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This is the Radio Ministry of Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch of the Lighthouse Inc., Church. Voice of Yahweh is a radio ministry of Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch. God has gifted in the realm of the prophetic. He speaks through and uses her to minister to God's people. Each message will inspire, correct, and encourage you to follow Christ.


Prophetic Word February 11, 2024
Step into the Victory Circle. Allow God's winds of victory to blow over you.
03:51 2/12/24
Prophetic Word- February 4, 2024
God has a lot to say at this moment- ask yourself: What is getting in your way of serving God to the fullest? Listen to God's fresh word of instruction and teaching.
09:37 2/4/24
Prophetic Word January 28, 2024
It is time for the church to choose where we are going. It is time for each of us to choose God or to not. God is ready to do a great work through HIs people. What do you choose?
06:34 1/28/24
Prophetic Word January 21, 2024
Listen closely to God's word. He is reminding us of the things that really matter and letting us see where we truly stand. It is our connection with Him that will see us through what is coming upon the land.
09:58 1/21/24
Prophetic Word December 31, 2023
Let's listen as God gives His Church a message to take into the New Year.
03:49 1/2/24
Prophetic Word- When the Light Shines- Day 3 PM
Receive a great impartation and special invitation into God's Secret Place. Joy unspeakable awaits you- something that the enemy cannot take ever again as long as you abide under the Shadow of the Almighty. 
08:18 12/18/23
Prophetic Word- When the Light Shines Revival- December 17 Am
God's Glory has descended upon His Church. Now is the time to receive the gifts and upgrades that God has for His remnant church. Listen to the on time words of the Father.
05:53 12/17/23
Prophetic Word from When the Light Shines Revival Day 1
God is among His people- Resurrection Power has come upon God's True Church. Listen to what God shared with His People on night one of a special 3 day revival.
03:35 12/15/23
Prophetic Word November 29, 2023
God is getting His Children ready for His Glory Drop. Listen as He forecasts the coming glory. Receive a fresh touch that will free you from the cares of the world and put your focus upward. Be renewed.
05:04 12/12/23
Prophetic Word November 19, 2023
It is transformation time. Allow yourself the time to seek God for yourself that you may be caught up to speed in all things pertaining to life.
03:13 11/19/23
Prophecy November 11, 2023
God is calling His people up and in. Up from whatever holds us down and into His Kingdom commission. Allow God to clear away anything that stands between you and His call upon your life.
03:04 11/14/23
Prophetic Word October 29, 2023
God has found us faithful and is now ready to use His People in ways that only He can imagine.
04:46 10/29/23
A Breaking Through, A Rising, and An Opening is Coming
The Old Era is leaving and the New Era is Coming. Close the doors to the past and open the gates to the future.
38:48 10/22/23
Prophetic Word 9-24-23
God is looking for a people whom He can trust with the Harvest. Receive release from any darkness that stands in your way of being used by the Father.
03:19 9/24/23
Prophetic Word 9-10-2023
God is doing a deep work...
01:37 9/10/23
Best For Last
God is setting His True Body of Believers up for the ultimate success. God is on the Throne and the Victory is resounding in the spirit realm. Can you hear it?
35:50 9/3/23
Prophecy August 31, 2023
It is time to move forward. No longer allow the enemy to convince you that you are in chains. God has established us in a secure place in Him. It is now ours to move in.
03:20 9/1/23
Prophetic Word 8-16-2023
God addresses a view things in these prophetic words from a recent service. Listen closely as to what God may be speaking to you.
03:19 8/17/23
Prophetic Word 8-09-2023
The hour is late. God is ready to move upon the land. God needs His leaders to come forth. Can you make the grade?
03:40 8/10/23
Unforgiveness {The Pathway to Hell}
It is time to look inward. Are you harboring any bitterness or resentment towards anyone? Do you have unforgiveness within your heart? Allow this teaching to be a check: is there any unforgiveness in you?
39:31 7/20/23
Prophetic Word July 9, 2023
Allow the Word of God into your hearts. Experience an outpouring of the spirit of God and taste of His Glory.
13:07 7/10/23
Prophetic Word, June 21, 2023
The Father speaks to His children in a special way.  It takes a special breed to accomplish the works of the Harvest- receive a touch from the Spirit to encourage you and discern your part to play in the coming Great Move of God.
03:46 6/22/23
Prophetic Word June 14, 2023
Allow the Father to minister to you right now. Come as you are. Realize that you are the called of God and He wants to encourage you in the way that only He can. Realize the you are part of God's Chosen Generation.
03:48 6/15/23
Prophetic Word May 31, 2023
Now is the time for full disclosure.If you have continued on the path God has for you, you have qualified for the deep secrets of His Kingdom and the revelation of truth in all areas of your life. Listen as the Father grants you deeper access into your relationship with Him.
04:34 6/1/23
The Power of Pentecost
Let's discover the true power of Pentecost. In this teaching, we will learn of God's sovereign move upon the early church. This type of move is what we as God's Remnant church should expect in the present time.
50:26 5/28/23
Prophetic Word May 21, 2023
God is in our future, past, and present. Listen as the Father reminds us of His love and devotion to each of His children. No longer allow the enemy to take you of course, but understand that God is waiting to lead, guide, and direct every aspect of our lives.
04:18 5/25/23
Prophetic Word May 7, 2023
Listen as God speaks into our situations. God sees where we are at: He sees the warfare and the tests and trials of life. Receive instruction that will safeguard you during these trying times. 
09:51 5/8/23
Prophetic Word April 16, 2023
God is coming after the cobwebs and spiders. This is to say that He is coming after the true root of darkness in our lives. Receive this unique touch from God that will purify you and set the stage for true communion with the Father.
01:45 4/17/23
Prophetic Word April 5, 2023
God is knocking on the door of our hearts. He is allowing us to give Him access to anything and everything that is killing us. He wants to take us from all places of death into true eternal life.
05:10 4/6/23
Prophetic Word April 2, 2023
 God is coming to us in Freedom and Triumph. God understands all aspects of our life and sees our need to be truly set free. Receive the Word and anointing for freedom now.
13:27 4/3/23