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Florida Man... need we say more? There's no shortage of weird news stories in Florida. The Florida Freakshow podcast chronicles all that is bizarre, odd, strange, outlandish, peculiar, kooky, quirky, weird, and downright freaky in Florida. Florida's headlines are filled with (unintentional) comedy. Veteran journalists Cory and Kirsten O'Donnell share their humorous takes on recent headlines from around our great state. This freak show is a celebration of the Sunshine State: From Jacksonville down the east coast to Daytona, West Palm Beach, and Miami; Pensacola, Panama City, Tallahassee, and the panhandle; and Tampa-St. Pete, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Naples, and even Key West. Celebrate our Great State of Florida with us!


76 - Taxman Steals $$ - Florida Man Geno from Philly - Rum Swords and Fire - Bruce Lee County 21:45 10/27/2021
75 - Crazy Carjacking, Selling Back A Stolen Car, Back Seat Betty, Hero Dog Goes Full 'Lassie' 19:43 10/13/2021
74 - Diving for Tails, HR Rampage, Naked Lady Golf-diva, A Tree Grows in Pothole 24:55 09/22/2021
73 - Exposing to Florida Mom, Dropping Pants at Stakeout, UFO Driving Saucer, DUI at Wendy's 23:20 09/08/2021
72 - Fake Vax Cards for Kids, Candy Bar Robbery, Stealing $$ for Webcam Girls, Blow's in the Mail 18:18 08/25/2021
71 - Duct Taped to an Airline Seat, Assault on a Plane, Fake F-B-I Agent flees on Moped, Friends Bites off Ear in Key West 25:50 08/18/2021
70 - Serial Skinny Dipper, Messing with Jaguars, Penis Snakes, Toilet Iguanas 23:03 08/11/2021
69 - Nazi Face Masks, Stabbed over a Beer, Power Employee Scams, Man Shoots Himself in a Bar 23:22 08/04/2021
68 - Dinosaur Dung at Poozeum, Groom Fight at FLA Wedding, Ice Cream (Police) Truck, Golf Sinkholes 25:03 07/29/2021
67 - 'Fake News' Florida Freakshow - Fake Doctor Does Surgery, Fake Fugitive Janitor, Hiding Drugs in Fake Leg, Fake Fiance Catfishing 31:10 07/21/2021
66 - Scuba Mansion in The Keys, Fred the Victorian Ghost, 'One Beer' DUI, Skunk Ape Snub 27:43 07/14/2021
Ep. 65: Octopus Artist, Trouble in Niceville, Arson by Laundry, Salsa Chucking at 7-11 Customers 34:26 07/07/2021
Ep. 64: Lotto Tickets Robbery, Prison Wallet Shaft Stash, Cream Cheese Gunplay, Booze Charged with DUI 25:33 06/30/2021
Ep. 63: Crook in the Water, Bitcoin and COVID, City Sells Water Tower, Kid steals Lambo SUV 29:01 06/23/2021
Ep. 62: Life-Threatening Iguana, Car Chase Baby Toss, City Naughty List Exposed, Gun Flashed over Bathroom 27:06 06/16/2021
Ep. 61: Vaccine Discount, Naked Pilot Exposed, $5,000 for Sex, Car Drives into Home 27:04 06/09/2021
Ep. 60: Hotel Pool Crasher, Yearbook Photo Shopaholics, Sex Toys for Charity, Naked Car Hopping 27:04 06/02/2021
Ep. 59: Gas Hoarders, Car Crashers (Twice!), Designated Drunk Drivers, School Invaders 31:43 05/26/2021
Ep. 58: Carole Baskin Goes Cryptocurrency; Burger King 'Karen' hurls Whopper, racial slur; Potted Toilets on Cape Coral yard; $30K in Fines for Tall Grass 27:10 05/19/2021
Ep 57: Scary Florida Spiders, Drug Bust in Leg, Drive-By Biting, SCOHOL Road Closing 27:57 05/12/2021
Ep. 56: Baby Dinosaurs in Palm Coast, Tarot Card Blessings in Naples, Haunted Jail Sale in Trenton, Wedding Crashers 30:49 05/05/2021
Ep. 55: Tasering 'Special Agent Man', Fireball in the Sky, Drawbridge Daredevils, COVID Loan Scammers 30:53 04/28/2021
Ep. 54: Spoiled Threats, Children's Book Stolen, Pants-less Man at School, World Record Fingernails 26:15 04/21/2021
Ep. 53: OnStar recovers stolen car, Disney Dad Banned, Emotional Support Snake, Avengers Endgame Fan Sets Movie Mark 28:40 04/14/2021
Ep. 52: UFC SuperSpreader Sellout, Tesla Teen Joyride, Naked Women Rescue from Drain, Car Runs Over Person onPlayground 25:47 04/07/2021
Ep. 51: Spring Break Out; Homecoming Queen's Gambit; Snake on a Sedan; Drunk at McDonalds 25:47 03/31/2021
Ep. 50: Stripper Fight Club, Drive-Thru Donations, Three Holes-in-One, Fake Docs doing Botox 26:35 03/24/2021
Ep. 49: BMW Crash Half-Naked, Loose Lips Sink Freaks, South Beach Snafu, Naked on a Trampoline 19:58 03/17/2021
Ep. 48: $100K in Parking Fines, Neighbors shooting neighbors, Bank Robbed in a Wheelchair, Seafood Stealing at Costco 27:55 03/10/2021
Ep. 47: COVID Cohorts, Masquerade without Masks, Boy Found in Trash Truck, Drunk Sisters Snafu 26:44 03/03/2021