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Episode 10: Mastering Communication through the Personality Matrix
In the professional world, we all know communication is key. Truth be told, it’s the same in our PERSONAL lives! Communication is the key to successful relationships, partnerships and any money making endeavor. In this episode, we dive deep into the 4 communication styles. We ask you questions to help you identify where you fall […]
25:12 12/7/20
Episode 9: Intuition vs. Fear
When you react, do you come from a place of fear or vision? In this episode, we talk about the meaning of intuition, what it’s like to react based on intuition vs reacting based on fear. We reflect on how these reactions pave a way to either a fulfilled path, living the life we’ve always […]
32:16 12/2/20
Episode 8: Answering Your Heart’s Calling
If you were doing the things you feel are the highest expression of YOU, what would life look and feel like?  In this episode, I talk about the magick behind being YOU and unlocking your unique energy!  Existing and living your divine blueprint is your purpose. You are living it but in every moment we […]
20:25 11/30/20
Episode 7: The Attack on the Family Unit
In this episode, I shed light on a very important and underlooked topic that isn’t talked about enough. It starts with understanding the outside agenda that we call The Attack on the Family Unit. The family unit is a whole.. And when it is compromised major trauma is formed and the bodies of all parties […]
13:28 11/25/20
Episode 6: Create Your Future Now with JD Mitra
It’s been a while since JD and I have been on an episode together. This one is so special! The best way to describe this episode is through Abraham Lincoln’s quote: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” JD dives into why this quote hits home. It’s about allowing yourself to […]
31:54 11/23/20
Episode 5: Tapping into our Inner Diosa
In this episode: Tapping into our Inner Diosa, we talk about understanding our vulnerabilities and struggles we experience as women. Christina shares her personal story having gone thru physical and verbal abuse. She was able to transform that aching in her bones, the loneliness and fear into healing and self-discovery. As a psychotherapist, she’s focused […]
44:25 10/6/20
Episode 4: Covid-19 + Black Lives Matter
Needless to say 2020 has been nonstop from a global pandemic to a worldwide lockdown, to a global protest. Covid and Black Lives Matter has been the focus recently. I’ve been in my own rabbit holes of leaning in and asking Spirit to guide me in navigating how I can best serve. And the one […]
24:10 6/24/20
Episode 3: The Power of Discernment
This episode was birthed because of the coronavirus.. As we’ve been quarantined for 2 months now, some of our neighbors and I got together and started having some really heartfelt convos on what is real and what not to believe. We talk about the difference between discernment and judgement. With so much misinformation going around, we […]
34:46 5/13/20