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Using alternative education to design the lifestyle we envision rather than that of mainstream society. Our mission is to take back life centered around family, adventures, and the outdoors with our children’s education at the heart. Join us, along with our guests, to discuss topics on homeschooling, alternative education, parenting, and lifestyle design.Together, “Lets Light A Fire They Can't Put Out."If you have any questions or comments contact us at Follow us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, IHeart Radio, and TuneIn+Alexa and leave us a review. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook at homeschool_project_podcast. Enjoy! ~ Anita and Nathan


E104: Adaptability In Your Homeschool and In Life 15:45 12/01/2021
E103: Managing The Juggle with Author & Entrepreneur Linsey Knerl 37:03 11/22/2021
E102: Advocating For A Change In Education with Author Suzanne DeMallie 55:54 11/14/2021
E101: Chasing Dreams In A Hectic Life 14:40 11/07/2021
E100: The Magical Moments of Outdoor Learning with Madeleine and Amber from Barefoot University 61:12 10/31/2021
Bonus Episode: Home Ed Series Wrap-Up 19:31 10/27/2021
E99: Home Ed Series: Play-Based Learning & Gameschooling with Cait Curley from Never Board Learning 41:25 10/24/2021
Special Bonus: Debunking Homeschool Fears 65:55 10/20/2021
E98: Home Ed Series: Deschooling & Reconnecting Children With Learning Naturally with Kelly Edwards from 90-Minute School Day 60:22 10/17/2021
Bite Size Wednesday: Just Start... 12:30 10/13/2021
E97: Home Ed Series: Homeschool Lifestyle Organization / Living A Purposeful Life Without Clutter and Overwhelm with Tiffany from Hinterlife Homeschool 63:52 10/10/2021
Bite Size Wednesdays: Using Reading Aloud As A Tool For Your Homeschool 12:44 10/06/2021
E96: Home Ed Series: Running A Successful Business and Homeschool with Jen Myers from Homeschool CEO 55:03 10/03/2021
Bite Size Wednesday: Our Homeschool Rhythm 13:25 09/29/2021
E95: Home Ed Series: Homeschooling The Early Years with Erin Loechner from Other Goose 39:02 09/26/2021
Bonus Episode: Leadership Starts At Home 04:43 09/22/2021
E94: Home Ed Series: Private Chat With A College Homeschool Outreach Coordinator with Megan Fassero from Benedictine College 50:23 09/19/2021
Bite Size Wednesdays: Homeschooling Multiple Children 17:49 09/15/2021
E93: Home Ed Series: Homeschooling for College Credit with Jennifer Cook-DeRosa / The Road to Debt Free College Education 67:19 09/12/2021
5 Minutes or Less: Jean Miller from Northeast Ohio 08:49 09/08/2021
E92: Home Ed Series: Homeschooling The High School Years with Vicki Tillman from Homeschool Highschool Podcast 31:35 09/05/2021
Bonus Episode: Curriculum & Resource Picks For This Year - Part 2 30:47 09/01/2021
E91: Home Ed Series: Waldorf Homeschool - A Head, Heart, & Hands Approach To Learning with Jean Miller from Art of Homeschooling 55:41 08/29/2021
Bonus Episode: Curriculum & Resource Picks For This Year - Part 1 25:52 08/26/2021
E90: Home Ed Series: Forest School - A Holistic Approach To Learning with Lewis & Gemma from Children Of The Forest 80:28 08/22/2021
Bite Size Wednesdays: Reflections On My Homeschool Convention Experience 14:41 08/18/2021
E89: Home Ed Series: Unit Studies and Homeschooling An Only with Jessica Waldock from The Waldock Way 61:34 08/15/2021
E88: Home Ed Series: Unschooling and Building Family Connection with Robyn Robertson from Honey I'm Homeschooling The Kids 78:05 08/06/2021
5 Minutes or Less: Madeleine from Haslet, Texas 10:17 08/04/2021
E87: Home Ed Series: A Montessori Homeschool with Aubrey Hargis from Child Of The Redwoods 83:40 08/01/2021