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Welcome to EECO Ask’s Why – A podcast that dives into industrial manufacturing topics and spotlights the heroes that keep America running. On this podcast, we do not cover the latest features and benefits on products that come to market. Instead, we focus on advice and insight from the top minds of industry because people and ideas will be how America remains number one in manufacturing in the world.


The Future of Manufacturing: A Deep Dive into Smart Motor Protection
What if the key to revolutionizing your manufacturing operations lies in the smart protection of your motors? As industrial leaders seek competitive advantage, embracing smart motor protection is not just about enhancing reliability and longevity of equipment, but also about steering the company's perception towards quality. We introduce you to the countless benefits of this technology, illustrate how real-time data and proactive interventions can keep expensive downtime at bay, and underscore the importance of seeing beyond the products to the impact on your brand image.Ever considered the shift from reactive to proactive maintenance? The efficiency of smart motor protection is not limited to manufacturing alone, but extends to industrial facilities as well. In our conversation, we'll guide you through the importance of staying hands-on with the latest technologies and how to maximize their potential with the right partners. Assess the impact of smart motor protection on reliability, downtime, energy usage, and explore the critical need for interconnected systems and data-driven insights.Looking forward to you joining us on this exciting journey of transformation.Remember to keep asking why...Smart Motor Protection Resources:Smart Motor Protection ArticleRockwell Automation E300 ArticleEaton C445 InformationOther Resources to help with your journey:Understanding your One-LineInstalled Asset Analysis SupportEECO Smart Manufacturing GuideSystem Planning SupportSchedule your Visit to a Lab in North or South CarolinaSchedule your Visit to a Lab in VirginiaSubmit your questions and feedback to: podcast@eecoaskwhy.comFollow EECO on LinkedIn Host: Chris Grainger
27:21 12/4/23
Mastering System Design: From Concept to Reality
Are you ready design systems that make a true impact in industrial manufacturing? In this enlightening episode, we're taking you on a tour from the drawing board to the production line. We're not just drawing blueprints here; we're creating tangible, practical systems that will revolutionize the way you work. We'll be sharing tried and tested strategies, setting objectives, and outlining tools you can use to make the design process more efficient.We're excited to take you on a journey through the labyrinth of automation tools. We discuss the top-notch tools like Rockwell Automation's Integrated Architecture Builder and Proposal Works, Bidman from EATON, and the Siemens TIA Selection Tool. Get the inside scoop on how these tools can transform your system design process, making it smoother and more streamlined. We'll also launch into a deep dive into the crux of the system design process - execution - and the importance of having a solid foundation and well-defined plan to bring your system to life.Embrace the importance of upgrading and modernizing your manufacturing equipment. We'll probe into the timing of these upgrades, the risks of waiting for the equipment to fail, and the potential for increased safety and reduced maintenance costs. We'll also disseminate the five value points of modernization - improved efficiency, enhanced safety, integration capabilities, reduced maintenance costs, and scalability. Plus, we'll equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about equipment upgrades. We'll finish with a reflection on the importance of having confidence in your system design and ways to ensure that your design is competitive. We promise you a journey of discovery and learning that will leave you with a treasure trove of insights and strategies for mastering system design in industrial manufacturing. So, tune in and get ready to unleash your full potential in the industrial manufacturing arena.Remember to keep asking why...System Planning Resources:System Planning Blog Let us help you plan your system todayOther Resources to help with your journey:Installed Asset Analysis BlogEECO Smart Manufacturing GuideSubmit your questions and feedback to: podcast@eecoaskwhy.comHost: Chris Grainger
41:38 11/2/23
Unleashing Your Asset Potential with Installed Base Evaluations
What if you had a detailed list of your assets, helping you to prioritize investments, identify risks, and streamline your path to efficiency? That's what an Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) offers, and we're diving deep into the transformative power of IBEs. We'll explore how knowing exactly what you own can serve as a foundation for effective strategizing and action planning where it's needed most.We'll also look at how an IBE can be an engine for facility improvement. It's not just about data - it's about leveraging that data to identify functional improvements, manage surplus and obsolete inventory, and ultimately make better decisions. We'll discuss the crucial steps of an IBE, from trusting the data, verifying accuracy, modernizing goals, to capital planning. Plus, we'll share our tips for creative thinking and identifying quick wins to build trust along the way.As we move forward in our modernization journey, we'll emphasize the importance of device level planning and looking beyond the short term to consider what technologies will be vital in the next couple of years. We'll discuss how best to seek expert advice and innovative solutions, ensuring maximum value from upgrades, and the benefits of documenting realized gains. Finally, we'll focus on how to manage data, establish objectives, and make decisions based on the information obtained from the IBE. It's a packed episode, full of insights that could change your destiny. Tune in and join us on this transformational journey.Remember to keep asking why...Resources:Installed Base Evaluation BlogEECO Smart Manufacturing GuideStart your IBE today with EECOSubmit your questions and feedback to: podcast@eecoaskwhy.comHost: Chris Grainger
35:05 10/2/23
250. Idea - How to Debrief to Win
Debriefing can have a powerful impact on business when done correctly.In this powerful conversation Robert "Cujo" Teschner breaks down the idea behind a debrief and to execute them to achieve significant results.  His definition of a debrief is simple and elegant - Debrief is the constructive evaluation of the quality of our decisions and associated actions measured against the objectives we set out to achieve.The key words of that definition are what Cujo unpacks in detail.  He starts by differentiating between a debrief and feedback.  Current business culture puts a heavy emphasis on feedback and while that has its benefits it often is met with a negative connotation.  A debrief has an entirely different objective and when the culture is created to execute them efficiently, consistently and with a high level of vulnerability magical things begin happening. Cujo gets tactical into how you can begin executing debriefs that make a true impact.  He covers the importance of perspective and ensuring that every seat at the table has an opportunity to be heard.  He breaks down the importance of debriefing wins and not solely focusing on areas of improvement.  This is a monumental shift in thinking as most organizations never take the time to research why and initiative, process, sale was such a big win and spend too much time discussing what went wrong.This conversation you want to have a notepad ready as the wisdom Cujo shared will move the needle.  By the way Cujo is a former fighter pilot and his stories are absolutely incredible!  We thank him for his service and how he continues to make those around him better everyday. Remember to keep asking why...Guests:Robert "Cujo" Teschner - Founder, CEO and Chief Consultant at VMax Group Consulting Cujo's Website VMax Website Submit your question to be featured on EECO Asks Why to podcast@eecoaskwhy.comHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
60:12 3/20/23
249. Idea - How Procurement Serves During Continuous Disruption
Michael Van Keulen does a phenomenal job of breaking down the role of technology in procurement. He has a passion for procurement and  believes that best-in-class procurement outcomes depend on three factors: PeopleProcessTechnology Without the right combination of these three elements, sustainable best-in-class procurement outcomes will not be achieved. For technology to make a meaningful contribution to procurement outcomes, it should be viewed as an enabler that allows procurement professionals to focus on those areas that drive more value, such as risk mitigation, better quality, better lead times, payment terms, cash flow optimization, and environmental and social governance. Michael believes that technology should be easy to use and be adopted quickly by both internal users and supplier communities to reduce friction and break down silos between the two groups.He gave a sneak peek into his life outside of procurement and you will be amazed at his incredible journey.Remember to keep asking why!Guest: Michael Van Keulen - Chief Procurement Officer at Coupa Software Coupa SoftwareHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
48:31 3/13/23
248. Idea - Creating Supply Chain Agility Through Software
In this episode we explore the ways in which software can help create supply chain agility. Ara Surenian discusses the importance of supply chain agility, the role of software in achieving it, and some examples of software solutions that can be used to enhance supply chain agility.Specific areas explored are:What is supply chain agility? Ara explains that supply chain agility refers to the ability of a supply chain to quickly and effectively respond to changes in demand, disruptions, and other unexpected events. It involves having the flexibility to adjust production, inventory, and logistics in real-time.How can software help create supply chain agility? Ara unpacks several ways in which software can enhance supply chain agility, such as by providing real-time visibility into inventory levels and shipment status, enabling predictive analytics to anticipate demand and optimize production, and automating manual processes to improve efficiency and reduce errors.Examples of software solutions for supply chain agility. We highlight some popular software solutions that can be used to improve supply chain agility, including transportation management systems, warehouse management systems, and demand planning tools. Each of these solutions provides unique features and benefits that can be tailored to the needs of a specific organization.Best practices for implementing software solutions. For those looking to implement software solutions for supply chain agility, Ara offers some advice on best practices, such as involving all stakeholders in the selection process, testing software thoroughly before implementation, and providing adequate training and support to end-users.We hope that this episode has shed some light on how software can help create supply chain agility. Remember, achieving supply chain agility is a continuous process that requires collaboration, innovation, and a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances. Remember to keep asking why! Guest: Ara Surenian VP Product Management at PLEXPLEX WebsiteHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
59:33 3/6/23
247. Hero - Bret Lehman, Dir. of Product & Business Dev at PCX Corporation
In the fast paced world of data centers Bret Lehman is changing the game!He shares his incredible journey and how the landscape has changed so much over the last 20 years.  Bret gives an inside look at key areas of innovation including:Server designCooling challengesWorkforce attritionSustainability for the futureBret is on the frontlines of industry and the impact he is making is genuine.  Just listen to his story of how his support of a super-computer project is at the front and center of life saving cancer research.This hero conversation has it all and it was an honor to share his story.  Sit back, grab a notepad and be ready to be inspired by our hero Bret Lehman! Remember to keep asking why...Guests:Bret Lehman - Director of Product and Business Development at PCX CorporationPCX WebsiteSubmit your question to be featured on EECO Asks Why to podcast@eecoaskwhy.comHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
22:44 2/27/23
246. Idea - Inside look at Modular Data Centers
Flexibility, customization and innovation are the heart of the exciting world of modular data centers! In this conversation Michael Hennings and Bret Lehman give an inside look at this evolving technology.  As frontline industry leaders they have a perspective that is unparalleled in this space.  They share insight around how the technology has changed over the years and what is coming down the pike for the future.  In true EECO Asks Why fashion we have some fun and put Modular Data Centers in a ring against Brick and Mortar - listen to see who wins!Michael and Bret had fun playing "Is It True" and took hard hitting questions straight on such as:MDS only come in ISO shipping containers.MDS are only used for temporary installations.MDS tend to be more expensive.MDS are less secure.You have limited hardware and design choices with prefabricated data centers.MDS are fixed and won’t scale.These industry experts unpacked a ton of wisdom and insight in this powerful conversation.  For support with your Modular Data Center solutions let EECO and our valued partners at Hubbell and PCX solve your most complex applications. Remember to keep asking why... Guests: Michael Hennings - Director Business Development at Hubbell IncorporatedBret Lehman - Director of Product and Business Development at PCX Corporation Hubbell WebsitePCX WebsiteSubmit your question to be featured on EECO Asks Why to podcast@eecoaskwhy.comHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
26:24 2/20/23
245. Hero - Michael Hennings, Director Business Development at Hubbell Incorporated
Look for challenges and never be content.That is what drives Michael Hennings and he shares about his amazing journey in this Hero conversation.  Michael is the Director of Business Development at Hubbell and is on the front lines of cutting edge technology daily.  His career began in distribution and has provided him tremendous opportunities to grow into the role he currently has at Hubbell.Michael shares how the recent addition of PCX has changed the game in how the market is being served.  They are consistently looking for new and innovative solutions that solve the most complex items industry faces. He shares insight into how you can enter the industrial world by proven ways that he's seen firsthand.  Learning how to ask questions is huge and for those wanting to pursue a career in sales his advice about being genuine is rock solid! Michael is an elephant hunter in the world of sales and loves the pursuit of large business deals.  In his spare time he can be found on a baseball field coaching his son and is thoroughly enjoying that season of life.Throughout this conversation you can feel Michael's passion for industry and the impact he's making is tremendous.  Sit back, enjoy and learn from our hero Michael Hennings! Remember to keep asking why... Guest: Michael Hennings - Director Business Development at Hubbell IncorporatedHubbell WebsitePCX WebsiteSubmit your question to be featured on EECO Asks Why to Host: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
18:48 2/13/23
244. Idea - eCommerce Strategy for Manufacturing and Distribution
83% of B2B buyers prefer an e-commerce or digital experience, as opposed to picking up the phone!Let that sink in for a minute.  The digital experience for those in manufacturing is here and the businesses that are making the investments now will be the ones carrying the flag in the future.  Curt Anderson is the expert in all things eCommerce (he literally wrote the book about it) and in this insight packed conversation he shares all the salient truths that will put any manufacturer on a path to serving the market like never before. He walks through how the desire to digital self-serve is making such an impact and in order to meet the changing customer demands this is no longer a nice feature but rather a must have capability.  Curt gets tactical on steps you can begin taking to move the needle and he even reviews the metrics to measure to gauge success.  One thing you will quickly find after spending any time around Curt is his passion for what he does.  He has an energy and drive that is contagious and his success is driven by his desire to serve.No matter where you sit on your eCommerce journey there is a ton of wisdom and practical insight to start applying to make an impact.  Remember to keep asking why!Guest: Curt Anderson - eCommerce Evangelist for Manufacturers at B2BtailStop Being the Best Kept Secret: Manufacturing eCommerce StrategiesIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
29:26 2/6/23
243. Hero - Jerry Foster, CTO at Plex Systems, Inc.
Being on the front lines of game changing industry solutions is what our hero Jerry Foster lives every day!In this inspirational conversation Jerry unpacks his personal journey through industry and some of his incredible experiences.  Working with the best minds of manufacturing puts him in a great position to see the hurdles firsthand and engineer solutions that truly make an impact.Jerry gets real and talks about the big issues in manufacturing and steps that can be taken now to start down a path of correction.  He loves to debunk the myth of how most people get the idea of industrial facilities completely wrong. As he noted this isn't your grandfathers manufacturing plant anymore.We get a peek into what Jerry does to unwind and how his passion for racquetball is a great stress reducer.  He has an amazing family and his personal why points to the True reason he gets up and serves daily.  It was an honor to hear Jerry's story and buckle up for an amazing journey. Remember to keep asking why!Guest: Jerry Foster - Chief Technology Officer at PLEXFire Someone TodayPeopleware: Productive Projects and TeamsPLEX WebsiteIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
31:19 1/30/23
242. Idea - Quality as a Mindset
When quality becomes part of your culture the game changes completely! Anthony Murphy shares how he and the team at PLEX stay focused on building solutions that helps organizations align to achieve amazing results.  When everyone is driving in the same direction greatness awaits and the leaders of manufacturing recognize there is tremendous power in this mindset.He reviews how to take a holistic approach to quality and why every stakeholder plays a role in the path to excellence.  The days of quality being a stand alone department are transitioning where all team members are now able to see how they make a direct impact.  Anthony walks out a suggested path forward to those wanting to lean in without making drastic wholesale changes.  He points to the importance of solidifying quick wins that drive impactful business outcomes.  Once measurable success is realized then the snowball begins to take over.Towards the end of this conversation Anthony gives an inside look at his journey and provides great lessons to find success in industry.  He is an avid runner and he is the first interview to share that he enjoys listening to earning calls for publicly traded manufacturing companies while he's logging in the miles! This conversation is chocked full of wisdom and insight that will connect the dots on the ever changing world of quality and how that mindset is leading industry towards great things in the future. Guest: Anthony Murphy VP Product Management at PLEXPLEX WebsiteHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
48:53 1/23/23
241. Hero - Curt Anderson, eCommerce Evangelist for Manufacturers
We need more evangelists for manufacturing!Curt Anderson is one of the most energetic and impactful voices that is ensuring manufacturing get the attention it deserves.  He is extremely passionate about helping manufacturers connect with customers through eCommerce solutions and in this epic Hero conversation he shares his amazing story.Curt took the entrepreneurial plunge in the midst of COVID and never looked back.  He shares a ton of insight into how he responds to the needs of others and builds his business on helping manufacturers connect their solutions to the clients they can serve when they need it the most.  His knowledge around all things eCommerce is incredible and no matter your line of business there are insights guaranteed to help you grow.  He speaks to the importance of niching down until it hurts and how trying to be everything to everyone never leads to the results you desire.  It was an honor to have Curt share his amazing story and with the energy he brings in this interview you may consider doing this one while working out.  He'll have you laughing, inspired and ready to be the best version of yourself.  Cheers to our hero Curt Anderson! Remember to keep asking why!Guest: Curt Anderson - eCommerce Evangelist for Manufacturers at B2BtailStop Being the Best Kept Secret: Manufacturing eCommerce StrategiesHow I Built ThisEd Mylett PodcastIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
25:14 1/16/23
240. Idea - Taking the comPLEX out of MES
Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are impacting factory floors like never before.In this information packed episode we welcome Jerry Foster from Plex to unpack the realities of these powerful solutions.  He shares how the need for manufacturers to track and document the transformation of raw materials into finished goods led to an exciting world of MES.Manufacturers desire control and reporting in ways to maximize efficiencies and ultimately profits in the future.   Jerry shares a ton of insight into how every manufacturer can begin utilizing data to make more informed decisions.  He covers how IT fits into the puzzle and what members of any plant operations can expect from a robust MES solution.He digs in and reviews areas that can be hurdles with implementation and how you can take action to ensure they do not hinder results.  For those thinking that their operations are not large enough just hold on.  The stats Jerry shares will challenge that head on and you will quickly realize this is not just for the elite manufacturers out there.There is nugget after nugget of pure MES gold in this conversation and at the end of the day Jerry does a phenomenal job of simplifying the idea of MES so that you can make informed decisions moving forward.  It was an honor to have Jerry clear the air on the powerful world of MES.For support with your MES needs contact our team of experts who are ready to walk with you for a powerful system that will meet all of your manufacturing goals! Remember to keep asking why!Guest: Jerry Foster - Chief Technology Officer at PLEX PLEX Website Industry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
31:51 1/9/23
239. Special - Happy New Year from EECO Asks Why
Your work environment affects your impact. In this New Year's Special Chris shares a recent idea he implemented with the EECO Asks Why studio that can be utilized wherever you find yourself working.  With as much time as we spend at work throughout our careers having pride in your environment is key.  Moving forward into the new year think about what can you modify in your work environment to make an impact. It may not be a complete redesign – maybe it's a new filing system, cleaning the top of your desk, trying inbox zero or incorporating a new habit like a lunchtime walk/run that makes the most sense for you. The bottom line is to do the best you can to make your work environment something you can be proud of and thrive in! EECO is excited for 2023 and has a ton of new resources coming to serve you at the highest level. Thank you for the support and remember to keep asking why.  Host: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
21:45 1/2/23
238. Special - Merry Christmas from EECO Asks Why
The Christmas season brings lots of opportunities to step away and reflect.  One of the benefits of that reflection is the ability to see what is working and what adjustments you should consider in the future.  In this Christmas special Chris shares 5 valuable insights he's learned from procurement professionals that have recently come on the show. Their knowledge is sure to help many improve their processes and achieve amazing results in the future. The main points covered are:Find ways to automateRemove the frictionUtilized data to look back and analyze Get creative with freightAsk better questionsWe hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and let us know if any of these tips resonate with you as you adjust your process going forward.Remember to keep asking why!Host: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
21:36 12/26/22
237. Idea - Directly Impacting the Industrial Skills Gap
When the worlds of manufacturing and education collide powerful things can happen!That's exactly what Jeremiah Williams is leading at Danville Community College in Danville, Virginia.  He is the Directior of Integrated Machining Technology and their program is leading the way in developing some of the strongest machining technicians in industry.  Jeremiah shares how a program like his got started and the steps he is constantly taking to ensure they stay ahead of the technology curve.  They have several programs to offer students and have partnerships with the Department of Defense and other universities.  From short vocation specific programs to all out multiple year plans they have the training that is highly sought after in industry.A constant headwind we hear is the skills gap in industrial manufacturing and the programs that DCC has developed is addressing it head on.  Jeremiah's programs even address items like soft skills that are needed to be successful in business which can often be overlooked in certain vocation curriculum. At the end of the day manufacturing drives this country and we are proud to be able to highlight a program that is focusing so hard on helping us be as strong as possible.Remember to keep asking why!Danville Community College Integrated Machining ProgramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
32:01 12/19/22
236. Hero - Alicia Gilpin, Director of Engineering @ Process & Controls Engineering LLC
Our hero Alicia Gilpin is making waves in the industrial automation world. From controls to social media influencer to podcaster her plate stays full.In this fun hero story she unpacks her journey and shares lessons learned along the way.  She has an amazing example of how people are coming to her directly for engineering support and the new way she can serve them.  By leaning into her LinkedIn network Ali G is able to help technicians all over solve some of their most complex controller issues.Ali G is walking out a true heroes journey daily and it was an honor to have her unpack her journey. Remember to keep asking why.Guest: Alicia Gilpin - Director of Engineering at Process & Controls Engineering LLC and Co Host at Automation LadiesProcess and Controls Engineering, LLCAutomation LadiesIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
30:01 12/12/22
235. Idea - The New Age of Sourcing
The world of sourcing has changed dramatically.  In this information packed conversation Karen Blackburn returns and provides an inside look at the world of professional procurement. Karen covers the areas that matter most in manufacturing including:Sustaining and securing the supply chainWhat value added services truly matterCreative ways to consider freightThe power of Vendor Managed InventoryDefinition of the KPI's that matter mostFor those in industrial manufacturing this is chocked full of insight from Karen's incredible career.  She shared a ton of wisdom that is sure to help many have a clearer picture of the world of sourcing moving forward.Remember to keep asking why!Guest: Karen Blackburn - Materials Manager at Dust Solutions IncIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
26:55 12/5/22
234. Hero - Jeremiah Williams, Director of Integrated Machining Technology @ Danville Community College
Some heroes wear capes and others make metal fly! Jeremiah Williams is an absolute hero of industry as he's building the next generation of machining leaders one class at a time.  His journey led him to an exciting opportunity at Rolls Royce working with some of the most cutting edge technology available.From there he got a call that would change his path, any so many others in the future.  He built one of the most highly sought after machining programs around and his students are graduating with skills that will serve them for life.He has a passion for teaching and breaks down what others may not have considered when evaluating a path in machining.  This is an extremely special episode because whenever you have heroes making heroes that's worth celebrating!  Sit back and enjoy the ride as Jeremiah unpacks his amazing hero journey that will leave you fired up and inspired.Remember to keep asking why! Host: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
25:12 11/28/22
233. Thanksgiving Special with Chris Grainger
In this special episode Chris unpacks some of the moments he has been most thankful for since we launched EECO Asks Why.We hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and get to celebrate with the ones that mean the most.Women in Engineering/Industry Series:Start of the first seriesLast episode of the first series (10 in total!)Start of the second seriesFinale of the second series Power Series -Short CircuitElectrical GearCoordination Study Arc FlashLoad FlowWilborne Family Spotlight - Tim Wilborne's Idea EpisodeTim Wilborne's Hero EpisodeMary Bruce Clemon's Hero Episode Mary Bruce Clemon's Idea EpisodeMichael Wilborne's Hero EpisodeAmber Wilborne's Idea Episode Mike Weinberg Episode 200Manufacturing Mafia Group:Chris Luecke's Hero Joe Sullivan HeroJoe Sullivan IdeaMeaghan Ziemba HeroAllie Donnelly HeroJeff Long IdeaJeff Long HeroJake Hall IdeaJake Hall Hero 
19:05 11/21/22
232. Idea - The Future of Control Systems Integration
The world of control system integration is evolving fast!Alicia Gilpin (affectionately known as Ali G) shares insight into this exciting world.  As the Director of Engineering at Process and Controls Engineering she is on the frontlines daily and gives a perspective that is quite unique.  Ali unpacks many critical areas to consider including:Cybersecurity and  how that has firmly planted itself in the controls engineering world.The importance of understanding IT and how OT ultimately converges.Value in risk assessments and the best way to respond to the data.Software hurdles that integrators face whenever updates occur.Ladder Logic vs. Python programming - who will win?How in-house expertise has shifted and the ways in which subject matter experts can serve this need.Ali has a passion for industry and for helping others see the amazing opportunities that exist.  She recently launched a podcast called Automation Ladies and is seeing tremendous success.  Her LinkedIn presence is outstanding and we highly recommend following her for wonderful industry insights.If you want to have a better understanding of where the controls system integration world is headed this is the episode for you.  Industry heroes like Ali G are an inspiration to many and the wisdom she shares will help many in their journeys.  Remember to keep asking why.Guest: Alicia Gilpin - Director of Engineering at Process & Controls Engineering LLC and Co Host at Automation Ladies Process and Controls Engineering, LLCAutomation LadiesIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam Sheets
27:52 11/14/22
231. Hero: Karen Blackburn - Materials Manager at Dust Solutions Inc
Submarines, airplanes and supply chain...oh my!In this powerful hero episode Karen Blackburn shares about her amazing journey through manufacturing.  Having over 40 years of hands on experience in multiple procurement roles led to a conversation full of wisdom and truth. Karen started out working for a company that manufactured submarines for the US Navy.  She speaks to many of the lessons learned there and how they served her well in future positions.  From the deep water to the high skies she also found herself at an aerospace manufacturer.She currently is the material managers at Dust Solutions and the insight shared about how the world of procurement has shifted was extremely insightful.  Karen shares many of the ways sourcing has evolved and how her role is completely different now than it was in recent years.In true hero fashion we got to know what Karen enjoys outside of work and anytime she can find herself behind the camera in nature makes for a great day.  There was so much unpacked in this conversation and we know there is something there for everyone.Here's to our hero Karen and for the many she is an inspiration to.Remember to keep asking why! Guest: Karen Blackburn - Materials Manager at Dust Solutions IncIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
35:05 11/7/22
230. Idea: How Industrial Manufacturers can Shift from Lead Gen to Demand Gen
Changing behavior is hard - especially for manufacturing.In this thought provoking idea episode Chris Roche breaks down how those in industry can start the shift from lead generation to demand generation.  He does a phenomenal job of explaining the history of lead generation and how it evolved over the years.In the ever changing digital landscape it is critical to develop a demand generation mindset and strategy.  Chris breaks down how focusing on video content around the problems your solutions solve is a great way to get started.  You want to build credibility and influence with potential clients at all times and when they enter the buying cycle you will be top of mind.Chris reviews metrics that are important to measure for success including return on ad spend and sales qualified pipeline.  He explores the importance of companies embracing the idea of personal brands with their teams and how some of the best messages come from the top level leaders.This conversation is full of wisdom and insight that can be applied to your business immediately.  Grab a notepad and remember to keep asking why!Guest: Christopher Roche - CEO at Catalyst Consulting Catalyst Consulting WebsiteIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
31:27 10/31/22
229. Hero: Robert Cooke - Founder and CTO @ 3Forge
"I am addicted to building things" - Robert CookeTalk about an amazing journey Robert Cooke unpacks how his love of technology at an early age catapulted him into a career that takes him all over the world.  As the founder and Chief Technology Officer at 3 Forge he is on the front lines of developing game changing software solutions for many industries.Robert shares how a computer from his grandfather got him started down a technology path.  He gives a peak inside the genesis of his company and the transformation it has seen to where it is today.He breaks down the concept of a dependency tree and how that type of systematic thinking can help when analyzing problem areas in processes.  Robert is a woodworking hobbyist and shares about his greatest builds thus far and the one piece of equipment he cannot go without.  We even got to meet Crouton who is his lovable Pomeranian which solidified his "Dogs or Cats" question.This is a true hero of industry story and it was an honor to have Robert share about his adventures and it is exciting to see what comes next!Enjoy the journey and remember to keep asking why.   Guest: Robert Cooke - CTO and Founder at 3ForgeIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
38:07 10/24/22
228. Idea: Understanding Professional Procurement
The world of professional procurement has changed dramatically.  These days the focus has shifted to adding value through the supplier network. Amanda Prochaska is an expert in all things procurement and she gives an in depth review of how the game is now being played. Digital transformation is not just for the manufacturing floor anymore and she shares insight into many areas that companies are investing in to enhance their process.  She shares how this transformation can make an impact in areas such as:Process Simplification Data Driven Decision MakingRole ExpansionAmanda breaks down how the relationship between suppliers and end users has changed.  Her insight into ways that sales can engage procurement professionals in the future is game changing. If you serve the industrial sector and find yourself working with procurement this conversation will fill you with wisdom and actionable steps you can take moving forward. We highly encourage following Amanda to learn more on the exciting world of professional procurement.  Guest: Amanda Prochaska -  Founder & Chief Wonder Officer @ Wonder ServicesIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
21:00 10/17/22
227. Hero: Ayoka Gay - Agile Office Leader @ Schneider Electric
"I like to connect people to what it is they need so they can accomplish what it is that they set out to do." - Ayoka Gay That quote summarizes the powerful conversation we had with our hero Ayoka Gay.  She is driven to serve others and help them understand the many options that exist for the future.  Her story is amazing and began at Lockheed Martin where she was an integral part of the F-35 project.  She shares the feeling of watching the blood, sweat and tears come to fruition when she witnessed the first flight of the F-35 alongside her amazing colleagues.These days Ayoka is making a huge impact in industry and is taking a proactive approach to supporting the next generation in their development.  She sees the looming skills gap with a glass half full mindset as the opportunity that lies ahead is huge for so many.  She shares advice on how to get started by forging your own path and also the importance of seeking wise mentors that will provide much needed counsel.  Ayoka's energy is contagious and she will leave you energized and smiling due to her optimistic outlook on life.  She is doing amazing things and you will quickly hear why she is our hero! Guest: Ayoka Gay - Agile Office Leader  at Schneider ElectricResources:Daring GreatlyUnlocking Us PodcastStart with WhyIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
29:47 10/10/22
226. Idea: OT Priorities & Defense in Depth
Nothing should get in the way where an operator has to make a decision that could lead them to throwing away a batch of product.  Especially when it comes to the OT network.  Jonathan Noren breaks down the idea of how OT owners prioritize decision making and the impact that can have on business.He digs deep into the language barrier that exists between the IT and OT groups.  In a perfect scenario a translator would step in and bridge the gap to create alignment.  To get those skills he unpacks several paths you can take to provide great value to any organization.  Think Rosetta Stone for networking professionals!Jonathan takes time to explain how the most robust networks today have developed a defense in depth strategy.  There are several avenues to consider here and he does a masterful job of highlighting areas to consider to ensure your network is safe and secure.  The industrial world is a prime target and having the right strategy in place is crucial.As industry evolves maintaining security and implementing defense in depth strategies are vital to success.  It is these types of conversations that open eyes to the risks that exist and the actions you can take to protect your people and your business. Remember to keep asking why! Guest: Jonathan Noren - Business & Industrial IT Group Manager at RoviSysIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
28:24 10/3/22
225. Hero: Amanda Prochaska - Founder & Chief Wonder Officer @ Wonder Services
Does your curiosity lead you to wondering how to make things around you better?Our hero Amanda Prochaska is driven by her personal curiosity and forged an amazing path that she shares in this fun conversation.  When Amanda is serving others she is completely in her happy place! She has a passion for procurement and that world has evolved greatly over the years.  When she decided to take the entrepreneurial leap she found her stride and the value that Wonder Services delivers is incredible.  We had some fun debunking misconceptions around procurement and she gives wonderful advice for those wanting to learn more about the professional procurement world and action you can take to begin your own journey down that path. Amanda loves to hit hiking trails and has a wonderful family.  Her faith is not just something she talks about but it truly is who she.  We love her energy and there is tons of wisdom and insight from her amazing hero journey! Guest: Amanda Prochaska -  Founder & Chief Wonder Officer @ Wonder ServicesIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
24:30 9/26/22
224. Idea: How to Accelerate The Manufacturing Process
Ovens, tomato sauce, crusts, cheeses, meats, veggies and even fruit - these are all components to making an amazing pizza!  Knowing how to arrange these items to make perfect pie is a visualization of manufacturing. Now - what if you wanted the best pizza available how do you do it?  Prabhjot Singh breaks down how you can analyze the manufacturing process and make the adjustments that will leave Digiorno in the dust!He has dedicated his career in helping manufacturers better understand their processes and make improvements that truly make an impact.  He is a proponent of crawl, walk and run thinking.  The great part of his expertise is he has end users sprinting past their competitors in no time.  Some of the areas explored are:Understanding the different types of data sourcesHow to select the KPI's that matter Defining what a happy path in manufacturing looks likeUtilizing root cause analysis to rearchitect workflowsAs we strive to serve those in manufacturing with the ideas that make an impact it is conversations like these that move the needle.  There is a ton of wisdom and insight that can be applied in your operation today.  Huge thank you to Prabhjot and for the great team at Pyze for how they are serving industry. Remember to keep asking why! Guest: Prabhjot Singh - CEO at PyzeIndustry War Story Submission: Send us a DM!FacebookInstagramHost: Chris GraingerExecutive Producer: Adam SheetsPodcast Editor: Andi Thrower
33:48 9/19/22