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Oborne & Heller on Cricket

Cricket authors (and obsessives) Peter Oborne and Richard Heller have launched a new podcast to help deprived listeners endure a world without cricket. They will chat regularly about cricket topics – hoping to keep a good line and length but with occasional wides into other subjects.


Painful testimonies of racism shake the culture of denial of apartheid in South African cricket 58:46 08/31/2021
Who needs the Hundred when Two Hundred Parents Start Playing Cricket? 55:17 08/24/2021
South African cricket – still haunted by its unacknowledged legacy of white supremacy 56:24 08/17/2021
Lonsdale Skinner: a cricket career blighted by racism 39:02 07/27/2021
“Caught Eagle bowled Eagle” and other highlights from a political cricket lover 54:22 07/20/2021
The hidden history of a huge success: women’s cricket in Britain 52:24 07/13/2021
Behind the stumps but never the times in eight decades: the multiple lives of Lingard Goulding 48:22 07/06/2021
Restoring the lost history of South African cricket 63:35 06/29/2021
Cricket’s romantic numbers 54:30 06/22/2021
No longer underdogs but still undervalued… New Zealand’s world-class cricketers 55:27 06/15/2021
Cricket’s clarion call… from the man who delivered it 55:47 06/08/2021
George Headley and a supporting cast of two emperors, one king and Evita Peron, in Latin America’s cricketing drama 64:26 06/01/2021
The County Championship – past, present and future – by its great historian Stephen Chalke 57:13 05/04/2021
Wisden 2021: cricket and class, race, plague and global warming 44:00 04/26/2021
Rich lives in a few words: the obituaries in Wisden 2021 53:57 04/20/2021
The park cricketer who married the Queen 58:51 04/12/2021
Why crowds roar for the Tigers of world cricket 52:40 04/06/2021
The man who discovered Eoin Morgan (and other stories) 55:19 03/29/2021
The great Pakistani fast bowler who nearly became a Hollywood movie star 48:09 03/23/2021
Wilf Wooller – the man at so many great moments of Welsh cricket 59:38 03/15/2021
Andy Flower: inspiring cricketer – and protestor 55:45 03/08/2021
The Modification of Indian cricket, expertly assessed 59:26 03/01/2021
Kashmir – where cricket has become a political statement 57:10 02/22/2021
Maurice Turnbull – and other heroes of cricket in Wales 59:35 02/15/2021
A great historian’s love affair with cricket 50:58 02/08/2021
Another fast-scoring innings by Mahela Jayawardene 31:20 02/01/2021
The sky is the limit for Alsama Cricket Club, where refugees from Syria get new lives 50:21 01/25/2021
What happened to the magic of Sri Lankan cricket? 55:41 01/18/2021
The United States: Paradise Regained For Cricket? 64:47 01/11/2021
The man who changed cricket for ever: Peter Hain 61:10 01/04/2021