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The Halving Report

Hello World! Welcome to The Halving Report. This is the show where we countdown the days until the next Bitcoin halving. We also discuss a multitude of great topics and the latest news that go well beyond the realm of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.Bitcoin is multidisciplinary and very political. This is why we like to keep up on all news here on The Halving Report!


New Digital Assets, OSC Approval, & International Expansion w/ Jordan Anderson of Bitbuy Canada 36:07 12/27/2021
The 'Walrus Whisperer' Phil Demers REVEALS his PASSION for BITCOIN! 76:30 12/11/2021
Navigating the Monero Community and Crypto Ideals w/ Monero Talk Show Host Douglas Tuman 57:34 11/21/2021
The 7th Property: Bitcoin and the Monetary Revolution 41:27 10/17/2021
Ubiq, the Ethereum London Hard Fork, and collecting NFTs with Alex Sterk 46:54 08/09/2021
Facebook Games, Podcast Strategies, & Magic Internet Money w/ Brad Mills 83:31 07/13/2021
What Peter McCormack Did (Bitcoin, Podcasting, El Salvador, John McAfee) 49:09 06/28/2021
Bitcoin Macro, Crypto Infrastructure and Use Cases w/ Scott Howard 44:29 05/28/2021
Life, Freedom, and Crypto w/ Nam Sardar 68:43 05/21/2021
Exploring Libertarianism and the Bitcoin Cash Community in New Hampshire w/ Justin O'Donnell 47:53 04/26/2021
Bitcoin Cash, Privacy, Philosophy & Travel w/ "Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver 46:50 03/20/2021
Bitcoiner and Street Performer Spandy Andy 39:18 03/15/2021
Bitcoin Mining and Energy Consumption w/ Eddie Wang 39:39 03/03/2021
No Keys, No Cheese w/ @BitcoinZay & @Bitcoin_Vegan 41:00 02/15/2021
The “Finance Data Science Guy" 12:05 02/10/2021
The Best Crypto Exchange in Canada w/ Brandon Skurka 13:54 02/01/2021
Tim Copeland of Decrypt Media 25:18 01/11/2021
Building Something Beautiful w/ @Eljaboom 14:28 12/11/2020
Breaking Down Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs) with @DCLanorak 19:57 11/23/2020
Bitcoin MemeDealer @RD_BTC 20:15 11/16/2020
Out with the (G)old, In with the NEW! BTC eating GOLD ETFs. 03:03 11/09/2020
A True Community Project with @EmiYummy of Safex 18:05 11/03/2020
Jan Klosowski and 27:39 10/19/2020
The Bitcoin Vegan Justin Rhedrick 33:21 10/12/2020
Rob Loggia Don't Like It 34:10 09/08/2020
Contemporary Politics With 'The Blockchain Socialist' 30:57 06/30/2020
Wake Up Your Brain w/ Jason Williams @GoingParabolic 46:24 05/29/2020
Telemedicine Meets Crypto Economy w/'s @CharlesNader 28:23 05/18/2020
HAPPY HALVING Interview w/ @JBTheCryptoKing! 27:37 05/10/2020