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Pillow Talk with Emma Austin

Pillow Talk is a dirty and intimate sex podcast hosted by sex blogger Emma Austin and her husband Jake. Each week, they cover topics related to sex, porn, and relationships (but mostly sex).


(TEASER) FWB 26: Cozy Video Game Chat 03:13 01/20/2022
(UNLOCKED) The Hard Anal Debrief 33:02 01/19/2022
Broads So Real You Can Practically Bang Them (VR Porn, Wet Dreams, and Bisexual Spitroasts) 43:45 01/12/2022
Even More Assholes (Sexy Body Pillows, the Masturbation Judge, and Fleshlight Rage) 59:24 01/05/2022
Two Chatty Cathys (Post-Christmas Chillout) 62:53 12/29/2021
(FEED DROP) The Airing of Grievances 25:11 12/23/2021
(UNLOCKED) Back in the Depths of the Kickstarter Dungeon 40:54 12/22/2021
(TEASER) Pillow Talk Film Society: Frosty the Snowjob 00:35 12/19/2021
How the Grinch Gaped Christmas (Cowgirl Anal, Whoresville, and the Porn Baldwin Brother) 45:56 12/15/2021
Sexual Red Flags (Eye Contact, Hate Fucking, and Sweet Little Dummies) 37:38 12/08/2021
Getting Sweet After Getting Dirty (Sexual Aftercare, Sub Drop, and Weird Post-Sex Anxiety) 46:01 12/01/2021
(TEASER) FWB 25: More Assholes! 02:29 11/27/2021
Unchoke Your Chicken (Resensitizing After Death Grip) 53:23 11/24/2021
Everyone Sucks (AITA, Pornstar Etiquette, and Boners in Class) 66:08 11/17/2021
What's The Deal With Fucking? (The World's Best/Only Seinfeld Sex Podcast) 37:43 11/10/2021
A Lil' Chat About Pubic Hair (Cute Bushes, Shaved Balls, and Dick Mullets) 47:01 11/03/2021
Boo! (Spooky Sex Tips, Sexy Waldo, and Bobbing for Titties) 53:14 10/27/2021
Nice. (69th Episode Sextravaganza!) 42:37 10/20/2021
Add a Little Bit of Spice (Introducing BDSM, Kinky Toys, and Sexy Helplessness) 46:38 10/13/2021
The Wild World of Sexy Kickstarters (Useless Porn Apps, Sex Saddles, and Anti-Sock Propaganda) 71:44 10/06/2021
(UNLOCKED) An Even Deeper Dive Into Sex Reddit 28:41 09/29/2021
Let's Discover Our Erotic Blueprints (Sexual Excitement, Golden Retriever Energy, and Jake's Identity Crisis) 65:15 09/22/2021
(TEASER) FWB 22: More Dirty Amish Girls 01:31 09/17/2021
Amish Porn (Bonnets, Butter Churns, and Innocence Corrupted) 39:56 09/15/2021
How to Make a Blowjob Better for Her (Ball Powders, Avocado Dick, and Squirting Mishaps) 62:23 09/08/2021
(TEASER) FWB 21: Even More Rivelino Nonsense 01:35 09/03/2021
Cock Shame and Green Lines (Alpha Male Nonsense, Pussy Triangles, and Slutty Vans) 53:29 09/01/2021
No More Cockblocking (Better Locks, Early Bedtimes, and Having More Sex as Parents) 53:48 08/25/2021
Horrible Old School Sex Advice (Saloon Talk, Separate Rooms, and Salad Oil) 47:48 08/18/2021
(TEASER) FWB 20: Porks and Recreation 01:10 08/15/2021