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The Climate Conscious Podcast amplifies the Caribbean perspective on climate change and sustainable development. Hosted by Derval Barzey, we feature insightful conversations with guests as we advocate for inclusive, resilient, sustainable development through dialogue. We're creating awareness, capturing learnings, and telling our stories of resilience with authenticity. Tune in wherever you listen to podcasts.


Navigating Hurricanes & Climate Resilience in The Caribbean | Kendria Ferguson
"Major hurricanes come with major price tags."Join us for an insightful episode featuring Kendria Ferguson, a native of The Bahamas with extensive expertise in sustainable development and disaster management. She is pursuing her PhD at the UWI Mona Sustainable Development Institute, focusing on the socio-economic impact of natural disasters in the Bahamian context.In this episode, Kendria shares her first-hand experiences and insights on the impacts of hurricanes on Caribbean communities, emphasizing the socio-economic consequences and the importance of community-led disaster preparedness initiatives. With Hurricane Beryl setting unprecedented records, Kendria discusses the increasing risks of hurricanes due to climate change and the essential strategies for building resilience in the Caribbean.Connect with Kendria on LinkedInFollow Derval on LinkedInConnect with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram:
34:20 7/12/24
Climate Change ABCs pt.5 | Derval Barzey
Welcome to Part 5 of Climate Change ABCs. In this episode, host Derval Barzey continues our mission to break down complex climate jargon into understandable terms. This episode covers the letters 0 through ROcean Acidification - With increasing concentrations of CO2 released into the atmosphere from human activities, the world's oceans are absorbing more and more carbon dioxide. This alters the pH of the ocean making it more acidic than usual. Paris Agreement - an international treaty adopted in 2015 under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius, preferably 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels.Climate Change ABCs Pt. 4Renewable Energy - energy derived from natural sources or processes that are continuously replenished and virtually inexhaustible on a human timescale. The Caribbean Solar Evolution Rum & Sargassum Podcast Episode [Climate] Resilience - the ability of a system, community, or society to anticipate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from the adverse effects of climate change. Follow Derval on LinkedInConnect with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram:
22:20 6/26/24
The Caribbean Solar Evolution | Leslie Hufstetler
Leslie Hufstetler is the CEO of Infinigen Renewables, a prominent renewable energy platform dedicated to developing and operating utility-scale solar and commercial and industrial (C&I) projects across Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and North and Central America.  High oil prices stimulated a shift in Puerto Rico's energy mix from fossil fuels to a greater share of renewables. This alternative not only lowered the cost of energy but reduced greenhouses emissions and air pollution. Leslie shares how an investment opportunity became a calling to make a difference and improve the quality of life of others. Renewables are a major climate mitigation strategy to limit global temperature increase. As The Caribbean region faces more frequent and intense weather systems, renewables boost resilience to the impacts of climate change.  Leslie discusses key issues associated with the development of solar such as  land use, waste, and intermittent supply. However, the biggest challenge has been the resistance to change. He  faces this challenge with persistence and patience. The team at Infinigen Renewables is committed to ensuring that its operations adhere to the principles of sustainability by managing its environmental and social impacts through community engagement,  integrating agricultural activity with solar facilities, and ongoing research. As the solar industry continues to develop in The Caribbean it provides the region with  economic, social and environmental benefits. Infinigen Renewables stands at the forefront of this critical evolution.Learn more about Infinigen RenewablesVisit theclimateconscious.comFollow The Climate Conscious 
51:50 6/14/24
One with the Land: Restoring Earth, Transforming Ourselves | A World Environment Day Celebration
In honour of World Environment Day 2024, Derval Barzey of The Climate Conscious Podcast and Marion Atieno Osieyo of the Black Earth Podcast hosted a special webinar: One with the Land, Restoring Earth, Transforming Ourselves.Speakers: Milka Chepkorir - Introduced the ICCA model and explained the concept of territories of life using examples from her ancestral home in Kenya, Africa.   Dr Gaius Eudoxie - Highlighted the role of soil in planetary health and achieving the UN SDGsSarah Queblatin - Introduced the Green Releaf Initiative and the use of trauma-informed ecosystem restoration, permaculture and Indigenous lifeways to improve post-disaster recovery.  Tamara Nicholson - Highlighted the approach to community forest management in Jamaica and strategies for social equity.View the recording on YouTube: The Climate Conscious PodcastVisit theclimateconscious.comFollow The Climate Conscious 
72:09 6/5/24
Exploring Climate, Culture & Connections | Dainalyn Swaby
We welcome back Dainalyn Swaby, a seasoned Development Communication Specialist and host of the Global Yaadie podcast. With over a decade of experience in climate change, agriculture, and youth engagement, Dainalyn has led numerous impactful projects both locally and internationally.Our discussion highlights:The Global Yaadie Podcast Journey: Dainalyn shares her experiences founding and hosting the podcast, focusing on its mission to connect climate, culture, and community.Balancing Multiple Roles: Insights on how she juggles her responsibilities as a mentor, speaker, podcaster, and writer while staying motivated in climate advocacy.The intersection of Climate Change and Culture: How cultural contexts influence community responses to climate change and the importance of storytelling.Research Insights: Key findings from her dissertation on Jamaican youth's experiences with climate change.COP 25 and COP 28 Experiences: Dainalyn's contributions and takeaways from these major climate conferences.Future Goals and Advice: Upcoming projects and valuable advice for young professionals passionate about climate communication and advocacy.Tune in to learn more about Dainalyn's inspiring journey and her continued efforts to drive climate action through communication and community engagement.Visit  https://globalyaadie.comFollow Global Yaadie on InstagramSubscribe on YouTube with Dainalyn on LinkedInUPCOMING EVENT: 05/06/24Register to attend our World Environment Day webinar: One With The Land: Restoring Earth, Transforming Ourselves theclimateconscious.comFollow The Climate Conscious 
79:17 5/24/24
Climate Change ABCs pt.4 | Derval Barzey
In this episode of The Climate Conscious Podcast, host Derval Barzey continues our mission to break down complex climate jargon into understandable terms. This episode covers the letters K through N.K is for Kyoto Protocol:We explore the Kyoto Protocol, an international treaty established in 1997 aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions globally. Keeling Curve: a  scientific graph that tracks the concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere and a fundamental indicator of climate change L is for Loss and Damage:Revisit our previous episode with Christianne Zakour examining Loss and Damage.Listen here: is for Mitigation:Climate Mitigation involves actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions including transitioning to cleaner energy systems and implementing carbon capture technologies to limit global temperature rise.N is for Net Zero:Net Zero is achieved when greenhouse gas emissions are balanced by removals. Achieving net zero by 2050 is crucial to meeting the Paris Agreement targets. Nature-Based Solutions:The episode briefly revisits nature-based solutions discussed in episode 70 with Dr. Deborah Villaroel Lamb. Listen here: Determined Commitments (NDCs):Finally, we discuss NDCs, which are national plans outlining each country’s commitment to emissions reductions under the Paris Agreement.To learn about their country's NDCs visit the UNFCCC's NDC registry.Special Announcement:We also announce an upcoming collaboration with Black Earth Podcast for a World Environment Day celebration on June 5. Stay tuned to our social media profiles for more details.Follow Derval on LinkedInConnect with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram:
12:52 5/17/24
Climate-related Loss and Damage | Christianne Zakour
In this episode, we examine the critical aspect of climate change: loss and damage. Our guest, Christianne Zakour, is a specialist in loss and damage and climate peace and security and has extensive background in advocating for small island developing states.As a key figure in various youth-led initiatives, Christianne sheds light on the profound impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities, particularly in the Caribbean region. She highlights the urgent need to proactively address climate-related loss and damage in The Caribbean and other SIDs. Throughout the interview, we explore the concept of loss and damage, as an extension of climate adaptation. Christianne shares insights into how policymakers and international organizations are handling this pressing issue, while also examining the challenges and opportunities in the path forward.In the concluding segment, Christianne offers her vision for a better world and invites listeners to connect with her to join the ongoing conversation and initiatives surrounding climate justice.Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of climate loss and damage, and discover how we can all contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future.Connect with Christianne on LinkedInVisit theclimateconscious.comFollow The Climate Conscious 
34:51 5/9/24
Nature-Based Solutions for Coastal Resilience | Dr Debroah Villaroel-Lamb
In this episode of The Climate Conscious Podcast, we delve into the impact of climate change on coastal communities in the CaribbeanDr. Deborah Villarroel-Lamb is an advocate for innovative engineering solutions in coastal protection. She outlines how hard and soft engineering solutions and a hybrid approach can be deployed to safeguard coastal assets. The discussion highlights the intersection of engineering and ecology, examining how integrating nature into design processes can enhance resilience while promoting sustainability. We explore the trade-offs and benefits of different strategies in coastal management, including. Nature-based solutions (NbS)Dr. Villarroel-Lamb shares insights from an ongoing project aimed at boosting coastal resilience in the Caribbean, emphasizing the need for collaboration, innovation, and holistic approaches to address these complex challenges.Join us as we explore how a transdisciplinary approach, blending engineering expertise with ecological principles, holds the key to securing the future of coastal communities in the Caribbean in the face of climate change.Connect with Dr. Villaroel-Lamb on LinkedInLearn more about her project: https://nbs-engrossed.comVisit theclimateconscious.comFollow The Climate Conscious 
41:37 5/1/24
Gen Z Holds the Key: Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Future | Deanna Albert
Happy Earth Day! Four years ago The Climate Conscious Podcast was launched. As we turn 4 we revisit the topic of our very first episode: Gen Z Holds the Key.  We're joined by Deanna Albert, Sustainability Consultant with Advisor Next Door.Deanna's journey is as diverse as her expertise, spanning projects in environmental stewardship, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and biodiversity conservation. As she shares her insights, she highlights the challenges and misconceptions surrounding climate change, providing a unique perspective on sustainability education.Discover how Deanna and her team employ creative methods to effectively educate young students about sustainability and climate change. She shares inspiring success stories and unveils unconventional career paths emerging from sustainability and climate action initiatives.Parents and educators seeking to foster eco-consciousness in youth will find valuable advice in this episode. Deanna emphasizes the importance of intentional exposure to nature and leveraging technology to equip young minds for a resilient future.Tune in for an enriching dialogue on equipping Gen Z and Gen Alpha for a sustainable and resilient future. Connect with Deanna at www.advisorsconsultants.comVisit
49:12 4/22/24
Happy Earth Day! | The Climate Conscious Podcast turns 4!
Can you believe it? It’s been four years since we embarked on this incredible journey.It has been an enriching experience navigating the realms of climate change and sustainable development from the Caribbean perspective.Our podcast tells our stories of resilience and innovation, empowering our listeners to change behaviours and challenge systems.Through knowledge-sharing, advocacy, and partnerships, we've evolved into a dynamic force for inclusivity and resilience throughout the Caribbean region.As we mark this milestone, we want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of you.We are grateful for your unwavering support, engagement, and dedication to environmental sustainability and social impact.Thank you for listening, subscribing, and engaging with our content. Your participation is critical to our successAs you celebrate with us please take a moment to rate and review this podcast in your favourite podcast app.Here's to another year of inspiring conversations and meaningful impact. Happy anniversary to The Climate Conscious Podcast!Visit
01:29 4/22/24
The Climate Crisis and Women's Rights | Cailin Ruff & Stavroula Kyriazis
Welcome to the Climate Conscious Podcast, where we delve into the intersection of climate change, human rights, and advocacy. Host, Derval Barzey is joined by two inspiring guests, Cailin Ruff and Stavroula Kyriazis, third-year law students at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.Cailin and Stavroula's dedication to international human rights, particularly focusing on women's rights, is remarkable. As student law clerks for the International Human Rights Center, they've been actively addressing the disproportionate impact of climate change on women's rights in the Caribbean.In this episode, we explore the intricate relationship between women's rights and climate change, shedding light on the challenges and advocating for solutions. We discuss:State of Women's Rights Globally: Despite progress, women still face discrimination and barriers to their rights and freedoms. We discuss the journey towards gender equality and the challenges ahead.Impact of Climate Change on Women's Rights: Climate change acts as a threat multiplier, exacerbating existing inequalities. We delve into the link between climate change and gender-based violence, highlighting the resilience of women in the face of adversity.Legal Frameworks and Advocacy Efforts: We explore the role of legal frameworks, and the power of advocacy in protecting and promoting women's rights amidst climate change challenges.Understanding Amicus Curiae Briefs: Cailin and Stavroula explain the significance of Amicus Curiae Briefs in influencing court decisions and advocating for marginalized groups, with a focus on the Caribbean's unique challenges.Inspiration and Advocacy: Discover what inspired Cailin and Stavroula to focus on advancing the rights of Caribbean women in the climate change discourse, including holding governments accountable and protecting environmental defenders.Progress and Future Steps: We reflect on the progress made in their advocacy efforts and discuss what lies ahead in their journey to safeguard women's rights in the face of climate change.Connect with Cailin and Stravoula on LinkedInReferences: SDG 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls Episode 51: Climate & Gender Advocacy with Crystal Roberts Visit
49:34 4/15/24
Truth Be Told about Caribbean Climate Justice | Global Yaadie Podcast | feat. Derval Barzey
In this 3-peat pod to pod, Derval Barzey, founder of the Climate Conscious Podcast, joins Global Yaadie to discuss her journey and pivotal work in sustainability. They explore the evolution of The Climate Conscious Podcast and the advocacy campaigns launched through the platform.Derval delves into the Caribbean Women for Climate Justice Series and the Truth Be Told campaign which tackled the intersection of climate, gender justice and other social issues. The climate podcast hosts discuss the growth and impact of the Caribbean podcasting sector and the power of partnerships in building a resilient and sustainable future. Highlighting growth, connection, and gratitude, this episode is a testament to the  limitless potential of podcasting to inspire action and drive change.Visit globalyaadie.comVisit
52:32 4/5/24
The Truth Be Told Campaign Closing Event
This episode features a fireside chat to conclude the impactful advocacy campaign, "Truth Be Told: A Caribbean Call to Action on Climate & Gender Justice"  hosted on 29 January 2024The Truth Be Told campaign concludes just as it started, with a fireside chat featuring a dynamic group of Caribbean women. The Campaign created a space that amplifies the voices of women, youth and indigenous people and gives visibility to people doing the work to build a sustainable, resilient and just Caribbean. Panellists: Sapphire Alexander - Moderator, Founder of The Caribbean FeministDainalyn Swaby - Founder of Global YaadieRehanna Thomas - Indigenous Youth Advocate Jhannel Tomlinson-Evans - Founder of GirlsCARE Key discussion points:What is your impression of the outcome of COP 28 as it relates to the Caribbean? Post COP 28, how can we ensure that outputs are implemented in our region to address our unique context?What are some specific policy actions you would like to see implemented to support climate and Gender Justice in the Caribbean?What is the value of the Truth Be Told campaign? Do you think it is an effective way to promote awareness and action on the connection between gender and climate justice? Why do you stand for Climate & Gender Justice? The Truth Be Told campaign is a collaboration of The Climate Conscious Podcast and The Breadfruit Collective, co-chairs of the Gender Working Group under the Caribbean Climate Justice Alliance. It was funded by the Climate Action Small Grant Facility offered by CANARI with funding from Open Society Foundations (OSF). Please take part in our post-campaign survey: HERE with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram:
81:04 2/7/24
Truth Be Told: Climate & Gender Justice in the Caribbean | feat. Dr. Angelique Nixon
Welcome to another episode of Truth Be Told: A Caribbean Call to Action on Climate & Gender Justice. Guest host  Paula Joseph sat down with Dr. Angelique Nixon, Director of CAISO, a feminist LGBTQI+ civil society organization in Trinidad and Tobago, about the profound impact of climate change on gender justice in the Caribbean.The Caribbean, known for its vibrant cultures and breathtaking landscapes, is facing a stark reality – the intersection of climate change and gender injustice. Dr. Nixon unveils the unequal impact of climate change, emphasizing that it exacerbates existing social inequalities, leaving women, LGBTQI+ communities, and marginalized individuals disproportionately vulnerable.In this discussion, we delve into the complexities of the issue, exploring how gender roles, access to resources, and displacement contribute to this vulnerability. Dr. Nixon advocates for a resilient future, calling for intersectional policies, a focus on sexual and reproductive health, inclusive disaster preparedness, and intergenerational collaboration.Discover the power of awareness and activism through campaigns like Truth Be Told. Dr. Nixon stresses the importance of education, cross-movement collaboration, and shifting the public narrative to inspire hope and fuel transformative change.Subscribe for more engaging discussions with individuals shaping a more resilient and equitable future. Connect with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram:
14:49 1/31/24
Truth Be Told: Climate Change is a Human Rights issue | feat. Malene Alleyne
Welcome to another episode of Truth Be Told: A Caribbean Call to Action on Climate & Gender Justice. Guest host  Paula Joseph sat down with human rights lawyer and founder of Freedom Imaginaries, Malene Alleyne to explore the intersection of climate change, gender equality, and human rights in the Caribbean.  Malene defines climate change as more than just an environmental concern. In this enlightening podcast, we unravel profound insights on the implications of catastrophic weather events and environmental degradation on the right to life, culture, and various economic and social rights. Discover how framing climate change within a human rights framework demands accountability, urging governments and corporations to take concrete actions for reparations and sustainable development.Malene sheds light on the disproportionate burden faced by women, emphasizing the need for tailored solutions that address their vulnerabilities and ensure equitable participation in decision-making processes.Malene critiques the narrow focus on temperature targets. She calls for a dismantling of the extractivist system, advocating for sustainable development models that respect indigenous knowledge and promote equitable resource distribution. She sees grassroots movements as catalysts for change. While sceptical of the impact of large-scale conferences such as COP, Malene believes in the transformative power of communities envisioning a new world order rooted in justice, equality, and harmony with nature.Subscribe for more engaging discussions with individuals shaping a more resilient and equitable future. Connect with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram:
09:50 1/27/24
Truth Be Told: Raising the Alarm: A Voice for the Caribbean in the Climate Crisis | feat. Emme Christie
Welcome to another episode of Truth Be Told: A Caribbean Call to Action on Climate & Gender Justice. Guest host  Paula Joseph sat down with Emme Christie, a Jamaican PhD candidate, LGBTQ advocate, and climate justice warrior. In this episode, we delve into the heart of Emme's work, a mission to amplify the voices of the Caribbean in the face of the ever-escalating climate crisis.Emme's journey began in the lab, but it was venturing into communities that awakened them to the injustices faced by marginalized groups. As a member of the Jamaica Climate Change Youth Council, they witnessed firsthand the disproportionate impacts of environmental decisions on vulnerable communities.For Emme, the fight for climate justice is more than just addressing environmental issues; it's about dismantling patriarchal structures that underpin the crisis. They emphasize how traditional approaches often overlook the needs of women, LGBTQ individuals, and nature itself, hindering the emergence of truly holistic solutions.In a world dominated by the Global North in the climate change narrative, Emme champions campaigns like Truth Be Told. These platforms are crucial for elevating Caribbean voices, demanding recognition, accountability, and action.Emme envisions a resilient Caribbean future built on regional integration and consensus. They stress the importance of pooling resources, expertise, and unique cultural strengths to craft solutions that resonate with diverse identities. Only through inclusivity and collective action can the Caribbean navigate the turbulent tide of climate change.Emme's message is a powerful summons to listen, learn, and act. By amplifying marginalized voices, embracing intersectional solutions, and fostering regional solidarity, we can forge a path towards a more just and sustainable world. Join us in this call to action as we strive for a world where the Caribbean rises not as a victim but as a beacon of resilience and wisdom in the face of a global challenge. The time for action is now.Subscribe for more engaging discussions with individuals shaping a more resilient and equitable future. Connect with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram:
11:31 1/24/24
Truth Be Told: Championing Climate Resilience & Equitable Solutions | feat. Dr Ainka Granderson, CANARI
Welcome to another episode of Truth Be Told: A Caribbean Call to Action on Climate & Gender Justice. Guest host  Paula Joseph sat down with Dr. Ainka Granderson, Resilience Lead at the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI).Dr. Ainka Granderson's mission at CANARI is crystal clear: to empower local communities, their livelihoods, and the natural ecosystems they depend on to withstand the threats of climate change and related disasters. Recognizing that the climate crisis impacts different groups unequally, Dr. Ainka emphasizes the unique challenges faced by women, girls, and individuals of non-binary identities. She discusses her approach to championing gender-responsive solutions, ensuring that disaster preparedness, recovery efforts, and policy frameworks address these disparities head-on.Dr. Ainka's leadership extends beyond CANARI as she co-convenes the Caribbean Climate Justice Alliance, uniting over 40 NGOs, activists, academics, and artists. This powerful coalition amplifies local voices for climate justice, with a focus on gender, social, and racial justice, ensuring a holistic approach that tackles the root causes of the crisis and demands equitable solutions.Reflecting on COP28, Dr. Ainka Granderson paints a bittersweet picture. While the announcement of the loss and damage fund offered hope, weak outcomes on emissions reduction and adaptation finance reveal a stark reality. Dr. Ainka Granderson's work serves as a testament to the power of collective action and unwavering resilience in the face of adversity.  Join us as we are inspired to stand together for climate and gender justice.Don't forget to subscribe for more engaging discussions with individuals shaping a more resilient and equitable future. Connect with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram:
12:56 1/20/24
Truth Be Told: Building Resilient and Sustainable Caribbean Communities | feat. Gillian Goddard
Welcome to another episode of Truth Be Told: A Caribbean Call to Action on Climate & Gender Justice. Guest host  Paula Joseph sat down with Gillian Goddard, the dynamic Founder of the Alliance of Rural Communities (ARC). ARC is a non-profit organization that brings together rural and semi-rural residents with urban partners to create intentional communities focusing on regenerative farming, sustainable rural livelihoods, and circular economies.Gillian takes us on a fascinating journey from opening the first organic shop in Trinidad in 2005 to pioneering the Cross-Atlantic Chocolate Collective. Gillian shares her insights into the transformative power of local produce processing, turning a small-scale project into a movement that spans the Caribbean and Africa, empowering cocoa farmers and fostering sustainable practices.The episode delves into the intertwined threads of climate change and gender equality, drawing on Gillian's experiences working with rural communities. Discover how women, the backbone of these communities, navigate the challenges posed by climate change, juggling family care, food security, and adapting to unpredictable weather patterns.As we explore the keys to building resilient and sustainable communities, Gillian emphasizes the importance of emotional literacy, communication, and collaboration. Without these essential elements, addressing complex challenges becomes a formidable task. Learn how initiatives like the Truth Be Told campaign, developed and implemented by the Climate Conscious Podcast and the Breadfruit Collective, play a pivotal role in raising awareness about gender and climate justice in the Caribbean.In a powerful call to action, Gillian encourages us to work together for a thriving Caribbean. By acknowledging challenges, nurturing emotional intelligence, fostering communication, and collaborating across borders, we can build inclusive, resilient, and sustainable communities that will flourish for generations. Connect with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram:
08:46 1/17/24
Fireside Chat: Truth Be Told: A Caribbean Call to Action on Climate and Gender Justice | Campaign Launch
This episode features a fireside chat to launch the impactful advocacy campaign, "Truth Be Told: A Caribbean Call to Action on Climate & Gender Justice."  Dive into this dynamic collaboration of The Climate Conscious Podcast and The Breadfruit Collective, co-chairs of the Gender Working Group under the Caribbean Climate Justice Alliance. Together, they're driving the impactful advocacy campaign, aligned with the Conference of Parties (COP).Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion with our distinguished speakers, as we uncover the critical intersections of climate and gender justice, propose actionable policies, and set expectations for the global stage at COP 28, featuring: Dorraine Duncan, Founder, Island City Lab (Moderator)Dominique Williams, Writer @ Hibiscus Tea & GirlsCARE Alumni  Simone Ganpat, Ecologists and Founder of Kairi InitiativeAshawnte Russell, Youth Climate Ambassador, UNESCODiscussion Points:Climate Change and Gender Justice in the Caribbean:Unpack the intertwining challenges faced by Caribbean women amidst climate change.Explore the nuanced impacts of gender inequality on women and girls in the region.Key Policy Actions for Support:Delve into the necessity of policies addressing the unique vulnerabilities of Caribbean women.Discuss the integration of gender-responsive approaches in climate change strategies.COP 28 Expectations - Caribbean/SIDS Focus:Reflect on the significance of COP 28 for Caribbean nations and Small Island Developing States.Explore the potential role of COP 28 in fostering international cooperation for climate and gender justice in the Caribbean.PODCAST SURVEY: Please take a few minutes to complete The Climate Conscious Podcast Survey: appreciate your feedback! Follow Derval on LinkedInConnect with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram:
54:31 12/13/23
Inclusive Insurance, Balancing Impact, Inclusion & Profit with Cytandra Hoover
In this episode, host, Derval Barzey, chats with Cytandra Hoover, a Global Social Impact and Insurance Consultant.  As World leaders convene at the UN Climate Change Conference, COP 28, to negotiate collective action and the operationalization of the Loss and Damage Fund, the Caribbean is particularly concerned about the impacts of rising global temperatures such as extreme weather events and sea level rise.  In the face of increasing climate vulnerability, how does inclusive insurance facilitate sustainable change to enhance equity and boost resilience?   Cytandra outlines how Inclusive insurance operates at the intersection of impact, inclusion, and profit. It challenges the idea of traditional insurance products, shifting from the reaction side of natural hazards to the proactive side, i.e., developing resilience. It includes developing insurance products that cater to the “uninsured”, the traditionally vulnerable and marginalized populations, the ones most impacted by climate change. This climate solution is relevant to boosting resilience in both the Global North and the Global South where climate impacts unfold.  To harness the power of this new model of insurance to facilitate sustainable change, enhance equity, and boost resilience Cytandra recommends that more focus be placed on: Early Warning systems Education on inclusive insurance products Efficient systems for claims pay-out Cytandra is particularly focused on sustainable business models, achieving a balance between mission and making money, using SMART-based objectives and indicators, and creating viable, for-profit business solutions Connect with Cytandra on LinkedIn PODCAST SURVEY: Please take a few minutes to complete The Climate Conscious Podcast Survey: appreciate your feedback! Follow Derval on LinkedInConnect with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram: 
30:58 12/6/23
COP28 Ambitions & the Secret Sauce for Caribbean Energy Resilience
In this episode, host, Derval Barzey, chats with three experts on Caribbean priorities for COP28 and how preparing and de-risking energy projects can function as “the secret sauce” to unlock resilient, renewable energy at scale: David Gumbs, Director with RMI Islands and former CEO of the Anguillan Utility Company.Dr. James Fletcher, CEO of Soloricon and former St. Lucian Minister of Public ServiceIje Ikoku Okeke, Managing Director with RMI’s Catalytic Climate Capital and Global South Program David Gumbs highlights the need for energy resilience in the Caribbean. Mr. Gumbs is the former CEO of the electric utility in Anguilla. He shares his personal experiences of rebuilding after Hurricane Irma, one of the strongest storms on record. Utilities face challenges in transitioning to clean energy. With the increased intensity and frequency of storms, a holistic transformation is needed in the utility sector, involving a shift from centralized to distributed electricity systems to enhance resilience.Project preparation and development are crucial for overcoming hurdles and ensuring the feasibility and bankability of clean energy projects. David emphasizes the need for financial resources and technical capacity to facilitate the sustainable energy transition in the Caribbean. Dr James Fletcher provides an overview of the history and Caribbean presence at COP, emphasizing this year’s priority areas for the region. Dr. Fletcher played a critical role in negotiating the Paris Agreement, with the goal of limiting global temperature increase to below 1.5 degrees Celsius at COP21.Unfortunately, the years post-COP21 have not lived up to the promise of Paris. Ambitions for greenhouse gas reduction have not gained momentum as needed. Progress on loss and damage has been slow, climate finance remains a challenge for the debt-laden Small Island Developing States, and there's a significant risk of global temperature increase surpassing the 1.5 degrees Celsius goal. Ije Ikoku Okeke speaks about the solution to mobilize climate capital and scale energy resilience in the region.  Ms. Okeke has 15 years of experience in project development, working in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Project preparation and development is a crucial prerequisite for the large-scale deployment of sustainable energy solutions. RMI (Founded as Rocky Mountain Institute) identifies it as a necessary step to attract investors and move projects beyond the pilot phase. RMI collaborates with governments, identifies clean energy investment opportunities, and secures funding to move projects to financial close. Ije shares the example of the positive impact of project preparation and development in deploying renewable energy in St. Lucia.Ije sees COP28 as a crucial platform to progress the dialogue on achieving energy transition goals. The expectation is to exchange ideas, share learnings, and seek partnerships to deepen impact. Attending COP 28?On December 1 during COP 28, RMI is hosting a key event for boosting climate resilience, project preparation and de-risking of projects, highlighting their work in the Caribbean. Derval on LinkedInEmail Website:
54:01 11/29/23
Climate Change ABCs -Pt.3 with Derval Barzey
In today's episode, host and sustainability consultant Derval Barzey continues the journey through the ABCs of Climate Change—an exciting and informative exploration of the essential building blocks of climate science and environmental awareness.Key concepts discussed: [Green] Hydrogen[Climate Change] ImpactsJust TransitionLinks to resources mentioned in this episode: E032. A Fossil Fuel Free Future? with Paul Martin: SURVEY: Please take a few minutes to complete The Climate Conscious Podcast Survey: appreciate your feedback! Follow Derval on LinkedInConnect with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram:
11:11 11/15/23
Climate Change ABCs -Pt.2 with Derval Barzey
PODCAST SURVEY: Please take a few minutes to complete The Climate Conscious Podcast Survey: appreciate your feedback! In today's episode, host and sustainability consultant Derval Barzey continues the journey through the ABCs of Climate Change—an exciting and informative exploration of the essential building blocks of climate science and environmental awareness.Key concepts discussed: [Climate] FinanceFast FashionGreenhouse GasesGreenwashingLinks to resources mentioned in this episode: Episode on Fast Fashion: Bank article: How Much Do Our Wardrobes Cost to the Environment? Follow Derval on LinkedInConnect with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram:
12:05 11/1/23
Deep Sea Mining, the Big Debate with Khadija Stewart
In this episode, host, Derval Barzey, chats with climate specialist and ocean enthusiast Khadija Stewart about the controversial issue of Deep Sea Mining. Khadija is the Caribbean Regional Representative for Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) working on Deep Sea Mining. She is passionate about increasing youth engagement in climate action, specifically the nexus of ocean conservation and climate change.  She gives an overview of deep sea mining and highlights the key environmental concerns associated with this industry. She also provides updates on the status of negotiations and the development of regulations for Deep Sea Mining.Connect with Khadija on Instagram: @ecovybz or LinkedInSURVEY: Please take a few minutes to complete The Climate Conscious Podcast Survey: appreciate your feedback! Connect with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram: @theclimateconsciousLinkedIn: 
57:35 10/25/23
Urban Development in the Era of Climate Breakdown with Dorraine Duncan
In this episode, host, Derval Barzey, engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Dorraine Duncan, a city planner and the visionary founder behind Island City Lab. Together, they examine the crucial nexus where urban development meets the formidable challenge of climate change in the Caribbean.As our world grapples with the unsettling reality of climate breakdown, the Caribbean finds itself at the forefront of confronting catastrophic changes. The region faces daunting challenges, including water insecurity stemming from reduced rainfall and extreme heat. Island City Lab emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation. Not content with merely disseminating crucial information, Island City Lab empowers citizens to actively participate in the urban development process, forging collaborative solutions that promote equity and sustainability.Island City Lab's commitment extends beyond theory, as they actively implement projects at the community scale. These initiatives encompass innovative solutions for solid waste management and harnessing the power of nature to adapt to the changing climate. Dorraine Duncan shares her insights on top priorities for fostering climate-resilient urban development in the Caribbean, offering practical steps that can be taken to build cities and towns that are not only more resilient but also sustainable and inclusive. Join us in this insightful conversation and become part of the movement to shape a better future for the Caribbean.Connect with Dorraine on Instagram: @gardeninggyalFollow Island City Lab on Instagram: @islandcitylabWe appreciate your feedback! Please take a few minutes to complete The Climate Conscious Podcast Survey: with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram: @theclimateconsciousLinkedIn:
49:30 10/11/23
Earth Care & Environmental Justice with Marion Atieno Osieyo
In this episode, host Derval Barzey sits down with Marion Atieno Osieyo, the brilliant mind behind the Black Earth Podcast. Blac Earth Podcast celebrates the intricate relationship between nature and black women environmental leaders. Marion's upbringing in both Kenya and the UK has played a pivotal role in shaping her unique perspective on nature and sustainable development. Marion speaks of a deep sense of belonging to the land. She delves into environmental justice and masterfully connects the dots between the social, political, and economic drivers of inequality and environmental issues. She shares a poignant story of how her personal experience with environmental injustice injustices led her to mistrust the environment.Marion highlights the beauty and value of diversity, especially within the context of the Black experience and the African diaspora in the UK. Marion passionately advocates for recognizing, amplifying, and honouring the contributions of Black people to the environmental justice movement. Her message is clear: Black communities must be more deeply involved in shaping the future of environmental justice.Marion addresses the intersectionality of race, gender, and socio-economic status within the realm of environmental justice. She makes a compelling case for recognizing these intersecting identities as a means of developing effective solutions. Marion emphasizes how intersectionality also fosters a creative space for new ideas and innovations when addressing climate resilience and sustainable development.Marion leaves us with a profound reminder: we are one with nature. Her words resonate deeply, serving as a call to action for all of us to rekindle our connection with the environment and ensure that our pursuit of a sustainable future is grounded in justice and inclusivity. Resource mentioned in this episode: 17 Principles of Environmental Justice Connect with Marion on Instagram: @earth.marion Follow Black Earth Podcast on Instagram, LinkedIn and Tiktok: @blackearthpodcast Website : Connect with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram: @theclimateconsciousLinkedIn:
62:27 10/4/23
Climate Change ABCs- Pt.1 with Derval Barzey
In today's episode, host and sustainability consultant Derval Barzey embarks on a journey through the ABCs of Climate Change—an exciting and informative exploration of the essential building blocks of climate science and environmental awareness.Key concepts discussed: Adaptation BiodiversityClimate ChangeCarbon FootprintDecarbonisationEcosystemsLinks to resources mentioned in this episode: Sustainable Agriculture episode: Talk: How to Design Climate-Resilient Buildings | Alyssa-Amor Gibbons | Episode featuring Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) your Carbon Footprint: Derval on LinkedInConnect with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram:
25:35 9/27/23
Climate & Gender Advocacy: The Crystal Clear Initiative with Crystal Roberts
Hosted by Derval Barzey and featuring Gender & Climate Advocate Crystal Roberts, this episode explores the intersectionality of Gender Equality and Climate Change in the Caribbean. Describing it as natural progression, Crystal shares how her history as a Gender advocate with CEDAW evolved into climate justice advocacy. Climate change is not neutral with women being disproportionately affected due to existing inequalities. We are all exposed to the effects of climate change, however, we experience varying levels of vulnerability, for example, rural women.  Crystal breaks down into simple terms the concepts of climate change, climate action and climate justice, and explains why women are more vulnerable to climate change impacts because of the persistence of gender inequality. Through her newly formed NGO The Crystal Clear Initiative, Crystal is promoting the education and empowerment of women, including Advocating for climate action Raising awareness of the intersectionality of climate and genderEducating stakeholders on climate action and climate justice Promoting the participation of women in decision-making processes Crystal recommends education and economic empowerment of women and girls as a key strategy for gender-sensitive climate action. She also outlines the role of the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in achieving gender equality, described as the international bill of rights for women and highlights its connection to climate action and climate justice. Follow the Crystal Clear Initiative on Facebook and Instagram @crystalcleartt  Email: Connect with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram: 
30:29 9/20/23
The Courage to Change: Consciously Vegan with Lydia Valladares
Hosted by Derval Barzey and featuring entrepreneur Lydia Valladares, this episode explores the connection between food, health, and the environment. Lydia describes her slow transition from working in the fashion industry to organic farming and a vegan lifestyle. Embracing unlearning changed her life, including her relationship with food and the environment. Her shift to veganism challenged her personal relationships and her view of herself and the world. On this journey she realized that her actions had an even bigger impact than her words and that being an example conveys an even stronger message. Lydia strongly advocates for changing the way we grow our food. Sustainable agricultural practices would eliminate the environmental pollution and degradation caused by conventional agricultural systems. She highlights her experience rehabilitating degraded land in Costa Rica.Lydia is changing the local food industry with her whole food plant-based vegan catering company in Georgetown Guyana. She is very intentional in the selection of ingredients and packaging, influenced by her travels and time working on different farms.  She shares strategies for being one with the land even in an urban setting. For Climate-friendly diets, Lydia recommends shifting away from overly processed and packaged food because of the impact on our health and the environment, avoiding plastic packaging and changing our daily habits to align with our values. Follow Lydia on Instagram @lydiavallofood Connect with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram:
38:23 9/13/23
Planting Seeds of Change: Sustainable Agriculture with Dr. Adam Redhead
Hosted by Derval Barzey, this episode features Dr. Adam Redhead, Assistant Professor of Sustainable Agriculture and Program Director of Sustainable Agriculture at Andre College.Dr. Redhead defines Sustainable Agriculture, outlining 5 main principles. He advocates for an accelerated transition to sustainable agriculture systems in the Caribbean region through regional collaboration and knowledge sharing. Sustainable Agriculture holds significant potential for socio-economic and environmental benefits: Food securityClimate resilienceProtecting natural resourcesEmployment opportunities He also highlights the Sustainable Agricultural practices that are suitable for the Caribbean: AgroforestryCrop rotation and cover croppingPermacultureAquaponics and hydroponicsSeed saving and crop diversityCommunity Supported agriculture. Dr. Redhead shares the hands-on nature of the Andre College Sustainable Agriculture Program. He provides recommendations to policymakers and farmers for improving the sustainability and resilience of the agriculture sector in the Caribbean. Email Dr Redhead  adamredhead@andrewcollege.eduCheck out the Andrew College Sustainable Agriculture program with The Climate Conscious Podcast: Email Instagram:
38:54 9/6/23

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