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Spiritual Awakening Radio with James Bean explores the world of spirituality, The Path of the Masters (Sant Mat Satsang Podcasts), Gnostic Gospels, mystics, world scriptures, God, meditation, mystical experiences, the vegan diet, and other ahimsa ethics -- education for a more peaceful planet.


Living A Spiritual Way of Life 38:18 10/20/2021
Christian Vegetarian Series: Saint Ephrem the Syrian 49:03 10/13/2021
If Your Eye Be Single -- The Light of One Soul is Equal to That of Sixteen Suns! 28:34 09/30/2021
Getting Closer to God: The 3 Levels of Satsang (Spiritual Association) 41:41 09/22/2021
The Spiritual Teachings and Mystic Poetry of Sant Tukaram of Maharashtra 28:43 09/08/2021
The Human Body is the True Temple of the Spirit 37:23 09/01/2021
Spiritual Discourses by Sawan Singh, Baba Somanath, Kirpal Singh, and Baba Ram Singh 47:49 08/12/2021
The Most Radical Spiritual Idea Ever Conceived About the Soul 13:40 07/28/2021
The Origins of Ekankar and the HU Chant 47:12 07/22/2021
Stepping Out of Illusion into Spiritual Reality 37:31 07/15/2021
The Gospel of Thomas Was Not Composed by Gnostics 17:14 07/08/2021
The Soul's Return to God, the Ocean of Love 88:31 06/30/2021
An Introduction to Inner Light and Sound Meditation 46:29 06/24/2021
A Vegetarian Saying of Jesus in the Syriac-Aramaic Gospel of Luke, and Other Vegetarian Passages 36:00 06/17/2021
Rising Above, Hearing the Sound Current, and Entering the Kingdom of Heaven 48:53 06/10/2021
Gospel of Thomas Spiritual Studies 102:56 06/03/2021
Adopting A Spiritual Way of Life This Time Through, During This Incarnation 69:05 05/20/2021
Ancient Near Death Experiences in Gnostic Mandaean Scriptures 46:03 05/17/2021
Masters That Have Fed My Soul Spiritually 52:05 05/13/2021
Meditation And Soul Travel is Death Before Dying -- Spiritual Awakening Radio 30:21 05/05/2021
The Vegetarianism of Guru Nanak and the Sikh Scriptures 14:20 05/03/2021
Simran Is The First Step In Sant Mat 25:54 04/29/2021
The Spiritual Seekers Guide 44:46 04/26/2021
Life Has Been Wasted if We Do Not Enter the Eye Center 36:59 04/14/2021
Top 10 Recommended Spiritual Books (Sant Mat) 46:46 04/12/2021
Meditation, Near-Death Experiences (NDE's), and Out Of Body Travel (OOBE's) 26:45 04/05/2021
The Sermon on the Light -- If Your Eye Be Single, Your Whole Body Shall Be Full Of Light 30:50 04/01/2021
The Yoga of Light -- Introduction to Inner Light Meditation 46:58 03/29/2021
The Path of the Living Ones 43:47 03/25/2021
The Teachings of Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras 47:41 03/22/2021