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Girl At The Game founder Gabrielle Starr and NESN’s Alexandra Francisco turned their lifelong sports fandom into careers. Now, they’ve joined forces to keep viewers entertained and informed on the latest in sports. Each episode, they'll bring you the news, react to relevant storylines, deliver sports culture segments, and share guest interviews. Welcome to 'Girl At The Game,' the sports podcast by women, for everyone.


The One with the Barnicle Brothers and the Unsolved Robbery 91:19 05/24/2021
The One with the Hardest Working Man in Baseball 46:27 05/14/2021
The One with Melanie Newman and the Big Show 58:05 03/08/2021
The One with NESN's Lauren Campbell and Barbie Girl 39:16 03/02/2021
The One With Martín Pérez and the Super Bowl Halftime Show 41:27 02/13/2021
The One With Tom Westerholm and Cupcake Wins 47:29 01/15/2021
The One With the Year In Review 34:34 12/31/2020
The One With All the MLB Managers and a Tribute to Tommy 62:56 11/16/2020
The One With Ryan McCollum and PLEASE VOTE 54:12 10/30/2020
The Special One With Martín Pérez 26:40 10/02/2020
The One With Jared Weiss and the Celtics Report Card 72:36 09/30/2020
The One With the Eastern Conference Finals and Bill Belichick's Sweatshirt 55:09 09/23/2020
The One With Paige Spiranac and Slut-Shaming 50:34 08/19/2020
The One With Steve Buckley and Joe Kelly Fight Club 65:46 08/13/2020
The One With Tom Caron and Opening Day 52:45 07/21/2020
The One With Adrienne Lawrence and the Venn Diagram 54:15 07/17/2020
The One With All the Football and Anti-Semitism 41:50 07/10/2020
The One With Joe Posnanski and #TipYourCap2020 89:00 07/03/2020
The One With Ryan Lavarnway and Baseball's Return 52:57 06/26/2020
The One With Bob Kendrick, President of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum 71:45 06/12/2020
The One With Kemet Alston and BLM 46:48 06/06/2020
The One With Keith Foulke and the Crystal Ball 62:55 05/30/2020
The One With Rachel Luba and the TKO 55:33 05/27/2020
The One With Angelique Fiske and Nike the Dog 73:26 05/23/2020
The One With All the Athlete Drama and Sara Civian 84:40 05/14/2020
The One With The Last Dance 37:23 05/06/2020
The One With Anna Horford and the NFL Draft 87:29 05/02/2020
The First One With Jess Mendoza 45:42 04/23/2020
Introducing the Girl At The Game Podcast 03:07 04/17/2020