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Sealing God's People

Welcome to the Sealing God's People Podcast with your host Dennis Beard at Dennis Beard Ministries. Have you ever wondered if there is more in the Word of God for you as a believer? Sealing God's People is for you who are reading the Word of God, seeking diligently for the truth on your own, not following the tradition of denominations or men’s doctrines. God is revealing His present truth to you who are seeking Him with a pure heart. Are you up to date in the Word of God? Are you walking in the light as He is in the light? On the 19th of January 2019, I had a visitation from the Lord JESUS while I was in Kilgoris Transmara Kenya Africa after preaching a morning service at a Maasai tribal church. The Lord spoke to me “Seal My people by My Word. Even as I send My angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God, so send I you”. It is this divine command that has constrained me to bring this Word to you. As you receive the proceeding, present truth of the Word of God, you will be sealed as a servant of God in your forehead, having the mind in you which was also in Christ JESUS. The mind of Christ through the sealing of the Holy Ghost will lead and guide you in the Revelation of JESUS, revealing to you as His servant the things of faith which will shortly come to pass. The knowledge of these things of faith will allow you, the believer, to have the testimony of JESUS which is the spirit of prophecy. Many will attempt to escape the cataclysmic events by natural worldly means such as storing up food and water, buying canned goods, relocating out of the cities to rural areas, buying remote land, etc. It is only by the sealing of God’s people that will enable you to stand during these troublous times. Through the receiving of His Word having the testimony of JESUS which is the faith that was once delivered to the saints that will make possible the true believer to stand during these times of war, famine, pestilence, and plagues. In this series of podcasts, you will spiritually see yourself going from glory to glory, receiving the engrafted Word which is able to save you. For you will live by every word that proceeds from God. I am your host, Dennis Beard. Let’s begin our journey through the Word allowing you to obtain the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ JESUS. In obedience to the Word of God, you will receive the final sealing of God in your forehead having the mind of Christ overcoming unto the end, being presented blameless at His coming both spirit, soul, and body. Our Lord JESUS bless you as you Behold the Real JESUS, being sealed in your forehead.


Angels? Who and What Are They?
Angels are ministering spirits for those who are heirs of salvation. Angels work according to the commandment and voice of the Word. Some have entertained angels unawares.
29:43 9/12/23
What Is the "Latter Rain"?
Why is the latter rain so profoundly different from the former rain Pentecost? JESUS, Moses, and Elijah minister. The church is called for the work of the ministry.
55:17 9/12/23
Can You Bear the Truth?
What is righteousness? Mystery of Christ Who is One not three. The true JESUS.
60:46 9/12/23
Climate Change? Or God's Judgments? Major Rivers Drying Up Globally
Euphrates is drying up. Sign of the end of days. Battle of Armageddon.
29:00 9/12/23
Why “Seraphim” Have Six Wings Reaching Elohim Status
Seraphim = burning fiery ones. Cherubim have 4 wings with 4 faces. The church called for the work of the ministry.
63:22 9/11/23
This Podcast Rated “M” for Mature Christians
God's sword will be on the righteous as well as the wicked. Know the work of God. The righteous shall be saved.
46:49 8/9/23
Fire! Fire! All Will Be Melted and Elements Will Be Dissolved
JESUS is a consuming fire! Christians will be clothed upon. We will wear a heavenly body.
43:00 8/9/23
The "Great Thing" That Is Next on God's Calendar
The "Great Thing" is the Last Great Rain of God's strength. The latter rain of the Holy Ghost. The church that has grown to the measure and stature of JESUS will be God's instrument.
20:47 8/9/23
The New Thing Is the Great Thing That God Will Do
The new wine is the new thing put into new wineskins. The new season of God. Body of Christ having a change of raiment for the new thing.
54:07 8/8/23
World Equity - Woke Ideology
White Supremacy dividing America. Calling good evil and evil good. Stand for truth in the face of evil.
44:22 7/26/23
Are the Church Leaders and Pastors of Today Proclaiming the Truth?
Why are pastors in the last days prophesying by Baal? What does the spirit of Baal prophesy? Peace when there is no peace.
45:11 7/26/23
Why So Few Will Be Saved
Those who say they will have no birth pains in tribulation will be destroyed by God. The truth will be revealed only to those who seek God with a pure heart. Few will find the way to life.
37:43 7/26/23
Most Churches Do Not Teach nor Are Established in the Doctrine of Christ
If any man abide not in the doctrine of Christ he does not have God. (2 John 9). We must be established in the doctrine of Christ. Christ is every office and function of the Spirit.
37:34 7/26/23
God Has Changed the Church Into a New Season
Church, as the body of Christ, is being measured in truth. The season that we, the church, are in now is Tabernacles. We are now in throne room revelation, not Pentecostal revelation.
32:10 7/26/23
We Are Living in a Radical Change
Not church as usual. Only those sealed will enter heaven. Greater than Pentecost. 
42:11 7/25/23
God Doing the “New Thing" Is NOT Revival
It will not be church as usual. The radical change from Pentecost to the present season of the church. The believer must be sealed.
41:40 7/4/23
Radical Move of God
Church called for the work of the ministry. The "New Thing". Sealing of God's servants.
48:03 7/4/23
JESUS Only Training Center
Sealing of God's servants. Last day season of Tabernacles. Gospel preached to all the world.
28:06 7/4/23
Snow, Fire, and Hail in the Revelation of JESUS
Body of Christ in the work of the ministry. Tabernaclist not Pentecostals. Last day work of the ministry.
41:28 7/4/23
ISIS, Astarte, Tammuz Attacking the True Gospel of JESUS Christ
Glory JESUS changed. Sealing of God's true servants. The body of Christ must come together.
53:55 5/27/23
Lest God Smites the Earth With a Curse
Last day work of the ministry. Do the will and purpose of God. Charity is love for God in doing His will.
38:45 5/27/23
True Easter?
What is the truth of the season of Easter? Death, Burial, and Resurrection of our Lord JESUS. Coming back and returning to the true God, JESUS Christ.
21:23 5/27/23
The Rod of the Church
The body of Christ is being measured. The sealing of the true servants of God. The work of the JESUS ministry.
35:48 4/8/23
What Is God Doing Now?
God is calling every believer to be fitly joined together. Evil men and seducers growing worse. Tabernaclist is the present season of truth, not Pentecostal. 
36:42 4/8/23
God’s Voice - To Know God’s Voice
How God speaks to believers. Sheep know His voice. Obedience is required.
30:56 4/7/23
Wars - Why and What Is the Origin?
Where came wars? Why have wars? God's judgments.
41:08 4/7/23
World War III
Bible prophecy. Anti-Semite. Wars. 
37:28 3/24/23
Who Is the Man Christ JESUS?
Lord who is Emmanuel. Our Kinsman. God our saviour.
61:51 3/24/23
The End of the World
Know what the Bible states about the end. Wrath of God. Those believers who are sealed in their foreheads.
37:52 3/24/23
God Is Fitly Framing His Body Together
Body of Christ coming into all truth. Into the unity of the faith. Having the testimony of JESUS. 
29:24 3/24/23