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Multifamily Rock Stars is a no gimmick, 100% value add multifamily podcast with no fluff. If you are new to apartment investing or already experienced, you will enjoy this show. You will hear from the leading experts in multifamily real estate so that you can be a better owner, operator and investor. Real people, real stories, life changing.


Managing Multifamily Insurance Expenses - Will Bandujo from FitzPatrick Insurance Solutions
Houston Multifamily Meetup #10 – Will Bandujo – Managing Insurance Expenses Today, we hosted Will Bandujo from FitzPatrick Insurance Solutions who provided extensive insight into the insurance markets and why rates have been rising. My 3 personal takeawaysInsurance providers are more favorable to Class A properties.Carefully screening your residents lowers insurance risks on your properties.Property managers who offer group coverage can provide cost effective effective solutions in a tight insurance market.  To get in touch with Will, please reach him at williamb@fisinsure.comFor more information on the attractive tax and diversification benefits of multifamily, please visit www.synccap.comRyan Christopher NunesRavi Ramachandran
26:42 07/23/2022
Managing Multifamily Property Taxes - Brian Wolford from Morrison & Head
Houston Multifamily Virtual Meetup #9 – Brian Wolford – Managing Property TaxesToday, we hosted Brian Wolford from Morrison & Head who provided extensive insight into how counties value properties and what you can do to underwrite and mitigate these non-controllable expenses. My 2 personal takeawaysBoth major metros and rural markets taxing authorities have become more aggressive in assessing property tax values. Underwrite at least 90% of purchase price for year 1 property taxes. To get in touch with Brian, please visit www.morrisonandhead.comFor more information on the attractive tax and diversification benefits of multifamily, please visit www.synccap.comRyan Christopher NunesRavi Ramachandran
37:33 07/23/2022
#24 | Mike Woodfield - Multifamily Operations
Today, I sat down with Mike Woodfield to dive deep into multifamily operations. He shared many helpful tips so that you can more tightly manage your multifamily assets. Mike is the COO, and partner of Obsidian Capital based in Austin, TX. Over the last 5 years, Mike was the lead asset manager overseeing nearly $300,000,000 in multifamily deals. During that time Mike was responsible for the renovation of 2,200 multifamily units totaling $20,000,000 in improvements which created millions in value-add.To get in touch with Mike, please visit www.obsidiancapitalco.comTo get in touch with Ryan, please visit
48:25 01/15/2022
Houston Multifamily Meetup #4 – Robert Martinez – Rock Star Capital
Today, we hosted Robert Martinez, the founder of Rock Star Capital at our Houston Multifamily Investor Network Meetup. Robert shares his thoughts on the Houston multifamily market, why he says buy everything you can, his views on how to outperform through tight operations and how he has built generational wealth for his family by being “all in” on multifamily.  Robert is one of the most engaging speakers in multifamily. You don’t want to miss this session. iTunes attend our next monthly meetup in Houston, check out more information on the attractive tax and diversification benefits of multifamily, please visit Ryan Christopher NunesRavi Ramachandran
56:19 11/19/2021
Houston Multifamily Meetup #3 - Shayan Hasnain - Multifamily Brokerage - Houston
Today, we hosted Shayan Hasnain, a Multifamily Broker at our Houston Multifamily Investor Network Meetup. Shayan shares his thoughts on the Houston market and how to win deals in today’s market. iTunes attend our next monthly meetup in Houston, check out more information on the attractive tax and diversification benefits of multifamily, please visit  Ryan Christopher Nunes
46:38 10/22/2021
Houston Multifamily Meetup #2 - Vince Porter - Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investing
Today, we hosted Vince Porter, a Real Estate CPA at our Houston Multifamily Investor Network Meetup. Vince shares the powerful tax benefits of real estate investing and how to be smart about tax planning. Hear his real estate tax tips and case studies for passive investors and active syndicators. For a copy of the slides and Vince's contact information please visit attend the next meetup, check out more information on the attractive tax and diversification benefits of multifamily, please visit
62:23 09/25/2021
Houston Multifamily Meetup #1 - Ryan Wehner
The following episode was recorded from our live, in person meetup in Houston, TX. Today’s guest is Ryan Wehner, the founder of Wehner Multifamily who manages 26,000 units across Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.Ryan shares his incredible story of starting his business from his futon to selling a sizeable portion of his company to private equity. Hear his tips for property management and his advice for owners.Please visit to learn more about the diversification, passive income and tax benefits associated with multifamily investing. 
70:26 08/27/2021
#23 | Gary Lipsky - Asset Management Tips
Gary is a real estate entrepreneur with a focus on multifamily syndications. His company, Break of Day Capital, has $65 MM of assets under management. He is the host of the Real Estate Asset Management podcast, the author of “Best in Class” and the founder of the asset management summit. Check out this episode to hear Gary’s 5 asset management tipsHow he buys assets in Arizona while living in CaliforniaHis tips for raising capital His advice for people getting into the spacePlease visit to learn more about the diversification, passive income, and tax benefits associated with multifamily investing. 
21:49 08/27/2021
#22 | Matt Easton - Leasing University
Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Matt Easton, the Founder of Leasing University. Having worked in sales my entire career, I found his consultative sales approach extremely interesting as he applies a high level of sales professionalism to more transactional leasing. Here are some notes from our one hour conversation and why you and your property manager should check out this episodeHow Class B and C properties can “out lease” Class A properties with the right consultative sales approach.The #1 question your leasing staff needs to ask - “Why do you want to move?”Why your marketing is only as effective as your sales process.Why curiosity is the #1 quality Matt looks for when hiring leasing consultants.Matt’s thoughts on the best ways to compensate leasing professionals. As an owner do you call your properties?Why agreeing instead of arguing helps close leases and renewals.64% of non-renewals can be traced back to a maintenance request.The dos and don’ts of soliciting online reviews.BackgroundMatt is the Founder of Leasing University, the #1 Apartment Leasing Training in the World. Leasing University’s On-Demand Platform and Live Events have simplified how the industry leases apartments. Matt has personally helped hundreds of apartment communities generate billions in additional revenue. To get in touch with Matt, please visit www.leasinguniversity.comTo get in touch with Ryan, please visit
64:25 01/07/2021
#21 | Charlie Young - "Doing the Right Thing"
I received an early Christmas gift of sitting down with Charlie Young, one of the founding partners of Madera Residential. Madera is an investment company based in Lubbock, TX that acquires assets in DFW and Houston. Madera owns 48 properties worth $1.3 bn and manages ~15,000 units. Charlie focuses his time on acquisitions and capital raising.Below are some highlights from our conversation·      How Charlie decided to move from property management to acquiring deals·      Charlie’s investment criteria and acquisition strategy·      His guiding principles with brokers (“do the right thing”), tenants (“golden rule”) and investors (“put them first”)·      Fundamental views on DFW and Houston – underwriting cap rates, rent growth and supply/demand balances·      Charlie’s deal killers – loan assumptions and flooding·      His plan to grow fee management in 2021 and how they leverage technology in their business To get in touch with Charlie, please visit https://maderaresidential.comTo get in touch with Ryan, please visit
69:22 12/18/2020
#20 | The Youngs - "People Value Add"
Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Gary and Heidi Young who are GPs on 587 Units in Dallas, TX. Listen to this episode to hear how this dynamic couple impacts their apartment communities through their “People Value Add” approach. How they pour into the lives of their residents and the organizations that are willing to help.How investing in multifamily significantly tax shelters Gary's physician income.How they keep expenses low at their properties and provide encouragement to their staff.Their approach to asset management – what they do on site and away from the property.How they work together as a married couple and their advice on partnerships, getting into the space and managing their assets.BackgroundGary and Heidi live in Dallas, TX and are general partners in 587 units in the Dallas MSA. Their vision is to improve the lives of people within apartment communities by partnering with non-profit organizations.To get in touch with the Youngs, please visit www.transformmultifamily.comTo get in touch with Ryan, please visit
44:33 09/22/2020
#19 | Matt Saunders - $3 bn in Houston Multifamily Transactions
Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Matt Saunders, one of the leading multifamily brokers in Houston who has executed over $3 bn in transactions. Some highlights from today’s episodeSome of the best advice Matt received as a broker - “Make best friends with people who own apartments” and his lessons learned from his 14 years in the spaceHow Matt is underwriting deals post COVID-19, the buyer/seller gap and what terms he is seeing in offersMatt’s favorite submarketsWhat he looks for when investing passively in dealsTo whom he shows off market deals and how he awards dealsMatt’s thoughts on DFW vs. Houston and the long runway he sees for Houston multifamilyBackgroundMatt Saunders is Vice Chairman at Newmark Knight Frank, the leading brokerage firm in Houston. He has been involved in over $3 billion of multifamily transactions since joining the firm in 2012. Matt received his MBA from Rice University and is a graduate of Texas A&M. He has been married to his wife, Melanie, for 13 years and has three sons, Carter, Eli and Davis.To get in touch with Matt, please visit or e-mail matt.saunders@ngkf.comTo get in touch with Ryan, please visit
51:16 08/28/2020
#18 | Kim Radaker - Vertical Integration
Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kim Radaker to hear about her incredible story from owning single family homes and homeschooling her children to managing $450 MM in multifamily assets.  Kim shares the following insights in today’s episodeWhy she started her vertically integrated strategy and how that provides a competitive advantage in acquiring and managing properties.Her story about buying a 50% vacant property and turning it around.Her acquisition strategy, focus on heavier value-add properties and capital gains vs. cash flow.Her people first approach to leadership.Her advice for passive investors and first-time syndicators. Kim’s BackgroundKim is the founder of Exponential Property Group in Dallas, TX.  She manages 4,800 multifamily units and has grown her business from 2 employees to over 180 in less than a decade. To connect with Kim, please visit her at, or to learn more about work with Autism, check out To get in touch with Ryan, please visit
50:21 06/30/2020
#17 | Brandon Hall - Taxes
I sat down with Brandon Hall, the “Real Estate CPA” to talk real estate taxes in plain English.Check out this episode to hear The ins and outs of being a real estate professional and how that can help you pay $0 taxes.How the CARES act can help you offset previous year’s income through NOL losses even if you weren’t a real estate professional in prior years. Bonus depreciation and why that is so helpful to multifamily investors.Detailed multifamily tax questions – return of capital vs. return on capital, capitalization vs. expensing repairs, allocating depreciation among partners, etc.Background Brandon is the CEO of “The Real Estate CPA”. His team is dedicated to helping high net worth individuals and real estate investors with reducing their tax bills and streamlining their accounting functions. To get in touch with Brandon, check out www.therealestatecpa.comTo get in touch with Ryan, check out
42:33 05/18/2020
#16 | Alex Polamero - Marketing and Advertising
Today, I had Alex Polamero, the Owner of Ninestone Marketing on our show. Alex shared some great insights on the importance of a CRM, how to follow up with prospective tenants, effectively market multifamily assets, re-engage dead leads and how he uses “e-mail nurturing”. BackgroundAlex has worked in multi-family marketing since 2012 and led the lease up of multiple Class A, B and C rehabbed apartment communities. He is a nationally recognized leader in marketing automation for real estate development and has trained hundreds of front-lines sales and leasing agents. Alex owns Ninestone Marketing based in Claremont, CA where he leads marketing for real estate development, financial services, and SaaS companies.To get in touch with Alex, please check out www.ninestonemarketing.comTo get in touch with Ryan, please visit
40:56 05/04/2020
#15 | James Eng - Multifamily Financing
Today, I sat down with James Eng of Old Capital who has closed over $750 MM of multifamily loans. In this episode we go through the following topics.Financing options for a multifamily property and how underwriting and leverage have changed during COVID-19.Market cycles, cap rate history and his view of multifamily cap rates going forward.What James looks for when making passive investments and his baseball analogy to investing.Advice for syndicators and passive investors.BackgroundJames has originated over $750 MM in multifamily loans nationwide as a Senior Director for Old Capital.  Prior to Old Capital, he underwrote $750 MM in commercial real estate loans for GE Capital Real Estate. He graduated from University of Texas at Austin with a finance degree. To get in touch with James, please find him on Linked In, YouTube or www.txmultifamily.comTo get in touch with Ryan, please visit
64:46 04/30/2020
#14 | Swapnil Agarwal - "The American Dream"
Today, I sat down with Swapnil Agarwal, the founder of Nitya Capital (17,000 units and $2bn of AUM). As an immigrant, Swapnil came from humble beginnings and through hard work and perseverance realized the “American Dream” converting $300k into $2 bn of AUM. Check out this episode to hear Why and how Swapnil scaled his business so quickly from 160 to 17,000 units.His “win/win/win” approach to employees, tenants and investors.How and why his properties have outperformed during COVID.His mindset and vision to overcome the initial obstacles and doubts he faced.His advice for owners/operators on property management and putting investors first.Swapnil’s favorite submarkets in Houston.BackgroundSwapnil is the Founder and Managing Principal of Nitya Capital based in Houston TX. Since its inception, Nitya has acquired over 17,000 units and 1MM sq ft of commercial office space and currently has ~$2BN+ of assets under management. To get in touch with Swapnil, please find him on Linked In.To get in touch with Ryan, please visit
37:36 04/29/2020
#12 | Disrupt Equity - Partnership and Technology
I had the pleasure of sitting down with Feras Moussa and Ben Suttles of Disrupt Equity who have acquired and manage 1,700 units across Texas and Georgia.  Check out this episode to hearWhat are the key ingredients to a successful partnership.Why Disrupt took property management in house and their plans to fee manage for others.How Disrupt leverages technology and 2 products they recommend you start using now to be more productive | Slack and Asana. What their acquisition criteria is and how they screen deals quickly.BackgroundFeras Moussa and Ben Suttles are the two managing partners of Disrupt Equity based in Houston Texas. Combined, they've acquired and manage over 1,700 units across Texas and Georgia. Feras and Ben both come from a technology background and leverage technology to help them be more efficient and effective. Today, Disrupt Equity is vertically integrated with their in-house property management called Disrupt Management.To get in touch with Ben and Feras, please e-mail them: and get in touch with Ryan, please visit
48:59 04/22/2020
#13 | Michael Becker - Professional Ownership
Today, I sat down with Michael Becker of SPI Advisory who owns 6,000 Units totaling $750 MM of multifamily assets in Texas.Michael graciously shared his vast experience in this 1 hour interview. Some highlights.Michael’s COVID-19 action plan at his propertiesThe evolution of his acquisition strategy and where he thinks there will be opportunities coming out of this crisis.His view on rent growth and what DFW submarkets will outperform/underperform.Michael’s thoughts on straight sponsor splits vs. preferred returns, property taxes and insurance.Some great tips that you can implement at your properties.BackgroundMichael Becker is a Principal at SPI Advisory LLC and heads SPI’s Dallas, Texas office where he oversees 6,000 units totaling $750 MM of assets in Texas. Michael worked in Commercial Real Estate Banking for 15 years and has originated and managed numerous portfolios of permanent and bridge loans in all major asset classes.Michael is a lifelong resident of North Texas. He is married and has two young children.To get in touch with Michael, please visit the Old Capital Podcast or www.spiadvisory.comTo get in touch with Ryan, please visit
60:16 04/22/2020
#3 | Ryan Wehner - Property Management - 25,000 Units and Counting
Today, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ryan Wehner of Wehner Multifamily. Wehner Multifamily is a full-service property management company with the mission of establishing honest and competent management services for B & C class apartment communities. Ryan’s company manages over 25,000 units across 177 properties.In our discussion Ryan covers the followingThe technology and human capital Ryan deploys in his businessThe KPIs operators should focus onWhat cushion operators should build in when acquiring properties What organic rent growth Wehner uses for DFW for years 2+Ryan’s key investment criteria for deals he buysRyan’s biggest lessons learned and what advice he has for syndicators on acquisitions and asset managers to most productively interact with property management.What questions you should ask on your next property tourTo get in touch with Ryan’s team and learn more about their property management services, please reach out to | 214-821-1533 | www.wehnermultifamily.comTo get in touch with Ryan Christopher Nunes, please visit
65:05 04/21/2020
#5 | Mark Allen - A Top Multifamily Broker in DFW
This morning, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mark Allen to talk about the ins and outs of multifamily brokerage. Mark is a top producing DFW multifamily broker of $3-$25 MM properties, a West Point Graduate and a real estate author. In today’s episode, Mark talks about the followingHow brokers obtain listings and what are off market dealsTips for buyers to differentiate themselves when touring properties, performing diligence and during the closing processHow Mark underwrites dealsHis favorite submarkets and what he looks for when investing in dealsAdvice for syndicators and passive investorsTo get in touch with Mark, find him on Linked In or reach him at mark.allen@greystoneisg.comTo get in touch with Ryan, please visit
43:08 04/21/2020
#6 | Dax Ferguson - Multifamily CapEx and Value Add
I had the pleasure of interviewing Dax Ferguson, owner of Heritage Construction and father of 9 boys!Check out this episode to hear about the following CapEx and Value Add topicsWhat large ticket items to focus on during property tours/due diligenceWhat you need to know about chillers, boilers, plumbing, stab lok boxes and flat roof precautionsHow GCs can help firm up your CapEx numbers before submitting an LOIWhat amenities you can install that bring tenants together and make them stickyHow Dax would spend $500,000 of CapEx on a 100 unit property What questions to ask when hiring contractorsTo get in touch with Dax, e-mail him dax@heritageccs.comTo get in touch with Ryan, please visit
67:10 04/21/2020
#7 | Whitney Sewell - Building a Leading Social Media Platform
Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Whitney Sewell to talk about how he built a powerhouse social media platform – one of the most popular daily real estate podcasts with over 540 episodes and 50k downloads. Listen to this episode to hear a behind the scenes view on how Whitney launched his podcast, what he looks for in multifamily opportunities, his passion for helping others and his “don’t tell me you can’t do it” approach to managing a full time job and a full time real estate career.Background on WhitneyWhitney is the host of The Real Estate Syndication Show, a daily podcast that has been hugely inspirational for many real estate investors.  He is also the founder of Life Bridge Capital and has 450 doors under management or roughly $50 million in assets.  Whitney is passionate about adoption. He and his wife, Chelsea, have three adopted children and he gives 50% of his profits to adoption. He is a veteran of the Army National Guard and spent 2005 deployed in Iraq. He was awarded the Soldier of the year for his duty to our country.To get in touch with Whitney, please visit www.lifebridgecapital.comTo get in touch with Ryan, please visit
42:26 04/21/2020
#4 | Yonah Weiss - Pay $0 Taxes Legally Through Apartment Investing
Today, I had the opportunity to sit down with Yonah Weiss of Madison Specs, the largest Cost Segregation provider in the United States.I wanted to have a show on the tax benefits of multifamily because it was personally a compelling factor to invest in the space.In roughly half an hour, Yonah walks us through the following.Cost segregation and bonus depreciation and how you can pay $0 taxes legallyWhat is a real estate professional and why that mattersWhat items can be depreciated in a property and an overview of the cost segregation process We even got to hear about how Yonah manages his business from Jerusalem and about his Orthodox faith.For Yonah’s slide deck on the tax benefits of multifamily, check out this link get in touch with Yonah, please reach him on Linked In or yweiss@madisonspecs.comTo get in touch with Ryan, please visit
34:38 04/21/2020
#8 | Omar Khan - Multifamily Deal Analysis from a CFA
I had the pleasure of sitting down recently with Omar Khan, a CFA charter holder and founder of Boardwalk Wealth for a deep dive on multifamily deal analysis. Check out this episode to learn more about What are deal killers for OmarWhat he looks for in a good submarketWhat analysis he does when underwriting dealsWhen is it ok and not ok to "re-trade"Advice for passive investors and 1st time syndicatorsOmar Khan is a CFA Charterholder and the founder of Boardwalk Wealth. He has over 10 years of global investment experience and has participated in capital financing and M&A transactions valued at $3.7 billion and $100 MM of multifamily transactions. He is responsible for capital raising, strategic planning and investor relations at Boardwalk Wealth.To get in touch with Omar, please visit www.boardwalkwealth.comTo get in touch with Ryan, please visit
43:14 04/21/2020
#11 | Shameer Soni - Legal Counsel From a "Deal Making" Attorney
Today, I sat down with Shameer Soni, a Partner at Patel Law Group ($1 bn of multifamily transactions in 2019) and Fidelity National Title. Shameer provided some timely insight on what owners/operators are doing in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and did a deep dive on the legal documents associated with a multifamily transaction. Check out the episode to learn from a “deal making” attorney without the “legalease”. What you can do to protect yourself as a buyer given the current market uncertaintyShameer’s thoughts on the CARES Act and what provisions may be helpfulAn overview and deep dive into the PSA, PPM, Subscription Agreement and Operating AgreementShameer’s advice for passive investors and syndicatorsShameer’s BackgroundShameer Soni is a partner at Patel Law Group and Fidelity National Title, and is a member of the State Bar of Texas. He has represented clients in over 100 purchase, sale or syndication transactions in the multifamily space. Shameer is a “Super Lawyers” rising star from 2015-2020. To get in touch with Shameer, please visit www.patellegal.comTo get in touch with Ryan, please visit
53:18 04/21/2020
#10 | Robert Martinez - Leadership, People First and $350 MM of Assets
Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Robert Martinez, the Founder and CEO of Rock Star Capital with $348 MM of assets under management across 21 apartment communities (3,762 units). Robert is a huge inspiration to me personally and it was an honor to have him on the show – check out this podcast to hear Robert’s “people first” approach to leadership and to his 55-60% renewal rates.Why his apartments are consistently ranked as the top apartments in the nation.What he looks for when acquiring properties and how he was able to complete twelve cash out refis for his investors. How he recruits, develops and promotes talent and inspires his team.His advice for passive investors and syndicators.Robert’s BackgroundRobert and his team have won 17 city, state and national apartment awards as well as being named as high as #15 in the Houston Business Journal’s Top 100 Fastest growing companies.He holds an Engineering Degree from Texas A&M University and is the only two time winner of the National Apartment Association Independent Rental Owner of the Year Paragon Award.Robert shares a passion for soccer with his two boys, Ryan and Conner and enjoys supporting their daily efforts in local club soccer.To get in touch with Robert, please visit www.rockstar-capital.comTo get in touch with Ryan, please visit
68:20 04/21/2020
#2 | Jeremy Roll - "Active Passive" Investing
I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jeremy Roll today. Jeremy is a full-time passive cash flow investor in 70+ opportunities across $1 Billion+ of real estate and business assets. Some highlights from our conversationLearn about Jeremy’s “active passive” investor approach, his “specific box” investment criteria, the 100+ questions he asks and due diligence he asks before investing and the due diligence he does upfront before investing. Hear why Jeremy decided to pursue an “active passive” approach rather than syndicate deals.Learn what Jeremy focuses on when reviewing deals and some of the situations/opportunities he has invested in.What advice Jeremy has for people starting out in passive investing and what syndicators can learn about communicating with their investor base.  As Founder and President of Roll Investment Group, Jeremy manages a group of over 1,000 investors who seek passive cash flowing investments in real estate and businesses. Jeremy is also the co-Founder of For Investors By Investors (FIBI), the largest group of public real estate investor meetings in California with over 30,000 members. Jeremy has an MBA from The Wharton School and is an Advisor for Realty Mogul, the largest real estate crowdfunding website in the US. Jeremy welcomes e-mails to network with or help other investors and to discuss real estate or business investments of any size. You can reach Jeremy @ jroll@rollinvestments.comTo get in touch with Ryan, please visit
44:42 04/21/2020
#1 | Zach Haptonstall - Going "All In"
Zach is a Multifamily syndicator and lead sponsor living in Phoenix, AZ. He currently owns over 300 units and has $35MM of assets under management in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ. He is the founder and president of the Phoenix Multifamily Association, where he and his fiancé Grace hold monthly events focused on Multifamily education and networking. Some highlights from our conversationHear how Zach put his career on hold to “go all in” on commercial real estate and pursue passive income.Hear Zach’s take on the Arizona market and his outlook for the next few years.Hear how Zach and his team work together, underwrite deals and what their deal killers are.Hear Zach’s ambitious goals for 2020 and his search for large scale capital.Get to know a great person who is going to do great things in multifamily!To get in touch with Zach, please visit www.zhmultifamily.comTo get in touch with Ryan, please visit
42:04 03/26/2020
#9 | Neal Bawa - COVID-19 and Multifamily
Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Neal Bawa to discuss the COVID-19 crisis and the impact on multifamily and daily life.HighlightsHear Neal’s view on vacancy, rent growth, cap rates and when he thinks it will be a more opportune time to buy assets.Why this crisis is unlike anything we have ever seen – more akin to a Hurricane hitting 193 countries at the same time. Neal’s advice for those pursuing multifamily assets now.Bridge vs. Agency – which one does Neal prefer?What you can do as an asset manager during the crisis.Neal’s best of free and paid resources.Neal’s BackgroundNeal is the CEO and Founder of Grocapitus, a commercial real estate investment company with a portfolio over 2,000 units and $200 MM in value. Neal also serves as the CEO of Multifamily University, an apartment investing education company. He is a top rated speaker at conferences and events across the country. Each year nearly 10,000 students attend his seminars and webinars.To get in touch with Neal, please visit get in touch with Ryan, please visit
48:57 03/26/2020