Week Honey and Our Liner Notes joins us once again to play music, share some drinks and relive the events of Podtoberfest. 
78:12 11/23/2021
Day 1 Hour 11 of Podtoberfest: Wiki Wiki Whaa?
In this episode, TK1 gifted us a list of criminals but before we could learn the crime they were responsible for, we had to take our best STAB at it.  Join us for the second to last hour of the first day of Podtoberfest. We've had beers and food and more crime than a stick of chalk could outline... but nothing seems to stop us. 
50:23 11/22/2021
Day 1 Hour 10 of Podtoberfest: We Confess To Our Crimes
In this hour, your favorite podcasters and alleged criminals confess to a few crimes from your youth. Well, they were a very long time ago!  Join Ginger, Cole, Kyle and of course the studio audience as we share some funny stories.  Only YOU can help solve this case. Put in your earbuds and become the next internet sleuth! 
53:10 11/18/2021
Day 1 Hour 9 of Podtoberfest: The Crime Collector (Live Reading)
Introducing Abraham Nazareth, Crime Collector.  Written by Jason "The Angry Ginger" Parsons Read by Grant "The Kilted One" Markham, Neighbor Cole and Not Producer Kyle PhD. 
40:12 11/15/2021
Day 1 Hour 8 of Podtoberfest: Bingo-opardy!
Grant and our in studio listener @BauerFett take on Neighbor Cole and a running late Not Producer Kyle in a game of Bingo-opardy! We first played this game earlier in the year during our Geekmas in July and everyone seemed to have a good time... so why not bring it back for another go? Well, the fun lasts about 7 minutes. Everyone questions the questions. Hates the answers and Grant is anything but happy with The Gameshow Host fielding secondary questions to the game question in order to figure out the answer.  A meldown ensues but in the end there is a winner! 
49:07 11/14/2021
Day 1 Hour 7 of Podtoberfest: Neighbor Cole's Killer Last Meals
In keeping with our True Crime theme, Neighbor Cole has us play a guessing game of who on Death Row at what before the big SLEEP!  It's a fun guessing game for the whole sadistic family! Play along with us! 
45:20 11/13/2021
Day 1 Hour 5 of Podtoberfest: Who'd Commit The Crime?
In this hour, Not Producer Kyle Phd. put together a list of questions for the group of "Who'd commit the crime". They range from pretty dark and serious to kind of silly and not really a crime at all.  The geeks give it their all though!  Now we have to ask you... "Who do you think out of us, would commit the crime?"  Stories are born. Fun True Crime Facts are shared. This one is a hoot. So listen up or you'll end up in a chalk outline! 
50:46 11/11/2021
Day 1 Hour 4 Podtoberfest: Monthly Murder Watch Party
Only Murders In The Building and The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan are the big two we discuss in this episode. Of course Grant gives us some fun murder facts and we have a side tangent or two. 
44:41 11/08/2021
Day 1 Hour 3: Our Favorite Serial Killer
In this episode, Jay, Cole, Grant and Not Producer Kyle all pick a serial killer and fall down the rabbit hole together. 
59:01 11/07/2021
Day 1 Hour 2 Podtoberfest: From The MPS Morning Show to the Trailer Talk Echo Chamber
In this episode, we (Jason, Kyle, Cole and Grant) continue the True Crime theme from last hour, give out a few "Fun Facts" about murder and serial killing and then go into discussing some trailers for movies and tv shows coming to a streaming network near you!  Apologies for some of the echoing. I did my best to cut that out. -Jay The Final Cut Ginger
50:10 11/05/2021
Day 1 Hour 1 Podtoberfest: From The MPS Morning Show to Yellowstone's Secret Murder Zone
In this, the first of the many hours of Podtoberfest 2021, we start out with kittens on the loose and a certain neighbor offering to scoop them up and lovingly take care of them... or something like that.  Coffee is poured and we are alive with excitement. Grant The Kilted One starts the hour off with a doozy of a true crime fact, because that after all is our THEME!  For some reason we get into a discussion about wearing helmets when bike riding? ... then we discuss what this show is really about. BINGE WATCHING!!!  -Love On The Spectrum -Only Murders In The Building -Squid Games -Midnight Mass ... are just a few of the shows we discuss. We wrap the hour up with some more facts, thank our sponsors and promise to be right back for 11 more! 
56:33 11/04/2021