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NonClinical Careers for Physicians™ Podcast

NonClinical Careers for Physicians is the expertise of third_Evolution. We'll discuss the special issues of physician career transition, offer important do's and don'ts, critical tips for success and answer that most important question: What's Out There for physicians.


Don't follow committee think for your nonclinical career transition 14:53 04/12/2021
Why "Not Being a Cat" is important in today's digital world 16:10 03/17/2021
Is Medical Legal Consulting Your NonClinical Career Future? 27:47 03/12/2021
An Interview with the Founders of CyclingCME, Dr. Mike Reeder and Terri Reeder 21:22 03/05/2021
There's only one pathway to your nonclinical career - and just any road won't take you there. 12:37 02/15/2021
It's time to re-Brand yourself for a nonclinical career 13:04 02/09/2021
Think like an Entrepreneur for Your NonClinical Career Transition 12:00 02/05/2021
Your Number One Objective in Physician NonClinical Career Transition 20:27 09/11/2020
Create Positive Inertia to Fuel Your Nonclinical Career Transition 15:37 08/20/2020
So, You Want to be a Consultant 18:30 07/31/2020
You have questions, I have answers... answers to critical questions and opportunities to your career success 19:59 07/17/2020
What's Next and What is Now... Your Career and COVID-19 16:16 07/13/2020
The Top Ten Ways to Blow Your Job Interview 19:17 07/03/2020
You're going to have to leave your comfort zone if you want a nonclinical career 19:23 06/26/2020
What Credentials Do You Need for a NonClinical Career? 20:42 06/19/2020
When is the best time to leave medical practice? 14:57 06/12/2020
The Three "Ps" of Physician Career Transition - Do you know them? 18:06 06/06/2020
You have questions.. Podcast devoted to answering questions you have submitted 19:53 06/03/2020
This is a true story of power, intrigue and betrayal. 16:46 05/22/2020
Focus Your Career on the Starting Line, Not the Finish Line 18:00 05/15/2020
Follow Up, the Key to Being a Networking Star 18:43 05/01/2020
What's Your Organizational Intelligence? 24:22 04/17/2020
The Research Interview - Your Ticket to the Executive Suite 26:46 04/10/2020
Great Ideas are a Dime a dozen… Good Implementation is Priceless. 28:45 04/04/2020
This is no time to adopt a bunker mentality 17:09 03/27/2020
Are You the Hunter or the Hunted - Or Why Lions Don't Chase Rabbits 21:15 03/20/2020
Keeping Your Networking Stride During a Pandemic 23:36 03/16/2020
Five Reasons You Don't Want a Job 14:21 03/10/2020
A Conversation with Heidi Moawad, MD, Neurologist, Medical Writer and Author of Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine. 39:37 02/28/2020
What is the corporate culture of your medical practice? 26:27 02/22/2020