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TubeTalk: Your YouTube How-To Guide

TubeTalk tackles the questions that real YouTubers are asking. Each week we discuss how to make money on YouTube, how to get your videos discovered, how to level up your gaming channel, or even how the latest YouTube update is going to impact you and your channel. If you've ever asked yourself, "How do I grow on YouTube?" or "Where can I learn how to turn my channel into a business?" you've come to the right podcast! TubeTalk is a vidIQ production. To learn more about how we help YouTube creators big and small, visit


From Journalist to Full-Time Youtuber! 58:56 11/25/2021
How to build a Thriving Tech Channel 58:31 11/18/2021
Can you get Brand Deals with ZERO Subscribers? 50:00 11/11/2021
More Ways to MAKE MONEY on YouTube 51:51 11/04/2021
Learn EXACTLY who your Audience is on YouTube 51:12 10/28/2021
Roberto Blake talks Monetization OUTSIDE of YouTube 54:08 10/21/2021
Turning a YouTube Channel into a YouTube CAREER 54:40 10/14/2021
How NEW Audience Retention Metrics Affect YOUR Channel 55:44 10/07/2021
40,000 Subscribers using ONLY a Mobile Device?? 45:51 09/30/2021
How to get 40,000 Subscribers in ONE YEAR on YouTube 51:00 09/23/2021
How to Avoid BURNOUT as a YouTube Creator 50:07 09/16/2021
How to get 10,000 Subscribers in THREE Months?! 52:17 09/09/2021
How to get PAID SUBSCRIBERS on YouTube, your Podcast, and Beyond! 56:21 09/02/2021
Can You GROW a YouTube Channel Covering ONE Single Topic? 64:33 08/26/2021
Fix THESE Content Mistakes to Grow your Channel FASTER! 56:10 08/19/2021
From 500 to Over 30,000 Subscribers in TWO WEEKS 70:22 08/12/2021
When YouTube is Just ONE Part of your Business Strategy 61:32 08/05/2021
Getting to 1,000 Subscribers and BEYOND on YouTube 57:07 07/29/2021
How a Minecraft Channel Reached 100k Subscribers in 2021 50:08 07/22/2021
How YouTubers can Score Brand Deals and Launch Entire Product Lines 68:53 07/15/2021
Growing an Organic Community on YouTube 66:40 07/08/2021
Important Tools for EVERY Creator on YouTube 63:23 07/01/2021
How and WHEN Can You Go FULL TIME on YouTube? 71:34 06/24/2021
Growing Your YouTube Channel into a THRIVING Business 70:29 06/17/2021
How to get ONE MILLION Subscribers in 6 Months with YouTube Shorts 50:15 06/10/2021
How Businesses Can Grow Organically on YouTube 58:02 06/03/2021
BUSTING Common YouTube Myths 59:28 05/27/2021
How to get MILLIONS of Subscribers Over and Over Again 59:26 05/20/2021
How to Turn your YouTube Passion into a CAREER 50:21 05/13/2021
How to Make GREAT YouTube Videos on a Budget 55:40 05/06/2021