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Beauty, inside and out! Let's be fades over time, but our internal beauty is everlasting. Join Janice each week with inspirational stories on beauty, health, sex, love, hormones, empowerment, career challenges, pageantry and more. Nothing is taboo or impossible...when beauty calls!


Dr. Elizabeth Barlow: Make mental health part of the conversation!
About Dr. Elizabeth Barlow, LICSWDr. Barlow founded InKind Mind Inc with the vision that everyone should have access to quality, convenient mental health services. She has devoted her career to creating a world in which everyone experiences the highest quality of mental health services, regardless of their background or financial situation. Elizabeth is a military spouse and first generation college grad, As Mrs. Mississippi United States, she is committed to helping others find the courage to speak out about their mental health and break the stigma. To help and learn more about mental health and how to donate/volunteer, visit: the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
31:25 9/1/23
Transform your life and manifest your dream life! Learn how in this episode with Stefani Pearsall
About Stefani:As a Spiritual Teacher, Coach, Consultant, Energy Healer and Psychic, I access multi-dimensional realms of consciousness. I assist people with clearing blocks, connecting to source, and living in alignment with the principles of the Universe which are based in Love, Truth, Beauty and Goodness. I teach spiritual practices and healing modalities as well as host retreats to assist people to live the life of their dreams. You are the Magic that creates your life."It’s amazing what you can create and achieve when you believe in yourself and begin to understand and implement the manifestation principles and laws of the universe. "In today's episode,  we will learn how to find joy and love, listen to your intuition, and find your life's calling. Stefani is a coach and healer and can help you transform your life! Stefani and Divine Feminine Love will give you a 15 minute FREE reading to help you transform your life. Contact Stefani on her website:Divine Feminine LoveSupport the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
29:34 4/27/23
Beauty comes full circle with Lena Chao: Founder of Clean Circle
Today's guest is Lena Chao; she founded Clean Circle, a sustainably minded, culture-forward skin and body care brand. With her extensive expertise in the textile industry, Lena set out to create ethically made reusables from high-quality, certified clean materials - all to help people reduce their beauty waste while protecting their skin health.Her unwavering commitment to sustainability and product transparency has been a driving force behind Clean Circle's success; she believes that every person can make a difference through small steps toward sustainability, leading to meaningful change. Clean Circle has gained recognition for its innovative approach to an ethical and transparent beauty space. When we champion diversity, sustainability, and culture, we move towards helping people honor their self-care rituals and love their bare skin.What we will learn today:● About a new wave of BIPOC Beauty Founders ● Supporting a cleaner, more fair textile industry in beauty● Pushing boundaries of sustainability and transparency in beauty● Unconventional approach to beauty through a cultural lens Reach Lena and Clean Circle on all platforms the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
24:01 4/11/23
How STRESS can affect our bodies. Learn how grief and loss are trapped in our bodies and how we CAN release that pain.
Do you have pain? Grief? Or do you get sick easily or feel down at times? We all have something, and much of the time, it can be those traumas and pain of our past that have settled into our body. Stress is REAL and can cause sickness. Today you will learn how trapped trauma and grief affects us and CAN be released. Rocky Brueseke helps release pain and grief as a licensed Emotion Code Practitioner. About RockyI lost my husband. This was such a shock. You walk through the motions during those first few days. When the door closed on that last one who left my home, it really hit me.  I’m alone. We had our entire retirement planned. And now it, it’s not.That was at the beginning of covid. The country shut down 6 weeks later. Talk about loneliness. No human contact. No hugs of comfort. St. Patrick’s Day my best friend of 40 years lost her battle with breast cancer. No hugs. The funeral on video from my living room. My sister died on June 1st. No visitors during her 3-week hospital stay. My grandson’s close friend, 9 yo, passed suddenly.  An aunt died. How much grief can there be?  I’m a strong independent woman but really? Midsummer, when churches began gathering again, I attended a Grief-Share program which was excellent. Our leader was so compassionate and had her own losses. I highly recommend this program. I was trying so hard to crawl out of that deep, dark winter hole I had been in. Then a friend in my homeopathy study group introduced us to The Emotion Code.  I’m familiar with energy healing modalities and have had success with craniosacral and reiki. My chiropractor uses muscle testing. I use a form of muscle testing. But the results of just a few sessions of releasing trapped emotions gave me the strength to keep going. Yes, recent grief was addressed, but there was grief from the loss of other loved ones.  The grief of disappointments throughout life… broken dreams, broken relationships. It’s emotions that you were not able to process at the time that went into hiding within your body, to possibly later resurface as emotional or physical issues years down the road. I became Emotion Code Certified.I never imagined I would be doing this for others. With my nursing knowledge, I immediately felt comfortable with the process of identifying deeply trapped emotions within the body. Once identified, they are easily released.   GIVEAWAY: get your FREE Emotion Code/emotional release session here: Rocky's group:Frequencies of Life FB link: the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
41:14 12/9/22
Malaya Rogers, Miss Teen Universe Philippines 2023
Join me as I interview Malaya Rogers, Miss Pre-Teen United States 2021 and the reigning Miss Teen Universe Philippines 2023!Support her cause sure to follow her @Malaya.Rogers on IGSupport the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
05:58 12/3/22
Busting the myth about essential oils, Amy Anthony shares the benefits of aromatherapy.
Listed as one of America’s most influential aromatherapists, Amy Anthony is currently the New York State representative for the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and has her private practice called NYC Aromatica which includes one-on-one customized aromatherapy sessions, online class offerings, corporate consulting and article writing.Among America’s top certified Aromatherapists and self-proclaimed Aromatic Gardner, Amy is a sought after voice on how essential oils can support our health, connect us with nature, enhance mental clarity and help cope with life’s overall challenges.Host of the Essential Aromatica podcast, Amy also tends her own aromatic garden on the North Fork of Long Island where she houses her artisanal distillery, and creates unique blends for her clients.On the show, we will talk about:The critical, genuine and authentic role essential oils may play in supporting overall health, recovery and menopause.The relief essential oils can provide for menopausal symptoms.Key essential oils for supporting wellness and vitality.Safety concerns and guidelines regarding essential oil usage and application.Some of the recommendations made by Amy:Rose Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens): overall balancing Ylang ylang (Canaga odorata): sensual, languid, reminiscent of Jasmine but definitely has its own presence. (Here's a piece I wrote about Ylang ylang: Plant Talk with Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - NYC Aromatica)Vetiver(Chrysopogon zizanioides): I like to blend this one with Rose (Rosa damascena) for grounding and cooling, this goes for the mind, skin and yes, hot flushes. It is calming, cooling stability. For Sleep: Some of the classics are Lavender (of course!), Roman chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) and Valerian root.  A classic sleep mist: put 2 ounces of distilled water into a 2-ounce spray bottle, add the following essential oils; always shake before using. Spray your pillow and even your hair 2-3 times before going to bed: 24 drops Lavandula angustifolia essential oil3 drops Roman chamomile essential oil3 drops Vetiver essential oilAmy is the Host of the Essential Aromatica Podcast Foller her and learn more at NYC Aromatica and on InstagramSupport the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
39:42 11/23/22
How to start and continue a meditation to manifest your dreams, and relax and destress. Join my guest Katie Krimitsos, owner of Meditations for Women
Katie Krimitsos is a mom, wife, adventurer, podcaster, seeker and change maker. She's committed to brightening the light of women around the world through her work under the Women’s Meditation Network - guided meditation podcasts and resourcescreated for those who identify as women so they can use the tool of meditation to know themselves and consciously create lives they love.She has 8 podcasts in her network. She’s a writer at heart, has a soft spot for animals and Mother Nature, loves a good margarita, and treasures the job of raising her two girls.What you will learn on today's show:1) Meditation & Mindfullness: How to Start A Regular Meditation Practice2) Motherhood & Mompreneurship: 20 Self-Care Tips for Overwhelmed Moms3)Manifest Like a Mother: How to Consciously Create a Life You Love4)Aligning Energy with Tasks, & Scheduling Rest5) Expand Your Mindset: How to Identify and Push Past Blocks, Habits to Help You Think Bigger & Face Tough Times with Grace &Katie's 8 Meditation Podcasts offer so much and she is worldwide with over 1 MILLION downloads per week68 MILLION lifetime downloads & counting4 MILLION downloads per month2500 + episodes186 countries reached****$300 Gratitude Giveaway!*****Right now, you can win a gift bag filled with over $300 of incredible health and wellness products! You can enter to win in 3 easy steps: Go subscribe and listen to any one of the Meditation for Women podcasts. You can do that by searching for "Meditation for Women" in your podcast player right now and click on the podcast that calls to you. Leave an honest review on Apple Podcasts - let her know what you loved about the episode!Screenshot your review and share it on Instagram or Facebook - tag @womensmeditationnetwork and boom!  You’re entered!  Winners will be announced in December on Katie's show. I will make sure to also announce here on Beauty Call Podcast.How to reach Katie:Instagram: @womensmeditationnetworkwww.womensmeditationnetwork.comBookings and collaboration: info@foodhealsnations.comSleep Meditation for Women Meditation for WomenMorning Meditation for WomenSleep SoundsWater & Nature SoundsSupport the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
48:26 11/9/22
How to create balance in your heath and hormones with Mrs. United States 2021
About Brea:Brea Sharron Estep is an Integrative Health Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, business coach and author of Amazon Bestseller “Holistic Health Clean Eating Cookbook.” With over a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry, she uses her health struggles and education to teach and coach others who feel like they have tried every diet, every workout and/or every doctor, find the underlying root cause to finally get their health and body back holistically.Brea was born and raised in Greensboro NC where she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with her bachelor’s in business and became the owner of Foundation Fitness studio for 8.5 years. Brea recently moved to Morehead City NC with her husband Tim and two pups, to enjoy living their best life at the beach. She is proud to represent her home state as Mrs. North Carolina United States and now Mrs. United States 2021-2022 where she promotes her platform, her non profit Youth Fitness Link. Which shares her life’s mission statement “build health positive relationships on the inside and out in order to combat adolescent obesity and teach healthy lifestyle changes.”The famous 7 DAY Detox (Do this with me!) resources:Free Clean Copycat cookbook and strategy the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
52:33 10/4/22
How to be more engaging when presenting and facilitating. Guest, David Doerrier
About David:David Doerrier works with trainers, facilitators, sales organizations, and other presenters that are struggling to engage and impact their audience. The lack of engagement in any presentation will cause your audience to tune out, forget you and your message, and will undoubtedly not buy from you or take a next step.As an expert in the adult learning theory, David works with his clients to incorporate eight simple principles that are guaranteed to motivate any audience to listen, act, and be more likely to retain your information, take a next step, and purchase your product or service.David is a seasoned Toastmaster, proficient Instructional Designer, Train the Trainer and Facilitation expert, voiceover artist, classroom facilitator and professional Santa Claus.What you will learn:1.     What is the adult learning theory?2.     Why should presenters be familiar with the adult learning theory?3.     How has your background prepared you for this business?4.     Based on your experience, where do many presenters struggle the most?5.     Define Audience Engagement6.     How did you end up in the business of helping presenters connect with their audience?7.     Who is your ideal client?8.     What do you love about coaching and training others?How to contact David: LinkedIn:  (Company Website)  (Company Website)  (Company Website) (Internet Radio Station)Twitter: @PYWTSuccessMobile: 404-291-0034Email:  Support the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
36:25 9/23/22
Gratitude Breathing Meditation with Opera Star, Megan Gillespie
Beautiful Fans and Followers, I love a good meditation as it helps me be centered and calm - something we all need prior to a pageant, an interview, or LIFE! Join me today for an amazing gratitude meditation with Megan Gillespie. About Megan:Megan has two degrees from Manhattan School of Music, a Bachelor of Music and a Masters in Opera Performance. Megan's opera career has taken her to the Royal Opera House of Oman, the Palacio de la Opera de La Coruna in Spain, the Castleton Opera Festival, Central City Opera, Carnegie Hall, the Beverly Hills Sundays at Two Recital Series, One World Symphony, and to venues in Greve, Italy, and Salzburg, Austria.Her roles include: Maddalena in Rigoletto, Petra in A Little Night Music, Amelia in Ottelo, Wowkle in La fanciulla del West, Hyppolita in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Lyubasha in The Tsar's Bride, Barbara in One Penny Opera, Annina in La Traviata, Carmen in Carmen, Dorabella in Cosi Fan Tutte, to name a few. Some Oratorios she has performed are Rossinis' Stabat Matter, The Bach Christmas Oratorio, Alexander's Feast, and each year she performs Messiah with St. Cross Episcopal Church in Hermosa Beach.Megan has been a Young Artist at programs such as Central City Opera in Colorado and The Castelton Festival in Virginia under the baton of Lorin Maazel.She directed over 30 youth musicals, also performing as the music director. Most recently, she directed The Tsar's Bride for The Independent Opera Company.During the pandemic she has sung session work and voice overs from her home studio including commercials, podcasts, operas, and stories.Some of the awards Megan has won include: Regional MET National Council Auditions, Fe Bland Vocal Competition, Beverly Hills Music at the Mansion, LACMA Sundays Live, Opera Florham, AMTL Recitals in Carnegie Hall, Birgit Nilsson Scholarship, YoungArts Finalist, and the Palm Springs Opera Guild, Classical Singer CompetitionHow to connect with Megan:www.MeganGillespieMezzo.comTikTok: @Megnificent_LessonsIG: @Megnificent_LessonsFB: @MeganGillespiesStudioSupport the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
22:50 9/13/22
NY Fashion Week is here! Get chemical free beauty and secrets to true anti-aging with Nev Tomic and La Beauté Fatale
NY Fashion WeekCEO & Founder, La Beauté Fatale ( The Fatal Beauty)Nevena Tomic is doing things her way when it comes to making a mark in the beauty industry.  As the Founder & CEO of La Beaute Fatale, a cosmetics brand she launched in March 2018, Tomic is committed to providing high-end beauty products made with only top-quality ingredients and minus harmful chemicals.  The end result…everlasting youthfulness.   Tomic has worked in the fashion & beauty space for over ten years at corporate companies such as Walgreens, Sears, and Claire’s.  She was a buyer for some of the largest cosmetic brands including L’Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Neutrogena, CoverGIrl, Almay and many more.   While continuously choosing and sampling makeup items for the store display, Tomic began to learn about the types of ingredients used in makeup.  It is through this role where gained the knowledge and product intelligence to envision a better future for makeup, where products complement the natural health of a woman’s skin. Tomic moved from the sidelines of the beauty biz, to front and center where she could have a say in what ingredients were being put into specific cosmetics. She launched La Beaute Fatale, which translates to “The Fatal Beauty,” a notion that every woman carries an inner beauty that is powerful, strong, and destructive.  Within, the first two years, the company sold over 1.3M units making them a top emerging brand in the market. Tomic graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Art Institute of Chicago followed by a Master of Business Administration from Argosy University. Additional retail and CPG companies she has worked for include PepsiCo, Australian Gold, Publix, CVS, andMcDonalds. Tomic also has extensive experience working in the modeling industry including as a runway coach, talent scout for modeling schools and booker for FORD Models Chicago women’s division. Also, a makeup artist for Estee Lauder, ColorScience and MAC, Tomic knows advanced techniques in contouring and applying professional makeup.She once competed in the Miss Illinois USA pageant and won best interview.  Tomic enjoys giving back to her community and supports Feed My Starving Children, American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Society. When she isn’t busy working, you can find her spending time with her two children and husband in their new home in Florida.    Buy these amazing NY Fashion Week Beauty Star favs and use code QUEENDOM to receive 20% off all of Nev's products HERE!Follow here:FacebookInstagram   Support the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
36:05 9/8/22
Interview Tips from Coach Janice
Learn the ins and outs of Interview Skills, to include the subtle differences of in person, panel and virtual interview. To learn more and to work with me, go to my website. Support the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
25:23 8/24/22
Communication is KEY and Anna Scoby of Project Be You helps you "Be You"
Anna Scoby is a Communication Coach specializing in taking intimidating factors out of public speaking. She is the creator of Project Be You, an educational non-profit dedicated to youth. The project was created with one goal to instill confidence in  students through teaching them soft skills necessary for future success. Anna has been working with children for over seven years now and she has developed several unique programs to teach soft skills, including communication skills, to kids of all ages. Project Be You was created as a project based focusing on positive association. Years of working with youth provide insights into their development and needs.How to follow Anna: InstagramLinkedInFacebookSupport the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
35:58 8/8/22
Pageant Tips from Coach Janice
Over the summer, I will be sharing some great pageant tips, interviews and insights. Join me each week for some great Pageant Coaching content!If you want to be on my show and receive FREE coaching, DM me @janicemcqueenward on Facebook and Instagram. I will also have VIRTUAL Mock Interviews this summer and fall, so contact me for details at janicemcqueenward@gmail.comLove you all!www.janicemcqueen.comSupport the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
24:46 7/27/22
Mechanics of Addiction and the Road out of a Personal Hell
It is the nightmare of every household. Thousands of families have been ripped apart and suffered its consequences. Drugs that gave false hopes and ruined the dreams of our youth; a poison in disguise of a “happy hour”... Drug and alcohol addiction.Drug and alcohol addiction destroys the lives of tens of millions of Americans each and every year, and the current pandemic has made this problem significantly worse. Our guest, Bobby Newman started an organization called Angel Life Coaches — a non-profit organization created to present vital information and open the door to overcoming this plague.Here is a bit about Bobby Newman: In his early days, he himself struggled with addiction for a long time even facing federal prison for this cause. Later on, he received help that helped him escape that addiction which then brought his focus to help families turn situations from tragic to hopeful as he had experienced.In the eighteen years since completing his drug rehabilitation journey, Bobby has educated more than a hundred thousand youth on the dangers of drug abuse and helped thousands of people with drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Many of those he helped with their addictions as a substance abuse counsellor and now many more as a drug intervention specialist.Contact  A few resources about the dangers of drugs:Marijuana - Cannabis (Marijuana) DrugFacts - National Institute on Drug ... › publications › cannabis-marijuanaVaping & Marijuana Concentrates - DEA.govFentynal -  Fentanyl Has Transformed The Illicit Drug Trade. A Toxicologist Explains How and Methamphetamine - Overdose Deaths Continue Rising, With Fentanyl and Meth Key Culprits...... - Methamphetamine-involved overdose deaths nearly tripled between 2015 to 2019, NIH study finds- Support the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
32:47 7/15/22
How Mrs. South Korea World went from living in a car to have an amazing life, a crown and a mission!
About Dea Payette:After being orphaned at age 3, Dea SURVIVED years of sexual abuse and domestic violence. After leaving her abuser, she became homeless. These experiences made her strong with determination to soar higher. Now, Dea is the owner of C Music Studio, she is an Air Race Pilot, and she lives for Adventures like white-water rafting (contact her for info on White Water Rafting Excursions @PayetteAdventuresandExcursions on Facebook!)Dea's calling is to advocate for domestic violence survivors, and for all women to embrace their potential to achieve success. Dea is an advocate for the Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault and created Women R Warriors Program to support survivors during their transition period and give them tools to STAY out and create a life they deserve. DID YOU KNOW THAT MOST VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE END UPRETURNING TO THEIR ABUSERS? Contact Dea to find out HOW to get out and stay out!How to reach Dea:Instagram Facebook Pilot IGDea is sponsored by Chella Beauty Support the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
48:46 7/7/22
Vera Morris Miss NC USA 1998 advocates Breast Cancer Awareness and how to Treasure your Chest
About Vera:Vera Morris is currently residing in Cary, North Carolina. She is a Consultant at Yardi Systems, Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina and a Professional Model with Marilyn’s Agency, Greensboro, NC and recently signed with MMG, New York City.  Vera received her Associates of Arts degree from Peace College in Raleigh, North Carolina, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication, from the University of Georgia.After losing a family member, and other friends to breast cancer, in 2015, Vera became an Ambassador for Susan G. Komen, in which she would raise awareness about breast cancer, and speak at events. She was an Honorary Chairperson for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, Charlotte NC, where she was marketing events for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and attending fundraiser events. She also is an Ambassador for Pretty In Pink Foundation, Raleigh, NC, and a Certified Community Ambassador for National Breast Cancer Foundation. She was recently appointed as a member of the Tigerlily Foundation Clinical Trial Advisory Committee. Vera is the Founder of Treasure Your Chest Inc. which was created to provide funding to help educate both women and men about the importance of breast health, as to help uninsured women get a mammogram. She also started the “Treasure Your Chest” blog in 2021, that features stories from women and men impacted by breast cancer. Vera is a former Miss North Carolina USA 1998 and was awarded Miss Congeniality at the televised Miss USA 1998 pageant. Vera was United States of America’s Ms. North Carolina 2021-2022 and was awarded 2nd runner-up in the recent United States of America’s Ms. 2022 pageant in Las Vegas. Vera was recently appointed Ms. NC United World 2022, and will compete in Round Rock, TX in September 2022 for the prestigious title of Ms. United World 2023.How to reach Vera:www.veramorris.comIG: @treasureyourchest        @veralashayFB: Vera Morris Support the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
37:08 6/28/22
Beauty influencers tell Beauty Call the root cause to aging and acne and how to REVERSE it!
What you will learn today:The Root Cause of Acne: How to get to the root cause of your acne through a holistic look at your life beyond the products that you are using: hormones, digestion, nutrition and gut health Prevention: How to spot and remove pore-clogging ingredients in your skincare routine Co-Founder Therapy: Why Kayleigh and Danielle attend therapy together and how they keep their business partnership healthy and thriving as co-foundersSelf-Funded Business Success: How Kayleigh and Danielle built CLEARSTEM and tripled their revenue on one year without taking outside investment You can find CLEARSTEM on Instagram here, Kayleigh here, and Danielle here Danielle became known as The Acne Guru™ when she founded The San Diego Acne Clinic. After dealing with acne for ten years and three failed rounds of accutane, she took her acne health into her own hands and created the clinic’s 98% success rate in improving acne for others. Kayleigh, a Holistic Nutritionist, became a patient after her own dead-end quest to cure her own acne. After seeing the results that Danielle was able to deliver for Kayleigh, the two decided to join forces to help others clear their own skin. And with that, CLEARSTEM was born!CLEARSTEM Skincare is an anti-aging and anti-acne skincare line with zero hormone disruptors and zero toxins. The WHY behind the brand is that anti-acne products age you and anti-aging products cause acne, which is why Kayleigh + Danielle created CLEARSTEM.  Support the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
43:12 6/23/22
Raw and Real - Just me...
Please enjoy this short and raw episode, where I share why I wrote a Gratitude Journal. I hope you will enjoy. Here is my Gratitude Journal: 10 Minutes...Just for MeSupport the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
17:21 6/14/22
Mrs. Universe shares how she was able to manifest her dreams!
If you are having a tough time manifesting your dreams and goals, take a note from Lynelle! She was able to manifest a title and a dream career, with hard work, dedication and GRATITUDE. Learn how she was able to do this during our conversation. About Lynelle:Lynelle DeRoo, CEO of "Brush For Life" Corporate Health & Wellness program, was awarded "Business Woman of the Year" by the National Professional Women's Association for 2014. Engaging and motivating corporate personnel towards optimum health has been a passion of hers since 1984. Through her influence and education, staff members have intelligently changed their lifestyles, losing weight and improving their health dramatically, as a result. Lynelle  enjoys speaking, reading, research, gardening and bicycling.How to contact Lynelle: up HERE to receive a gift and be one of the first to get access to my Gratitude Journal!Support the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
26:10 6/2/22
Fierce and Fearless at 40, 50 and Beyond! Taking back your power and living your best life!
Terri has been involved in pageantry since competing at age 16 and placing in the top 12 at the Miss Teenage California Scholarship Pageant. She subsequently went on to compete for the next 30 years in the Miss and Mrs. divisions of dozens of pageants. As a ‘Miss’ contestant, she placed 1st runner up at the iconic Miss Hollywood pageant; she was a top 5 finalist for the Southern California preliminary for Miss World and  later that year won the title of Miss La Palma. After a short break to marry and have 2 babies, she won the title of Mrs. California United States, placing in the top 15 at the Miss United States pageant; she went on, after the age of 50, to hold the titles of Mrs USA Earth and Mrs. Global Elite.She has been a mentor, coach, emcee,  producer and director for contestants and  pageants nationwide for 25 years, including founding and producing the Miss Greater Southern California pageant and is a nationally ranked pageant judge. She has coached hundreds of pageant contestants in every pageant system and age division all over the nation, in all areas of competition and specializing in the most difficult category- the Interview Competition. Born and raised in Long Beach California, she was a competitive gymnast from age 12 through her second year of college, where she studied Behavioral Science. After college, she entered the fitness industry, where she taught classes and managed fitness clubs, including managing exercise studios for the iconic Richard Simmons.Her favorite pastimes involve water- SCUBA diving, water skiing and whitewater rafting- and travel is her passion, but her greatest role in life has been raising her two adult daughters, Taryn and Brittany.We are talking all things FABULOUS:*Little girls- sugar, spice and everything nice… expectations and messages received by society, teachers, parents, church . Molding us in ways and belief systems about how girls ‘should be’. How the world has changed its views of gender roles since our childhoods. *The teen years- experiencing ‘firsts’- flirting with adulthood, getting our hearts broken and trying to figure out who we are. ….unsure of who we are- comparing ourselves to others- liking boys- OH BOY!- experimenting and risk taking- the pressure to be perfect- seeking autonomy.* The twenties and thirties- when the world judges us by our relationship status. Establishing ourselves and feeling we have to achieve certain goals. Timetables for milestones differ- this can make us afraid. Second guessing ourselves and our choices. Pleasing others above all. The potential for losing ourselves in motherhood.* Does life really begin at 40? The need to please begins to wane. Time to focus more on ourselves. Survived many ups and downs ( no one learns anything in the good times). Often in the ‘sandwich generation’ between kids and aging parents, which can be daunting… girlfriends really matter. Coming to terms with society seeing us as ‘older’. * The fSupport the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
55:09 5/18/22
Uncovering Rare Disease with Ms. Global Continental Iowa
Trena J Myers is an intuitive abstract artist and an Emory University trained health coach. Joanna Trailov, Ms Woman United States 2020, and she created a partnership, recently released Pageant Rehab, LLC. The Rx for the pageant hangover, a 3-day retreat for women ages 21+ to provide the much needed tools for restoring, refocusing and remembering your why. About TrenaShe began to form her incredible work ethic at a young age, spending time to create her work environment, living her platform, and practicing in pursuit of the ultimate goal: to be counted among the top influences in the world. Trena dedicates her time volunteering with several organizations and is currently promoting her platform  #makerarevisible as Ms. Classic Iowa Global Continental 2022, having taken decades and a misdiagnosed Rare Disease, she has become a voice, an activist and advocate for Rare StridesTrena never gave up hope for answers after being told time and time again that her illness was all in her head. Numerous infections, loss of organs and with a simple blood test, HOPE finally found her. Having a rare disease and several other invisible illnesses, Trena has become the Director of Marketing and Communications for Rare Strides. She helps #makerarevisible volunteering her time weekly creating social media content for the organization and hosting/producing podcasts on social media and podcast media such as Spotify. She started the viral campaign, "On Monday's I wear stripes to #makerarevisible" and "On Wednesdays it's no longer Camel Hump Day but Blue Zebra Day because Zebra's like her are blue in the face to make it halfway through the week and holding hope to make it through the rest." She has attended Capitol Day on the Hill speaking to Congressmen/women about the Rare Community and how they can help make a difference. She has been an integral part of Code Rare and Rare Wish where they grant a wish to a child with a rare disease. Trena's contact IG/FB: The Zebra QueenFB: Pageant RehabSupport the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
23:05 5/10/22
Brandi Babin, Ms. United States, shares how she reclaimed her life!
In today's episode, you will learn how to reclaim your life after trauma, a toxic relationship, or domestic violence. #loveyourselfIf you or someone you love is in a violent relationship, please text START to 88788 or call1-800-799-7233.About Brandi:Brandi was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and her family is her rock.She became a mother in 2014. Fast forward, and Brandi has 4 little humans to raise as a single mom; a tough, yet rewarding job!After graduating high school she went on to earn a Bachelor's in Science at Louisiana State University.Brandi was a stay-at-home-mom for 5 years and then began working at an assisted living community in Loveland as a Bookkeeper. Eventually, she was able to open her own bookkeeping business called Blue Colors Bookkeeping."Remember that you were once a five-year-old little girl... dancing in the mirror, laughing and smiling at your reflection. You're still that little girl inside... " - BrandiFrom Brandi -"I have fought in my life, it is how to rise above your circumstances and create the life you want for yourself! I won't bore you with all the details, but I will tell you that I lost myself completely. Even though I had a strong foundation of confidence and self-love as a child and adolescent, life's circumstances tore it to pieces in a few short years. Luckily I had been building a network of strong individuals over the years who gave me the perspective I needed to find my inner strength again. I learned there was still some fight in me, and I emerged from my ashes like a Phoenix Rising! ​Once I  started telling my story, I realized how many women were fighting the same fight! This Reclaim Journal is a compilation of everything that brought me from zero to hero! I cannot wait to share it with you! "Contact Brandi: Brandi's Journal:Reclaim JournalFacebookMs. United StatesInstagramUnited States National PageantSupport the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
25:14 5/3/22
Mrs. International 2000, Joanne Beauvoir Brown
I had a great conversation with the one and only Mrs. International 2000, Joanne Beauvoir Brown! Join me again May 2nd for the relaunch of my show, as we return to Beauty Call Podcast!What should you know about this fantastic woman:MRS. INTERNATIONAL 2000 (Mrs. Georgia);Mrs. Georgia United States 1997- 1st runner up to Mrs. United States 1997; Mrs. Georgia America 1996 ⁃being a woman of color in pageantry ⁃1st National married title holder to be on cover of Pageantry magazine ⁃Winning a title pre-social media ⁃Struggling with self confidence while wearing a crownAdministrator at a K - 12 school Lawyer - former civil trial attorney Entrepreneur - wellness platform in e-commerce space. Helping women on the journey to self discovery using self care and wellness as their guide. Wife/Mom (2 sons)How to reach Joanne:FB: @iambeauvoirMy Mōdere page: http://Beauvision.shiftingretail.comEmail: beauvoirconsulting@gmail.comSupport the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
33:32 8/31/21
Brandi Middleton, International United Ms. 2021 shares her 5 Steps to Success and Confidence
Brandi Jo Middleton  Mrs. International United 2021 shares her story of overcoming an eating disorder on this show. She is a mom, wife, and runs a global makeup business online. She is a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist, as well as a top leader in her company her company for 7 years with Younique..www.getglambybrandijo.comShe also is the co director of Miss Southern States Elite pageant and a pageant coach. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, everything Disney, and helping women feel beautiful! She has overcome many obstacles in her life, including obesity, hair loss, depression, post-partum, and an eating disorder of 25 years of anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. Because of what she went through, she developed a 5 step strategy called Crowning Confidence and it is a proven method to teach women how to heal through any obstacle they are facing and find the crown inside their heart daily. She empowers women through her workshops, online classes, and teaching in beauty schools, and elementary and high schools with this strategy. Her mission is to help every woman around the world and cure the epidemic of insecurity! When a woman is truly confident they can change the world!She is hosting zoom workshops to teach her platform until travel bans are lifted with covid. She has written a book called Woman thou art Victorious and became a best selling author recently.Support the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
22:39 8/19/21
Katy Clatterbaugh, Mrs. Cosmos International shares surviving and thriving after an abusive relationship
Katy is a proud wife to her husband Chad, and mother to their son Camden (7). With a heart to serve, Katy is an active leader in her community. She is the proud recipient of the bronze level Presidential Volunteer Service Award, and regularly volunteers with organizations like The Jamie Kimble Foundation, The Kindness Cupboard and Feed NC. As host of  The Joyful Life - a podcast dedicated to empowering women world-wide, Katy shares inspirational stories that will empower you to live an inspired, authentic life you love! She helps her listeners rediscover their deepest passions and ignites the fire needed to make them happen. Katy's personal platform is "Stand Up, Speak Out Against Domestic Violence”. Once a victim of domestic abuse, Katy takes an active stand in the fight to end DV. She knows first-hand the importance that awareness and education play in ending or preventing an abusive relationship.In 2014, Katy opened the doors to Katheryn Jeanne Photography, an award winning, international wedding photography company. Her work has been featured in national publications such a The Knot Magazine, Martha Stewarts Weddings and Brides. Her dedication to her craft, love for serving others, and drive for success catapulted her business from a side hustle, to the multi channel company it is today. In addition to capturing her client's celebration of love, she provides education and mentorships to both new and veteran entrepreneurs alike. As a leader in the wedding industry, she continues to empower the creative economy to rise together. She believes we are only as strong as the communities that surround us, and with a strong community, we can change the world. As Mrs. Cosmos International, Katy plans to use this opportunity to continue the fight against domestic abuse by volunteering at local shelters and domestic violence community organizations. In partnering with organizations such as The Jamie Kimble Foundation, she will help raise funds needed to put programs in place worldwide. At a national level, she will dedicate her time and energy to working alongside state representatives to push bills into approval that protect domestic violence survivors. She will bring educational programs into schools throughout the country to teach young girls and boys what healthy relationships look like and what to do if they feel they are in an unhealthy relationship. Lastly, from an international level, she will merchandise her global outreach program that provides resources to women and men who find themselves in abusive relationships. It is time to take a stand and rewrite the script for survivors of domestic abuse. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." The time to use our voices is now. Join Katy in taking a stand against domestic violence.Support the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
31:29 8/12/21
Miss Supranational USA, Shivali Patel
Shivali Patel was crowned Miss Supranational USA this past July. As the child of an immigrant family, she has always recognized the United States as the land of opportunity. Taking advantage of that same opportunity, today at the age of 24, she is an entrepreneur, self-published author, and brand evangelist for a software company called Helium 10. She loves getting to do what she does, but has also always loved taking her passion for helping others beyond her work to other aspects of her life. Shivali began volunteering in nursing homes at the age of 12 founding her own movement working to bridge the generational gap between isolated senior living communities and the youth before gradually progressed to being on the board of the NC Walk to Alzheimer’s and Best Buddies committees. She feels most alive when she is meeting new people, immersing herself in different cultures, and picking up new skills that have the potential to deepen connections and relationships with other people. Please follow products and her journey to Miss Supranational:InstagramMiss Supranational Support the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
34:22 8/5/21
Joey Galon, International Designer and Minister of Fashion
After graduating with a B.A. Degree in Fashion & Textiles design in San Francisco and Business Administration studies at San Diego State, Mr. Galon began his creative career in marketing, public relations & special events in the fashion industry, producing high profile fashion shows which allowed him the opportunity to establish new product launches, public relations, design sets, choreograph shows and work exclusively with top couture designers and their collections, including many well known super models.  In addition to fashion show presentations, Mr. Galon contributed his creative eye doing event planning & visual displays for such renown retail companies as I.Magnin, Neiman Marcus, Escada & Armani.  He is known for contributing vast amounts of energy, creativity and talent toward the success of special events such as Macy’s Passport Fashion Show, Sausilito Art Festival and has worked exclusively on esteemed companies such as Bob Mackie Fashions, Thierry Mugler, Oscar de la Renta, Hubert de Givenchy(with the late Audrey Hepburn), San Francisco Opera & Ballet Fashion shows, De Young Museum & Asian Art Museum featuring various haute couture designers.Combining his educational and professional career with fashion, Mr. Galon has been a beauty pageant aficionado. He started as staff member with pageants in the early 80’s with Miss Philippines USA Pageant, a preliminary to the Miss Philippines Universe, World & International Pageant in Manila, Philippines. He designed his first pageant gowns in 1983, which was the catalyst to study fashion design in college.  He has since been Executive Director for local pageants in the Miss America program, worked as staff member for Miss USA, Miss Universe, coached countless pageant delegates and has judged numerous pageants across the country and internationally. 20+ years in fashion and with pageant involvements, plus 20+ years in personal development and public speaking has lead him to open an additional business called ‘Runway4Life’ (, a personal development, pageant & life coaching and wardrobe styling organization. His clothing line: ‘Joey Galon Atelier’ was officially launched at Miss USA 2010 in Las Vegas, showcasing his collections of evening gowns to the pageant world.  His gowns have been seen on national and international pageant stages.He was featured on the TLC networks reality show 'Vegas Brides' as the fashion & wedding consultant, was a principle on the reality TV show series: ‘Model Latina’ asSupport the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
31:23 7/28/21
Fighting for your life and surviving domestic violence!
Sally is a survivor of domestic and sexual violence.  She has overcome so much to be the reigning Wyoming America's Inspirational Miss 2021,  and works to advocate for those that so need your help! She shares her gratitude and heart in this interview. Her positivity and message is one to listen to, as she has survived so much. She shares what is the pivotal moment in abuse and how to overcome! October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Sally will be awarding five survivors with five crown pendant necklaces. The winners will share their stories through her Loya Project Facebook campaign.Make sure to follow The Loya Project and help survivors of domestic violence:The Loya ProjectSupport the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
30:48 7/21/21
Learn how to reverse the sign of aging with celebrity skin care expert, Kelley West!
This is one of my favorite episodes from the past, and it was too good not to share again. Enjoy this blast from the past!Skin care is so important, and we can stay looking beautiful and any age!  But it does matter what we use! Kelley West, Beauty Expert has found the fountain of youth and developed Next Generation. Learn how to reverse the signs of aging with Kelley!About Kelley:Kelley is a medical aesthetician in Beverly Hills where she has worked with the most prominent and well-known plastic surgeons and world renown dermatologists. She has also worked ON some of the most beautiful and famous faces in the world.As the creator of the Instagram sensation, The Diamond Instafacial and the Diamond Non- surgical browlift, Kelley’s treatments have garnered international exposure and helped to establish Dr. Jason Diamond as one of Instagram’s most popular surgeons. Kelley’s Diamond Instafacial has been performed on Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Sophia Vergara, Chrissy Teigen and so many more!With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Kelley has either developed or been the face of some of the most successful beauty tool brands including the Kelley West Microderm360, NuBrilliance, PMD, Silkn products, VBeauty and Trophy Skin. Kelley’s experience as an on-air guest at ShopNBC, HSN and infomercials worldwide resulted in over $300 million in sales in less than four years. Viewers trust Kelley’s medical background and her frank honesty about what the aging process is and which treatments and products truly work.Kelley is also the author of the upcoming tell-all book of beauty “Am I Pretty...Now?” and host to her sister podcast of the same name.Now Kelley brings all of her knowledge and her 52 years (that’s right, she’s 52 years old) to her new line, Next Generation.Next Generation is exactly what the name says...the Next Generation in skincare.How to reach Kelley and get her beauty tips and products:Instagram @kwestbeauty @AmIPretty.NowWebsitewww.kwestbeauty.comFacebookKelley West Beauty and Style Kelley WestSupport the Show.Support our show my creating a review and sharing to your friends. support me by subscribing and sharing with friends and family! Love you all!
59:02 7/14/21

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