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Girl At The Game founder Gabrielle Starr turned her lifelong sports fandom into a career. Each episode, she's joined by a different guest from the sports world to discuss their career, current events in sports, being a woman in sports, and so much more! Welcome to 'Girl At The Game,' the sports podcast by a woman, for everyone.


The One with the Barnicle Brothers and the Unsolved Robbery 91:19 05/24/2021
The One with the Hardest Working Man in Baseball 46:27 05/14/2021
The One with Melanie Newman and the Big Show 58:05 03/08/2021
The One with NESN's Lauren Campbell and Barbie Girl 39:16 03/02/2021
The One With Martín Pérez and the Super Bowl Halftime Show 41:27 02/13/2021
The One With Tom Westerholm and Cupcake Wins 47:29 01/15/2021
The One With the Year In Review 34:34 12/31/2020
The One With All the MLB Managers and a Tribute to Tommy 62:56 11/16/2020
The One With Ryan McCollum and PLEASE VOTE 54:12 10/30/2020
The Special One With Martín Pérez 26:40 10/02/2020
The One With Jared Weiss and the Celtics Report Card 72:36 09/30/2020
The One With the Eastern Conference Finals and Bill Belichick's Sweatshirt 55:09 09/23/2020
The One With Paige Spiranac and Slut-Shaming 50:34 08/19/2020
The One With Steve Buckley and Joe Kelly Fight Club 65:46 08/13/2020
The One With Tom Caron and Opening Day 52:45 07/21/2020
The One With Adrienne Lawrence and the Venn Diagram 54:15 07/17/2020
The One With All the Football and Anti-Semitism 41:50 07/10/2020
The One With Joe Posnanski and #TipYourCap2020 89:00 07/03/2020
The One With Ryan Lavarnway and Baseball's Return 52:57 06/26/2020
The One With Bob Kendrick, President of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum 71:45 06/12/2020
The One With Kemet Alston and BLM 46:48 06/06/2020
The One With Keith Foulke and the Crystal Ball 62:55 05/30/2020
The One With Rachel Luba and the TKO 55:33 05/27/2020
The One With Angelique Fiske and Nike the Dog 73:26 05/23/2020
The One With All the Athlete Drama and Sara Civian 84:40 05/14/2020
The One With The Last Dance 37:23 05/06/2020
The One With Anna Horford and the NFL Draft 87:29 05/02/2020
The First One With Jess Mendoza 45:42 04/23/2020
Introducing the Girl At The Game Podcast 03:07 04/17/2020