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Girl At The Game founder Gabrielle Starr turned her lifelong sports fandom into a career. Each episode, she's joined by a different guest from the sports world to discuss their career, current events in sports, being a woman in sports, and so much more! Welcome to 'Girl At The Game,' the sports podcast by a woman, for everyone.


The One with the Barnicle Brothers and the Unsolved Robbery
Dive into Boston legend this week as the girls are joined by the Barnicle brothers, Colin and Nick, to discuss their new Netflix docuseries, "This Is A Robbery," a fascinating and chilling dive into the infamous and still-unsolved Gardner Museum heist of 1990. They also get into their expansive work in sports, talking about a wide range of topics, including (but not limited to) the Red Sox, WooSox, ARod, Robert Redford, the reunion of Bennifer, and being in a fantasy baseball league with their father, famed journalist Mike Barnicle.  This week's episode is brought to you by BetOnline, your online sports book experts.
91:18 5/24/21
The One with the Hardest Working Man in Baseball
Raul Shah has become known as "the hardest working man in professional baseball," and his journey is only just beginning. From college ball at Johns Hopkins, to Indy Ball, and now MLB's partner league with the Ogden Raptors, Shah has excelled at every stage of his career so far. He chats with Gabrielle about how he fell in love with baseball, working towards MLB during the pandemic, what it feels like to take a baseball to the face during an at-bat, and how hard work has gotten him to where he is and will get him where he's going, the Big Show.  This week's episode is brought to you by BetOnline, your online sports book experts.
46:26 5/14/21
The One with Melanie Newman and the Big Show
One of MLB's brightest rising stars, MASN broadcaster Melanie Newman, joins the show for a very special and important episode. The gals discuss the latest sexual harassment revelations in MLB and what it's like to experience these behaviors firsthand, and the double standards and difficulties of being a woman in baseball. They also dive into Melanie's journey from the minor leagues to the big show, and what baseball is really like behind the scenes.
58:04 3/8/21
The One with NESN's Lauren Campbell and Barbie Girl
The Boston Bruins are pretty much the only bright spot for Boston sports fans, so Gab and Al welcome on their friend (and Al's coworker) Lauren Campbell of NESN to discuss Chara's departure, their playoff chances, the Lake Tahoe trip, the teams that scare Lauren, and of course, Pastrňák's Barbie Girl soundbite!
39:15 3/2/21
The One With Martín Pérez and the Super Bowl Halftime Show
2020 Red Sox hero Martín Pérez is back on the pod to talk about his offseason, the fun new fitness activity he picked up to prepare for the upcoming baseball season, why he chose to return to Boston, and what fans can expect from the Red Sox this year. And of course, the NFL season is over (much to Gabrielle's delight and Al's chagrin), so the girls recap the Super Bowl and the Halftime Show. The girls also talk about Gab finally binging the entire Kardashian television universe, New Englanders' obsession with drinking iced coffee in the winter, the new Dunkin drink you have to try, and so much more!
41:26 2/13/21
The One With Tom Westerholm and Cupcake Wins
The first episode of 2021 is all about basketball! Gab and Al are joined by sportswriter Tom Westerholm to discuss the James Harden trade, Kyrie Irving's latest shenanigans, the chemistry of the Brooklyn Nets, Jaylen Brown's fiery start to the season, is Payton Pritchard for real, COVID walloping the NBA, and so much more! This episode is brought to you by BetOnline, your online sportsbook experts! 
47:28 1/15/21
The One With the Year In Review
It's New Year's Eve, and the girls are reviewing the terrible, awful, no-good, mostly-bad year that was 2020. This episode has a little bit of everything, including Zdeno Chara unexpectedly leaving the Bruins yesterday, the Padres making big moves, James Harden versus Jaylen Brown for the Celtics, and more. On the non-sports end, Gab and Al swap some funny stories about strip clubs and Post Malone, before sharing what they are manifesting for 2021. Happy New Year, and thank you for listening! This episode is brought to you by BetOnline, your online sportsbook experts! 
34:33 12/31/20
The One With All the MLB Managers and a Tribute to Tommy
You know it's been a peak MLB week when the hirings of AJ Hinch and Alex Cora aren't even the most insane thing to happen around the league. Gab and Al discuss the two newly-reinstated and re-hired managers as well as recently unretired White Sox Manager-Elect Tony La Russa's Draco Malfoy moment during his arrest, and what all of these hirings mean for their various teams. They also discuss MLB handing out Gold Gloves during the Election and talk about crazy cyber-bullying incidents from the week. Later in the episode, the girls pay tribute to Celtics' legend Tommy Heinsohn, who passed away on the day this episode was recorded. Heinsohn was a part of the Celtics organization for six decades as a player, coach, and broadcaster, for each of the 17 championships. Celtics Nation will not be the same without him. This episode is brought to you by BetOnline, your online sportsbook experts! 
62:55 11/16/20
The One With Ryan McCollum and PLEASE VOTE
This week, brilliant political consultant Ryan McCollum schools Gab and Al on sports betting and local government in Massachusetts. They discuss how it can help local businesses recover from the financial havoc COVID-19 has and continues to wreak, how legalizing gambling and sports betting can make the practices much safer, what this would mean for college sports, and more.  MA voters: find your local early voting location and where to drop your ballot and GO VOTE!!!! This week's episode is brought to you by BetOnline, your online sports book experts.
54:11 10/30/20
The Special One With Martín Pérez
The Red Sox' newest starting pitcher and newest fan-favorite, Martín Pérez joins the show for a special episode! He and Gabrielle talk about his first season in Boston, building team chemistry under strict COVID protocol, becoming a team leader, his love of music, his decision to come to Boston, his hopes for the future, and so much more.
26:39 10/2/20
The One With Jared Weiss and the Celtics Report Card
Both the Red Sox' and Celtics' seasons came to an end on Sunday, so Gab and Al chat with The Athletic's very own superstar Celtics writer and podcaster and fellow ramen-lover, Jared Weiss, about the playoffs, the Kemba vs. Kyrie debate, Jaylen and Jayson's growth, what Danny Ainge might do this offseason, and some hot Pacers gossip! Also in this episode: a farewell to Ron Roenicke, some Alex Cora speculation, Alyssa Thomas' superhuman shoulders, and a very unglamorous Stanley Cup with a typical Florida ending.
72:35 9/30/20
The One With the Eastern Conference Finals and Bill Belichick's Sweatshirt
After a mini-hiatus, the girls are BACK! Gab and Al discuss Celtics vs. Heat in the ECF so far, Kemba Walker's leadership, the locker room brawl, Gordon Hayward staying in the Bubble, and "fans" harassing his wife about her pregnancy. They then dive into some tough and frustrating topics, including Skip Bayless' comments about Dak Prescott's mental health revelations, Jason Whitlock's sexist comments about Maria Taylor and Katie Nolan, and why all of these issues point to toxic masculinity being on the rise in sports media. Also in this episode: recapping Cam Newton's first 2 games as Patriots QB, Bill Belichick's ripped sweatshirt, the weirdness of the 2020 Red Sox, and a little insider gossip from an MLB player's wife about how Rob Manfred is handling baseball this season. 
55:08 9/23/20
The One With Paige Spiranac and Slut-Shaming
Gab and Al are joined by professional golfer and influencer Paige Spiranac to discuss being a woman in her male-dominated sport, dealing with sexism, slut-shaming, and cyber-bullying, golf in the time of coronavirus, double standards, and female competition and antagonism in sports. ***** This week's episode is brought to you by Baseball BBQ! Use promo code GATG15 for 15% off your entire order at through August 2020!
50:33 8/19/20
The One With Steve Buckley and Joe Kelly Fight Club
This week, the girls chat with Gab's friend and mentor, renowned sportswriter Steve Buckley of The Athletic! They discuss Joe Kelly Fight Club round 2, the current state of the Red Sox, baseball in the time of coronavirus, being in the LGBTQ community in the sports world, and so much more. This week's episode is brought to you by Baseball BBQ! Use promo code GATG15 for 15% off your entire order at through August 2020!
65:45 8/13/20
The One With Tom Caron and Opening Day
The girls chat with NESN sportscaster Tom Caron in the midst of the news-bomb that Mookie Betts has signed a 12-year extension with the Dodgers. They discuss Mookie being gone for good, the Red Sox being back without him, how the pitching looks, and season predictions. TC also shares his favorite 'Eckisms' from his co-worker, the legendary Dennis Eckersley, why the Red Sox broadcast crew always calls it like they see it, his favorite sports memory, and more! This week's episode is brought to you by Baseball BBQ! Use promo code GATG15 for 15% off your entire order at through August 2020!
52:44 7/21/20
The One With Adrienne Lawrence and the Venn Diagram
This week's episode continues to focus on the important issues of racism and antisemitism in sports and the world as a whole. Gabrielle and Al are joined by powerhouse attorney and author Adrienne Lawrence, who fought back against sexual harassment and racism during her days at ESPN. They discuss how racism and antisemitism intersect, the recent antisemitic comments coming from Black celebrities, Adrienne's book Staying In The Game about beating workplace sexual harassment, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar being incredible, and so much more. Become a supporter of Girl At The Game
54:14 7/17/20
The One With All the Football and Anti-Semitism
The girls tackle some difficult but important conversations this week, talking about DeSean Jackson and Stephen Jackson's inflammatory remarks about Hitler, and discuss the rise of anti-Semitism in America. Gab gets personal, talking about what it means to be a Jewish woman in sports and why Julian Edelman's role as a proud Jewish athlete is so important. They also cover Patrick Mahomes' massive contract extension, Cam Newton joining the Patriots, and throw in a little basketball and baseball!
41:49 7/10/20
The One With Joe Posnanski and #TipYourCap2020
Gabrielle chats with Joe Posnanski, senior writer at The Athletic about starting the Tip Your Cap movement to virtually honor the Negro Leagues Centennial, getting submissions from superstars like Michael Jordan and Mike Trout, why they didn't ask the president to tip his cap, Babe Ruth's pitching career and the Shohei Ohtani comparison, baseball returning as coronavirus is resurging across the country, being a Girl Dad, and so much more. Learn more about the Tip Your Cap movement at!
88:59 7/3/20
The One With Ryan Lavarnway and Baseball's Return
It's been over one hundred days, but Major League Baseball has finally figured itself out and set a return date. Former Red Sox player Ryan Lavarnway, now in the Marlins organization and playing on Team Israel for the Olympics, joins the show to talk about Team Israel and baseball coming back. Hear a player's opinion and get his inside view on the tumultuous situation in MLB, staying healthy during the ongoing pandemic, playing in empty ballparks, and more. They also discuss fundraising efforts to help Team Israel play baseball in the Olympics for the first time in history, and her getting mansplained by lawyer Alan Dershowitz during a charity event to benefit the team. Please consider making a donation to help support Team Israel's journey to Tokyo in 2021!
52:56 6/26/20
The One With Bob Kendrick, President of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
After a quick update on sports returning, the girls are joined by the legendary Bob Kendrick, President of the Negro Leagues Museum to hear some incredible baseball stories and discuss racism in America today, his career, the museum, his special relationship with the late, great Buck O'Neil, and so much more. There's no one more uplifting and filled with positive energy than Bob; you'll come away from this episode filled with hope. ActBlue will distribute your donations across multiple racial justice organizations. Please donate if you can. Music: "No More (Baby Ima Do Right" - 3LW
71:44 6/12/20
The One With Kemet Alston and BLM
Photographer Kemet Alston captured powerful moments from the peaceful protest organized by Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown in his home city of Atlanta. He joins the show to talk with Gabrielle and Al about the Black Lives Matter movement, the protests happening across the country, and being the grandson of a prominent civil rights leader. Later in the episode, the girls discuss Drew Brees' comments about Colin Kaepernick, the toxicity of Cancel Culture, and how to be an ally in this pivotal time. This episode is dedicated to Breonna Tayler, a victim of police brutality. Help get justice for her. ActBlue will distribute your donations across multiple racial justice organizations. Please donate if you can.
46:47 6/6/20
The One With Keith Foulke and the Crystal Ball
Every 2000s Red Sox Nation kid's childhood hero Keith Foulke joins the girls to talk about 2004 in great detail. From Dave Roberts' steal, to Kevin Millar's antics, to the Yankees rivalry, to the clubhouse mentality after that disastrous Game 3, hear about Reversing the Curse straight from one of the Curse-Breakers. Now working for the Red Sox in a Player Development role, Keith tells Gab and Al about how fatherhood inspired him to get back into baseball, what the Sox are doing differently in their farm system, the biggest regret of his career, and why he feels he needs the players he mentors even more than they need him.
62:54 5/30/20
The One With Rachel Luba and the TKO
Rachel Luba isn't like most sports agents. She sits down (virtually) with Gab and Al to discuss her journey from gymnast to agent, what it's like to be one of the only female sports agents and what sets her agency, Luba Sports, apart from the rest, and of course, her superstar (sometimes polarizing) client, Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer. With MLB and the Players' Union currently at odds, Rachel lends her insider insight into what's going on behind the scenes of baseball's biggest obstacle: its own owners.
55:32 5/27/20
The One With Angelique Fiske and Nike the Dog
Gab and Al discuss Gab's very irrational fear, Borat, Michael Jordan's baseball career, Space Jam, and Jose Canseco's Twitter beef with ARod. Later in the epiosde, they chat with Angelique Fiske, New England Patriots' lifestyle editor and host of their 'Patriots Off-Topic' podcast, about covering Super Bowls, Tom Brady's departure and who will replace him as the face of the franchise, Nike the Dog becoming Boston's mascot, and more. 
73:25 5/23/20
The One With All the Athlete Drama and Sara Civian
In the last week, an NFL player, an NHL player, and an NBA player have each had three very wild, very different situations upend their lives. Gab and Al discuss the latest drama before doing a complete 180 to introduce a new segment in which they shine the spotlight on philanthropic athletes. They then have a conversation with Sara Civian of The Athletic about her career, being a woman in sports (spoiler alert: it's intense), why a lifelong Bruins fan would rather not cover the Bruins, and so much more.
84:39 5/14/20
The One With The Last Dance
Gab and Al break down the biggest storylines from the first 3 weeks of ESPN's Michael Jordan docuseries The Last Dance, including Kobe's first appearance this week, the absence of Jordan's family and his love for gambling, glossing over Magic Johnson's early retirement, Adidas' epic blunder, and so much more. They also discuss the idea for a similar docuseries about the 09 Yankees, and why no one will ever compare to Dennis Rodman, before closing out the show talking about leagues' potential plans to return. In partnership with CLNS Media.
37:22 5/6/20
The One With Anna Horford and the NFL Draft
Gab and Al kick off the second episode discussing the timetable for sports returning and the NFL Draft, which Bill Belichick's dog Nike totally won. They then welcome on Anna Horford, fellow CLNS Media podcaster extraordinaire and sister of former Celtic and current 76er Al Horford, to talk about the Celtics, life in a family of basketball royalty, and what it's like to be a woman on Sports Twitter. 
87:28 5/2/20
The First One With Jess Mendoza
In the inaugural episode of the show, Gab and Al talk with Olympic gold medalist and ESPN's own Jessica Mendoza about homeschooling in the time of coronavirus, her journey from college softball star to Olympic gold medalist to the broadcast booth, sexism in sports, leaving the Mets and Sunday Night Baseball, and so much more.
45:41 4/23/20
Introducing the Girl At The Game Podcast
Girl At The Game founder Gabrielle Starr and NESN’s Alexandra Francisco turned their lifelong sports fandom into careers. Now, they’ve joined forces to keep viewers entertained and informed on the latest in sports. Each episode, they'll bring you the news, react to relevant storylines, deliver sports culture segments, and share guest interviews. Welcome to 'Girl At The Game,' the sports podcast by women, for everyone.
03:06 4/17/20