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Keep Sharing podcast is a revolutionary podcast, blending real life stories, mindset advice with the common connection to golf. It is brought to you by John and his team. Your host is a Performance Psychology Expert, Zen Golf Associate, NLP Master Practitioner. With bags of knowledge around the humanistic approach to life. John interviews guest from around the world, Covering Life experience, failures, pit falls, journeys, and Success Stories along with many other topics. Come share your story with us. For more information you can visit us on our webpage and book a call.


Entrepreneurial Spirit
Add value and understand that your role in the team is all part of the journey. We all have an an  Entrepreneurial Spirit within us. Examples of entrepreneurial skillsBusiness management skills.Teamwork and leadership skills.Communication and listening.Customer service skills.Financial skills.Analytical and problem-solving skills.Critical thinking skills.Strategic thinking and planning skills. Support the show (
16:17 06/07/2021
Lesley Faux, Fine Tune The Body.
Lesley Faux Is a Certified Exercise and Rehabilitation Specialist and fully qualified Pilates Instructor, Lesley Faux (MSc), employs a scientific approach to guide the enhancement of posture and alignment and overall athletic ability of her clients. Her screening process immediately identifies the most important challenges and limitations for each individual, then incorporates a series of corrective exercises and interactive physical training methods to help remedy each challenge. Her attention to mobility, stability, and neuromuscular activation, along with advanced rehabilitation techniques including MAT ( Muscle Activation Technique) , allows each individual to attain their optimal strength and movement. As well as working from her Studio in St.Andrews, Lesley travels throughout London and the south-east, specialising in golf movement training and has presented at the World Scientific Congress of Golf (WSCG) in Brisbane Australia (2014) and St. Andrews (2016). She is also a published author in The Journal of Sports Science with her research on centre of foot pressure relating to a consistent golf swing.  Lesley continues to develop her knowledge and skills on a regular basis, making her one of the most sought after golf movement specialists in the UK.Support the show (
26:47 04/28/2021
Golf Is Back Relax Enjoy, Have Fun.
Reflecting on my first game back and what it takes to stay composed during your round. It's simple the more you are relaxed and at ease with yourself, the better you will play. Stay away from distraction and block out the noise. The results come to you from the preparation you put in beforehand. If you try to tweak anything during your round, it will snowball and lead to frustrations. Make the relevant mental changes not the technical ones. Practice being composed and be in awareness away from the course; you will train the mind to respond differently when things don't go to plan and when it does click, and you will feel better to embrace those moments. How to relax Stay calm.Composed. Living moment by moment in your golfing game will increase your overall performance. Support the show
13:26 04/25/2021
Kindness is your best investement. Kindness Konrad, Philanthropist || Public Speaker ||
Delighted to share with you our next guest. Kindness | Konrad Kucharski joins on us the show to explain that kindness travels far and wide and can travel further than you think.  Konrad is  from Ohio State Athlete to Uber, Konrad left the corporate world to show people that kindness is the key to access their superpower.  What you do now in moment will shape someone's life for the future.  It was great to discus the power of the kindness diaries. Sure Leon would like to join us for the next one. Thank you for sharing with us your wisdom and thoughtful words of encouragement.  Go outside and see how amazing our world is. Good people and kindness is all around us. Don’t be fooled by the media. Go Well love Kondrad and JTSupport the show (
32:05 03/25/2021
Chris Clark Its never to late.
Name: Chris ClarkOccupation: Pro Golfer Chris grew up in Europe as the son of a military family. He moved to the states when he was a teenager and finished out high school and college in the state of Washington. He graduated from Washington State university where he found his passion for golf. After completing all of his core requirements to graduate he found himself choosing golf as an elective to complete his degree. Immediately entering corporate America after college. Chris began playing golf whenever he was not in the office. Logging countless hours in an attempt perfect his craft. That passion and determination turned into competing and now more than 12 years later, Chris has discovered his ability to compete at the professional level. My way is to be a role model and an ambassador of diversity. As the game of golf continues to grow, the number of minority golfers from the US on the PGA tour remains far to low in my opinion.  Chris wants to show younger minority golfers that it’s never to late to follow your dreams because if you work hard enough and have a plan, you can accomplish whatever you want in life.Insta @chrisclark1010 the show (
22:02 03/18/2021
Andrew Murray, Becoming Oily, Tapping Into Rhythm Thoughts.
Kepp Sharing Podcast With Andrew MurrayToday's guest Andrew Murray, Shares with us how lucky he is to have played in a golden era with Seve, Faldo, Lyle, langer, Woosnam and co. Former European Open Champion and BBC 5 live summariser, founder and MD AMGolf Ltd, corporate golf event specialists based in Lymm Cheshire. Andrew played on the European tour for 20 yrs before injury took over. After his recovery, Andrew resurfaced in 2000! played 10 years on senior tour across Europe. His son Tom now plays on the Challenge Tour. Andrew is a brand ambassador for Turnberry/Srixon/Glenmuir/today's golfer magazine/Prostate Cancer.Andrew explains that in one moment his coach said to him, be oily this allowed Andrew to loosen up and create thought rhythm. The mental game sure plays a huge part in the way we perform. Tune in to find out more about Andrews story. You can reach out to him on Twitter @amurraygolf insta @andrewmurraygolf , website andrewmurraygolf.comKeep up the amazing work Andrew. It was a pleasure to meet with you and have you on the show. #podcast #goodvibes #brand #event #sports #leadership #coachingSupport the show (
26:57 02/03/2021
Terry Blackburn, Do What You Love.
 We kick off 2021 with season 3 episode 1,  its great to be back recording a new season. Every now and again the show reaches out to other industries and not just those in sport, to find out about peoples perceptive to what is happening in their world today. Today's guest Terry Blackburn shares with us how he found his purpose through hard work determination and those who have inspired him along the way. Terry Blackburn age 32 from Newcastle father of 2Multi million-pound property portfolio, Terry owned multiple financial services businesses with over 40 staff before age 27 Doubled turnover during covid in the insurance & Mortgage brokers Self-employed since age 19 Terry books and recommendations A Miracle Morning. Hal Elrod Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki I have added these to my wish list.  Thank you, Terry Keep Sharing. Support the show (
28:11 01/22/2021
Growing Up.
Excited to be launching Season 3 with your host John shares his story about growing up and how to learn to flush out the old and in with the new. Life is not easy and everyone has there own map of the world. You can change yours with some simple steps. Go Well. Support the show (
10:46 09/02/2020
Nicky Robertson Shinning The Light.
 Nicky Robertson, Director, Holistic Wellbeing Therapist.Nicky leverages the experience gained over more than 22 years in the fields of Body, Mind and Spirit health and wellness. Helping individuals and organisations looking to maximise personal and group efficiencies through a unique and holistic approach.Having worked in South Africa, Asia and now the UK, her experiences have culminated in setting up The Wellbeing Hub, a health and wellbeing centre offering therapies, classes and workshops to both individuals and organisations.Known for her holistic approach as well as her East meets West health philosophies, Nicky brings depth and wisdom to all her sessions.Helping clients develop a positive mindset so they can obtain clarity as well as improve their resilience to be able to overcome obstacles and harness self-belief. By developing awareness, clients can better understand themselves, their triggers, and learn tools to better manage their responses in a healthy and balanced way. By breaking downs peoples limiting beliefs so they can take back ownership with courage and faith to take the next step in their personal development. Specialising in stress management and emotional awareness , Nicky's clients range from all over the world.Her strong belief in the compassion model comes through in all her work. Giving clients tools to cultivate self-acceptance, self-love, empathy, forgiveness, and gratitude is key in their wellness journey. Also evident in all her work is the Energy-Mind-Body link. By accessing the information stored within the body and activating the healing codes, the Energy-Mind-Body work harmoniously to bring balance, vitality, ease, and health to the individual.Nicky’s classes, talks and workshops for individuals and workplace are all taught in a simple, easy to access way, temotivatinghe participants to integrate the learning and practices in their daily life. Her supportive and patient nature inspires participant confidence to make the changes that are necessary for their wellbeing.Nicky’s classes, talks, courses, and workshops cover topics across Mindfulness and Meditation, Breathing for Wellbeing, Stress Management, Relaxation for Wellbeing, Self-care, Personal Development, Self-Love and Self-Acceptance, Emotional Wellness, Energy Healing and Manifesting the Life you want. Support the show (
25:15 07/08/2020
Jo Corbishley, 3 Words
Jo Corbishley - TEDx Speaker, MAPM, BScInspiring and thoughtful words from Jo delighted to have you on the show. To be SUSTAINABLE in this complex business economy, NIMBLENESS is necessary.To become nimble, organisations need staff to be ENGAGED and EMPOWERED, to work autonomously and to implement change quickly and confidently WITHOUT being micromanaged or told what to do.The great news is that this has never been easier. Working together, through a combination of closer relationships, with business tools and techniques, you can truly develop a CANDO culture of SUCCESS.Establishing this culture within the organisation is key!. That’s where the Leadership Launchpad Program comes in!. A program that doesn’t just provide the information but instils it through practical implementation. Support the show
38:28 06/23/2020
Steve Siwak. The Road To Recovery After Golf.
A pleasure to speak with Steve and have him on the show, Steve shares with us his amazing journey through golf over the past 23 years. From the US to South Africa playing on many different mini-tours, Turning pro in 1994. His memories about playing, being around Tiger and Phil at a young age. Steve spoke about and mentioned people who inspired him early on in his career. His struggles at school as a young boy and how golf was his release. Steve is on the road to recovery from alcohol and has a great team around him. I wish him every success with his future. It takes courage and bravery to admit when something is wrong and a true sense of character to reach out and ask for help. You are inspiring and hope this message finds the right people who needs that guidance.  Thanks Kindly  John Support the show (
27:12 06/08/2020
Jake Francis, From A Caddies View & Playing Music.
Delighted to have Jake Francis on today's podcast, Jake shares with us his role as a caddie his relationship with his player Curtis Thompson and his love of music.We even got to hear him play a song he wrote for us last week. Wishing him every success for the future. You can find Jake on Instagram - @jake_francismusicYouTube - Jake Francis MusicTwitter - @jakefrancisfl Thanks for your time. John Support the show (
17:50 06/08/2020
James Ellwood Leaving With A Smile
Delighted to have James on the show. He shares with us his desire and passion to do well, firstly as a person and then to disseminate down through his business venture. James has a great attitude and belief to help people walk away with a smile. Keep up the amazing vision. James Bio In October 2019, I founded NFL Weekends - a unique travel company designed to give Brits an authentic experience in the States taking in a particular city and of course, NFL Gameday, I went full time with the business in January 2020. Going back to the beginning…straight out of school, I started my career in Harrods of London before spending time in Australia and New Zealand playing cricket abroad in my mid-twenties, on my return I have worked in the world of outbound and inbound travel, all combining in hopefully gaining the relevant experience to make a success of NFL Weekends!Non-work wise, I am unashamedly sport mad! I play plenty of cricket, some golf and follow rugby and football. I love to travel and will bite at most opportunities to go somewhere new.Support the show (
27:14 04/21/2020
Suneel Seetal The Fun Canadian Irish Golfer
Suneel share with us his passion for golf in Ireland.Suneel wrote, I am currently rebranding my company to have a wider more unique appeal to people who have never met me and looking online. I enjoy having fun, the 19th hole, meeting new people and love the positive energy that these events bring and or when I collect / meet groups at the airport!!  A Canadian in Ireland? I came for the weather!Consider myself fortunate to play the best courses in the world on a regular basis and want you to have that experience also. My goal is to deliver a trip of a lifetime for you, your family, friends and fellow club members!Lived, worked and travelled Ireland since 2000. Having navigated all 32 counties extensively, I know where to go, how to get there, how to maximize your budget and get the full Irish experience. I believe that the best golf in the World is in Ireland! Historic Links, magnificent parkland courses and hidden gems that are the true definition of the word. If you haven't visited, you haven't experienced God's gift to Golf!When you think Scotland, you think Golf (& perhaps Haggis). St.Andrews, Carnoustie, Turnberry, Kingsbarns, Royal Troon, Gleneagles - I actually don't want to stop listing them! The "Home of Golf"​ takes you back in history, gives you the opportunity to play where all greats have competed and offers you the chance to play your very own Open Championship. Scottish charm is evident in all the clubs you visit and you will be welcomed as friends.Canada doesn't get the worldwide recognition we deserve for our great golfing history. The gem is the Canadian Rockies! Yes I'm biased, I'm from Calgary. How often can you say your round was interrupted by a family of bears? Our round was delayed because a Moose played thru! From Calgary to Vancouver, Western Canada offers some of the most scenic, enjoyable and challenging golf you will ever experience. Some of Stanley Thompson's finest creations are waiting for you to visit, stay & play! Support the show
29:29 04/19/2020
David Finn Hickory Open Championship" Stableford Low Net Division at Kilspindie.
Been in the golf business since 1991 when I co-founded Golfing International Inc., the publishers of "Par Excellence", Canada’s first mail order and e-commerce golf catalogue company.  In that time we won two RSVP Awards from the Canadian Marketing Association for 'Catalogue Design and Response' and was featured in a nationally televised documentary by CBC Venture.   In 2002 I started traveling to China and subsequently became the supplier of Mike Weir’s WeirGolf licensed merchandise for Sears Canada and fulfilment company for WeirGolf’s online sales.In 2006, I co-founded and consulted on, Canada's first online website of golf travel related stories and transformed it into a 45,000 subscriber base for their monthly newsletter.  I am currently a member of the Golf Journalists Association of Canada, Golf Travel Writers of America, International Golf Travel Writers Association and Travel Media Association of Canada.  I have golfed in 9 Canadian provinces, 20 US States and 23 countries.  My articles and photographs have recently been featured in a number of publications including Top 100 Golf Courses of the World, Leading Courses, Travel Life Magazine, Doctor's Review, Tee Times Minnesota, Chicago District Golfer and Golf Oklahoma Magazines. I am a three time award winner in the “Best Photograph” category and one for "Travel Feature" category from the Golf Journalist Association of Canada. In 2016 won in the "Best Photo Series" for TMAC.  Visit our website at www.golftravelandleisure.comSpecialties: Golf and travel writing, photography, radio personality, tourism marketing, advertising, business development, sales, customer relations, database management, direct marketing, e-commerce,  newsletters and sourcing Support the show
29:02 04/19/2020
Chris Graham, Hole in the wall
Chris shares his love of golf from a young age and reaching high standards. -what I feel stopped me from progressing to a professional or top amateur (lack of emotional capacity/maturity/resilience to handle the ups and downs)-how mindfulness, meditation, and life (including becoming a father) changed my perspective and improved my golf even with considerably less time to play and practice-why I believe amateur golfers should focus on improving on mental side of their game with about 85% of their time and only 15% on technique why might this provide others with some hope or inspirationSupport the show (
38:38 04/19/2020
Amber Khan Finding Freedom.
This episode Amber shares with us her desires passion and breaking free from the cultural norm. Amber helps businesses that are solving the world's most meaningful problems, stand out, reach more & convert big, using your existing content. But most importantly, the thing I’m most proud of is that when you invest in your future through our work, you are also creating a meaningful change in the world. Because, 10% of all sales go towards feeding & educating children affected by wars & conflicts around the globe.Helping purpose driven leaders stand out, reach more and convert big, using your existing content ☆ International Bestselling Author ☆ Speaker ☆ Customer Journey Mapping #AmberGlow. Thank You.John Support the show (
29:52 04/10/2020
Zeb Welborn The Community Man.
President of the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce: Promoting growth in the Chino Valley business community.President and Owner of Welborn Social Media: Helping passionate organizations reach more customers using digital marketing and social marketing strategies.President and Owner of 19th Hole Media: Growing golf by using digital marketing and social strategies to increase rounds and revenue for golf courses. Past-President for the Chino Rotary Club and PR Chair for Rotary District 5300: Provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.Organizer of the Southern California Charity Golf Classic: Good people doing good things for good causes in our community. We’ve supported Bark for Life, Boys Republic, California Scholastic Press Association, Chino Rotary Club, Chino Valley Fire District Foundation, Corona Firefighter’s Benevolent Fund, House of Ruth, Love Them All Foundation, Priceless Pet Rescue, Salvation Army, The Let It Be Foundation, and Wounded Warrior Project. Author of the Social Golf Course: Wrote the book on social media marketing for golf courses.Host of the Defining Success Podcast: Completed 120 podcast episodes interviewing some of the world’s most successful people. Support the show (
16:02 04/08/2020
Ryan Dodds Golfing In Mauritius.
 Ryan Dodds is a Fellow Member of the PGA of South Africa with more than 15 years’ experience in the business of golf. He has had the privilege of working in various sub-sectors within the golf industry including golf teaching, retail, golf estate development, club management, rights commercialisation and event management. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with specialisation in Economics.He is currently Head of Golf Management and Projects for the VLH Group in Mauritius and is involved with 4 golf products on the island including the new course that is under construction at Heritage Golf Club.Thank you for sharing Ryan. Support the show (
23:37 04/07/2020
Derek Murray & Augusta National.
Over the moon to connect with Derek Murray. He shares with us his own personal  journey, how he won best custom club fitter of the year in 2010. Along with his travels to Augusta National. Look forward to having Derek on the show again where he will share with us more stories and how he met the most respected man in golf Seve Ballesteros. Stay tuned and stay safe. People who come need to know we are not your normal golf shop, we custom build our clubs and of course that takes a little longer, but our process delivers results. We don’t just hand out standard mass produced clubs that have been built by someone, somewhere. ForeGolf is built around hand making clubs for golfers who want to play better with more confidence and take shots off their handicap. Reach out toDerek MurrayProfessional Club Fitter, Technician and Club Maker ForeGolf Killeen Castle +353 (0)1 9060147www.foregolf.ieFollow us and reach out to us on all our social media channels: Foregolfcustom on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedInSupport the show
37:46 04/06/2020
Dr Joe Parent, Author of ZEN GOLF, on Getting Out of Your Own Way
Delighted to talk with Dr. Joe Parent, PGA TOUR Sports Psychologist and author of the best-selling ZEN GOLF: Mastering the Mental Game, who has been mentoring me personally for the past seven months. Dr. Joe shares with us his story about how he developed his practice and teaching of Mindfulness and Habit Change for golf, business, and life, including his work helping major golf champions Vijay Singh and Cristie Kerr to the #1 World Golf Ranking.Support the show (
22:43 03/19/2020
Amanda Cartner Medititaion Through Movement
Delighted to interview Amanda Cartner about her journey into Yoga. Amanda shares with us how she is dealing with the currant situation and how people can stay active. Having worked as a dentist for the last 30 years, I sold my business (Mere Green Dental Care), then sold my house – and moved back to the beautiful North East where I lived until I went to University.WHAT I DO NOW I am a certified Dru Yoga teacher - this has been of great importance to me personally and it gives me great pleasure to pass on this skill. I offer classes for all levels - including beginenrs, as well as courses in Yoga for a Healthy Back.In addition, I am working with a natural product that helps reduce oxidative stress in the body by an average of 40% in 30 days. It has been clinically proven in 20 independent peer review studies and is backed by cutting edge technology. Support the show (
11:56 03/19/2020
Pam Owens, Fitness GOLF DIGEST 50 Best Golf-Fitness Trainer.
I had the pleasure to speak with Pam today about her WHY.  .Pam Owens is a mobility specialist, personal trainer, nutrition coach, KINSTRETCH instructor, TPI Coach and proponent of all things fitness. Fitness Director at Royal Oaks Country Club, Houston. Online coaching to transform your nutrition and mindset for sustainable change. We shared insights into how mind and body are connected. Awesome. I recommend you sign up for her latest articles and newsletter. Pam is Inspiring and thoughtful with her Thank you kindly John Support the show (
18:40 03/13/2020
Sharing with Steve Citrus Travel
I had the pleasure of speaking with Steve today.  Steve has been in business for 15  years and is the owner of Citrus Travel,  he has  been part of the Fore business network for the past four years. Steve has travelled all over the globe. He talks about some of the places he has visited, truly fascinating.Steve shares with us how he is improving his golfing game using visualisation, listen in to find out more. His knowledge is vast within the travel industry so if you planning a trip away I suggest you talk with Steve first. Thanks Kindly John Support the show (
28:11 03/02/2020
Interview Grant Henderson Co Founder i3
I had the pleasure to meet with the co founder i3 Personality Profiling who kindly shared his story about his personal journey, his company and the future of i3. Support the show
13:51 02/13/2020
Grant Henderson asks the host about his involvement with i3
Talking about my journey into becoming an i3 Real Coach Support the show (
06:38 02/13/2020
What do we see  ? and how do we see things ? serious thought or consideration.This week I am talking around coaching i3 personality profiling and reflecting on the past 2 weeks. Keep Sharing. Support the show (
09:50 02/07/2020
This is me.
Welcome to John Taylors Podcast.  Covering a wide range of topics, including life stories, fun times, hard times and good times. “Interviewing people about life challenges, goals, aspirations failures and success stories.” Thanks for listening. Support the show (
09:53 01/23/2020