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The Crime Shack is a podcast created and hosted by Michelle Pense, that dives into the details of various crime cases that have occurred around the world. The Crime Shack provides factual information on each case, as well as personal perspective and commentary. (Content may contain elements that are not suitable for some listeners. Listener discretion is advised. Views and opinions expressed in this podcast and on our website are our own and do not represent that of law enforcement or any other person involved or otherwise in the case. We make every effort to ensure that the information we are sharing is accurate, however, we do not claim to be experts, and have no personal affiliations with anyone in our episodes unless explicitly expressed otherwise.)


EP30: A Killer Party • Tyler Hadley 38:45 06/25/2022
EP29: Darlie Routier 45:21 06/11/2022
EP28: The Epidemic of U.S. Mass Schools Shootings 47:33 05/27/2022
EP27: The Disappearance of Suzanne Morphew 54:41 05/14/2022
EP26: The Ice Chest Murder • Thomas Capano 33:35 04/17/2022
EP25: A Life of Lies • The Murder of Michele MacNeill 31:46 04/01/2022
EP24: Mysterious Cruise Ship Death of George Allen Smith 41:01 03/21/2022
EP23: Evil Comes Calling • The Caffey Family Murders 37:15 03/03/2022
EP22: 1100 Miles to Murder: Teresa Sievers 28:48 01/31/2022
EP21: The Bizarre Disappearance of Brandon Lawson 19:27 01/13/2022
EP20: Concrete, Potting Soil and Lies: The Murder of Taylor Wright 42:12 12/11/2021
EP19: Camp Scott: Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders 54:52 10/08/2021
EP18: Bizarre Disappearance of Girly Chew Hossencofft 43:17 09/01/2021
EP17: The Murdaugh Murders 43:24 07/01/2021
EP16: Deadly Dad, John Battaglia 44:44 05/27/2021
EP15: The Strange Murder of Robert Eric Wone 48:24 03/27/2021
EP14: The Monster Preacher, Gary Hiednik 38:42 02/05/2021
EP13: Krim Family Murders: Yoselyn Ortega 53:36 12/31/2020
EP12: Parkland School Shooting: Nikolas Cruz 40:26 11/30/2020
EP11: Halloween Edition 23:30 10/30/2020
EP10: Dorothea Puente “The Death House Landlady” 59:45 10/07/2020
EP09: "Behind Closed Doors" The Turpin Family 57:17 08/20/2020
EP08: The Pike County Murders: Part 2 25:21 07/26/2020
EP07: The Pike County Murders: Part 1 25:40 06/11/2020
EP06: Geza de Kaplany "The Acid Doctor" 14:32 05/08/2020
EP05: Christy Sheats and Cynthia Kessler Collier: Maternal Instincts 37:11 04/16/2020
EP04: Harold Henthorn: Mystery on Deer Mountain 44:10 03/08/2020
EP03: Natascha Kampusch and The Secret Cellar 34:16 02/12/2020
EP02: The Incident by the Pool: Honey & Barry Sherman 24:51 12/18/2019
EP01: Todd Mullis "The Corn Rake Murder" 42:57 11/13/2019