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PTSD, Jesus and Me There is much stigma to mental health issues in America and in the world. It is, perhaps, the most overlooked healthcare issue in society today. However, when we choose to address it and surround ourselves with people who refuse to let us ignore it, there IS healing and there IS Hope. #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealthMatters .


Using The Enneagram To Understand Trauma 88:19 09/08/2021
Paying Attention: Trauma & The Enneagram (SOLO) 31:27 08/25/2021
PTSD Jesus and YOU: Finding Purpose In Spiritual Abuse, Special Guest Tiffany Countryman (Season Finale) 52:05 08/11/2021
PTSD, Jesus and You: Raising My Ebenezer (SOLO Finale) 12:21 08/11/2021
PTSD Jesus and YOU: Weaponizing The Gospel (SOLO Episode) 26:06 07/28/2021
PTSD, Jesus and YOU: Grieving The Loss Of A Child, Special Guest, Randy Mortensen 40:11 07/14/2021
PTSD Jesus and YOU: Parenting PTSD, Special Guest Troy McLaughlin 39:35 06/30/2021
Closing A Chapter: Amy's Story--This Is My Story, These Are My Songs 39:28 06/16/2021
PTSD Jesus and YOU: Defining Safety, special guest Crissy Loughridge 31:56 06/02/2021
PTSD, Jesus, and You: Surviving Cancer with PTSD, Returning Guest: Lindsay Tozer 34:19 05/19/2021
PTSD, Jesus and You: Understanding Co-Occurring Disorders--Mental Health Awareness Month 25:42 05/12/2021
PTSD Jesus and YOU: Experiencing Near Death (Medical PTSD) 34:29 05/05/2021
PTSD, Jesus and You: Remaking Marley (Survivor, Advocate and Thriver) 48:53 04/21/2021
PTSD, Jesus and You: Recognizing Childhood Trauma--Special Guest Jeremy Fox, LPC, EMDRI 31:27 04/14/2021
PTSD, Jesus and You: Recognizing Childhood Trauma, Special Guest Erica Cuni, LMFT 39:56 04/07/2021
PTSD, Jesus and YOU: Desiring Wellness (Solo Episode) 18:44 03/24/2021
PTSD Jesus and YOU - Healing PTSD (Shea's Story) 35:13 03/10/2021
PTSD Jesus and YOU: Living With PTSD, A Warrior's Story (Angel's Story) 32:06 02/24/2021
PTSD Jesus and YOU: Holding On To The Unseen Hand (Anna Marie's Story) 30:01 02/10/2021
PTSD Jesus and YOU: Moving Beyond The Wreckage (The Body Keeps The Score) 33:56 01/27/2021
PTSD, Jesus and YOU: Shattering Safety 33:29 01/13/2021
PTSD, Jesus and YOU Trailer: Hope For Crooked Roads Of PTSD 17:13 12/30/2020
PTSD, Jesus and Me: Pastoring Through A Pandemic--Remembering Joy 26:56 12/16/2020
PTSD, Jesus and Me: Healing That STILL Doesn't Make Sense 13:53 12/02/2020
PTSD, Jesus and Me: Helping In The Trenches & Beyond (Season Finale) 41:20 11/18/2020
PTSD, Jesus and Me: Processing Fear 17:34 11/11/2020
PTSD, Jesus and Me: Facing Fear 27:58 11/04/2020
PTSD, Jesus and Me: Forgiving Trauma Makers, Special Guest Autumn Victoria, Pt 1 28:16 10/21/2020
PTSD, Jesus and Me: Forgiving Yourself, Special Guest Autumn Victoria, Pt 2 35:52 10/21/2020
PTSD, Jesus and Me: Forgiving Trauma Makers 29:51 10/07/2020