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The Larson Page is the web and podcast home of former Radio Guy, Writer, and Marketing Genius Keith Larson, and Nance - The @WifetoWhom. Listen for the Lively Art of Conversation, From the Road, and More. Stay-tuned to, and @TheLarsonPage Twitter @KeithLarson Facebook for updates!


Bruton Smith - "Emperor of Brutonia"
Re-Posting: Our Last Conversation with Charlotte Motor Speedway Founder and Stock Car Racing Icon Bruton Smith, who was also an Icon of the Keith Larson Show on WBT Radio for years. Bruton spoke candidly about what went wrong with NASCAR and what'll fix it. He also talks Donald Trump, then-Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, and had something to say about Larson. It was October, 2018. Bruton was 91. It was a Classic conversation.  He remained and will always remain, the Emperor of Brutonia.
75:42 6/23/22
Remembering Charlie Daniels - and our Last Talk with Him
Charlie Daniels was more complex musically and politically than many might know. He was a "brother from a different mother" to Tommy and Toy Caldwell and the Marshall Tucker Band; They helped shape each other, and create Country Rock music. He was a Big Fan of WBT and great friend of our show. This show is a remembrance of Charlie - Plus - our last conversation with him.  
52:43 7/8/20
A "Sandlot" Break from the Fear and Loathing
It is a long, hot Summer - having Nothing to do with Weather. Keith and Nance take a Break for a conversation with Patrick Renna, "Hamilton Porter" in the classic 4th of July tradition, "The Sandlot." And a few things to think about on Independence Day, 2020.
41:14 7/2/20
Fear, Loathing, The Revolutionary Jesus - And Willie and Kris
Keith posts "Jesus was a Revolutionary." Heads Explode. Poking the Steaming-est Pile Confronting Anti-Maskers in Wal-Mart Bojangles' Dropping the Apostrophe (Keeping the Biscuits?)      
90:38 6/28/20
Fear and Loathing, Nooses and Masks - and Laurel Canyon and Bob Dylan
After a Father's Day Weekend Break Keith and Nancy are back, talking: "Noose-Not-a-Noose" in NASCAR "Mask-Not-a-Mask" in America "The Perils and Opportunities of Reality" "Laurel Canyon" and the New Bob Dylan Album
81:51 6/25/20
Fear, Loathing, American Contortionists - And Avetts "Locked Up"
Major News prompting Crazy Contortions and Hypocrisy: Murder Charges against Atlanta Police Officer John Bolton Unveils President Trump U.S. Supreme Court Sides with LGBTQ and Dreamers COVID Madness Returns and The Avett Brothers are "Locked Up"  
68:46 6/18/20
Fear, Loathing, John Prine's Last Song - and Daring to See
NASCAR Should Follow President Trumps Lead A "Magic Eye" into White Privilege Listening and Change John Prine's Last Song
88:28 6/14/20
Fear, Loathing, Flags at NASCAR Races - And An "Accidental Truth"
Wide-Ranging Conversation wrapping up a Wild Week: NASCAR Bans the Confederate Flag (And "What Is 'Political Correctness'?") WHY is Keith Not Still at WBT??? Salivating Democrat Geniuses. What did that State Senator Just Say??  
79:04 6/12/20
Fear, Loathing, NFL BS - And The History Chick Explains it All
Along with the Usual Fear and Loathing, Attorney and "History Chick" Lauri Eberhart is Back to Explain: -If the Current Black Lives Matter Movement is Different from 1776 -If there is Systemic Oppression on Blacks in the U.S. -What Side History is On Also - NFL BS and Eisenhower on D-Day
97:39 6/7/20
Fear, Loathing, Frustrated Baby-Boomers - and Hope!
After one of the most acrimonious - and bizarre - weeks in recent American History, Keith and Nance talk about... Participating in an Actually Peaceful Demonstration Whether It's Only Racism if it's Intentional Genius Comments in the "Mail Bag" America's Hopeful Future and Frustrated Passing Present
95:12 6/4/20
Fear, Loathing - and Perspective - in a Fractured America
Keith and Nance talk with professor, deacon, radio guy and friend, Ian Punnett. Ian is the long-time weekend host of "Coast to Coast AM," the #1 overnight radio show in America. He's also been a talk radio personality in Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Chicago. He is also an ordained Episcopalian deacon, and PhD Professor of Journalism at Kansas State University. This conversation seeks perspective on the divisiveness and madness tearing at America.
82:04 5/31/20
Fear, Loathing, Ann Coulter, Hair Clips - and Truth
In the End, it all made Sense... Ann Coulter Busts Donald Trump AND The Talk Show Host Wing. Keith's Hair Clip. Mask Madness, Memorial. Day, American Ideals versus America - And Johnny Cash.
102:23 5/25/20
"Sneaky Eff-ers," Fred Williard, Fear, Loathing, Coronavirus Madness and Baseball
Nance Learns the Sneaky Mating Habits of Frogs and Lightning Bugs. The Genius of Fred Willard. Fear and Loathing and Coronavirus Madness. Baseball.  
88:11 5/18/20
Fear, Loathing, Mark Sanford, and Economic Armageddon
Keith talks with former SC Governor and Congressman Mark Sanford - one of the few Voices in the Wilderness on the insane level of U.S. National Debt, the Crash that's Coming, and the Irony that Donald Trump's actually Selling the U.S. to the Chinese. Also, The Most Genius Declaration Yet from Donald Trump Wife-to-Whom Hopping around the House Howard Stern's Wish for his Old Friend Mr. Trump.  
83:58 5/15/20
Little Richard, Nance Twitter-Fighting, Fear, Loathing, And Chirp-o-Matic
Little Richard was the Real King. White House Quarantine? Nance Twitterin' with Larry the Cable Guy? An Actual "Modern Day Lynching" Major Chirp-o-Matic Update!  
89:58 5/11/20
Fear, Loathing, A-Hats and Avett Brothers
Heading into a Strange Mother's Day Weekend...Keith and Nance are talking about... The Murder of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia (And When will Nance Learn about "People?" How Long for GuvCo's "COVID Press Conference" Puppet Shows." The Most Incongruous Scene Ever Shown on TV. Seth and Scott Avett from the Front Porch.  
96:04 5/8/20
Fear, Loathing, Geniuses, and Bird Calls in COVID Madness
From the Screened Porch... "Wearing a Mask is Not a Sacrifice" "Who Are these Geniuses?" "Fox News calls YouTube, Censorship?" "Keith's Fabulous, Incredible New Toy!"
84:16 5/4/20
Fear and Loathing - And Peace? In COVID Madness?
"COVID Madness has Driven me to a 'Facebook Challenge'" "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Mask - No Service" "Living in a Ghost Town with the Rolling Stones" "Acceptance is the Answer."  
101:16 4/27/20
Nitty Gritty Jimmy Ibbotson - New "Lost" Conversation!
A lost conversation from just after Larson's 6,400 mile 2018 motorcycle trip (they missed each other in Woody Creek) with the long-time "spark" of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Jimmy Ibbotson. And, Bonus: The first time Ibby visited the WBT studio. Great conversation, Updates, and Memories, of 50-years of NGDB and American Country Rock Music. Some Fine Tuneage. And some iconic sounds from WBT, too.
85:34 4/24/20
Nance Turns 16 During Coronavirus Madness
"Birthday Celebrating during Coronavirus Madness" "Un-Jacked Mask-Asses"  "Shout-Out to Shake Shack (And, Progressives aren't the Biggest Threat to Capitalism)" "Sheltering with Ozark, The Last Dance, and The Stones"    
85:45 4/20/20
Sports Beyond COVID Madness with Lauri Eberhart
Apollo Sports and Entertainment Law Group Partner and "History Chick" Lauri Eberhart joins Keith and Nancy to talk about Sports and Business After Coronavirus Madness. Also - "Getting the Country Back Open" "Joy Behar is Vile"  "Lauri Explains Keith's Grandmother's Enema Bottle"  
76:27 4/16/20
Scott Avett Remembers John Prine
Keith talks with Scott Avett of the Avett Brothers about American Music Giant John Prine, who died Tuesday. Larson's a life-long fan. Scott was a fan who came to a deeper appreciation of Prine the past several years through projects and appearances together. Candid conversation about John, Songwriting, and The Avett Brothers' perhaps karmic "connection" with Prine.
35:46 4/8/20
"Fear and Loathing in Coronavirus America"
Another Day in Coronavirus America and it's All a Blur.  "Some Better Numbers, and Hope?" "What if Not So Many People Die?" "I Thought Donald Trump Liked Accountability?" "Tiger King," "My Two Phyllises," and music from Langhorne Slim.  
91:48 4/7/20
"America Held 'Corona Virus' Day..."
Keith and Nance fire up the Podcast for -  "The Anatomy of a Pants-Peeing News Story" "Stumbling into Toilet Paper" "Why we Need Flashing Red Lights" and, "A Lesson from 94-year-old Burly"
78:53 3/23/20
Corona Virus Madness!
By Popular Demand (or at least Some demand) - Larson and Wife-to-Whom talk about Corona Virus Madness: Over-Hyped Hoax? (No. Over-Hyped Reality) Pants-Peeing Americans The Not-a-Pandemic Pandemic President Your Tweets and Posts  
78:39 3/18/20
Gopher and Isaac Want to Launch a Podcast!
Keith talks with Fred Grandy and Ted Lange of "Love Boat" Fame - Fred of course a long-time Larson guest - about 70's and 80's TV, Hollywood then-and-now, and Launching their Own Podcast! An excellent, perhaps surprising hour, with two really smart and funny guys. 
78:27 8/28/19
Patrick Renna - "The Great Hambino" from "The Sandlot"
It's become a Fourth of July Classic - "The Sandlot." It captures boys and baseball and summer the way "A Christmas Story" captures boys and Christmas. Patrick Renna is "Hamilton Porter III," the catcher,with some of the movies most iconic scenes and lines. A terrific conversation on the movie's 25th Anniversary.
30:46 7/3/19
Larson-Larson-and-History Chick Lauri Eberhart Live at CharlotteSHOUT!
Keith sat down with former-Producer-to-Whom-Nance and History Chick Lauri Eberhart talking "The Larsonian Theorum," Bruton taking the Speedway Private, The Panthers Hosing GuvCo - and a Great re-Telling of Lauri's Classic Story of the Incredible Drunken Ride for Liberty of Charlotte's Captain James Jack! Special podcast recorded LIVE at the CharlotteSHOUT! Festival on Saturday May 11, 2019
63:42 5/11/19
Special Edition - Monkee Peter Tork!
When Peter Tork died, I remembered him fondly from having been on the show a few times, including in-studio where he played a few tunes ("Pleasant Valley Sunday") and took some calls. He was a great guy. But I couldn't find a copy of the show. Leave it to the Internet. A podcaster and Monkees fan in Texas had my conversation with Peter from 2005 and posted it! I've grabbed it - and it's here in its entirety.  Good Old Fashioned 50,000-watt WBT sound from 2005 including me messing around with Al and Stacey and some other in-studio yap. If you're a Monkees fan - or a long-time fan of our show - I think you'll love this.
46:10 2/28/19
BONUS: "That Season of Hope" Chapter 22 - Greatest Show on Turf
Bonus Episode: Free Chapter of "That Season of Hope" audiobook. The 2019 NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend is huge in Carolina Panthers lore: It is the 15th Anniversary of the Panthers' double-overtime win in St. Louis over the heavily favored Rams, and the Jake Delhomme-to-Steve Smith "X-Clown" and "Elation" catch that won the game and sent the Panthers to the NFC Championship. To celebrate, from the new audiobook version of "That Season of Hope" now headed to Audible and other sources, here - FREE - is all 27 minutes of Chapter Twenty-Two: "Greatest Show on Turf."  The book is available pre-Audible for a limited time at a heavily reduced $3.99 podcast version download, HERE:    
28:27 1/12/19