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There is much stigma to mental health issues in America and in the world. It is, perhaps, the most overlooked healthcare issue in society today. However, when we choose to address it and surround ourselves with people who refuse to let us ignore it, there IS healing and there IS Hope. This is a podcast hosted by a trauma survivor, a CPTSD patient, and a thriver. This raw and real podcast seeks to educate through story, science, and a faith that heals because of a God who understands our sufferings. Wednesdays With Watson podcast is a altruistic podcast that raises money for people who can afford counseling. Above all else, Jesus is the Star of all the stories. Come ito the healing zone! #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealthMatters #EMDR #RRT #LFS #Survivor #Jesus #CPTSD #Healing #enneagram


Childhood Trauma & Adult Burnout, What Is The Connection, What Is The Warning?
Contact AmyContact MarleyIs there a connection between childhood trauma and the propensity to experience adult burnout? Special guest Marlena Kandell of "Remaking Marley" is back on the Wednesdays With Watson Podcast sharing her story of this vital connection.A survivor of childhood abuse and an attempt to take her own life, Marley lives an abundant life in service of others; but sometimes forgets to take care of herself.Survivors of childhood abuse often never learn to regulate their nervous system. This is abundantly clear in the lives of survivors who have thrived professionally. Marley is a great example, and she has wisdom for you, so you don't have to go the route of the burnout.This episode is filled with hope and help for those just hanging on. We are incredibly grateful Marley shared with us her burnout story. May it be a caution to us all. This episode is FILLED with wisdom from this young lady.We also awarded one of two additional scholarships to be given out in 2022. Congratulations to this hero in mental health advocacy, Marley. You are LOVED!
50:13 09/21/2022
Living As His Beloved: Your Enneagram Coach Beth & Jeff McCord "More Than Your Number"
CONTACT AMYPre-Order "More Than Your Number" hereTake The TestWhat if we lived in the fulness of who God made us? We know from scripture that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. In all of the world, there is not a single soul that is like you; God imagined and made each of us or His honor and His glory. We are to be stewards of our gifts and talents and we are responsible thereby accountable in how we live our lives and how we show up in the world. Each given different gifts, talents and passion, we have access to living as His Beloved child and using every bit of the uniqueness He gave each one of us when. It is easy to image the creators demeanor when He created each of us, almost as to say "I don't have one quite like this one". The Wednesdays With Watson Podcast is proud to bring  best selling authors and founders of "Your Enneagram Coach" Beth and Jeff McCord. We sat down with Jeff and Beth to discuss their new book "More Than A Number"--a beautifully written piece of work that encourages us to utilize the full range of how God made each of us. Many of us are tempted to walk around with a tool like the enneagram and put ourselves in a box, excusing and promoting all behaviors because a certain aspect of our personality. But that isn't what God had in mind when He made us image bearers! In this book, out September 20, 2022, the McCords have developed a different way of viewing how we use the neutral tool of the enneagram to live in the fullness of Christ, Living As His Beloved.The enneagram internal profile is an understanding of other parts of us that God placed inside of us or His honor and His glory. When we are not living as the wounded child, but step into the completed work of Jesus on the cross, understanding the way we are wired, the way He made us can serve us in life, but more importantly, it will serve us in our walk with Jesus.This is a bonus episode that will usher us into season 4 where we will use, among other things, the enneagram to help us navigate the waters of forgiveness.Scripture: Psalm 139, Genesis 1:26, Joel2:25, Romans 12:1,2
64:43 09/07/2022
PTSD, My Counselor & Me: Sexual Abuse & Purity Culture Messaging, pt 2
Contact AmyThis is the second part of our season three finale. Sexual abuse and purity culture messaging has presented a culture of shame and guilt. This episode follows a deeply personal episode where Amy accounts a day in Dr, Petit's office where immense healing occurred as she was able to shed the shame of sexual abuse and purity culture messaging. In this second episode, Amy sits down with her counselor, Dr. Thomas Petit, who will give his account of the day that shame lost and Amy felt freedom from the shame of sexual abuse as it pertains to purity culture messaging. Dr. Thomas Petit, a trauma informed counselor, also brings highlights to this episode as it pertains to self care when shame is present along with anxiety management. This episode ends our season on childhood trauma and it is an episode filled with hope and a story of ridiculous redemption, straight from Amy's counselor. This episode also highlights the heart and mission of the podcast, to provide access to help for those who need it. The Wednesdays With Watson podcast exists to not only educate, but to raise money for counseling scholarships for those who can not afford it. If you would like to participate in that mission, there are many ways you can do that by clicking here.**A portion of the song "Isn't That Amazing Grace" written and performed by Josh Bales, is used by written permission**
71:05 08/24/2022
Sexual Abuse & Purity Culture Messaging, ft music by Josh Bales
Contact AmyContact Josh BalesThis is part one of season three finale of the Wednesdays With Watson podcast, and a portion of Amy's story never published anywhere else.Purity Culture messaging, particularly in Generation X has served to harm more than help. This episode highlights a first hand account of how constant bombardment of purity culture messaging affected Amy as a survivor of sexual abuse. While she is clear on this episode that the Bible does, in fact, teach sexual purity, it is important to deliver the message to young people in a way that takes into account that 1:4 girls are sexually abused, and 1:7 boys share the same experience (though probably vastly under reported).This episode chronicles the day that Amy finally decided to address this is her counselor's office and the healing that came from that session. It provides hope for any one of you out there listening that live with shame of sexual abuse for any reason, but particularly as a result of purity culture messaging . Shame does not belong to you and is a tool our our enemy. We want you to heal just like Amy has! This is an incredibly vulnerable episode, safe for young ears, and listeners are left with the Hope of the completed work of Jesus on the cross, as you are literally taken through Amy's healing and release of shame and guilt meant only to destroy her.Special thanks to Josh Bales, whose song "Isn't That Amazing Grace" is featured at the end of the episode with just a taste of the message at the beginning of the podcast. You can find all of Josh's music at his website, he is prolific songwriter and musician and we are incredibly grateful he allowed us to use his song on this episode."Come out sinners from those shadows every corner of your shame, don't you know you are His beloved, you don't have to hide your face, isn't that amazing grace?"This episode will be followed up in two weeks with Dr. Thomas Petit's perspective of the healing session that allowed Amy to put her felt shame and guilt behind her. This is the solo finale of season three, a season where we have focused on childhood trauma.If we left the 99 to find the one for this episode, every tear shed on this episode is worth it.***"Isn't That Amazing Grace" Copyright Josh Bales, song used by written consent from artist.***
29:20 08/10/2022
Connecting With Cooking: What Is The Need Behind A Child's Request?
"One evening, my child came up to me and asked, “Daddy, can I chop your vegetable scraps?”That one question opened my eyes to all the possibilities that exist for me - and for you - when we embrace the connecting power of cooking and eating together with our children."--Chef KibbyChef Kibby (Contact)Contact Amy--Summer fundraiser for counseling schloarships.The Wednesdays With Watson Podcast is proud to bring Chef Kibby to the podcast. Chef Kibby and his wife are foster parents as well as parents to their biological children. Like many of us, Chef Kibby faced losing his livelihood when the Covid 19 Pandemic swept the globe. It started with one question, and that question led him to evaluate the need behind that request, and thus was born his new passion of connecting with children in the kitchen.What are the felt needs behind a request from our children, regardless of trauma status? Why is it important to connect with them in the first place on practical levels--levels that we've not seen pre pandemic?  Now more than every our children need us, and we need them. This episode is rich with information that will help you connect with your kids over one of the very few common human needs--food. Listen as he tells his journey of this ministry and how he strongly encourages parents to get in the kitchen with their children, and you don't have to be a chef.Enjoy this episode as we near the end of our season on Trauma, Spaces, Places, and Aces. This one is definitely an ACE!
34:21 07/27/2022
Healing From Trauma Using Food As Your Medicine
What if it were as simple as adding healing foods to your toolkit? Trauma survivor and wellness coach Nicole Patraw joins the Wednesdays With Watson Podcast! Nicole brings such wisdom as it pertains to nutrition, particularly when trauma and present, and for children. Her amazing story and how she turned her pain into purpose is nothing short of amazing and is the true definition of healing. Listen in as Nicole helps us, because that is her passion!The Wednesdays With Watson Podcast continues to pursue our mission of providing access to help for those who need it, and this is a great example of that. Nicole offers much wisdom on this episode that she has incorporated into her wellness business. She did not appear on the podcast to promote herself but to help YOU. If you are interested in finding out more information about Nicole, click here.To contact Amy, click here. 
55:06 07/13/2022
Observing PTSD Awareness Month (Solo Episode)
This is a special solo episode that recaps our series on racial trauma as well as an update as to where we are going and what our efforts have accomplished.Enjoy this short solo episode!IMPORTANT LINKS:PTSD, JESUS & ME (first season, my diagnosis and journey to it)--Season 1PTSD, Jesus & You--Season 2ENNEAGRAM EPISODES, SEASON 3 DONATE to our efforts to provide funds for pro bono counseling (two people helped from fundraiser at the end of 2021)
16:41 06/29/2022
Treating Racial Trauma: Special Guest, Dr. Catherine Jackson
Do we want to be part of the solution? This episode provides amazing insight from a well respected black therapist. Want the world to change? Remember CHANGE is a complete sentence."I am a part of the change I wish to see"--Dr. Catherine JacksonThe Wednesdays With Watson podcast awarded one of Dr. Jackson's patients funds for pro bono counseling. This is the purpose of this podcast, if you are interested in supporting this mission, click here.Stick around until the end as Dr. Jackson walks us through a guided meditation to calm our nervous systems.Dr. Catherine Jackson joins the Wednesdays With Watson podcast to end the series on racial trauma. It was important to us to secure a therapist of color that could speak to racial trauma from a personal point of view as well as an educated view as a clinical psychologist. Dr. Jackson walks through the interviews on racial trauma and helps us understand the psychological aspects. A little about Dr. Jackson:Dr. Catherine Jackson (Dr. J) is a licensed clinical psychologist and a board certified neurotherapist.  A sought after international speaker and media expert who's been featured in Forbes, Oprah Magazine, The Huffington Post, CNN and many other media outlets, Dr. J shares a wealth of information with others on topics related to mental wellness, the brain and holistic health. She is the owner of Optimal Neuroholistic Services (ONS), author of The Couch Experience: A Guide to Good Therapy and creator of The Couch Experience Therapy and Wellness Card Decks. Dr. J is a DEIJ expert and clinical supervisor  who is passionate about mental health. She helps people rewire their brains, mindset and habits so they think, feel and communicate at their best. To Contact Dr. Jackson, click here.Scripture: Phil 1:13, Genesis 1:26-27
54:38 06/29/2022
Adopting Trauma: Bi-Racial Adoption With Jenn Uren, life in a multi-cultural family
CONTACT AMYCONTACT Jenn Uren, This Mom Knows PodcastWhat are the dynamics in multi-cultural families? What about the trauma that is sure to come with any adoption? How does society receive white families who adopt outside their race? How does the black and brown community feel about it? How does society as a whole feel about it? Curator of the This Mom Knows Podcast, Jenn Uren and her husband, Jim, got the surprise of their lives after raising three biological children. Jenn tells us the story of how a toddler and an infant ended up with her last name in the most unexpected way and at an "interesting" time in life.Jenn brings a lot of attention and education in this episode regarding her greatest fears for her children--all of them. She discusses pre adoption trauma both with her adopted children as well as her biological children. Jenn discusses identity, and how she ensures her children know exactly who they are.Listen in on this and get a unique perspective on a topic that is so important. May episodes like this unite us.
52:39 06/15/2022
Listening versus Fixing: Racial Trauma with Special Guest TJ McKnight
 "We don't want you to fix it, we want you to listen" TJ McKnightContact AmySupport podcast and its mission with one time gift.As we continue our series on racial trauma we welcome Podcaster TJ McKnight to the microphone. TJ brings great insight for those of us who want to understand trauma that happens in both black and brown communities. TJ's example won't surprise you but his solution is so simple and the complete opposite of what most of us have been doing all along. Join the Wednesdays with Watson podcasts all through the month of June as we highlight trauma that happens in the black and brown communities. It is our desire to do something about it. You can do that by listening purely listening.Contact TJWhat if.....what if we just changed? What if we just listened?Scripture References:Geneis 1:26-27I Peter 2:9Psalm 139
61:46 06/08/2022
Uncovering Racial Trauma: Special Guest Tiffany Countryman & Melika Courtney
CHANGE.Is a complete sentence. What would happen if we just changed? What if we understood? What if we listened? What if we stopped trying to fix the ills of racial trauma and first listened to those who do not look like us? Do we even know or more importantly care about trauma that other communities, endure?How do we understand without making survivors of racial traumas our professors? Today, two very special people agreed to do just that on the Wednesdays With Watson podcast.**WE ARE GRATEFUL THIS IS A LISTENER SUPPORTED podcast. There are a few ways you can do that by clicking here. There is an option for a one time gift as well as an option for monthly support. To help us with our mission. click here. Tiffany Countryman is the founder of her own 501C3 organization and truly spends her days to ensure racism hears her actions and her deeds. Tiffany is the second recipient of a scholarship from YOU the listeners! Bringing attention to the black community and changing the narrative is how Tiffany spends her time, money, and resources. She also serves as a youth pastor. You can find out more on Tiffany by clicking here.Melika Courtney is a spoken word artist, activist where trauma is present. Melika works with Sanctuary XP, an organization that provides support to both men and women through intensive retreats once a year. Melika is the third recipient of a scholarship funded by the listeners of this podcast. Contact Melika here. Melika also written a book related to domestic violence, you can find that here. Since we are focusing on childhood trauma, this episode includes Tiffany and Melika answer the Adverse Childhood Experience questions. We discuss toxic levels of stress caused by these Adverse Childhood Experiences. If you are interested in learning more about Adverse Childhood Experiences, you can find the quiz here.Keep it here all month (June 2022) as we continue to uncover racial trauma, including an interview with a black therapist. 
52:25 06/01/2022
Daughters Of The King: Amy's Mother's Day Message, May 6, 2022-First Baptist Church Allentown
This is a bonus episode of Amy's visit to Allentown, PA where she spoke at the First Baptist Church of Allentown. This episode is also on YouTube in video form. Click here for our YouTube page.Special thanks to Dr. Charles Reed and his wife for this special invitation. It was a full circle moment for our ministry as in many ways Amy's ministry started with another speaking opportunity at the same church. We have one label and that is the precious daughter of the most high God. Regardless of your status as a wife, mom, or daughter, everyone will find Hope in this message, on a day that can be painful for some.This episode includes an exert from Amy's book, she shares parts of her testimony as an orphan, abandoned by her own mother. She also shares the story of the loss of her step-son to a drug overdose.But all the years, God has been faithful and that is the message for everyone in this episode. Scripture: Genesis 32, Ecc 3, Psalm 27:3.Always remember that you ARE: SEEN, KNOWN, HEARD, LOVED, VALUED.
30:47 05/27/2022
Advocating For Sound Minds, Bi-Polar Disorder & Mental Health Advocacy: Special Guest Cymone Lashae
As we continue to highlight mental health awareness month this episode includes a very special announcement regarding the mission of the Wednesdays With Watson Podcast. Make sure you stay tuned to the end!Contact Amy (two ways to support our mission here, Patreon for monthly supporters & Buy Me a Cup Of Coffee for one time supporters). All funds are used for podcast production (covered for 2022), but more importantly, pro bono counseling scholarships. We have awarded two so far in 2022, if you are so inclined, I'd love it if you join our mission! Funds will also cover the development of 501C-3 ministry, Joel 2:25 Ministries.Contact CymoneCymone Lashae, founder of the 501C-3 organization "Of A Sound Mind Inc" is a mental health advocate, and patient. As a survivor of her mental health diagnosis (Bi-Polar Disorder among others) Cymone has done the hard work and continues to do so! . Cymone is a trauma survivor but she is also a survivor of an attempt to take her own life.  Today, Cymone is behind the microphone with me as she tells us her story of Hope and healing, but also the very real diagnosis that she has had to learn to manage and treat. Cymone's organization "Of A Sound Mind Inc" is based on the scripture in 2 Tim 1:7"But God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love and of a sound mind".Cymone's story is one of ridiculous Hope and she too refers to Jesus as the Star of her story, and who's mantra is "God saved my life, there is no reason I should have survived trying to take it."This conversation includes more information on generational trauma, the science of trauma as it pertains to the damage that trauma causes, but also how we can heal. Cymone's story is nothing short of miraculous.She is a shining example of what it means to turn lemons into "something that resembles lemonade". Life is not perfect for her but, she understands the importance of mental health awareness and attention. She reminds us that if we don't pay attention to trauma, it will pay attention to us. Cymone reminds us of the Bible verse where Paul says in Romans 1:16."For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation". Cymone loves the God Who saved her life and she wants you to know about Him too. Contact Cymone to partner with her to assist mental health patients with simple but sometimes impossible tasks of grocery shopping, house maintenance and other daily living activities that many of us complete with ease. People who are suffering with mental health diagnosis, often struggle with these task. Of A Sound Mind Inc. is launching a program to the community to help. If you would like to be part of that, please contact Cymone or me.
43:12 05/25/2022
Exploring Brain Trauma, Trauma & The Developing Brain--Jeremy Fox, EMDR Consultant
Contact AmyContact JeremyJeremy's interview referenced:This is a must listen for parents who are raising children living with trauma. Jeremy helps us understand trauma and what it does to the developing brain. Jeremy provides hope in this episode, he explains the science of trauma in a way that is practical and helps parents get their child help. Trauma and the developing brain, what do we need to know? Why does childhood trauma affect us in adulthood?  EMDR Consultant, Jeremy Fox is back to help us understand brain anatomy, chemistry, and how trauma affects the developing brain. What is the difference between logic and emotion? What is the pre-frontal cortex, what does it do and why does trauma take it "off-line"?Jeremy talks to us about the difference between stress and trauma, and its affects on our brains.  Jeremy talks to us about his treatment modality, EMDR. What is its history, why does it work, and should you consider it?We discuss the importance of addressing trauma in children as quickly as possible, and EMDR has history of helping with community events like Columbine and Sandy Hook.What is the window of tolerance and how can we expand it? Dan Siegel  "The Developing Mind" is a good resource for parents to understand the developing brain. Fight, Flight, Freeze--Jeremy helps us understand the difference between these responses when childhood trauma has been present.What is the difference between a child's response to an acute traumatic event when a child has been surrounded by a supportive family versus a child who has been abandoned. EMDR's history, Francine Shapiro.What is a memory train?How does proper sleep help heal trauma. EMDR stops the patient from being stuck in a negative memory. What is the difference between the limbic system and the logical brain.EMDR Resources, find a therapist.Amy shares a powerful EMDR experience, landing in truth.Jeremy shares his heart with us, and his mission to help people heal.How can EMDR help other conditions like OCD, ADHD, as well as other mental illness.It is never too late to heal.
42:38 05/11/2022
Shattering Trauma Paradigms, Trauma Within Intact Families, Special Guest Amber Cullum
CONTACT AMYThe Wednesdays With Watson Podcast is honored to bring Amber Cullum, host of Grace Enough Podcast to our microphone. Amber has a message for all of us. "You don't have to have the Amy Watson story to experience trauma that needs to be addressed and has consequences". Does trauma occur in seemingly healthy, two parent families? How does said trauma affect our parents and what is the trickle down as children watch their parents respond?  Amber does a great job of helping us understand trauma as it occurs in two parent, in tact, "culturally Christian" homes. "sometimes we can know why they feel because we hold space for people who don't believe like we do."--Amber CullumAmber shares this podcast's mission and that is to provide Hope for those who feel like their trauma doesn't matter because it's not "the Amy Watson story". We understand that not all listeners share our faith in Jesus. However, it is important to provide a safe place for people to process trauma. We are that place.Don't miss this episode as it is vital that we understand trauma in all its forms. Books Referenced:Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.Peter ScazerroSacred RestDr. Sandra DaltonScripture ReferenceJohn 3:16Joel 2:25
52:31 05/04/2022
Celebrating 2 Years, Because You Still Matter (solo exclusive content)
Our mission is simple. It is to remind you that YOU MATTER. To that end it is our goal to provide access to help through this podcast as well as fundraising efforts. We have established and disbursed our first pro-bono counseling scholarship and will award 3 more in 2022! If you would like to donate you can find ways to do that using the "Connect With Amy" link below. We are so glad you are here! We would love to stay in touch! Connect with Amy here.Happy 2nd Birthday to the Wednesdays With Watson podcast.  We are excited to bring exclusive content to listeners that has never been shared on this podcast! So, if you are new to the podcast, this episode is for you and if you are a faithful listener you will gain more understanding into Amy's story, her healing, and her passion to provide help for others!It is difficult to believe it has been two years the first episode, we entitled "Healing That Doesn't Make Sense".  The catalyst may have been you,  but this journey has yielded  more healing than I thought was ever possible. The first season covered much of Amy's story, real and raw on the mic. The second season covered other people's stories as well as several professionals that provide access to help for those suffering from PTSD or any of its friends. The current season focuses on tools for trauma and highlights trauma in the home, particularly childhood trauma. More experts, more Hope through story!"My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite versus for my King, my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer." Psalm 45:1Reminding all of you that YOU ARE:SEENKNOWNHEARDLOVEDVALUED
21:15 04/20/2022
Carrying Childhood Trauma Into Adulthood: What Now? Special Guest Sherrie Pilkington, loss of a spouse
"I left my house with more survival skills than relationship skills"--Sherrie Pilkington.Contact AmyApril is child abuse awareness month, follow Amy's lost childhood challenge on Instagram!How does childhood trauma affect us in adulthood? How do adult survivors of trauma respond to new trauma in adulthood in a healthy way? How do they properly face adult trauma and loss with no context?This episode with podcast host, Sherrie Pilkington answers some of these questions in a way only a trauma survivor can educate us. As the host of her own podcast, Finding God In Our Pain, here is a reflection of her heart:"Where is God when evil seems to be winning? Why would a good God allow such pain and suffering? This podcast takes a deep dive into our real life pain and looks for signs of life in the ashes."We discuss Adverse Childhood Experiences, abandonment, mental illness in the home and a tragedy that Sherrie experienced a few years ago. Her loss intense, but her desire to go to the mat with God brought peace, and the realization that her pain sits in the palm of the God of the universe.Sherrie has 2 sons and five grandchildren and is an example of victories that can occur when we desire to break the curse of generational trauma. If you are interested in the episode preceding this one, you can find that here.Scripture: Exodus 34Hebrews 4:15Joel 2:25
63:55 04/06/2022
Breaking The Chains Of Generational Trauma: It's Never Too Late To Heal
Contact AmySubscribe To PodcastBreaking The Chains Of Generational Trauma:In this solo episode, Watson introduces the back half of season three. We will address trauma in the home, more specifically, childhood trauma. We will discuss Adverse Childhood Experiences these experiences are wildly accepted as a measurement of trauma and when those experiences become toxic stress that we carry into adulthood. Those experiences are: Physical AbusePhysical NeglectVerbal AbusePhysical NeglectEmotional NeglectMental IllnessSubstance AbuseIncarcerated RelativeDomestic ViolenceLoss Of A ParentThe Centers For Disease Control identifies those persons with a score greater than 3 high risk for toxic stress that carries significant repercussions in adulthood."The family is the most basic unit of society"--Adam Smith, Wealth Of NationsQuote by Aristotle: "The family is the association established by nature for the supply of men's everyday wants.""Adults are just outdated children" Dr. SeusIt simply is never too late to heal. Join us for this series as we seek to educate and provide Hope in this arena of childhood trauma, regardless of where you find yourself in that picture.Scripture: Exodus 34EMDR TherapyInternal Family SystemsEpigenetics article 
19:56 03/23/2022
Trauma, Loss & The Enneagram: Going Deeper (Enneagram Capstone) With Special Guest Jennifer Dunlap and Crissy Loughridge
Contact AmyUsing The Enneagram To Understand Trauma episode with enneagram coach Karissa Harrison here.We are pleased to provide an unscheduled, capstone episode that will end our series on trauma, loss and the enneagram. This episode features special guest Jennifer Dunlap and returning co-host, Crissy Loughridge.As three close friends, we sat down and chatted about the series and cover some of the components of this topic we were unable to cover in each episode. There is a strong correlation between understanding how we are made and processing loss and trauma. These nine brave people took time to tell us how understanding how they are made has helped them process loss and trauma.If you are interested in any episode, we have linked those below. Type 1--Author, Becky Wade.  We discussed Navigating the Inner Critic Type 2--Author, Podcaster, Amy Watson, we discussed  Helping The Helpers. Type 3--Author, Katie Ganshert. We discussed Seeing The Achiever Over The Achievement. Type 4-- Rachel Odom. We discussed Living In the MiddleType 5--  Sophia Walsh. We discussed  Understanding The Investigators.Type 6--  Crissy Loughridge. We discussed Defining Safety.Type 7--Angie D. We discussed Choosing To Sit In The Pain Type 8--Jennifer Dunlap. We discussed  Understanding The Challengers.Type 9--Joy Tiffany. We discussed Hearing The Peacemakers. 
65:20 03/09/2022
Protecting Your Peace In A World That Is Not Peaceful
Contact AmyMarch 1, 2022Dear Listeners:This podcast is from my heart to yours. I got behind the mic for this unscheduled episode out of pure obedience for a little therapy. The events of the last two years topped off by more civil unrest and eastern Europe at war made me wonder, are you feeling like I am right now? I hope this episode will serve to encourage you to provide some much needed soul rest.Much of this podcast references John Eldredge's Book: "Get Your Life Back: Everyday Practices For A World That Has Gone Mad." Eldredge gives us a few pointers to get away from screens and into peaceful moments. His popular "One Minute Pause" has one simple prayer" "Jesus, I give everyone and everything to you".One minute pause--this is an app that will encourage you twice a day to take a one minute pause.Benevolent Attachment--you have permission to let go of that which is not yours.Get Outside--walk away from your phone, the news, the information, enjoy being outside!Beauty Hunting--it is hard to worry when you are actively looking for beautiful things.Allow Our Souls To Be Human--you were not meant for the burdens of the world.Remember, listeners, you are:Seen, Heard, Known, Heard, Loved, Valued.Thank you for joining the healing zone! Please remember Is 26:3"I will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on me, because he trusts in me"
23:34 03/02/2022
Trauma, Loss & The Enneagram, Joy Tiffany: Type 9 Hearing The Peacemakers
Contact AmySUBSCRIBE"One of the biggest misconceptions of 9's is that we can't make a decision or that we don't have an opinion because one of the things that 9's struggling with is voicing their own opinion."Today is the culmination of an entire half season we dedicated to helping us understand how we respond to loss and trauma. We do not believe the enneagram to be sacred or pagan but rather a tool we can use to help us understand our fears, desires and how we can heal from trauma and loss.Joy Tiffany represents our enneagram type 9. We asked Joy to represent the 9's because she has experienced immense loss in a short amount of time. You will not want to miss this episode as Joy as she is incredibly articulate and is able to help other 9's and those who love them. Nines need to know that their presence matters in the world. They matter and they need to be reminded of that and we can do that by hearing them, respecting their perspective and understanding that we can't take every conflict to them, they only have so much bandwidth!Joy articulates how type 9's have viewed the pandemic a million little conflicts. This is exhausting for type 9's, as they want peace, but at what cost?Sometimes the cost is at their own expense and it is up to their community to ensure that does not happen. Listen to this episode and learn about the Peacemakers and how we can love and support them better.
34:40 02/23/2022
Trauma, Loss & The Enneagram: Jennifer Dunlap, Understanding The Challengers, Type 8
Amy & Crissy continue this series by sitting down with Jennifer Dunlap, who represents the enneagram type 8, the challengers.  We continue to use the framework of the enneagram coupled with a gospel centered approach to help us understand how we process and heal from trauma. Enneagram Type 8's are often misunderstood, and this episode may help you understand yourself or someone you love, especially when trauma is present.SUBSCRIBE USING YOUR FAVORITE PLATFORMContact AmyWe are nearing the end of our deep dive into the enneagram and hope that you are finding understanding about not only yourself, but those who you love. Are you interested in understanding more? The Wednesdays With Watson podcast is honored to recommend enneagram coach Karissa Harrison. You can complete a free assessment there and while we know that we are not our enneagram number, we are, in fact built differently and nobody in the world exist like you. Understanding yourself and how God made you is an important step in living the life promised to us in Eph 3:20.Join us in this conversation with our enneagram type 8, Jennifer Dunlap. You can find Enneagram types 1-8 streaming everywhere you get podcast. 
59:12 02/09/2022
Trauma, Loss & The Enneagram: Angie D, Type 7--Choosing To Sit In Pain, Releasing Trapped Emotional Pain
Amy & Crissy sit down with enneagram type 7,  the enthusiast. The core fear of this type is being trapped in emotional pain, and so we were particularly interested in this interview. Our guest did NOT disappoint!SUBSCRIBE to the podcast, it is FREE! Contact AmyFollow on IGPodcast FB PageThis conversation was enriching as our guest is open and honest about how hard healing has been for her. Healing is hard for everyone, but it is particularly hard when you are wired to avoid emotional pain. Angie takes us on her journey of continued healing, despite every part of her wanting to run and do and ignore the trauma that demands her attention.Angie shares with us a treatment modality and exercise known as the "trauma egg"--you can find the pdf and more information here. This was an effective tool for her to inventory the traumas that still haunted her and affected her behaviors, some self sabotaging. The core fear of the enneagram seven is essentially being trapped in emotional pain. Well known enneagram coach Beth McCord provides a great tool for understanding core fear here. Angie shares with us how she has benefited from sitting in the tension, hanging out in the pain, and ultimately dealing with the root of her deep hurt and trauma.This is a must listen episode, especially for enneagram type 7's, and those who love them. They are our good time Charlie's, but we need to be watching out for them!If you are interested in learning more about how God made you, we recommend the assessment curated by Beth McCord and Karissa Harrison, you can find that here.The Wednesdays With Watson podcast is a donor supported podcast whose mission is to educate and provide hope and healing for survivors of trauma. We do this through this podcast and also provide pro bono counseling for those who can not afford it. If you would like to donate to that cause, please scroll up and click on "Contact Amy" and there are ways to do that, notably our Patreon account.Scripture:Psalm 147:3Psalm 56:8Podcast Host: Amy WatsonPodcast Co-Host: Crissy LoughridgePodcast Producer: Amy HighlandPodcast Cover Art: Brittney Knight"Marked By You"--Phil Baker
39:12 01/26/2022
Trauma, Loss & The Enneagram: Crissy Loughridge, Type 6--Finding Safety, living in community with the loyalist
This week on the Wednesdays With Watson Podcast, Crissy Loughridge joins Amy in the interviewee spot as she represents our enneagram type six. We are are on a mission to help people understand themselves better so that with a gospel centered approach, we can live in the fullness of the life give to us.  We all have experienced loss and trauma and as of the publication of this podcast still living through a pandemic. Crissy helps us understand fear and compromised safety, listen to this conversation for you or someone you know who has an intense fear of the loss of safety.Contact AmyContact Enneagram Coach Karissa HarrisonEnneagram Six Core Fear:(5:20)"The Enneagram type six is operating out of the fear of fear itself. They are also very concerned about being left without support"--Karissa Harrison, Enneagram coach.Enneagram type six finds their happy place in safety and opinions of others. They tend to make decisions by committee, whether that be their busy heads (and their own committee) or an actual group of people that provide support.(6:28)What happens when we lose a person that is our stability and safety, as an enneagram six?(8:07) Not trusting yourself is a hallmark of the enneagram six(9:44) How do we trust God when trauma and loss occur and you identify as an enneagram six?(10:42) Highlighting the Star of the story, whose completed work on the cross is the place for us all to land in trauma and loss.(11:53)--John 16--"In this world you will have trouble, but take heart for I have overcome the world"(12:38) How does satan tricks you up to get you to question God?(13:54) James "A double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways" (James 1:8)(16:24) Finding all the loopholes in the all the plans, as they chase safety, they will first look for the things that are wrong with your plan. They are coaches and want us to succeed, not fail.(18;44) Type sixes are very loyal and extremely protective and loyal.(19:17) Unhealthy characteristics of enneagram type six.(22:45) How has community helps type six?(24:00) Why is counseling important for the enneagram six?(25:47) How has type six worked during the pandemic?(27:22) Do you think you don't struggle in crisis because of how God made you?"Footprints"--"It was then that I carried you"(32:17) How can we love and help enneagram sixes? How can we do life better with you?You are:Seen, Known, Heard, Loved, ValuedIsaiah 43Psalm 91
37:08 01/12/2022
Recapping 2021: Making Much Of Jesus
We made it! Enjoy this 2021 recap episode, click through show notes for episodes that may resonate with you. Happy New Year! Here is to another year fighting for Hope, and desiring to always MAKE MUCH OF JESUS.Contract AmyFB Fundraiser (through 12/31): (2:06)- Crissy Loughridge, Shattering Safety (Community Trauma) (3:26)--Lindsay Tozer, Moving Beyond The Wreckage, Cause Of Accidental Death & Injury(4:45)--Ann Marie Rivera Roberts, Holding On To The Unseen Hand (Parental Suicide)(5:45)--Angel Rivera, Living With PTSD, A Warriors Story (Parental Suicide)(6:25)--Shea Watson, Healing PTSD (Combat Trauma)(8:03)--Amy Watson, Desiring Wellness(9:11) Erica Cuni, LFMT, Understanding Childhood Abuse (attachment styles) (10:07) Jeremy Fox, Licensed EMDR Therapist, Understanding Childhood neglect (ADHD with trauma)(11:45) Marlena Kandell, Remaking Marley Childhood abuse survivor, suicide survivor and mental health advocate (13:25) Rebekah Millet, Witnessing Near Death Experience(14:40) Dr. Patrice Berry, Co-Occurring Disorders(15:45) Lindsay Tozer, Surviving Cancer (The Body Keeps The Score)(16:45) Crissy Loughridge, Understanding The Goodness of God in Trauma(17:35) Troy McLaughlin, Parenting PTSD (18:57) Randy Mortensen, Grieving The Loss Of A Child(20:50) Amy Watson, Weaponizing The Gospel(21:00) Tiffany Countryman, Spiritual Abuse(22:00) Amy Watson, Raising My Ebenezer(23:00) Amy Watson, Closing A Chapter, Amy's Full Story With Music (Phil Baker)(24:25) Amy Watson, Trauma And The Enneagram (Solo Episode)(25:30) Karissa Harrison, Understanding The Enneagram (Certified Enneagram Coach)(27:00) Becky Wade, Trauma And The Enneagram Type 1, Navigating The Inner Critic(27:45) Amy Watson, Trauma And The Enneagram Type 2, Helping The Helpers(28:40) Katie Ganshert, Trauma And The Enneagram Type 3, Seeing The Achievers (29:20) Rachel Odom, Trauma And The Enneagram Type 4, Living In The Middle(30:00) Sophia Walsh, Trauma And The Enneagram Type 5, Understanding The Investigators (thyroid cancer survivor)(31:12) Audrey Mabrey, Advocating Differently Domestic Violence Survivor and Advocate (32:14) Tammy Williamson, Surviving Breast Cancer Survivor(33:19) Amy Watson, Celebrating 50 Episodes & 50 years, 5 people, 5 decades, 1 God
37:05 12/29/2021
Trauma, Loss & The Enneagram: Thyroid Cancer Survivor, Sophia Walsh, Type 5--Understanding The Investigators
Amy & Crissy sit down with thyroid cancer survivor, Sophia Walsh. Walsh brings invaluable insight into living with trauma as an enneagram type 5. She candidly shares her story, not just her thyroid cancer diagnosis, but the mental health fall out as well. After a lot of unnecessary suffering, Walsh finally received a diagnosis of Medical PTSD.Contact AmyFundraiser for Wednesdays With Watson Podcast & Pro Bono CounselingWalsh's perspective of her journey with Medical PTSD is valuable. Her sincere desire to educate people about PTSD is admirable. She notes that so much of her suffering would have been alleviated if she merely understood trauma, and in some ways, understood how God made her."I wish I would have known about the enneagram when I got diagnosed", she said. As a type 5, she found herself in research mode as she dissected every medical term thrown at her. "I didn't want the doctor to tell me something I did not already know", she added. Walsh shares how her core fear was activated when she suddenly found herself on display for the world to see, and she described that attention as uncomfortable, and overwhelming. She identifies with some much of the enneagram type 5 in terms of core fears and desires. This episode is rich with information about PTSD, Thyroid cancer and, of course, Hope. Enjoy this episode as we learn more about the enneagram type 5's and how they process trauma. Interested in more enneagram information? Check out the episodes before this one! Podcast Host: Amy WatsonPodcast Co-Host: Crissy LoughridgePodcast Producer: Amy HighlandPodcast Cover Art: Brittany Knight Original Logo Design: Anna RobertsOutro Song, "Marked By You", Phil Baker
38:39 12/15/2021
Celebrating 50 years of life, triumphs and miracles: 5 decades, 5 people, 1 God.
This is a special episode that includes guests from Amy's life over her 5 decades. While many more could have been chosen for this episode, you will enjoy these interviews with the seed planters, people who worked the harvest of a life decimated by trauma and loss. These are people who made decisions that turned out to be life altering, perhaps even life saving.Contact AmyFirst up is Sharon Reynolds. They planted the very first seed with a simple invitation to church, then to Sunday dinner and ultimately in the hearts of the entire Reynolds family. Sharon is on the show to talk about 10 year old Amy, and at the end of her interview surprises Watson with a piece of her own she wrote. There were tears!Second up, Gayle Dunning (Vandenberghe) is on the show. Gayle and her late husband, Ray, along with their 3 children provided literal shelter for 18 months keeping Amy out of the traditional foster care system. Gayle also is the first person to report to child protective services. After having not seen each other for 30 years, Amy and Gayle have a precious conversation and Gayle serving as another memory keeper.Third is Jackie McGowan, "Mom McGowan" to all who have been lucky enough to have her in their lives.Dr. Lindy McGowan and his wife, Jackie, founded the children's home where Watson spent eight years, often described as the best eight years of her life. In a rare interview appearance, she shares her memories of a teen aged Amy and pushing into the college years. Fourth is Dr. Kristen DeWitt. Kris was Amy's resident advisor at Clearwater Christian College and has remained a steadfast friend for over 30 years. DeWitt, a professor of psychology at Cedarville University, brings some perspective to mental health as well as a gift to Amy at the end of the interview.Finally, Crissy Loughridge (no stranger to the podcast) brings us home with a special message for listeners and for Amy.This is the Wednesdays With Watson podcast 50th episode just "happened" to fall on Watson's 50th birthday.Sir, we would see Jesus, always."Little Is Much" song referenced: Songwriters: Kreiger Conrad / Kreiger Donna / Suffield F W Mrs"I Am"By Nicole NordemanPencil marks on a wall, I wasn't always this tallYou scattered some monsters from beneath my bedYou watched my team winYou watched my team loseYou watched when my bicycle went down againAnd when I was weak, unable to speakStill I could call You by nameAnd I said, Elbow Healer, Super HeroCome if you canYou said, I AmOnly sixteen, life is so meanWhat kind of curfew is at 10 p.m.You saw my mistakes.And watched my heart breakHeard when I swore I' d never love againAnd when I was weak, unable to speakStill I could call You by nameAnd I said, Heartache Healer, Secret KeeperBe my best friendAnd you said, I AmYou saw me wear white by pale candlelightI said forever to what lies aheadTwo kids and a dream, with kids that can screamToo much it might seem when it is two a.m.And when I am weak, unable to speakStill I will call You by nameShepherd, Savior, Pasture MakerHold onto my handYou say, I AmThe winds of change and circumstance blow in and all around usSo we find a foothold that's familiarAnd bless the moments that we feel you nearerWhen life had begun, I was woven and spunYou let the angels dance around the throneAnd who can say when, but they'll dance againWhen I am free and finally headed homeI will be weak, unable to speakStill I will cal You by nameCreator, Maker, Life SustainerComforter, Healer, My RedeemerLord and King, Beginning and the EndI AmYes, I AmSongwriters: Pat Bunch / Shane TeetersI Am l
109:45 12/01/2021
Trauma, Loss & The Enneagram: Rachel Odom, Type 4: Living In The Middle
Amy and Crissy sit down with Rachel Odom to discuss living as an Enneagram Type 4. Rachel is candid about her trauma and how she has learned to step into how she was made by God, deep emotion, always enough and never too much.Contact Amy, follow on Instagram (instagram is where the fun stuff happens).Enneagram assessment or contact enneagram coach Karissa Harrison(3:28) Core Fear of Enneagram 4: Inadequate, flawed or emotionally cut off. Type 4's also are often operating out of a misguided thought that they are too much or not enough. (3:40) How did the core fear resonate with you?(4:55) Can you tell us of a time when understanding the core fear has helped you? How did you respond?(6:41) Understanding the fear and operating in truth(7:00) Flashbacks, description in the presence of PTSD(7:44) Childhood messaging "implicit messages" "explicit messages" "influencing messaging", some messages with intent to harm and others without intent to harm.(8:50) It is not okay to be too much or not enough(9:20) Tell us a little about the happy medium?(10:47) Shame, shame for not being enough and shame for being too much.(11:30) Empathy is the Type 4 superpower. "Do you see where it would be advantageous for you to live outside that happy medium?"(13:16) What do you mean when you give the description of a 20 sided dice?(14:38) Exposure to prolonged trauma and single incident trauma, living as a 4 with trauma.(15:49) "My trauma helps me understand the trauma of others, my ability to hold space for them is a gift as I understand."(16:28) When you take on the pain of others, do you go home feeling the burden of others?(17:39) The importance of prayer and leaning on the Lord when we hold space for others(18:10) John Eldridge "Take Back Your Life"--"We are not meant to take on the troubles of the world, only our village"(20:15) On a basic level, have you been able to process your trauma because you understand how God made you?(20:44) Can you speak to the freedom you feel when you live in the understanding of how God made you?(22:04) Whatever I am feeling, I allow myself to feel those feelings, sit in them and process. Freedom in going to God as who I am. (22:50) "He is a deeply emotional God, and He made me this way"(23:15) "How can you show compassion for yourself?"(23:34) "Tell us how the last 20 months has been as a type 4."(25:00) "Do you have any practical tips for type 4's as they navigate the pandemic.(26:37)  "What do you wish the world knew about type 4's and how can we help you step out of the happy medium, how do we help you thrive?"(32:04) Parting words for type 4's with traumasScripture references: I Peter 2:9 Hebrews 4:15 Psalm 139#enneagram #enneagram4 #trauma #anxiety #PTSD #MentalHealthMatters #WednesdaysWithWatson 
35:23 11/17/2021
Trauma, Loss & The Enneagram: Katie Ganshert, Type 3: Seeing the ACHIEVER vs the achievement
Award winning author Katie Ganshert joins the Wednesdays With Watson podcast. Amy & Crissy sit down with Katie as we continue our series on trauma and the enneagram. Katie brings invaluable insight into this topic as an enneagram Type 3. This fun, oft light hearted conversation is deep in the truth and helpful to those who are Type 3's or love someone who is. Enneagram 3's, often called "The Achievers" are high performing and are often rewarded in a denomination the world recognizes. This type struggles to separate themselves (hence their value) from their achievements. They can get caught in the "hamster wheel" of success and achievement as a means of meeting their core desire, to be SEEN. Contact KatieContact AmyAll 3 participants would probably agree that the big takeaway is AWARENESS. Katie reminds us if we are AWARE then we can deal in the real. If we are aware of how God made us then we can properly address trauma and everyday life. Taking the time to understand the way God made you can truly be transforming.The story of Hagar in the wilderness is found in the book of Genesis, Chapter 16. Jehovah El Roi--"The God Who Sees" is such a precious promise for all of us and especially if you are a Type 3! Katie encourages listeners to separate themselves from their achievements and know that you are seen even if you never accomplish another thing!Some of what you will hear....Question: What is your favorite part about how God made you? (2:13)Question: Can you tell me what it felt like when you realized your core fear/motivation? (5:40)"I also know what the world values" --Katie Ganshert (7:09)"I want to bring value into a relationship, because I feel like that is how I am seen" (7:40)--Katie Ganshert"It is so much work to believe the Truth, it is exhausting" (11:30)--Katie GanshertQuestion: "Do you think that the awareness of the core fear has helped you?" (12:30)"It is super empowering to understand why we feel a certain way" (13:25)--Katie GanshertKatie shares with us how she knows she is operating in her deficit. "It is like this exhausting place....stop trying to get your value from that person or that relationship.."--Katie Ganshert (16:11)Question: "When you look back on your life can you identify a traumatic event that highlighted this core fear?" (18:13)My core desire is I want to be validated I want people to come along side me and say "that's hard"-- (21:00)--Katie Ganshert"Nobody knows that we are struggling because I am performing"-- Katie Ganshert (21:51) "Secondary trauma"-- (23:17) Katie Ganshert Question: "How can understanding and awareness help enrich your relationship with God?"  (24:48)"God sees me"--Katie Ganshert (25:31) "I have to sit in His presence so that the truth can sink in.." (26:55)--Katie GanshertQuestion:  "How have the last 20 months been for you and are there other things that you can share with other 3's--(28:45)"Shame is the game of not our God"--Amy WatsonQuestion: "What would you love the world to know about 3's, how can we help you in community?" (34:31)"Sometimes we aren't ok"--Katie Ganshert"Grace, if they react poorly, we need Grace"--Katie Ganshert39:11"We all need grace, but especially the 3's"--Crissy LoughridgeHe is Jehovah El Roi--The God Who Sees. Genesis 16You are:SeenKnownHeardLovedValuedPodcast Host: Amy WatsonPodcast Co-Host: Crissy LoughridgePodcast Producer: Amy HighlandPodcast Cover Art: Brittney KnightOriginal Logo Design: Anna Roberts
44:06 11/03/2021
Advocating Differently, The Audrey Mabrey Prosper Story (Domestic Violence Awareness)
What does it mean to advocate differently? This bonus episode of the Wednesdays With Watson podcast is an important conversation with Audrey Mabrey Prosper, domestic violence survivor and super advocate. Her message may not sit well with some, but if we are going to affect change, we must change the narrative. These days, Audrey is advocating differently, join her fight!  You can contact Audrey, and and join our fight to change the narrative here.Click Here  to contact AmyTRIGGER Warning--Audrey's story is at the beginning of the episode, pick. up at 2:53.Opening clip  property of Dr. Phil McGraw, and the emmy-nominated syndicated Dr. Phil Show, owned by the Oprah Winfrey Network. I do not own the rights to this clip listed in the public domain.(0:00) "He will never take away my future, my happiness, my character, you wanted the beauty? Take it, you can have it"--Audrey Mabrey Prosper(6:36) "I truly believe that I will find love again" Audrey Mabrey ProsperSurvivor: "To surpass with great change, thoughts and tenacity"--Audrey Mabrey Prosper(8:57) Question: "Can you. tell me what you mean by advocating differently?""when we would talk about advocating...a lot of times we were expressing 11 years the number of people being impacted by domestic violence has not start to wonder, what do we need to be doing differently.." Audrey Mabrey Prosper"There are 3 phases to domestic violence: prevention, intervention and restoration"--Audrey Mabrey Prosper(11:20) "We have created a narrative there is a victim and a villain there is a narrative and we aren't going to change it...advocating differently means changing the is not a battle of good versus evil..."--Audrey Mabrey Prosper(13:20) "her ex that abused her was going to court had abused another person and I thought wow, all the work we have done to break our silence did not change him as he abused somebody else"--Audrey Mabrey Prosper ScriptureJoel 2:25Domestic violence statistics(16:02) Question: "What is your message to victims, survivors and those who love us?"(19:19) Question: "Why don't we ask victims, 'why don't you just leave?'"(20:19) "if you stay you could die, if you leave you could die"--Audrey.  Mabrey ProsperThe importance of a plan when leaving.(21:00) The importance of co-parenting with abuser.(22:00) The importance of community, Audrey's shout out to the entire Tampa Bay Community.(26:08) Question: Is counseling part of your story?"It was incredible for me to have that safe space...I didn't want to worry my friends and family so I really needed that safe space of counseling"--Audrey Mabrey Prosper (27:17) "I want survivor to be able to choose the healing services they need"--Audrey Mabrey Prosper(28:53) Question "Is Jesus the star of your story like he is mine?"(30:15) "It is amazing what God can do if we let Him"--Audrey Mabrey Prosper(31:00) "I prayed for Him for 18 months...."--Audrey Mabrey ProsperChristopher Haney's "victim impact statement""We get to choose how we move forward"--Audrey Mabrey ProsperInvestigation ID episode(37:50) If we want healthy fruits, we have to look at the roots""Stay curious and look at the roots"--Audrey Mabrey Prosper
41:01 10/27/2021