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Welcome to The Protectors® Podcast, where the valor meets the storyteller. Hosted by Jason Piccolo, a seasoned veteran and retired special agent, this series is a must-listen for anyone intrigued by the courage and tales of those who pledge to protect us. Beyond the front-line stories of bravery and dedication, this podcast goes a step further, weaving in the perspectives of those who bolster and narrate the protector's journey—featuring a remarkable lineup including New York Times Best Sellers and acclaimed Hollywood actors.The Protectors® Podcast offers a diverse array of voices, from those who wear the uniform to the authors and entertainers who amplify their stories. It's a unique blend that highlights not only the raw realities faced by our protectors but also how their sacrifices inspire the narratives we cherish in literature and film. Each episode is a testament to the interconnected worlds of service and support, bringing listeners an unmatched depth of insight.By tuning in to The Protectors® Podcast, you're not just listening to a podcast—you're stepping into a powerful community that stretches from the battlefields to the bookshelves and the silver screen. Whether you're seeking thrilling accounts of valor, insights into the creative process, or simply inspiring conversations, this podcast has something for you. Listen now to celebrate and understand the entire ecosystem that upholds our guardians and their stories. Join us in this auditory salute to the heroes and their champions alike.Dr. Jason Piccolo is a retired federal agent, former U.S. Army Infantry Captain (Iraq 2006), and author.  Past Guests Include:- Jack Carr- Brad Taylor- Sean Patrick Flanery - Andrews & Wilson- Mark Greaney- Stephen Hunter- Remi Adeleke - Florent Groberg - Clint Emerson - Travis Mills 


#484 | Mark Greaney | Bullets and Books The Intersection of Guns and Literature | w/ A.M Adair
Mark joins us for an explosive conversation where we blast through the world of shooting sports with the zeal of true enthusiasts. We're not just talking about our favorite firearms, like the trusty Glock 19 or the sleek allure of SIGs; we're taking you behind the scenes of an electrifying Nashville run-and-gun event that partners authors with real-life operators. Expect to be right on target with insights into the perishable skill of shooting, laughs over the sticker-shock prices of premium guns, and the meticulous care authors like Mark take in arming their characters with just the right firepower.Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
24:00 2/15/24
#483 | Morgan Lerette | Inside the World of Private Military Contracting: Tales of Conflict and Survival
Ever wondered what it's like to navigate the high-stakes world of private military contracting? Our latest guest, Morgan, pulls back the curtain on this adrenaline-filled industry, recounting his time with firms like Blackwater in the tumultuous early 2000s Iraq. Morgan gives us the unvarnished truth about the personal cost of a job where the line between soldier and civilian is blurred, including the financial temptations that pull contractors back into the fray and the struggles they face upon returning home.ors is often written.Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
30:42 2/14/24
#482 | Jack Treadway | Uncovering the Shadows: Insights into the Air Force's Office Of Special Investigations a
Step inside the clandestine world of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations with a seasoned ex-agent who unveils a landscape where civilian and military sleuths unravel crimes from serious offenses to counterintelligence mysteries. This episode promises an unprecedented look at the merging of different expertises, from cyber whizzes to former special ops warriors, all united under the OSI's banner. The Book: Insurgent Hunter: Memoirs of a Navy SEAL Turned Counterinsurgent Agent in Iraq (Knox Press; February 20 2024), Jack Treadway and Stephen Templin take readers deep into the shadows of covert warfare and Treadway’s time as a Navy SEAL and an Air Force OSI counterintelligence agent taking out over 100 insurgents. But when a high-ranking Iraqi ally—who secretly works for Iran—kills three members of Treadway’s team, he and his team must race against time to get their revenge.Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
31:41 2/12/24
#481 | Trevor Coult | Veteran Voices and the Boundless Digital Canvas
Trevor Coult joined the show to talk about a tone of topics. We discuss the challenges of maintaining integrity in the complex realm of content creation and the YouTube landscape, riddled with restrictions and a partner program that leaves much to be desired, prompts us to examine the broader disconnect within social media moderation, including the looming shadow of AI oversight. Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
53:34 2/1/24
#480 | Jody Maki | Evolution into a Firearms Training Innovator
Jody's story is a testament to the power of evolution, as she details the psychological nuances in marksmanship and her pioneering Maki Method, a tool designed to perfect shooter form and amplify their abilities.raining—one shot at a time.Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
30:42 1/30/24
#479 | Jo Standing | Healing in Plain Sight Strategies for Veteran Mental Health
Jo Standing joined the show to talk about mental health and wellness for servicemembers.  When we hang up our uniforms for the last time, the battle often doesn't end there; it simply changes fronts. This episode peels back the curtain on the silent war many veterans face during their transition from military to civilian life. sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
49:52 1/24/24
#478 | Patrick Boyle | Honoring the Badge A Reflection on Police Work and Remembrance
As the sun set on a Philadelphia skyline back in '66, a young Patrick Boyle took his first steps toward a career that would span decades in law enforcement. Our conversation with the seasoned detective unfolds like a gripping novel, from the archaic seven-week academy training to the modern-day sophistication of police work. Boyle's vivid recounting of the past allows us to appreciate the evolution of crime-fighting and the deeply rooted tradition of family within the force, serving as a touching tribute to the many who have dedicated their lives to protecting ours.In a more somber reflection, we honor the memory of Officer Danny Boyle, whose bravery and commitment are the foundation of a legacy that continues to inspire. The establishment of a scholarship in Danny's name is a testament to the power of community and the importance of supporting the next generation. With Patrick Boyle's guidance, we explore the nuances of running a non-profit, from the intricate dance of fundraising to the ethical stewardship of funds, and the profound impact of keeping the flame of a fallen hero burning bright for future guardians of the peace.Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
47:44 1/16/24
#477 | Brad Taylor | Exploring the Intersection of Global Affairs and Narrative Tension
Join the thrill ride as Brad Taylor, the maestro of military fiction, returns to discuss his latest page-turner, "Dead Man's Hand."  Picture the world's geopolitical chessboard as a backdrop for our deep dive into the mechanics of military thrillers.  From the war in Ukraine to Russia's enigmatic Dead Hand system, we explore the challenges and risks of writing stories that intersect with real-world events. For aspiring novelists and avid readers alike, this is your masterclass in the dance between fact and fiction, and the strategies authors like Brad employ to stay one step ahead of the headlines.With co-host, AM Adair, author and veteran.  Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
30:23 1/12/24
#476 | Jon Vaala |Charting Your Podcasting Journey: Tips from Jason Piccolo on Finding Your Voice
Embarking on the podcasting voyage might seem like uncharted waters, but with the right compass, anyone's voice can find its harbor. Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
49:00 1/5/24
#475 | Gregg Hurwitz | Crafting the Orphan X Universe A Conversation with a NYT Best Seller | With AM Adair
When you pick up the phone and dial a number from a thriller novel, you don't expect an answer. Yet, bestselling author Gregg Hurwitz defies expectations with his Orphan X series, where the protagonist's number is very much active, bridging the gap between our world and Evan Smoak's high-stakes adventures. In a riveting discussion with Gregg, we uncover the intricate details that make his stories pulse with authenticity, from the research on technology to the homage paid to real-life inspirations. Our conversation also touches upon the symbiosis of character development and narrative, where action sequences serve not as the core but as the thrilling backdrop to Evan Smoak's personal evolution and the deep-seated complexities that make him relatable.Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
44:34 12/22/23
#474 | Teen Gooding | Founder of Female Officer Survival School (FOSS) | Shifting the Paradigm: Empathy in Law Enforcement
Teen Gooding joined the show to talk about Trauma Informed Policing and Female Officer Survival School. We explore Teena's journey from the front lines of law enforcement to her unyielding advocacy for trauma-informed policing, a critical area of training that's often overlooked. The harsh reality is that our officers aren't always equipped with the necessary tools to effectively handle victims of traumatic incidents. This compelling conversation dives into the concept of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and how trauma can affect both victims and officers alike. We also delve into the emotional toll that policing takes on our officers, the challenges they face daily, and the importance of empathy in fostering community relationships. We're not limiting our discussion to empathy, though. We'll cover the unique challenges faced by female officers in the field, the importance of physical fitness in law enforcement, and even how shooting sport competitions can enhance skill sets. Additionally, Teena sheds light on her ground-breaking work with the Female Officer Survival School, a program developed to empower and equip our female officers to handle dangerous situations independently.Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
34:46 12/14/23
#473 | Travis Mills | BOUNCE BACK | With B.C. Sanders
From the battlefield to the speaking stage, Travis Mills is here to share his inspiring story of resilience and recovery.  of resilience with Travis Mills.  Co-host BC Sanders. About: BOUNCE BACK12 Warrior Principles to Reclaim and Recalibrate Your LifeBy Travis Mills New York Times bestselling author and retired US Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills, who has nearly a decade of experience coaching others to overcome adversity, shares strategies for healing and moving forward—which don’t just apply to those returning from war, but resonate with anyone who has experienced severe trauma. Featuring his trademark humor and relatable stories, Bounce Back helps anyone confront trauma, understand their emotions, and take back control of their lives. Thousands have been wounded in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, five have survived quadruple amputee injuries, and retired United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills is one of them. Since an IED in Afghanistan exploded back in April 2012 and changed the course of his life, Mills became an advocate for veterans and amputees, helping them through his foundation, The Travis Mills Foundation. His foundation helps veterans and their families coping with physical injuries, and offers a program called Warrior PATHH for combat veterans and first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress.Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
45:22 12/9/23
#472 | Ryan Steck & Byrdie Bell | The Alex Hawke Series | MONARCH
Ryan Steck and Byrdie Bell joined the show to talk about the Alex Hawke series.  Listen in as they pull back the curtain and reveal the creative process behind the upcoming book, Monarch. Their collaboration is a remarkable testament to the power of trust.Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
31:00 11/30/23
#471 | Eric Kramer | From Coast Guard to Craftsman | Kramer Custom Knives
Eric Kramer of Kramer Custom Knives joined the show to talk all things knives, serving in the Coast Guard, and his upcoming line of knives.  Eric takes us through his journey to becoming a professional knife maker. He shares his  approach to each unique piece, emphasizing that knife making is a blend of craftsmanship and functionality. We tackle how he balances work and passion, and manage his workload efficiently. This episode is a must-listen for those interested in exploring the intersection of military service and craftsmanship. sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
24:25 11/30/23
#470 | Colonel Gregory Gadson (Ret.) & Terese Schlachter | An Inspiring Tale of Resilience: A Deep Dive into 'Waypoints'
What happens when a combat-wounded veteran meets a seasoned investigative reporter? A 16-year journey of resilience, transformation, and an inspiring book is born. Welcome to our gripping conversation with Greg Gadson and Terese Crutcher-Marin, authors of 'Waypoints'. There's a tale to tell here, a tale of Greg's heroic journey to overcome a debilitating injury. Their story, which began at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, revolves around the theme of perseverance and the power of a positive mindset. FINDING WAYPOINTSA Warrior’s Journey Towards Peace and Purposeby Terese Schlachter and Colonel Gregory D. Gadson, (Ret.)Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
24:21 11/21/23
#469 | Jack Stewart | Reality, Fiction, and the Unknown: A Riveting Dialogue | Author of UNKNOWN RIDER
Have you ever pondered the mysteries of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), or what some would call UFOs? Well, strap in for a gripping conversation with our guest, ex-fighter pilot and author, Jack Stewart. Our discussion takes flight as we traverse the enigmatic world of UAPs, fueled by Jack's firsthand encounter during a training mission that led to a classified Pentagon briefing. As we navigate the increasing reports of these phenomena, we also place our radar on the vital topic of mental health in the military and law enforcement.The journey doesn't end there as we chart Jack's unique writing process and the influence of his military tenure on his book series. Discover how he harnesses the power of storytelling to shed light on misunderstood subjects, and brace yourself for the tantalizing prospect of UFO inclusion in his future narratives. Further along, we're joined by fellow authors Jack Carr, Brad Taylor, Don Bentley, Mark Greaney, and Taylor Moore. They share insights into their latest books, collaborative endeavors, and the importance of effectively portraying the valor of our nation’s warriors through compelling narratives.Finally, we set our sights on the horizon and the exhilarating collaboration of an uncharted writer. We speculate on their potential work and eagerly anticipate a possible face-to-face interview. Through the blend of reality, fiction, and the unknown, we hope to spark your curiosity and intrigue. Buckle up for this fascinating episode – it's a ride you won't want to miss!Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
25:14 11/20/23
#468 | Kevin Estela | Fieldcraft Survival | Director Of Survival
Kevin joined the show to talk about Fieldcraft Survival and all the great courses they have in North Carolina. About: Kevin Estela is the Director of Survival for Fieldcraft Survival. A lifelong outdoorsman with over 2 decades of teaching in the great outdoors, Kevin is well versed in bushcraft and survival skills. Kevin is the former Lead Survival Instructor of the Wilderness Learning Center under the late Marty Simon. Kevin is the author of 101 Skills You Need to Survive in the Woods and over 150 published magazine titles.Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
31:02 11/17/23
#467 | Amber Hynes | From The Street to CSI | Behind The Scenes
Join us on a riveting journey from theater stages to real-life crime scenes with  Amber, a seasoned actress and a former deputy coroner, now CSI. Amber takes us through her intriguing life story, starting from her early theater days at age five to her unconventional career shift into law enforcement.  Amber walks us through her daily routine in the coroner's office, breaking down the roles of medical examiners and pathologists, and her own role in crime scene investigations. She even gives us a sneak peek into the cutting-edge technology used in forensic investigation.Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
30:32 11/16/23
#466 | Jon Vaala | Pivoting from Bomb Technician to Civilian | U.S. Bomb Technician Association
Jon's transition from a high-risk job as a bomb technician to civilian life was a profound journey. The conversation shed light on the physical and mental toll of this transition, emphasizing the importance of leaving such a career on one's own terms. The narrative delved into the challenges faced, such as the loss of everyday routine and the difficulty in shedding a significant part of one's identity, and how these changes affected an individual's psyche.The conversation explored the evolution of bomb squad technology over the past 24 years. It covered the progression from wet films to the latest developments in digital x-rays, wireless technology, and drones, offering a rare glimpse into the technical intricacies of bomb squads. The discussion also touched on the themes of selfless service, the profound impact of tragic incidents, and the continuous march of technological progress, underscoring the vital role bomb technicians play in modern society.This episode brought to you by Blackstone Publishing.  Make sure to check out Andrews & Wilson's SONS OF VALOR III! Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
44:55 11/15/23
#465 | William Yeske | Author of Damn The Valley | Unpacking the Military Journey
This podcast episode provided a deep dive into the life of a soldier, revealing the many facets of military life, from the adrenaline-filled thrill of racing to the ground-level realities of combat and the complexities of transitioning to civilian life. Tune in to get an authentic glimpse of the soldier's journey and the valuable lessons learned along the way.Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
33:26 11/8/23
#464 | Aaron Jannetti | Unmasking the Realities of Active Killer Situations & Knife Control
Are you ready to confront the complex and alarming realities of active killer situations? Buckle up for a deep dive into the realm of self-defense with Aaron, as he recounts his journey from Krav Maga to BJJ to  conducting active shooter seminars across the country. His experiences emphasize the critical role of decision-making in surviving such situations, with his stories providing valuable insights into the importance of fast, decisive action.This episode delves into the nitty-gritty of self-defense training, highlighting the distressing prevalence of blade attacks and underscoring the urgency of practical, realistic training. Hear about the Knife Control Concepts program, a potent tool in equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to safeguard themselves better. We'll also uncover how to create intensity within the training environment in a meaningful manner, using a gamut of techniques ranging from dry fire shooting and timing drills to incorporating running into the regimen.This episode brought to you by Blackstone Publishing.  Make sure to check out Andrews & Wilson’s new thriller, SONS OF VALOR IIIMake sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
40:09 11/7/23
#463 | Landon Beach & Suzanne Elise Freeman | Exploring the Dynamic World of Audiobooks
What if you could bring your book to life through the power of narration? This week, we're joined by Landon Beach and Suzanne Elise Freeman who share their unique insights into the world of audiobooks, including the thrilling blend of writing, narration, and strong female protagonists. Prepare to be intrigued as we unravel the mystery of Landon's book within a book in his Great Lakes saga, and the unexpected inclusion of Suzanne's name within the novel.Imagine the excitement of finding the perfect voice to portray your characters! Our guests reveal their personal connection that led to Suzanne becoming the ideal narrator for a character in Landon's book. Get ready, indie authors! This episode is going to enlighten you on the journey of selecting the right narrator for your characters and how you can reach a broader audience with audiobooks. Find the audiobook here: The Blue Hour Sanction (Audible Audio Edition): Landon Beach, Suzanne Elise Freeman, Landon Beach Books: BooksMake sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
46:35 11/1/23
#462 | A.M. Adair |The Unexpected Path: Military to Indie Author
Have you ever wondered what life looks like after serving in the military? Imagine adjusting to a world without a chain of command, finding new rhythms, and navigating the unchartered waters of the civilian lifestyle. This episode takes you through those very journeys, as we explore the exhilarating freedom and, at times, daunting uncertainties that come with transitioning from a regimented military life.We'll dive into the world of film school and voiceovers and how military intelligence training can open unexpected doors. You'll hear about the decision to forgo the traditional and instead become an indie author. And we aren't just talking theory - we reveal the launch of a new book and share where to snag a signed copy. So, brace yourself for an engaging discussion that promises to broaden your horizons, and immerse yourself in the exploration of life after the military and pursuing creative passions.Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
24:08 10/27/23
#461 | Michael Boyle | Gritty Truths: A Retired Officer’s Experiences with Child Crimes and Cold Cases
Meet our guest, Michael Boyle, a seasoned protector of Philadelphia's streets. With decades of experience under his belt, this retired Lieutenant of the Philadelphia Police Department walks us through the gritty realities of his tenure, providing a potent blend of wisdom and insight. From dealing with gut-wrenching sexual assault cases to navigating the convoluted labyrinth of detective work, there's no aspect of crime-fighting that Michael hasn't faced head-on. Our journey begins with Michael's reflections on child sexual assault cases, where he helps us understand the long-lasting impact on victims and their families. Drawing on his personal experiences, he offers a window into the invaluable role of the Philadelphia Children's Alliance, an organization that has been the beacon of hope for many traumatized families over the past three decades. As we traverse the complex terrain of detective work, Michael brings to light a 1975 case that showcases the power of learning and experience in law enforcement. As we move ahead, we plunge into the dark world of human trafficking. Michael unravels the process of obtaining a DNA search warrant and the unique challenges of communicating with non-English speaking victims. We also address the insidious rise of drug addiction, with a focus on the dangerous increase of fentanyl, xylazine, and other life-threatening drugs on our streets, especially in the Kensington area. Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
48:10 10/23/23
#460 | Ron Holmes |Empowering Individuals: Firearms Training, Personal Development, and Outdoor Education Programs
Ever wondered how empowering it can be to handle firearms with confidence and precision? Strap in, as we dive deep into a profound exploration of firearms and personal protection training. From working with everyday folks to seasoned veterans, we adapt a safe, realistic, and aggressive teaching approach, ensuring everyone understands their capabilities and develops security in their abilities. Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
47:51 10/15/23
#459 | BC Sanders | A Dive into Proactive Policing and Post-retirement Life
Ready to redefine your perception of proactive policing and criminal investigation? Step into the intriguing world of BC Sanders, a retired supervisor with a wealth of knowledge from his days in the field. The conversation traverses his journey of consulting for law enforcement officers, designing specialized courses to navigate the decline in proactive policing, and addressing the unique challenges faced when implementing progressive work strategies. BC stresses the importance of comprehensive training on gang strategies and criminal networks, highlighting a void particularly in smaller departments that need to stay ahead of the evolving criminal landscape.BC lends his voice to the discussion on how retired law enforcement professionals can leverage their unique skills to serve the community in new ways. From insights on situational awareness and body language to tips on vehicle protection, BC shines a light on the untapped potential that retired professionals possess. Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
23:46 10/15/23
#458 | Eric Bishop | Writing, Parenting, and Publishing: An Intimate Chat
Are you ready to take a thrilling journey into the literary world of Eric Bishop? On our latest episode, this talented author takes center stage, sharing the secrets behind his new book, Ransom Daughter. His unconventional guerrilla marketing strategies, his unique fatherly lens in writing, and his profound thoughts on dialogue creation make for an episode you wouldn't want to miss.Eric doesn't hold back as he shares his expedition through the self-publishing process – a daunting yet rewarding venture, ranging from setting up a legal entity to outsourcing cover design, logos, and editing tasks. But the jewel in the crown of our conversation? Eric's compelling narrative about his struggle to balance writing with his full-time job and family responsibilities. Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
27:14 10/8/23
#457 | REWIND | Don Bentley |Target Acquired: The Success Story Behind Don Bentley
(Original Air Date June 29, 2021).  Get ready for a riveting journey as we sit down with New York Times bestselling author, Don Bentley. An extraordinary man, Don is not only a celebrated author but also boasts a past life as an FBI agent and Apache pilot. Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
23:46 9/29/23
#456 | ASP Roundtable| Evolution and Innovation in Law Enforcement Training and Equipment
Ever wondered how modern training systems within law enforcement and civilian markets are evolving? Join the conversation with Daryell Harmon, James Schramm and Mike Dice from Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) as they unpack the journey. From the original expandable baton through to push-button batons, solid training weapons and tactical flashlights, the face of law enforcement tools is changing. The trio illuminate these changes, and give us unique insights into how ASP uses feedback from the field to innovate and better serve these critical sectors.The discussion doesn't stop at batons and flashlights. We also delve into the crucial significance of handcuffs, and how ASP has led the industry with design and training innovations. The transition from the traditional Swing Through Bow cuff to the modern keyless double locking cuff revolutionizes security and officer safety. We bust common myths about handcuffing, and shed light on the game-changing Plus Cuff.Lastly, ever thought about your own personal safety? ASP's Be Your Own Defender initiative empowers civilians with law enforcement techniques, helping them to take control of their own protection. We explore this empowering initiative in-depth, discussing the practical Defender kit and ASP's commitment to offering free training. sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
49:28 9/21/23
#455 | Rallying for Our Protectors: The Story of the Protectors Foundation
Could you ever imagine putting your life on the line for just $13 an hour? That's the shocking reality for law enforcement officers who risk everything to protect us. In this episode, we scrutinize this dire situation, discussing the crucial role of the Protectors Foundation in providing desperately needed support. We'll dive deep into the foundation’s initiatives and how we can all contribute, be it corporations, equipment manufacturers, or individuals. It's critical to ensure these contributions reach the intended recipients and are utilized effectively, enhancing the officers’ capabilities and safety. we grapple with a disturbing recruitment and retention crisis in law enforcement, the importance of standing behind our protectors cannot be overstated. In our candid conversation, we shed light on the Protectors Foundation's work, urging us all to rally around these brave souls. We also express our heartfelt thanks to those who have already made a difference through their contributions. We'll expose the additional challenges faced by officers in smaller departments, handling complex cases on a shoestring budget. By furnishing resources like tactical training, equipment, and grant application guidance, the Protectors Foundation aims to empower these officers, enhancing their efficiency and safety. Your support truly makes a difference.Make sure to check out Jason on IG @drjasonpiccolo
12:00 9/20/23

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